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  1. If Rocket Man does what he claims he can, This could turn into a major war on the Korean Peninsula.
  2. The Trek Episode A Taste of Armageddon. The Federation decides that want to establish relations with the Planet Elminar VII eve though that planet has no wish to have relations with the federation. They decide to mettle the affairs of Elminiar VII and its rival Vendicar. At the orders of the federation ambassador Robert Fox . And what about General order 24? how does that not conflict with the ideals of the Federation? What happened to the Non interference directive ?
  3. If you look closely at the original series , they didn't always follow the Canon
  4. Ironic isn't it ?
  5. Chief among them logistics and execution.
  6. The German plan for a number of reasons was doomed from the start.
  7. Given the scope of human history, that would be a huge undertaking.
  8. Except that the Democrats are even more divided and dysfunction then the Republicans.
  9. An epic Journey topped off by an epic finish.
  10. Having seen two episodes so far , I very much underestimated this show. I rather like it .
  11. Bobs Burgers , I hate the animation , the writing and the obnoxious cast of characters . American Dad, I find the show and the characters unfunny and unlikable. South Park I do enjoy but, that have as many hosts as they do misses .
  12. I would call that a dismal cartoon populated by annoying and useless and utter unlikable one dimensional characters but you can say that about the vast majority of the late 1960's and 70s cartoons that were produced.
  13. Josie an the Pussy Cats and the sequel series Josie and the Pussycats in Space Absolute cartoon Drek both series.
  14. Which animated shows , cartoons and cartoon characters make your list for worst and why?
  15. Definitely a really cool place with lots of wonderfully strange and cool characters.