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  1. AGOT Ned. A lot of information was packed in those chapters. ACOK Arya. Reading about the riverlands was fun and I really didn't want something bad happening to her. ASOS Jaime. Finally some insight into the mind of the character that was talked about so much in the previous books. He's my favorite character. AFFC: Brienne, Jaime Cersei and Arya. Brienne for the aftermath of war, Cersei for insight into her head. ADWD Bran, Jon. Bran for more information about the magic element, Jon for his struggles trying to lead the NW.
  2. You beat me to it! Also, Jojenpaste.
  3. I'm looking forward to Cleganebowl! I would like to see Arya become more 'human'. Hopefully take an active part in governing winterfell or something.
  4. Yeah, it was just the scenes in the original pilot. But both NCW and Peter Dinklage were slightly blonder in the previous seasons, just slightly. With NCW, his hair is shorter now so its understandable. And Peter has a distinctly dark beard.
  5. I'm waiting for the commentaries too. The past commentaries have hinted at quite a lot.
  6. Hah! I don't see the northern lords accepting a targarygen that easily. But a pact by marriage could sweeten the deal. Better a king thats one of our own than just a queen who's foreign. And yes, Jon will likely be accused of selling out. But if the Starks maintain a united front and deal with PR well enough, things could resolve. Of course Jon would need to learn to be politically savvy.
  7. I don't see the northern lords accepting Dany's authority that easily. If Jon marries Dany, that may make the prospect of a targaryen monarch more palatable. It'll be interesting to see how the knowledge that dany is Jon's aunt affects the narrative.
  8. I loved her reaction! She was trying to be evasive, which could be a good thing. Jaime and brienne are certainly headed in the same direction next season..
  9. Yeah, Sansa was alone in KL and Cersei used that to her advantage. Also, Sansa (wrongly) blamed Arya for Lady's death.
  10. I haven't read a single winds chapter. I plan to read them once the book is finally released. Of course, I haven't been able to avoid spoilers, but I try to selectively forget them as much as I can
  11. I think we are sometimes too harsh on the show runners. Even with the source material, the books are not easy to adapt to screen. And not having source material makes their job so much harder. The show is currently trying to tie a lot of loose ends in a limited amount of time and in such circumstances, some plot lines have to be truncated or dropped. As for the RW, viewers have come to expect explosive plot twists after the RW. A lot of non book readers have said to me that they expected to be disappointed after something like the RW as the show would not be able to maintain that high. So its not surprising that the show runners chose to include dramatic events and visuals.
  12. And the NK uses the captured dragon to breach the wall. Im not sure if that was a coincidence. The NK must've had some plan to get his army south, so it seems unlikely that he just happened to stumble across Jon and the rest of the ranging party.
  13. Exactly. Euron captured the dornish dissidents and Jaime took care of the Tyrells. And Jiame said to Olenna that the small folk wouldn't care so long as there is peace and prosperity in the seven kingdoms. Unless someone with a stronger army challenges Cersei, her claim stands.
  14. I would've liked for the blackfish to be alive. I remember saying in a different thread that he could still be alive since his character did nothing before dying. He is a seasoned warrior and would've been a big help in the war against the AoD.
  15. I have a feeling the show will settle the matter next season. I suppose they chose to deal with all at once, when the north learns about Jon bending the knee.