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  1. Dany quite obviously has a use for noble houses. She's the head of one! She also allied with a couple. At best, the idea is that she's going to replace the existing social order with a slightly improved but still feudal one. Which makes her radically reactionary. Not unheard of, but a tricky position. She'll break the wheel and use the pieces to build another wheel, to her own benefit and hopefully for the benefit of the right sort of houses and the realm as a whole. Cersei's benefiting from the current order, you see. Dany is better than Cersei, so her wheel won't crush people. (Even though her claim is based on her father's kingship, and he was as bad as if not worse than Cersei.)
  2. That describes virtually every politician ever.
  3. Sam is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. Unless he comes back from the dead like Jon, he's not inheriting anything. Then again, I'm not sure the Night's Watch will exist in a couple of episodes. Or if it even exists now, after Jon sent Tormund to Eastwatch and he bragged that his Wildling bunch were the Night's Watch. In any case, Sam has a sister that can inherit.
  4. Honesty is not the sole virtue. Sometimes it comes between you and a higher virtue. Jaime is not more honest. Did he go around blabbing to everyone that he was sexing his sister behind the Kong's back? No. He attempted to murder a child to keep lying about that. Does he admit the whole system is flawed? The system from which he benefitted, which had him as an honored member of the King's Guard? Heck no. Jaime was only honest insofar as he pretended not to care about people's opinion of him, and when it could help to win arguments.
  5. The guy they cast to play King Robert looked like he was under six feet. Renly was a slight fellow. It wouldn't make much sense to cast an NBA power forward as Gendry, in these circumstances.
  6. Eyepatch Zombie Flaming Sword Guy has a beautiful voice. It's enchanting. Dany is called Deadpan for a reason. That style would be good for a comedy, but I don't think they want me laughing during Dany's lectures about how great she is. She's better than Jon, who has two faces: "blank" and "pissy." Which sounds like an improvement on Dany's zero faces. But I get sick of pissy emo oratory faster than deadpan oratory. Davos is good if he has five or fewer (mind your grammar!) listeners. Cersei invariably sounds crazy, even when she has decent arguments. Tywin had the most perfect posh Shakespearean--or Received Pronunciation (RP)--accent and diction. Lil' Mormount annoys the heck out of me, but she gets results.
  7. I remember the actor being surprisingly muscular way back when (as Arya checked him out). Probably achieved with a bit of Hollywood magic. He's most likely beefed up since then. Can't tell when he's not shirtless. In any case, it would be better if they had an actor who was obviously beefy, shirt or no shirt. Or if they just picked a smaller hammer.
  8. Not being as strategically important as possible--like say the castle that guards entry to the North or the towers that command the Trident--doesn't mean it holds no strategic value at all. For one thing, it's the ancestral home of House Lannister, where the family has ruled for billions of years, or whatever. If the heads of that house, Larry and Carol, aren't willing to defend it why should the Lanninsters be willing to fight for them? It commands Lannisport, which is one of the trading centers of Westeros. Say Carol sees dragons descending upon the Red Keep and doesn't want to surrender or commit suicide. She escapes through whatever secret passage Tyrion took and flees the capital. Now she's a refugee; where does she go? Hey, how about a castle previously thought to be impregnable (before Tyrion's Ten Good Men). You mentioned Theon and Winterfell earlier. Why was holding the castle stupid in that particular situation? Because Theon had no support. The Iron-born are a sea power, and weren't interested in owning Winterfell. It's hundreds of miles or whatever inland. That left Theon with like 15 men to hold the North. Untenable. Carol and Larry, on the other hand, would probably think of King's Landing as their Alamo. But if they were to defend Casterly Rock to the last Lannister, it would make infinitely more sense than Theon and 14 men dying for the privilege of holding a castle far, far away from home for a week.
  9. Gilly didn't even mention Lyanna. She just said Prince Rhaegar annulled his marriage and wed someone else in secret. Sam should know who Rhaegar is and find his annulment curious, but he cut Gilly off before there was any connection to Jon. Give the writers a modicum of credit. They didn't have Sam hear and ignore intell about a Stark marrying the heir to the Iron Throne around the time of his Stark bastard buddy's birth.
  10. Jon, as King of the North, sent Wildlings under the command of Redbeard to defend Eastwatch (by the sea). It's not just one mission. Wildlings were there on Jon's orders holding the castle before Tyrion thought up this ridiculous mission. Eastwatch was empty, I think, but last time I checked Ed Whatsit was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and in charge of who gets to go to Eastwatch (by the sea).
  11. Not only that, but her only contact prior to meeting Sam and the other Crows was with her father and her sisters/mother/aunts/cousins. No doubt she had to watch her tongue around daddy. Judging by how she talked to that girl in Moletown, the women of Craster's Keep were cutthroat. She's not used to conversing like a normal Westerosi.
  12. Tyrion is capable of being objective, and won't extrapolate from the fact that his sister irrationally and persistently tried to make his life miserable the certainty that she wants to make miserable the lives of everyone in Westeros. She blamed him for their mother's death, hated him for sending her daughter away, and genuinely thought he poisoned her son. Even Jaime thought Tyrion might have killed Joffrey. She has no similar grudge against the world so far as Tyrion knows. (But, oh boy, does she now.) He knows how ruthless and irrational she can be, but she's gone considerably more crazy in his absence. Based on what she did to the Sept and the fact that all three of her children are now dead, he has a notion. But he doesn't know her mind is permanently stuck in "burn them all" (except Jaime) mode. In truth, the show has featured two Cerseis: one before the Faith Militant storyline, one after. Or if you prefer to look at it another way: one with Tyrion and Tywin in her life, and one after. The showrunners decided to give her a tragic fall and evil comeback arc. It turned her into a crazy person. Tyrion is unfamiliar with this character. It's not unreasonable to think Jaime can make her see the light, if anyone. The stupid part of Tyrion's plan is deciding not to burn her out of the Red Keep--which the dragons appear capable of doing without killing too many innocent King's Landingers (drop leaflets warning them to evacuate)--or starving her out with a siege.
  13. Stopping by Winterfell would be even dumber. Eastwatch is almost a whole continent away, but at least it and Dragonstone are both on the East Coast. Winterfell is inland and would add hundreds of miles onto the journey.
  14. Not if Jon Snow/Targaryen is legitimate. Which we don't know yet, because Sam interrupted Gilly.
  15. Tommen was not the rightful king, and therefore nobody should have been following Marge as their queen. However, not everyone believed the incest rumors, and it's understandable why they'd go along even if they did. But not so with Queen Cersei. Cersei is so much more illegitimate than Tommen, there's no comparison. She blew up the Sept! She murdered Marge and presumably every noble in town, including her own uncle. I imagine lots of people assume she murdered her son, as well. And she was on trial for murdering her husband, the king. That's what Tyrion is getting at.