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  1. that was amazing, but I also found this article: http://thestudioexec.com/game-thrones-6-introduces-jon-snows-twin-brother/
  2. Agreed on Dany- its the Catlyn Stark chapters in 1-3 that kill me, I think I may hate her.
  3. RIGHT? and BTW- how much more chilling would it have been without a Ice Dragon- if the real reason the NK could walk through the wall, is because Bran was let through in s6? what -even- then was the purpose of the NK grabbing Bran and marking him?
  4. THIS! I feel bad for the Actors! Imagine being Aiden Gilen or Dinklage or Conleth Hill for 5-6 seasons and reduced to this cardboard nonsense in 7? Aiden Gilen is probably so happy to be done, because season 7 did everything but cut his cock off.
  5. ok, but how about this: what if he doesn't learn it? How about this, because NK and Viseion have "burnt" the wall down, everyone rushes to The Gift, by passing Winterfell ,he never gets back to meet with Bran and Sam, before the war. Then assuming the lives, he learns about his birth right after the fact. Doesn't change the whole NIght's Watch scenario, because I don't think you can at this point, but maybe makes it less trope?
  6. The man has a point.
  7. EXACTLY! because D&D dont know how to write compelling characters.
  8. Doesn't Sam still have the horn he and Jon found with the dragon glass- north of the wall? I think he packed it up when leaving the Citadel.... maybe that is the dragonbinder and not the horn of winter.
  9. No one would Argue that Arya is a stone cold assassin, but LF was a murdere and treasonous. LF did cause/conspire with Lysa to kill John Aryn, and then frame [Tyrion?] for both that and framed Tyrion for the attempted murder of Bran. These things lead to Catlyn capturing Tyrion which was the spark that set off the war of 5 kings. Some also had to get Lancel the poison to put in Robert's wine, but I don't think anyone has pinned that crime on LF. But I would not doubt he helped Cersei with that. [I will retract if someone tells me otherwise, I just really cannot remember if it was anyone other than Cersei and Lancel] LF then conspired with The Queen of Thorns and executed the plot to murder Joffrey. As much as we hated Joffrey, his hand was as bloody and frothy as Olenna's. And he framed Sansa for it. He may well have secreted Sansa out of King's Landing to avoid death by Cersei, but he sold her to Ramsey, and that was the absolute WORST THING HE EVER DID. Then he killed Lysa Aryn and was foolish enough to think Sansa would never use her knowledge of that against him. Littlefinger was a murderer, conspirator and treasonous to several Kings, and the Lady of Winterfell/King of the North. The trial was fully justified, albeit truncated. maybe- MAYBE- Sansa was skirting her rights to execute, but really I don't think so. Cersei might disagree, but fook Cersei.
  11. why are people giving this person shit for his rant? this is R&R people. If you want to judge, go to the "I hate fake incest on TV between non related actors and the dragons aren't real either" forum
  12. I'm hoping he's just resting from it like J.K. Rowling did, only more so, because Cursed Child was not- um - great. And she took a LOT of time off Potter, because she was spent. Maybe that is why some of these authors turn over sequels to ghost writers, people who have enthusiasm for the original story- give them a basic outline and let them do all the work, edit it yourself. I would totally be ok with GRRM doing that. Some of the people in these forums have great ideas and imaginations.
  13. Totally- even if you buy the death freed him from his oath only we - the viewers, Davos, Sam, the Nights Watch, Melisandre, Ghost, and Beric know he died- right? No one else knows he was resurrected, so in the eyes of EVERYONE else he's an oath breaker.
  14. I have been trying for 2 years to convince My husband that the black cat that repeated turned up in the early books, (Arya chasing him, for example) was important! and here in your signature line, you clear it up for me!!!!