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  1. The Soviet Union supported him economically and many countries did not join the US Economic Embargo.
  2. This topic covers all the major genres.. Which characters and what makes them so memorably despicable and unlikable ?
  3. Brilliant !
  4. It will take a bit of time and there will probably be few false starts. But Cuba will get there .
  5. When Raul Castro passes from the scene , things will change. Cuba will open up big and in the end will become a democracy.
  6. You might want read up on what Amnesty International has to say on the subject of Fidel Castro.
  7. There is a Joseph Stalin Museum in place called Gori Georgia . Stalin was a devil , murdered millions , nearly destroyed Russia and yet there is a museum dedicated to him.
  8. There is a book you might find of interest. . The Double Life of Fidel Castro My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lider Maximo by. Juan Reinaldo Sanchez with Axel Gylden.
  9. But there is still the problem of radiation and disposal.
  10. Sea - lion? Interesting expression. On another site I hang around on they us word Godwin.
  11. Humanity's population and genetic diversity got drastically reduced about 70,000 years ago .
  12. The Washington Post is all you could come with? How is pointing out that aid money was misued and redirect inane and vulgar ? You don't have to do much digging to see that things like that did actually happen. You do know who Duvalier, Mobutu and Muguge are ?
  13. The people in Cuba got free healthcare and Education but at the cost of political rights and freedom . How is it that Trudeau overlooks the other not so pleasant realities of the Castro regime?
  14. Midterms are coming in a few months. That should be interesting.
  15. Is Mars Core solid ? I don't know the answer to that one.
  16. I they could find some kind of microbial life on mars.
  17. No thanks Ill stick with news print. .
  18. There is one thing to keep in mind about Donald Trump, he is not a politician. His prior profession was the rough and tumble and rude world of business . Different world different rules and different behavior . A politician good , bad and indifferent keeps his dirty laundry and true face behind a mask of Mask of plastic civility which in theory is designed to keep the voters and the press at bay . Having this mask doesn't mean the professional politician is any any better then Trump. It just makes them look better .
  19. Warming up core of planet, Thats a tough one. Mars being half the size of earth cooled down because its core compared to earth much smaller also Mars's lack a lunar satilte that proportionate to it meant almost no plate technics which is one the think keeping Earth Core heated up. I thinking if Mars had had a moon 1/6 proportion like Earth early in it history , that might have keep it core active for longer period , maybe even today and, had that happened , there might be ocean a denser atmosphere and maybe higher lifeforms.
  20. Do only Republican tell lies then?
  21. So there no other stories in the world of more important then this ?
  22. I thought the two way television sets that you cannot turn of( unless you were a party leader )was an interesting concept. The scene where Winston Smith was participating in the Dailey mandatory calisthenics. Perhaps a precursor to social media?
  23. Jean Claude Duvalier of Haiti stole about 300 million and President Mobutu of Zaire took even more more then that. And there is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe whose polices , corruption and cronyism wrecked that country economically and politically.
  24. He was brilliant man and a great writer . His Discworld books made me laugh .