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  1. The romance had sort of begun since season 2. In episode 10, when Brienne kills the three Stark men. They seem to click instantly when they make up a story about Jaime stealing a pig. Those scenes are so much fun to rewatch.
  2. But what she says will happen doesn't pan out exactly as she says. And I don't believe she has said she expects to die with Jaime on the show. only 'no one walks away from me'. And Jaime has already walked away from her.
  3. ^ Thanks for the rest of the links! I don't believe I've seen them.
  4. When Cersei said she would burn cities down, she was talking about doing it to keep Tommen safe. She only blew up the sept and Tommen died anyways. The tyrells were certainly a problem, but there wasn't too much that could be done about it in season 3. And it wasn't just Cersei who saw this, everyone did, including Tywin, whom she was talking to. Cersei wasn't wrong about the dragons, but meeting the dothraki in open field with the dragons to back them would have been a bad idea. Cersei doesn't always think things through and her decisions backfire.
  5. Not wishing to start a debate on incest, but considering the targs had been marrying siblings for three hundred years, I can see how Jaime thought it was acceptable to wish to marry his sister. And considering the kind of childhood they had, I'm not surprised they got involved. Sure, it's inappropriate based on present day information, but based on the society they lived in, doesn't seem all that egregious.
  6. Even GC has said Brienne doesn't welcome Tormund's advances.
  7. How about I mention all of you guys in the title of the thread? And also give permission to kick me when down..
  8. I personally do not view incest favorably. But I can see how Jaime thought it was ok. He lived in a kingdom where monarchs married siblings for generations. I don't fault him for having a long term relationship with his sister.
  9. If I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it. I'll even start a thread that's titled '@jcmontea is right, I was wrong, you have permission to point and laugh'. (no sarcasm intended)
  10. Yes, it is possible that the show wanted to create ambiguity. But I doubt too many show only fans speculate over Tyrion's paternity. He doesn't have the mismatched eyes or the dark streaks in his hair in the show. And the show hasn't mentioned Aery's partiality towards Joanna. Having Tyrion and the dragons together made for a good visual, which is what I think the show runners were going for.
  11. Exactly. And when Jaime said that to Brienne, they were discussing Renly. Someone who Brienne was clearly in love with then. So that line works for the both of them. Brienne thought she would never love anyone after Renly (maybe because she thinks no one can truly love her because she isn't conventionally beautiful) and Jaime thinks he loves Cersei and its out of his control. But Brienne got over Renly, was likely falling for Jaime as early as season 4. And Jaime finally took control and broke with Cersei. They both moved away from people who suited them more in their heads than in reality.
  12. I don't think the show has set up a tragic ending for Jaime and Cersei. The show hasn't mentioned the valonqar nor has Cersei repeated multiple times that she thinks she will die with Jaime. And that's the thing with Cersei, even if she thinks she is destined to die with Jaime, I think she is wrong.
  13. Olenna could just be wrong. She said that assuming Jaime would never leave Cersei, which he has done since then. And Jaime wants to die in the arms of the woman he loves. Note he didn't say Cersei. I'm sure he was thinking of Cersei then. But the woman he loves doesn't seem to be Cersei anymore.
  14. If we are talking exclusively about the show, Jaime has left Cersei while she is pregnant, to do the right thing. That's a big deal for someone who flung a boy out of a window for Cersei and the kids. That to me show he is a changed man.
  15. Because he isn't the same man that threw Bran out the window.