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  1. Was Ned even more honourable than we thought.... After looking back through the seasons and knowing who Jon Snow really is now. Could this have influenced some of his decisions. One that stands out is his unwilling to be part of the assassination of Daenerys. Could this have been he knew this was more than likely Jons last living relative??
  2. Rewatching the scene between Melisandre and Varys and how she says he will die. This has got me thinking mainly why he is going to die...? My only plausible theory is based upon betrayal which will lead to his death. What does he want? What motives him?. He has quoted numerous times ''he serves the realm'', therefore doing what is necessary to keep peace among Westeros. Ultimately I think varys will be a spider tangled in his own web. In a nut shell he will be caught betraying Daenerys. Intially I didnt believe that there was a spy in Daenerys council but the only two people who I think potentially could betray Daenerys will be Missandei or Varys. With Varys death been predicted I think its only plausible it will be him to betray and therefore killed. I was going to write a whole load of information based upon this but i'm interested into what people think and why......
  3. Probably a topic thats been covered but none the less let the discussion commence. Why have we not seen any female WW's? What do they actually want? Any other questions you have we can try answer etc. I have many theories about the white walkers which ill slow integrate into the discussion.
  4. After re watching episode 6 I think i have made a mistake with Viserion. The NK turns Human infants into WWs with a touch of his finger/hand The NK raises the dead by lifting his arms producing Wights We clearly see the NK touch the dragon.... what does this mean? Is Viserion a WW dragon now..... I would believe so. This bears the next question to how will it be killed???
  5. Well the finale is nearly upon us..... Predictions please.......
  6. Sorry if this has been posted before but I did a little search and nothing has come up. After Brans little creepy episode, his emotionless robotic style must mean something, are they building him up to be the villain of the story. Well heres why I think Bran could be the Night King. Warging Abilities - He can warg animals/humans. Maybe this could possibly hint at the fact Bran might warg the nights King, rather than age or transform into him. Time Travelling - Bran has already created one time travelling conflict. Bran created the injury to Hodor. When the Three-Eyed Raven says the ''Ink is dry'', we actually now know it isnt but more a metaphor to the fact that it shouldnt be re written or messed with. Hounds vision - Does this mean that Brans presence at the Wall is connected to the NK WW creation - Bran saw all this in his training - his reaction to Leaf creating the WW as a defence against the first men was to flinch a way that suggested it was like the shard was going into him, like all them years ago he was that man. He could possibly go back in time to save the Children of the Forest, consequently becoming the NK. Leafs confession - Leaf explains why she and the other children of the forest created the WW, she says ''we needed to defend ourselves......from you'' after a light pause she then says ''from men'', was this a slip up and was aimed directly at Bran. As said maybe he travels back to save the children of the forest after hes messed around with his own time stream, unintentionally allowing them to turn him into a monster. Men can only become WW - The WW have been using Crasters son to increase their regime. Bran is magically gifted so it's possible that this ability could be explained not only by the Night King's origins, but by Bran's powers acting as a channel. Bran was touched - Unlike any other vision that NK was able to see him and touch him therefore nullifying any power that stopped them entering the cave. The reason why the NK was able to see Bran is because they are already physically connected due to being the same person. Identity crisis - Jojen called Bran the raven foreseeing his training with the three eyed raven. When Bran is touched, the three eyed raven says 'its time for you to become me' this could essentially mean he will need to adopt different identities to ensure the fate of the word. Is this plausible?, please discuss, Id love to know what people think.
  7. He passes using the dragon and thats it.... the dragons gone. Why does the NK need it to breath fire??
  8. I think we will only know what Viserion actually is when we see him in the season finale... I know your talking about the books but I think it may be too late to introduce Eurons dragonbinder now in the show. However if we go all the way back to the Fist of the first men when Sam found the Dragonglass, there was a horn found aswell. Could the books Sam took have something of that in there, also presuming Sam still has the horn. Could this come into play in taking back control of Viserion
  9. Ive gone past the point of caring now about the show. I thoroughly enjoy it for what it is. I love Arya regardless of the LF situation, she has always been one of my favourite from the beginning. I so want to see a Arya and Hound reunion. Its been made clear Bran cannot see properly he states that, also its all fragments. He can see everything but he does not know everything. So for me saying that he should have done this and should have done that already is not plausible. Over the course of this season he will have gained alot more experience in sifting through the past and when Sansa asks him he will be able to go through what he can see better and understand better. So for me him coming to the rescue is not unexpected in fact for me it would be expected. This also would ring true the words ''the lone wolf dies but the pack survives'' solidifying the Starks bond.
