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  1. 1) Aerys murdering Ned's father and brother, and asking Ned's and Robert's heads, had something to do with it, don't you think? 2) Answered in 1) 3) At the moment Ned found out that he had a Targaryen nephew, war was over and Robert was the king. After all the deaths and suffering, he would have had to begin another civil war to protect his nephew. That would have been just insane; Westeros could not afford another civil war.
  2. Why is it double standards? I had no problem with her using Drogon to burn the lines of soldiers in battle, but once they were defeated and unarmed, to burn them just because they don't "bend the knee" was just evil. Dragonstone has suitable dungeons to keep Lord Tarly and his son. "Ned executed nights watch deserters". A deserter commits a crime punishable by death "both he and Mormont hunted wildlings" .Wildlings cross the wall and steal, kill and rape the villagers,Mormont and Ned just did their duty protecting the people they had to protect. " Greyjoy Rebellion participants were crushed," Treason. "Tywin set his mad dogs on people," Yes, he did. He was a cruel and despicable man. I never see many people rooting for him. I'm glad he got the death he deserved. "Rob executed his banner man" Treason; he had all the right to do it. It was stupid, but not unjust. "Jon executed Thorne and Olly". Treason "Tarly and Lannister forces killed Tyrell forces" War. "Euron killed and mutilated the Dornish fleet" . War "Arya has killed the whole Frey family". Justice. "Larry threatened to splatter little Tully heir over the walls of Riverrun, threw Bran out of the window and killed his own cousin to escape" Jaime is a dark character who has done many evil things, some people are willing to forgive him because he is not completely out of redemption, he is not a sociopath like his sister. If he actually gets to redeem himself or not, that remains to be seen. Danaerys is not out of redemption either, but that doesn't mean he has not done some terrible and unnecessary things.
  3. A lot more fun ? Not for me
  4. And that's how we can reconstruct history and discover the facts of the past. If our technology dissapears for some reason, people in the future would have it harder to research on our times, since we don't write letters anymore.
  5. Obviously showArya would, since she is doing it. I think bookArya would too, given that Robb's will provides a much stronger foundation for supporting Jon as King in the North than a group of Lords hailing him out of the blue, and not even one of them at least asking "with all due respect, how is it that you left the Night's Watch? I thought your wows were till death". So in book universe, I can see Arya backing Jon too, since he wouldn't be a bastard and would have been named heir by his predecessor. He wasn't her family, but he was her husband's and her children's family. What treason?
  6. Go elsewhere like where exactly? showrunners need to realize that Ghost is a crucial character, just as much as the dragons. With only 2 direwolves left, and one of them with her pack, it wouldn't be so difficult to have some scenes with Ghost. The writting turns more lame each episode, the inconsistencies grow and grow and now are as massive as the Wall... geez, I'm really sick of no Ghost
  7. Your last link is a fascinating reading. It is obvious that the symbolic connections between GRRM work and the Ragnarok are too many to be by coincidence, so the logical conclusion is that GRRM took many elements of it as a source of inspiration. That said, I do not believe that the characters in his story fulfill the same role, nor that they can be identified as clearly as the author of that essay believes. GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire is a different one, but the symbolic connections are there, and the author of that essay did indeed a job that is an absolute pleasure to read. I also do not think that all the theories that you bring up in your post are compatible, for example the author of the last one assumes that the Night King is Jon, and that Azor Ahai is Jaime, not Bran and Jon respectively as the author of the first theory. Anyway, thank you for bringing up this. A lot of food for thought.
  8. On the bolded I agree, both have claims and would have supporters that think his/her claim is better. I also agree that Jon couldn't care less about the Iron Throne; not so sure that in case he claimed it, show Dani would support him, Book Dani most likely would, given that she thinks of her brother Rhaegar with admiration, and of his dead nephew Aegon as the one who would have reigned, and even had a fantasy that she could have married him. So, book Danaerys is well aware that her claim goes behind Rhaegar children's one, and she thinks herself to be the rightful queen just because she is the only one left. Having said all that, I still do not think that Gerold Hightower would have been in the ToJ because he was one of those who would have supported Rhaegar's son as succesor over the one Aerys' decided. If he was there, is because Aerys wanted him there, and when Aerys died he would have fled to Dragonstone with Vyseris. Then there has to be something else, something we still do not know.
