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  1. Remarkable finish from Edin Dzeko. Roma deserve to have pulled it back to 2-2. Can see them winning it now. ETA: And there we have it: 3-2 Roma. ETAx2: 3-3 courtesy of Eden Hazard's head.
  2. That's because Man United aren't in it this season... 1-0 Chelsea. Great strike from David Luiz.
  3. Real Madrid vs Tottenham has been a brilliant game. A quite outstanding save by Navas from a Kane shot at close range keeps the scores level. ETA: Good to see Danny Rose back after a long lay off. But tbh, Spurs have hardly missed him. Davies has been a more than able deputy.
  4. 4-0 at half time doesn't seem so bad.
  5. The two Irish teams are certainly the weakest nations out of the eight, but I would like to think at least one of them could cause an upset. Neither are particularly proficient when going forwards with the ball, but the two O'Neills have done good jobs of setting their sides up to be resolute and hard to break down. Wales, who I would consider to be no worse than Denmark, bore the full brunt of ROI's 'smash and grab' tactics just last week (albeit, the ROI had the advantage of Gareth Bale being injured). In Premier League news, Craig Shakespeare sacked by Leicester.
  6. Denmark was the one I was hoping for. I really can't see where we would have stood a chance against Italy. We really are short of ideas when going forwards. And while I know the Swiss conceded less goals than Italy in the groups, generally Italy are considered one of the best defensive units in world football. Last November we played Croatia at home and got pasted 3-0 in a friendly. I know neither team was full strength, but it still said enough about the gulf between us.
  7. World Cup Play-Offs: Northern Ireland v Switzerland Croatia v Greece Denmark v Republic of Ireland Sweden v Italy I'll take that, as an NI fan. Switzerland are a strong team, but I was wanting us to avoid Italy and Croatia. Not a bad draw for either Irish side.
  8. Prior to talking about Lennon, we discussed Allardyce. You have problems with him as a person and as a manager that I do not share. Therefore, Big Sam is a 'divisive figure'. Our opinions on him are divided; you don't like him, I do. Moyes is divisive, so is Mackay. Take everything related to sectarian abuse away from Lennon and he is a divisive figure. He isn't just a divisive figure due to him being a Northern Irish Catholic. You will say that I made it look like he is only divisive because of the sectarian abuse he received, as it was involved in the story I told Notone, but that isn't what I meant. Take all that away, and you will still find people that will like him and dislike him based on other things, like many managers. The reason I brought up the death threats he received was that we were discussing him as a candidate for the Scotland job, and I though, had the SFA looked at him as a candidate, they might have considered the abuse he received before as a reason not to pursue him. Not through the SFA being a sectarian organisation, but because they may think that some of those people that sent him death threats are loyalists or Rangers fans that might rise and start doing it again if he was given the Scotland job. Perhaps giving him a high profile job like that would put him at risk again. Maybe I'm wrong. It was your comment when you said in relation to his death threats not having anything to do with his personality, that instead they were to do with 'him being a NI Catholic and always attracting death threats from some thugs as a result' that irked me. In no way do I think that he is a 'special kind of NI Catholic' and deserved the death threats, absolutely not. When I made the point that we currently have Catholics in our team and our manager is Catholic, I wasn't trying to make it out as if 'and they didn't get any death threats, so Lennon must have done something to deserve it'; my point was that with the way you put it, you made it sound like NI is an ultra sectarian country and can't see the national team have any Catholics in it without sending them death threats. Like if we aren't Catholic, we are all just like those sectarian thugs you mentioned. Which cannot be further from the truth. For some reason, these sectarian thugs conjured a reason to send Lennon undeserved death threats. Those thugs are a minority in my country, and the majority of the people here didn't care that Lennon was a Catholic playing for NI, just as they haven't for Pat McCourt, Connor McLaughlin, Michael O'Neill etc. I won't have us all tarred with the same brush as the prejudiced minority of sectarian thugs that live in Northern Ireland.
  9. Didn't see the game but that result leaves AC sitting tenth. Montella's walking on very thin ice right about now.
  10. Wenger waxes lyrical about Wilshere this week, saying how he hasn't seen him looking as good in years, yet still leaves him on the bench.
  11. Over to Napoli now. If they beat Roma away and move 5 points clear, that is a massive statement of intent, even at this early stage.
  12. My irrelevant comment was in response to this irrelevant comment of yours, which looked to me like you were 'moderating' me, as if you thought I was condoning or at least accepting the sectarian abuse that Lennon received. Something I pointed out on multiple occasions that I absolutely did not.
  13. I'd take top four right now.
  14. Zaha's return has shown how big of a miss he has been to Crystal Palace this season. They deserve this lead.
  15. Ahhh...Crystal Palace open their account for the season against Chelsea. Lovely. ETA: Bakayoko heads in to level things. Palace scoring early might have been a good thing, as it gave us a well needed kick up the backside.