  10. Id quite happily denounce all claims and titles if Theon is Azor Ahai. Out of everyone it goes something like this who I believe is Azor Ahai 1. Jamie Lannister 2. Jon Snow .................................... 997. Edmure Tulley 998. Little Sam 999. Podrick Payne 1000. Theon
  11. The whole plotline is stupid, creating drama where drama is not needed, and what get rid of LF. Unfortunately this will happen.... Can i ask why you use the phrase deus ex machina? you do know what it means right? So your telling me Bran's power would be unexpected to solve this situation?
  12. Next youll be telling me Ned is still alive......
  13. We dont know how they can turn babys into WW, we pressume that is what the NK was doing. We do know he uses magic to re animate the corpses and control them with again magic makng them Wights Quite obviously different rules apply.....look at the difference between Beric and a soldier from the AotD.
  14. How are dragons different from regular wights? In terms of what.... they are dragons??? So why would a human infant need the touch.....? This turns them into WWs, so I wouldnt be wrong to assume the same action/process will turn the dragon into a WW dragon.
  15. Telepathically The connection that Daenerys has with her dragons is completely different, this connection is not forced and is a bond between ''children'' Of course there will be a connection between Viserion and the NK but he touched him to turn him. His connection can be described as a force of Viserions will by magic.
  16. This place gets crazier by the day.........
  17. It was all a trap NK was well prepared The place the NK and AoD were when Bran saw them with the crows was the exact same place Jon and his companions were trapped He knew exactly what to do, how to use Jon as bait and to lure him. His plan was to wait for Daenerys to come save the day, targeting Viserion High probability NK is a greenseer, potentially see ''future'' This could explain why he has taken so damn long, this potentially the only thing that can bring the wall down??? If you remember back to hardholme the wights literally through themselves off the cliff, I really dont think they would have been waiting for the Ice to melt over..... He used the distraction of Daenerys using Drogon to rescue the wight party to use his ice spear to kill Viserion Jon was literally the bait so he could get the dragon....
  18. Please elaborate....I like to know your thoughts and how and why??
  19. Yeah I think thats clear, he either fights as the NKs mount or hes dead, hes not coming back. And I agree it was tough to watch.
  20. So that would make him the same but undead...therefore I cant see no reason why he wont still breath fire. Yeah I dont necessary think that the dragon will inherit the raising the dead power. The magic of the Walkers is unclear and this needs to be addressed soon (I hope) Ive already mentioned that, if hes a WW then he'll be unharmed by fire. Wights are killed with dragonglass, that was confirmed by Jon in Ep2 of season 7. Yeah I can see this being a real possibility. Until season 7 concludes and/or we learn more about how the WW/NK magic works then we will still be only be able to speculate.
  21. Its not possible, its makes no sense. LF is playing Arya not necessarily Sansa. He wants to divide them and hes getting the reaction from Arya by planting seeds of information and doubt in her head. Personally I dont like this storyline and its just a way to get rid of LF, its as simple as that. Sansa does know what he is capable of and thats why she is wary and does not trust him or his intentions What did LF do to her father and whatever he did how does she know???? It is.... Sibling rivalry is for one pointless and senseless act, to kill LF. Bran reveals the truth = Sansa gives the command = Arya kills him
  22. Maybe not in action til season 8 but we will see the full magntiude of the Unsullied and the Dorthraki outside KL as a statement to Cersei/Jaime/Euron. Ive heard of potential plots of the Stormlands/Riverlands coming back into play. If that was the case wouldnt it make sense that if say Euron took Stormsend etc that maybe Gendry would go with Theon to save his sister, since he potentially could have a genuine claim. I dont think we will see any more sea battles, just to see Euron and his armada destroyed to honest.
  23. In theory if he was a WW dragon, it would make sense that he would be killed with Valyrian steel or Dragonglass. If he does follow the rules of the WWs then he potentially is fireproof, therefore another dragon may not be able to kill him. But having Viserion on the other side now, could lay reference to Khal drogo killing Viserys, therefore potentially foreshadowing that Daenerys will have to use Drogon to kill Viserion
  24. Worlds your oyster brother...... (but yeah I doubt the Iron bank switches sides, they will stick with Cersei for now anyway)
  25. And little Sam is actually the bastard child of a WW and Gilly, the WW didnt really want to take little Sam he just wanted to spend time with his son and bring gilly the child maintenance money of 1 gold dragon. Being the bitch Gilly is she told Sam to kill him in the promise he would get to ''feed the pony'' Little Sams uncle, the NK has contacted Jeremy Kyle to appear on the show.............. ''They killed my brother, and kidnapped him, I want them in Jail and my nephew home''