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  1. In this case , it works for me.
  2. Snark is not considered a virtue.
  3. Ive never bothered with Face book .
  4. Look it up, 1953 there are some details you might find , interesting.
  5. I don't share that point of view.
  6. Ever hear of the Old Treasury House in York England? Or events in Zeitoun Egypt. 1968 to 1971?
  7. When people cease to believe in God or the hereafter, they ultimately to believe in everything, including themselves.
  8. I don't think this is the first time this has happened. According to one popular trop/science fiction theory of the universe , everything that ever happens, happens again. If this the caee then Infinity War pt 1 has already happened and will happen all over again in the next universe.
  9. Same here , I posted a lot threads in other places over the years but , ive slowed way down and have mellowed quite a bit.
  10. It Looks like Trump just put his foot down on Syria .
  11. Trump's best and probably only viable option is to not fire Rosenstein and or Mueller and instead , simply let Mueller's investigation run its course.
  12. I Just don't see Trump firing Mueller . The resulting political fallout wouldn't be worth it to him. Im sure his advisers have reminded him of what happened to Richard Nixon when he made the mistake of firing Archibald Cox.
  13. Im like the yearly locust plagues.