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  1. I thought they would always have some wine for any possible visitors. When did that Iron Bank fellow visit? IMO the scene was to make Tyrion notice the pregnancy.
  2. Cersei didn't drink because she's pregnant. There was no poison.
  3. But didn't Tyrion want Casterly Rock for himself and Tywin refused? Some say that Tyrion only wanted to delay Dany's plans and give Lannisters more time with the attack. Tyrion must have been unaware of the state of Casterly Rock's financial situation. However, Tywin said earlier that Tyrion would get something more suitable for him instead of Casterly Rock. Was Tywin planning to give him something more valuable after all?
  4. They should have pointed out more clearly for the viewers that Bran is making huge mistakes. The suspense would come from us watchers knowing about the danger but not the main characters like Jon, who believes that Bran is on the right.
  5. At least one of them finds it out in ep 1.
  6. Sam learned that he could kill a wight with dragon glass when he was protecting Gilly and the baby. Sam decided to become a maester and not stay with Nightwatch. Gilly/they found out about Rhaegar's marriage. Not sure if there's more purpose needed. I don't get the feeling that little Sam would be important otherwise.
  7. I can't get my head wrapped around this one, because it was Tyrion's stupid idea to get one wight for Cersei that made them do the trip beyond the wall anyway. NK however had himself equipped for the encounter already. It was actually Bran alerting everyone to act hastily. Bran messing it all up explains things best.
  8. Showing Dothraki men alone without any families just gives them more credibility as fierce warriors.
  9. Love's arrow? They already took down one of her dragons.
  10. Maybe... Targaryens truly seize to exist. Jon dies after defeating NK, Dany may yet live to be an old woman but never having children. Maybe the dragons and all magic eventually die, too. Kingdoms will continue battling and settling like they have until today.
  11. Daario (just like Jorah) was too willing to please Dany. Jon wasn't. He fights for a cause.
  12. Very interesting, @Cron Especially that you picked Bronn not been seen with Cersei in the show. Why would they bring it up in the show? It could be made to amuse the audience because we know they have some quarrel irl. But it would give an effective twist to the show, if he was the father indeed. I would say to Minsc that Bronn telling Jamie things like that about Cersei could be misleading us as well. He's been hanging around Jamie quite a lot and even Jamie asked him about that once. Maybe Bronn's been after Cersei. Everyone just dismisses the idea at once because they have that said real life quarrel.
  13. Heck, Dany could even be the new octomom.
  14. Tywin Lannister had a lot to gain. His daughter was not accepted as Rhaegar's wife but with Rhaegar gone she could marry another king. Tywin also had grudge against Targaryens for Jaime taking Kingsguard, when in fact Cersei talked Jaime into it. LF likely had something to do with things, too, I can imagine.