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  1. When it comes to the medications that they develop They spend millions researching and developing and marketing drugs to cure and combat diseases and yes ,Im well aware they don't do this out the goodness of their now hearts . This is first and foremost a business which has to make profit in order to be worthwhile and in ordered to keep Research and Development going for newer drugs and treatments. Theres is the incredible high costs the people are forced to pay for medications, with bring up the word gouging . These companies justify these high prices by saying that they do so to recover the costs of developing the medications. And they hold on the patents for years delay generics which will cut into their profit and that is contributor to higher cost of drugs and very probably health insurance costs too. Do drug companies as business enterprises have a right to earn profit ? and if so how much ? What do you think is fair and reasonable and what do you think is unfair and unreasonable ?
  2. Other then animosity ,willful deafness to each other's points of view and hardened polarization , what does does it contribute to political discussion and dialogue? What if anything does it create other then problems for everybody ? And why do you suppose so many on the right and left are so unwilling to engage in any kind of meaningful self criticism of themselves ? What do you think, has brought us to this current state of affairs? Thoughts?
  3. Doom if I might make a observation , I think your point of view is a little bit too one sided with regard to cops. As to how bigoted this country is answer this question . Do you think Amerca is less bigoted and less prejudiced then it was in the 18th and 19th century ?
  4. Thats not me Doom.
  5. I was referring to general nastiness and discord of political discussions
  6. Given my complete lack of skill in that area , I can't really argue with that one can I?
  7. There comes a point when I weary of having to make retorts like this . I really don't like to hurt peoples feelings and that is the truth .
  8. The left and the right are down in the mud . Not good.
  9. Anger clouds judgment Doom. Perhaps you not bother with it ?
  10. That won't happen for alot of reasons, The Police will not give up there guns and politically no policing that want to stay in office wil even make move to disarm the police . And in any event the what about the Crooks that still have guns? do you expect them too watclz in the satin turn them in ? I don't se that happening.
  11. Doom with all due respect , you really should wake up.
  12. Dante, when it comes rants , you really don't have what it takes.
  13. Sooner or later , he'll get the bottom of things !
  14. Didn't date and polling in 2016 have Clinton winning the election? Thats why I don't put much stock in them because their number can be misleading.
  15. My god, such a rant.
  16. I could be mistaken but , This topic doesn't deal with politics. At least not specifically.
  17. Religion will always exist in some form.
  18. His steaks and wine may not have been big successes but his political brand so far , seems to be a going strong with a sizable number of voters.
  19. So you think the Dysfunction Junction Democrats are going to get back into power then?
  20. So he's not doing all that badly for man who has never held an elected office. Of course, if the economy starts to sour round Midterms , that could be a very problematic for him and the Republicans. And there is the growing deficit,.
  21. Stuff and nonsense. The only Republicans who don't seem to like Trump are the old school conservatives and at this stage ,what they think doesn't matter , because in the end they will be forced to fall in line. As long as the economy stays good, the Republican Party as a whole are not to stand up to Trump and the possibility of that will lessen if Midterms go their way, which might also bring more New Republicans politicians who share Trumps philosophy.
  22. Unless Trump will wins a second term. That is a possibility here.
  23. Polls not withstanding , It seem that there are an awful lot of voters alot who not keen on having the Democrats back in power.
  24. Ah good, just what this thread needs, an Alien film reference.
  25. imagine what might have happened had it gone on for a week or two.