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  1. I like to talk and recommend books and stories I've read.
  2. Johny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumpo
  3. Deathwish. Drang the Sargent from. hell in Bill The Galactic Hero.
  4. This is the complete opposite of Word Association. In this topic You type a word and the poster coming next types a word not related to that word, For example I type the word Cloud and next person types Hammer or another world that has nothing to do with the word above . Ill star with. Traffic
  5. The show is on Netflix now ?
  6. I thought it an interesting topic to revive.
  7. Fishhead by Irving Cobb Men Without Bones by Gerald Kersh
  8. The Thing on the Rooftop By Robert E. Howard.
  9. Steven Erikson's Malzan Saga. A series that is extraordinary in many regards. Erikson does everything so well . You have great story telling , a world of many races and characters and time scales going back not just mere centuries but many thousands of years.
  10. We live in the era of the reimagined classic.
  11. Starcrash 1978 another Star Wars knock off . This has everything you could want in a bad science fiction film. And yet it does have entertainment value.
  12. The Land of Laughs by Jonathan Carrol
  13. The Manitou by Graham Masterson