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  1. The reaction is from Kimmel isn't it? It reminds me of NCW's attempts to deny JB by saying he is team Brienne-Tormund On a side note, man does Gwen look sexy with that seductive tongue rolll!
  2. Exactly. He got the job done one way or another, without bloodshed. Something the Freys couldn't have done. None of this would've happened if the Freys hadn't betrayed the Starks. They weren't competent/powerful enough to deal with the consequences of their actions.
  3. But with the way the Freys are handling things in the riverlands, they probably wont be beneficial to the crown for too long. And the Vale and/or Stannis and/or anyone else probably wouldn't endeavor diplomacy with the Freys as they really cannot be trusted after the RW.
  4. Before the RW, the Freys made their money by charging people to cross their bridge. After the RW, they were granted Riverrun, where they couldn't negotiate with the Blackfish and Jaime had to intervene. I don't see them holding Riverrun for too long. Well, they've been hanged, baked into pies and murdered (I haven't read any of the Winds chapters, so I don't know the exact details of the Mercy chapter). That's a lot of enemies. The north wouldn't start exacting revenge against the Freys had they not killed the Starks. And it does indeed make sense for the Freys to align with the Boltons. But that doesn't make the RW any less repugnant and cowardly. They chose the underhanded way to get rid of the Starks. And then couldn't even deal with the consequences of their actions.
  5. Interesting. Bronn seems to have a knack to spot inchoate romances.
  6. I see both these interactions happening simultaneously in the show once he presumably reaches WF to meet the northern forces. I don't think the show can let go either, Bran seems devoid of most emotions and Dany knows her father wasn't stable, so I don't see too much conflict in either scenarios. Although I would like to see Jaime express some regret for what he did to Bran.
  7. The Freys aren't really competent enough to hold on to the gains they received from turning against the Starks, In the long run, they probably would've been better off without so many enemies seeking revenge against them, which is their current situation,
  8. I doubt he would be a problem. Polygamy isn't unheard of for the targaryens. Also, I can see him being murdered the moment he appears to become a problem.
  9. Euron Greyjoy. He is the least boring greyjoy brother.
  10. The show hasn't focused on the mountain all that much, so I suppose its easy for show only viewers to forget the horrible things the mountain did. In that sense, he is certainly less hated.
  11. I think when gendry said something along the lines of Arya would be 'm'lady' because she socially outranks him was foreshadowing. If gendry somehow gets Strom's end, Arya wouldn't be so far above him.
  12. There are so many! But the Jaime-Lancel interaction reminds me of the Jaime-Blackfish interaction. 'Do you know what honor is' 'A horse' made me laugh!
  13. Illyrio was probably counting on the dothraki to align with aegon via viserys and/or dany. Illyrio probably thought barristan would be best used to shepherd dany back to pentos with her dothraki forces.
  14. If Rhaego is alive (which I highly doubt), it would be interesting to see Dany come to westeros with an heir. Would be interesting to see how the people attempting to get her to marry them react.
  15. I agree. Jaime was caught between a rock and a hard place. If he upheld his oath, he would have to kill his father and watch millions die. If he didn't, he would be deemed an oathbreaker and reviled. He chose the lesser of two evils. It goes in line with Jaime telling the KG to follow Tommen's orders if he asked his horse to be saddled, but come to him if Tommen asked for his horse to be killed. He values reason and common sense over blindly following the chain of command.