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  1. but the previews showed an Arya at the play flashback. I interpret that to mean we are to recall Arya is able to play people, and has the actor's mask on at all times as a trained faceless man.
  2. Respectfully disagree on some points: 1. They did unleash the scorpion. She clearly did not expect it and she was stupid to go back in after she saw they had it. If you are the mother of dragons and you love them, Yes- you take them into war. Their very existence is threatened every day of their lives unless you rule the land. 2&4: Not saying its right (or that I think she took her actions without remorse). Just saying I can live with the show runners choices, given we have 8 episodes left and a television budget, rather than a 8-10 movie series. 5. Randyll Tarley is a loathsome creature through and through, as established in multiple seasons of the show: He threatened to have his son hunted down in the wood if he didn't take the Black, forcing an obese terrified young man into the worst circumstances of his life, and almost certain death. Don't you recall how badly Samwell was beaten under Thorne's command when he first got to the Wall? I believe Randall Tarly even said he hoped Sam- his actual rightful heir- would die there. Upon learning of this same son's prestigious advancement within the Nights Watch- of being sent to The Citadel for Meister training- he treated him with loathing and contempt. He betrayed his oath to Highgarden by fighting for Cersei, easily swayed by Jamie's argument that he also had an oath to the crown, when Cersei's claim on the crown is tenuous at best. He allowed his unfortunately named son and heir to perish needlessly. He's a racist turncoat who cost himself and his son their lived by refusing to bend the knee to "savages"
  3. THIS!!!! Exactly what I came her to bring up. Although I don't actually think she is pregnant, the prophecy only saw 3 children for her, 16 for Robert.
  4. This is perfect!
  5. yep, this. Either take prisoners, which I am not sure she has the capability of doing now, or offer them their choice.
  6. YES! YES YES YES. agreed! I'm feeling very affronted by the fuss people are making over Dany's "humanity" in executing two high born military men who refused to bend the knee when they lost a battle.
  7. Agreed, and saddened by this fact. I haven't been able to speculate on how Varys ends up, but I have some ideas about LF. I feel like his game with Sansa and Arya is about to blow up on him. I still don't quite know why he's doing it other than "chaos", but I don't subscribe to the theory he loves Sansa. And even if he thinks he does, he loves the game and the chaos more, and can't bloody well help himself. I think though- with this Sansa-Arya story line there is an opportunity for the girls to come together at his expense. Wait, wait! Hear me out! In a separate thread, someone reminded us that Sansa knows LF pushed Lyssa out the Moon Door. This knowledge is how Sansa is currently able to keep him at bay, because she had this -amongst other info- dirt on him. One word to Royce, and Royce will cut the bitch (the bitch is LF in this scenario) and if Royce ever finds out LF gave Sansa to Bolton, same thing. LF Deader than Dead. He's keeping Sansa close to make sure that does not happen, but getting rid of Sansa, based on these things, has to be his end game. Whose the only other person on earth who probably wants Sansa dead? Cersei. So LF creates chaos between Sansa and Arys, but it backfires through some deus ex machina, the girls unite against him, and Sansa spills he secrets to Royce (ALT: Sansa gets fed up with LF, tries to go to Royce, LF intercepts and Arya has to save Sansa) . Losing the Vale and having to escape Winterfell, LF heads back to Cersei, with a BOATLOAD of intel on the King in the North. It's also possible he's a double agent for Cersei, although no one in history could out double agent Snape for true love, so that would be a bit pathetic.
  8. Agreed, murdering POW is unethical, but but the use of "murder" in this war setting with soldiers is inappropriate. She gave the Tarlys a choice: the chance to bend the knee. In our and in the ASOIAF worlds POW are not always returned to their countries. They can be used as political pawns, or left to rot/die in a cell. I think what she did was entirely in keeping with military strategy and general war ethics in ASOIAF world. Tarly was a powerful Lord and military figure- in ASOIAF, these men have choices, bend the knee or die. She gave them the opportunity to bend the knee. they chose not to, so they died. That's the rule of this game of thrones, submit to the battle winner or die. Again- I'm sensing a double standard. Renly and Stannis offered plenty of POWs the chance to bend the knee or die, his ethics (on that matter) aren't being questioned. His ethics relating to Shireen, on the other hand....
