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  1. I don't think so. Seems like a stretch. And Jon has already had a pretty dramatic resurrection/rebirth
  2. Most show watchers wouldn't know who Howland Reed is. I don't recall the last time the show mentioned Meera and Jojen's last name. Maybe Ned mentioned Howland during the flashbacks, but I don't see him being an important character on the show. The show running way to fast for it.
  3. Exactly! It has never been explicitly stated that Benjen knows the truth, books or show.
  4. That was cool to watch! But I think that was just lights and water drops.
  5. I agree. I still keep wondering why Sansa would send Brienne away when LF told her to keep Brienne close.
  6. My thoughts were that Cersei has invited every other powerful player to the meeting that was supposed to be between her and Dany, and she has schemed something to get rid of all her enemies at once.
  7. Brienne has been holding on to a Valyrian steel sword, and I think that holds some weight in the show. I don't think she would die so soon. I agree. I think this is where Jaime and Brienne's stories will converge in the show. It's a bit late for my taste, but better late than never I suppose.
  8. I completely agree.
  9. I agree, the bolded part was my takeaway too.
  10. Hah! That would be convenient. If that were possible, the NK would probably have the child locked up somewhere for safe keeping, like Naraku kept his heart stowed away.. (any Inuyasha fans?)
  11. I wondered that too. The only explanation I could come up with was that that particular wight was reanimated by some other WW. But that begs the question why was there only one such wight.
  12. My thoughts when I watched that scene was that Arya was trying to warn Sansa about the dangers around her, saying you may need to fight, figuratively or literally.
  13. I meant the dragons are part of fire magic. Reanimating them by ice magic might need something different.
  14. I actually thought it was someone else's baby and she was trying to convince Jaime it's his so as to not lose his support. Her having a baby with anybody at this stage doesn't seem beneficial to her politically.
  15. We don't know the exact mechanism of turning human babies to Others or dead humans to wights. Maybe different rules apply to beings brought to life by fire magic.