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  1. I find Jose Mourinho’s comments about Man United’s ‘football heritage’ strange. He focuses on how, in the last seven years, their best performance in the Champions League was making the quarter final in 2014. That’s true, but he’s forgetting that he hasn’t reached a final, himself, since 2010, when he won it with Inter. Since then, his best performances have been reaching the semi final three times with Real Madrid from 2011-2013 and once with Chelsea in 2014. Man United have actually reached a final (defeat to Barca, 2011) more recently than any team managed by him since he last won it in 2010. His own personal recent record in the tournament has been better than Man United’s, but not by that much.
  2. RB Leipzig vs Olympique Marseille Arsenal vs CSKA Moscow Atletico Madrid vs Sporting Lisbon Lazio vs Red Bull Salzburg I'm sure Arsenal fans will be glad to avoid Atletico.
  3. Anthony Martial is being linked with a move to Juventus. If Man United are prepared to let him go, he's the type of player I'd like to see Chelsea go in for. His quality certainly merits more game time than he has been given this season.
  4. Barcelona vs Roma Sevilla vs Bayern Munich Juventus vs Real Madrid Liverpool vs Manchester City Barcelona and Bayern will be happy. Out of the other two games, any two of the four could be in the semi-finals.
  5. I'd imagine Welbeck was included due to Kane's injury. That said, despite being a less fashionable name, Glenn Murray warrants a call up far more than Welbeck, based on this season's form.
  6. No real surprises in the England squad. Glad to see Southgate picking two Burnley players in Pope and Tarkowski. Out of the English goalkeepers in the Premier League, I'd say he's been the one that's impressed me most this season. When it comes down to it, though, I reckon Southgate will pick Hart, Butland and Pickford. Southgate clearly isn't a fan of Smalling, and Cahill falling out of favour at Chelsea has cost him his place - although that didn't stop Southgate from picking Hart. Lewis Cook impressed me when I was at the Chelsea vs. Bournemouth game.
  7. I’d imagine that if the aged Carlo Cudicini, sitting on our bench, had pulled on a pair of gloves, even he would have done a better job with those three goals than Courtois. Courtois is as good as anyone at claiming a high ball from a cross, corner or free kick, and for the most part, he saves the shots you expect him to save (obviously not tonight), but he rarely pulls a save out of the bag that you think he had no right to make, in the way that De Gea does, for example. Overall, I thought it was a decent performance tonight. We were terrible at the back, but when we had the ball, we were a threat, especially when Willian was in possession. I find it strange that since Conte brought in the three / five at the back, he hasn’t strayed from it. Even if we are chasing a game, he still refuses to bring one of that five off for an attacking player from the bench. The fear Messi strikes into players is palpable. Chelsea’s defenders seemed to crumble anytime he had the ball. Azpilicueta, who is as courageous of a defender as I’ve seen, looked all over the place anytime he saw Messi with the ball.
  8. Good far!
  9. Well, no, actually, because he’s so tall he has to open his legs that wide to be able to squat down as far he does that he also leaves himself open to nutmegs.
  10. If Courtois ends up at Real Madrid it is literally only because David De Gea wants to stay at Man United.
  11. I’m no goalkeeping coach, but I’ve noticed before that Courtois gets far too low when he sets himself to save shots. It’s like he drops into a squat position, so when a striker hits the ball clean like Dembele did, it almost goes over Courtois. It was a good hit from Dembele, but a keeper of Courtois’ height and frame should not be beaten by that.
  12. Well, Isk, this performance certainly hasn’t been as abject as the City one, but we are already 2-0 down. We sit back and back against City and keep the score down. In this game, we actually responded quite well to going 1-0 down, but another comedy of errors unfolds at the back and we concede a second. I’m not sure if the powers that be at Real Madrid will be that convinced by Thibaut Courtois if they are tuned into this game.
  13. It was already a painful enough watch in the two minutes before they had scored. Might as well turn it off now.
  14. This Chelsea team has it in them to pull off a brilliant performance. We have seen that on a few occasions this season: Tottenham away, Atletico away and Barcelona first leg are two that stick out. But, since the turn of the year, we have been far more prone to horrendous capitulations. Despite witnessing the shambles against Bournemouth in person, then watching them collapse at Watford a few days later, the Man City away was without doubt the worst Chelsea performance of the season. Bournemouth and Watford beat us, but at least we tried. At the Etihad, the Chelsea players just came and spectated as Man City played with the football in front of them. It will go down as Man City’s easiest game of the season, despite only winning 1-0. Despite the fact playing with no striker worked well in the first leg, I am glad Conte is starting Giroud tonight. In any game he has started for us, his link up play his been brilliant, and he’s allowed Willian and Hazard to express themselves. He’s the type of striker that often doesn’t get the goals his performances deserve. Plus he brings an outlet to go long and an aerial threat in the box. As much as I love Christensen, he’s been a bit error-prone at the back lately. I’m happy Conte has such faith in him, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing Cahill play tonight for his experience and the fact he doesn’t take any risks on the ball. Prediction for tonight: Barcelona 3 - Chelsea 0.
  15. You really have to be careful when you criticise Jose Mourinho. Frank de Boer said it was a ‘pity’ that Mourinho was Rashford’s coach. Jose came back with this: "I read some quote from the worst manager in the history of the Premier League, Frank de Boer - seven matches, seven defeats, zero goals. "He was saying that it is not good for Marcus Rashford to have a coach like me, because the most important thing for me is to win. "If he was coached by Frank, he would learn how to lose because he lost every game." Savage.