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  1. It looks very bleak for the Right Whale. The genetic bank is a good idea , but it may not happen in time to make a difference. The problem is that if we let enough species go extinct, It could lead to our own extinction as well.
  2. Lots the know.
  3. The Right Whale is facing the prospect of extinction, there are only about 450 in the wild.
  4. The notion of a Tarantino directed Star Trek film sis very intriguing.
  5. I thought it should be a separate topic.
  6. What are your thoughts of him doing Star Trek film ? How dynamic a film do you think it would be and what would he bring to the Trek Franchise ?
  7. It's unlikely that you would be able to convince 7 billion people to make the necessary sacrifices.
  8. If I had choice between watching ET and The Thief of Bagdad . ET would come in a very very distant 100th. I can't even look at ET anymore.
  9. Robojox 1985 another fun and underrated giant robot film .
  10. The Thief of Bagdad 1940 A first rate classic !
  11. Earth Abides by George R Stewart
  12. The Time Travelers 1964 I put this on the list of must see classic films.
  13. The 1933 film is still a great film.
  14. Another really good and underrated science fiction film.
  15. With a few exceptions , It seem that corporations since 1950's to umpire 2 years age have have father most part been doing rather well in the profitability area.