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    Lollygagging all over Westeros
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    -Jon Snow knows nothing
    -Ned Stark got killed twice
    -Robb Stark was a dum dum but I love him anyway
    -The night dark and full of terrors
    -The things Jaime Lannister does for love
    -Sandor Clegane is going to eat every fucking chicken in this room
    -Tyrion Lannister wishes he was a monster
    -Oberyn Martell took two thumbs to the eyeballs and got his skull smashed in
    -Bear Island knows no King, but the King in the North who's name is Stark
    -The North Remembers
    -They say Winter is Coming but winter is already here

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  1. Lol. Thank you
  2. Very nice :3
  3. Name: House Montessor Colors: Royal purple, black, and silver Sigil: The head of a black tiger on a silver spike with a purple background Motto: "Cut off the King's head, and the Kingdom falls". Unofficial motto: "A Lannister always pays his debts, but we invented vendetta". Location: The Vale (They're a fairly isolated house) Castle: Whitehaven Stronghold Religion: Old Gods, I suppose. They aren't very religious, anyway Sworn to: None. The Tiger swears fealty to no one but himself House weapon: A large battleaxe called Shadow's Bane. It is made from an unknown material, though most suspect it's made from obsidian due to it's sturdiness and dark coloring Founder: Jorvan Montessor Current Lord: Lucian Montessor History: (This is a work in progress, so please bear with me) The Montessors are a fairly old house, having formed a century before the events of Aegon the Conquerer. Having started out as a powerful sellsword company known as the Black Tigers, the head of the company, Jorvan Montessor, built up on wealth and military due to the raids the Tigers have done on smaller houses, and they are still in effect to this day, though they don't raid people anymore. When the Targaryen conquest came about, the Tigers were forced to bend knee to the Dragons, something that was a terrible blow to their pride. However, when Robert's Rebellion started, the current Lord, Lucian Montessor, broke away from the Targaryens after the death of Aerys the Mad King. They did not swear loyalty to House Baratheon or the Lannisters, as the Tiger of Westeros takes no sides, swears no oath, and does not trust anyone, not even the guests he invites under his roof. He trusts no one but himself House Montessor and the Black Tigers are feared and respected, due to their bloody history. They have even been nicknamed "The Harbingers of the Stranger". They have the wealth and forces to rival the Lannisters, making them the second most powerful house in Westeros. The Black Tigers consists of 75,000, cold-blooded, tough sons of bitches that would kill you in a heartbeat. As evidenced by their unofficial saying, the Montessors do not forgive those who harm or offend their house, and to offend the Tiger is to court death... "Woe to those who cross the Tiger's eyes For they shall suffer and die". ~ Lucian Montessor