  9. I thought they tied up the magic of the wall" with the fact that Bran- after being touched by the Night King- was let pass through the wall, and so the Night King can use that "connection" to defeat the wall
  10. A couple of things about Dany's "reactions" (or lack thereof) come to mind: 1. Her dragons are her children (apparently the only she will ever be able to have) and Drogon is practically her soulmate. Did you see the look she gave Jon Snow when he called them beasts? If this show has taught us one thing, its never under estimate a mother's love or wrath. These soldiers unleashed the MF scorpion on her favorite child, and wounded him. If I were Dany, I'd burn every last one of them if I could, and I'm merely a Katleesi. 2. Dany burning the enemy is not out of character with her show version, and she's well acquainted with the damage her children can cause. She chained R and V up for quite a while as she came to terms with the power. Knowing - and using- the power she has is not inconsistent with anything she's done at this point. In fact, using them as a last resort is wholly consistent with her series long courses and choices of action. 3. I'm pretty surprised that people are reacting so strongly to her alleged "ruthless". She went into battle with the best weapons at her disposal. I wonder if anyone would have batted an eye if Stannis had used Dragons in the same manner. These were soldiers- an army. I don't think her battle strategy is inconsistent with what a good general would do. 4. I think D&D are relying on people knowing things and remembering past scenes/chapters to gloss over a lot in their hurry to finish this series in the next 8 episodes. We are used to seeing at least some lip service building up to difficult choices on this show, and we are not getting any of that this year. Dialogue and back story are non existent.
  11. I like it. I also think Arya will be forced to use it to kill Bran. and that is why he gave it to her. Like, HE KNOWS. He knows that the Night King touching him back in the North is a death sentence.
  12. I think this is true, but one thought keeps coming back to me: That LF loves power and the game more than he ever loved Cat, and that his "love" for Sansa is just sloppy second infatuation, so the motivation for being in the North HAS to be something mroe than this. It possible this whole arya-sansa scroll bit is a preface to a confrontation with LF where he threatens to pack up his toys (knights of the Vale) and go home, Sansa lays down some harsh truths to Royce, effectively leaving LF no choice but to run. And then he runs back to Kings Landing where he now has a BOATLOAD of intel to recon to Cersei. That keeps him alive at least mid way through season 8.
  13. Agreed. I also think Sansa knows what would happen if she told Royce about LF killing Lysa. Royce is Sansa's ace in the hole regarding Littlefinger. Littlefinger knows it, and that alone would be a reason to stick close to Sansa's side- to try to kill her if she attempts to tell anyone. Oddly, I think LF knows Arya has been trained in the house of black and white too, because he too had little birds everywhere and he would recognize the assassin skills had to come from somewhere very noteworthy. That said, I think that he underestimates her right now, or is just testing the waters, hoping the girls will turn on each other. But is that his end game? what ladder does this particular chaos cause, except to embed himself more fully with Sansa. Its hard for me to imagine that Sansa is LF's endgame. I also think Sansa is smarter than she's "letting on". I would prefer the show runners stop with the mean girl sibling rivalry thing between them, but the early books make such a big deal of it. Still it would be pretty cliche to aggressively pit Sansa and Arya against each other to either's harm. Its more likely that Arya does know LF planted it, and especially that he was watching. Nevertheless, the question of the scroll's legitimacy is an issue for Arya, because she's trying to figure out if Sansa is the same old Sansa who would let her Lady be murdered because she places trust in the wrong people. What I really hope is that the writers will be careful and judicious with how this scroll plot line plays out. Given the truncated style of this season, its possible that they gloss over this tension they are building between the girls when the Jon-Arya reunion comes, then the girls find themselves needing to band together against LF and all is "forgotten".
  14. We've seen that walkers won't go into water, so -theoretically- if they freeze the sea to walk over it/around eastwatch, then luring them into the sea, having a dragon melt the ice and drown the walkers seems like an excellent battle plan.
  15. THIS, and I think LF seeing Arya brandishing it in the Brienne-Arya Sparring match was also a bit brilliant, because LF JUST GAVE it to Bran, so now LF knows the Stark kids are "united" and likely talking about him. Knowing him, he's going to have to GTFO or do something rash.