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  1. Dany can speak three languages that we know of. The common tongue, High Valyrian, and Dothraki. I am sure she picked up some of the languages of the free cities but her fluency is dependent on how long they stayed.
  2. This comes from Clash. Good leadership, I say. Lame compared to her other power decisions but the Op asked for the small stuff.
  3. I feel like Ned would have been safe if he had managed to escape back to the north. The Lannisters won't have any luck invading through Moat Cailin. Well, unless Roose attacks Moat Cailin from the North side and opens the way. The finger is mightier than a sword. The right finger.
  4. The body damage is not repaired but the body somehow continues to live. Therefore, they are no longer human. A human could not live with a gaping throat that Cat has. If Jon does come back, he comes back as a wight because those stab wounds are fatal.
  5. She becomes the religious leader of Westeros. Basically she takes the place of the High Septon. She will prove the power of Rhllor and Stannis will make it the official religion of Westeros.
  6. Kudos to Symon Stripeback. A man who was a slave and rose to join the ruling council of the city of Mereen. The man has climbed far from a humble beginning. Yeah, he gets a well earned recognition from me. Barristan's trainees should also get some honorable mentions. In particular the best natural swordsman since Jaime Lannister.
  7. It is wild speculation but so is R+L=J. You're in good company my friend. This is the place for wild speculations. Tyrion would have fathered too many undersized bastards by now. He's sterile. His sperm is no good. So yeah if the lad is the son of Tysha it's from one of the men who gang raped her.
  8. You were right the first time: Mance Rayder broke guest rights in Winterfell. And don't worry about the wildling influx in the north, nature has a way of thinning out the population, it's called winter time.
  9. Coming from reddit and another site, I am delighted to know there are so many others like me who hate Jon and Sansa.
  10. They were lying but it was not Wayman's right to kill them. The R/W was approved by the king, which makes it legal.
  11. It matters not whether guest rights is law or custom. The Red Wedding was approved by Tywin Lannister on behalf of the king. At least we know this particular instance of guest rights violation is legal. Cannibalism, as done by Wayman Manderly is not legal. Not only was it an act of eating human beings but he killed those Freys. It was not self-defense but only motivated by revenge. I can excuse Walder Frey on this instance but not Wayman Manderly.
  12. Jon was wrong for fighting with Ramsay. He should give up on Arya and don't let that keep him from building peace with someone who can help him fight the white walkers' army. The mission to take Arya out of Ramsay's hands was a bad idea to begin with and did nothing for the good of the wall. I can understand and support what Bowen Marsh and his men did because Jon was no longer of any use to the watch. Jon had become destructive and was causing more harm than good.
  13. The results would depend on the size of the dragons. Daenerys wins if the dragons are given time to mature. And do not let the show influence you. Completely different story. Daenerys would wait until her dragons are big enough before making her move.
  14. #8. The insurance agent. Arya had no right to murder that man.