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  1. So basically private healthcare and insurance in the UK pretty much an expensive flipping disaster.
  2. Hasn't this one been in development limbo since the last ice age?
  3. Unelected bureaucrats don't tend to consider the actual costs of everything associated with healthcare . No matter how many loopholes the UK government might close or taxes and fees that they raise, they will never be able to provide good services to the majority of people. To control costs and maintain maximum coverage , they will be forced to reduce the quality of those services The system and how it set up ,managed , budgeted and paid for is the problem. Doesn't The UK still have private healthcare service to cover the shortfall of NHS?
  4. It would be hard concept to come to terms within in only 8 and a half minutes.
  5. The same drab clothes I always wear.
  6. Dickens was very good at creating these kinds of characters.
  7. A great book from a great writer.
  8. I saw this film when it first came out , and I loved it . I thought it more then did justice to Conan.
  9. Reading fan fiction crossover stories.
  10. Im glad I got to start one of these political threads Thanks.
  11. It's called Selective Sound Bites Syndrome and it's both contagious and insidious.
  12. I would warn Prime Minster Gladstone that if he delays sending relief Troops to Khartoum, General Charles Gordon to die and the city will fall to the Muhammad Ahmad .
  13. Have the Democrats thought about making former US Attorney General Eric Holder their front runner for 2020 ?
  14. China has to be nervous about the prospect of someone like Kim have nukes. Perhaps they might decide to take Kim out of the picture?
  15. China has already told North Korea that if they start a fight, they're on their own.