  9. All we have to support this statement, is a line of Maester Yandel in TWOIAF; book that he finished during the reign of Tommen , being his sources some ancient manuscripts of another Archmaester, and for the recent events documents, letters, and hearsay of other maesters in the Citadel. His book by no means has exhausted the research, there is still material that can bring things to light... and guess who is right now searching in and reading all those thousand of letters and papers. In addition, if Viserys was the heir, WHY Jon had 3 Kingguards with him, and Viserys none?
  10. So, you think she would betray his family for the baby of another woman? Lyanna was no Brienne; yes, we know she had some wildness in her, like Arya has, but it was a 15 years old girl. Why on earth the honorable Ned would hide Elia's son and raise him like his own?? We know that he was outraged when he knew what had happened with Rhaenys and Aegon; so I can easily picture him , lets say, sending the baby to his grandmother at Dragonstone, or even helping to arrange the escape (not personally, though, but sending another person) of the remanents of the royal family to Essos. But in no way he would have commited treason, like he did, for Elia and Rhaegar's son.
  11. This. Some people argue that Arthur Dayne and Oswell Whent were Rhaegar's men (they both dissappeared at the time Rhaegar and Lyanna did), and they would have followed his orders no matter what Lyanna "status" was. But the presence of the Comander of the Kingsguard Gerold Hightower, who was totally Aerys' man, is the strongest indication that when Ned arrived, the three of them were there just doing their duty of guarding the king.
  12. I think that also not anticipating any of his siblings moves was a big failure. He made plans as if his opponents were to wait sitting in the Red Keep for him to unfold all his strategy. How dumb is that? You can not plan a war on a board without anticipating the opponent's possible moves, and having a plan for each one of them. The books won't make Tyrion look as stupid as the show. Given that Cercei and Jaime won't be the most important contenders for Dani, he won't have any mixed feelings either. The Lannisters twins are taking the role of the book Aegon as the big enemy to beat because the show writers just suppressed this character. That's the reason why they "artificially" made Cersei more powerful and "intelligent", at the expense of dumbing down Tyrion. It's just poor writing. For all we know, it's not likely that Jaime will still be with Cercei when Dani arrives to Westeros in the books. It's not even sure that Cercei will be alive by then.
  13. I liked that scene very much too, was one of the very best. By the way, loved your tune
  14. If Aegon was alive, he would have the better claim as Rhaegar first male son. Second in line Jon (assuming he is legit). Third Viserys
  15. Not only she had her pride hurt, I thought that she was particularly upset because Littlefinger heard that. I made a comment in another thread about this. LF knows Brienne as one of Sansa's great asests, she even threathened him with her "I just could say Brienne to kill you". Now he gets to find out that Brienne is not just Sansa's, and that is a weakness he can exploit. His only reason to be in Winterfell right now is to try to put the siblings against each other and take advantage of that (chaos is a ladder)... he needs to regain Sansa's trust, and there's no better way to do this than creating enemies for her and emerge as her"savior". Arya would never hurt Sansa, unless Sansa goes really dumb and hurts another family member. As you said, she didn't like that Jon left her on charge, and she does not trust her very much. To make things worse, Littlefinger there was not the way to make Arya more trusting on Sansa's good judgement. She remembers him from Harrenhal, and while Arya doesn't know the full extent of the harm he did to her family, she knows very well he was no friend of them and was working for Tywin when he was in war against Robb. That last look she gave him was cold as ice. And he now knows that SHE remembers. Perhaps that slight reverence he made was a way of showing respect to a worthy opponent. I have read elsewhere, and it is very feasible in my opinion, that of all the people who heard it, given his family bravoosi's origins, LF was the only one who understood the "No one" with which Arya answered Brienne's question. Exactly, and LF knows this... that is why him calling Bran "Lord Stark" was a test too, kind of thinking "Oh, good... more material to work with, let's see what can I do with this crippled kid... ", may be even thinking that he could potentially make this kid a puppet like he did with his cousin, or otherwise use Bran's position to undermine Sansa's one, thus making her turn to LF again for support or emotional comfort. Littlefinger does not know yet who Bran is, he got a glimpse with that phrase "Chaos is a ladder", but he still has no idea of the depth and breadth of Bran's knowledge. Nobody has.