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  1. Maybe Arya is more "No One" than even she thought...
  2. Maybe the leak was on purpose because they knew it was bad. hoping to get a soft landing instead of the thud this episode wad
  3. I know this is show not books, but if Jamie was a Targ, Drogonwould not have tried to BBQ him.....
  4. UPS. Undead Procurement Service
  5. Ok if you paused and read the note she found, it is the Raven that Cersei forced her to send asking the Starks to bend the knee to Joffery. LF is going to get Sansa to discredit Jon, take over the North and then discredit Sansa with the note. With a view to taking kingship of the North for himself. Arya realizes that Sansa is at least unwittingly willing to assist in the discredit of Jon as she actually wants to be QITN. Arya reslizes this and her loyalty is to Jon. So LF is toast and Sansa is on thin ice, and rightly so....
  6. Plus he did it with one real hand and a 20 pound gold one too!!!
  7. I have always hoped beyond hope that Syrio was actually a Faceless Man sent to train and prepare Arya to be " recruited"into the fold. But, I just dont think it is meant to be
  8. The Reach numbers have dwindled due to being killed by the Lannisters
  9. Do you know what happens when Arya Starks gives you that sideways, now you're on my radar sort of look? Do you know? Do you know what happens??? Huh? Do ya? LITTLEFINGER JUST MADE THE LIST!!!!!! #ListOfStark
  10. 2 words: Water Dancing #SyrioWas aFacelessMan
  11. The purpose here was to show that the world is evolving and standard knight battle tactics are no longer "the standard". Later in the episode we get the destruction of the Lannister Army using unconventional tactics ( not including Drogon). The Dothraki calvary just mount up and go and were very effective against the stationary Lannister defensive lines. Lannisters would have lost with or without Drogon. Just like the lighter more agile Arya was able to defeat the heavier slower Brienne. Plus Arya is a trained assassin, that helps too.
  12. Longsword is a strange description. A regular size one handed sword is called a "longsword". These are not longer than anything. Longswords are actually "regular" swords So Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail and Hartsbane are longswords. Ice was a two handed "greatsword" implying its greater size. As is Dawn although it is not V Steel. Longclaw is a "hand and a half" sword. So it falls in the middle size wise. Dark Sister though, is described as a longsword that was forged with a more slender profile that lends itself to a a female weilder. The artist depiction in WOIAF shows the blade with a minimal guard and pommel and several fullers running nearly the length of the blade. Those features along with the natural light weight of the V Steel would make this the perfect blade for a smaller framed weilder.
  13. At some point the Val Sword Dark Sister will be recovered North of the Wall ( as it was last weilded by Bloodraven) and will factor into the death of the NK. It has been , ominously, noted that Dark Sister is a long sword suitable to be weilded by a woman. Arya? Could ( God no please) Sansa be the Prince That Was Promised?
  14. With the story reaching the end, it is time to start speculation on who will kill Cersei. Maggy The Frog's prophecy states it will be a Volonqar, i believe by strangulation. The scene in the painted table room regarding the non-gender nouns and TPTWP proph ties to this, but could be a red herring on both fronts. Choices for Volonqar are dropping off the board but here are the finalists in my view: 1. Arya: too obvious 2. Tyrion: again too obvious 3. Euron: could be a clever answer if he cant marry the throne he will pay the iton price for it 4. Sansa: Nope 5: The Hound: going wrong direction 6: JAIME LANNISTER. He is the youngest twin and has killed a king for the good of the realm. A couple seasons took him over to being a good guy but he has slipped backwards to badness following myrcellas death. This would be impactful and surprising. The Scorpions kills the dragons, Danys army is split to aide Jon and victory is within Cerseis reach. Jamie sees the dark end and chokes another Monarch out for the good of the kingdom. Assumes the throne sends troops to assist with the WW invasion OR MORE SATISFYING Arya dispatches Jamie, takes his identity, and Chokes her out during sexytime. A 2 for 1
  15. Regarding Arya/Nymeria: Gotta go1 of 2 ways: 1. Arya continues to WF and somehow crosses paths with Nymeria again. 2. Arya realizes life at WF "is not her", turns on her heel towards kings landing and accepts that on some level she truly is "no one"