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  1. Luke Shaw and Scott McTominay starting for Manchester United tonight.
  2. A combination of fatigue and a back issue, I think. He's played practically every game since he came back from his hamstring injury, so it's no wonder he is a bit tired. Hopefully the rest last night will help him come back. Though, with Huddersfield being as poor as they were last night, it might have been a good chance for him to get back into scoring ways, to gain a little confidence. I don't know much about Yerry Mina, but I do think Hazard, Pedro and Willian together could cause issues for Pique and Umtiti. It would almost be like trying to play Barca at their own game when they were playing a front three of David Villa, Messi and Pedro. As I said before, Huddersfield were poor last night, but some of the interplay between the three Chelsea forwards was as good as I've seen from us all season. I'd be worried if I were Michy Batshuayi. Time and time again he has been overlooked by Conte, who clearly had nothing to do with his signing. With a World Cup coming up, you'd expect he would be looking for some more game time, but despite Conte's clear preference to not play him even if Morata is out, I can't see us letting him go for sale or for loan unless we can sign a striker to replace him. Unfortunately, there aren't many options out there, especially in the January window.
  3. I know we won, but conceding that goal 30 seconds from the end was so frustrating. I’d like to see us start keeping more clean sheets. Anyway, a really strong performance off the back of a terrible one on Saturday. I’m a big fan of Morata, but he has looked behind the pace the past few weeks. That front three of Hazard, Willian and Pedro was so fresh, fast and fluid. As a defender, I’d probably rather face Morata for 90 minutes than either one of those three at any given time in a game. Could be an idea for Barcelona in February, as I wouldn’t class their centre backs as the most mobile in the world. Happy to see Bakayoko score (they may take the goal from him, but I’m giving it to him for now), as he’s received a lot of harsh criticism from sections of Chelsea fans. Highlight of the night was seeing Ethan Ampadu make his Premier League debut. Hopefully he gets a few more opportunities as the season goes on. PS: Things are starting to click for Crystal Palace.
  4. Celtic vs Zenit. I’m sure the hoops will be out to seek revenge for Zenit beating their old buddies Rangers in the ‘08 UEFA cup final...
  5. Chelsea vs Barcelona. At least we avoided PSG for what would have been the fourth consequetive Champions League season, if nothing else.
  6. So Jose claims Man City are ‘protected by luck’... Two points dropped in sixteen games and a current fourteen game winning streak isn’t luck, it’s outrageous quality. Something Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham are seriously lacking this season.
  7. I think it’s time you arranged for a banner to be flown across Old Trafford with the message #JoseOut.
  8. According to the team sheet, Firmino is on the bench. Solanke has been given the nod in the centre forward role.
  9. So Dortmund sack Bosz and replace him with Stöger who was recently sacked from bottom club Köln. Bosz clearly had to go, having taken Dortmund from title challengers to seventh place in just a few months. I assume Stöger being his replacement doesn’t seem as strange to avid Bundesliga followers as it does to outsiders? ETA: Coutinho, Firmino out. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Solanke in. Big calls from Klopp?
  10. Due to the family connection, would West Ham be the PL team you’d follow closest? A friend of mine - who is an Arsenal fan - went to West Ham v Swansea earlier this season and told me that the Olympic Stadium is really a lot more impressive in real life.
  11. Can’t help but somewhat enjoy some of the horrendous decisions being taken at Rangers. As per usual, Chris Sutton had a hilarious take on it. I think most of what he say is for a reaction, but still funny. The bit that at the start of their statement where they considered none of the managers that had applied for the job to be an outstanding candidate was equally stupid. As if that’s the sole reason they had to go for McInnes, like it was their only choice. They wanted him all along and everyone knows it.
  12. Started the day hoping for Man United win tomorrow. Now I want Man City to win. Brutal, Chelsea.
  13. I don’t mean it in the sense that his defensive work is bad. I mean it in the sense that his defensive work for an attacking player is about decent at best. That’s not quite enough for someone like Jose. His defensive work for Arsenal hasn’t been as bad as people make out, but is he much better in that respect than Mata or Mkhi? Probably not by much. And certainly not to the level of Lingard. The media criticise him for his defensive work at Arsenal but Wenger never does; Mourinho definitely would if he wasn’t up to scratch. Jose has had the tendency to shackle some brilliant attacking players in the past. You wonder if Özil would follow in that suit should he join Man United. Side note: Just watching the highlights from Man United vs CSKA last night. Quite pleased to see Luke Shaw playing well and also to see him receive praise from Jose that wasn’t also Jose crediting himself: ‘he played with his body and my mind’... I’ve seen a lot of rumours linking Man United to Danny Rose and rumours linking Shaw with leaving Man U, potentially to Tottenham. For me, that would be a stupid deal. If Shaw can reach his full potential, he will be a far better player than Rose imho. Rose is good, but I wouldn’t even put him above Ryan Bertrand. Shaw could end up better than them both, though.
  14. The problem could be that an Ozil working for Jose at Real Madrid and an Ozil working for Jose at Man United could be two very different players. Real Madrid dominated most of their games under Jose, so he asked less of his attacking players than he ever has at a club, yet still it is rumoured that he and Ronaldo fell out over Jose asking him to track back. In the Premier League, Jose expects a lot more defensive work from his attacking players; even Hazard, Chelsea's best attacking player in Jose's second spell, got public criticism from Jose for his poor defensive work at times. In fact, the reason Juan Mata was ousted from the XI at Chelsea was because Oscar pressed and harried the opposition defenders and midfielders, a job Mata couldn't adapt to, which is a similar scenario to Lingard being chosen over the technically superior Mata and Mkhi right now. At Arsenal, Ozil has a manager who gives a lot more freedom to his attacking players than Jose does, and one that has always had his back despite all the criticism levelled at him over the years. You wonder, despite the seemingly strong relationship Jose has with Ozil, if Jose would always stick up for him the way Wenger does. I'm saying this only because Ozil seems to be a player who needs to have the backing of his manager. One of the reasons he left Real was because he didn't feel Ancelotti had faith in him and one of the reasons he joined Arsenal was the faith Wenger was showing towards him when trying to sign him. Would love him at Chelsea, as I would have in 2013 when Arsenal signed him, but the chances of that happening are a lot less likely than they were even in 2013.
  15. Yes, I think the lazy tag often attributed to him is exaggerated and is actually a lazy opinion for someone to have who clearly hasn’t watched much of him. I admit, I once shared that view, but having paid him closer attention it’s an unfair tag. He often covers the most ground for Arsenal in games (whether that’s a good judgement of someone’s work rate is debatable, but shows he doesn’t just stand around looking for the ball). Coming for free in the summer and already knowing the league, Man United couldn’t find a better no. 10 to sign. As you said, you would expect him to be in high demand, but I expected him to be in high demand when Real decided to let him go, but he ended up at an Arsenal side who were experiencing an eight year trophy drought. Also, I would guess Arsenal have a higher hope of getting him to extend than they do of Alexis.