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  1. When Sansa said about LF "I know exactly what he wants", had she already promised him something for his help at Winterfell?
  2. Since I'm not a reader of his books, I don't know what to expect based on them. Anything could happen from my point of view. I just thought is Gilly's son going to have a bigger part in the future. That would be off-putting.
  3. Why did Melisandre give birth to that black smoke?
  4. This sounds pretty cool.
  5. Ok... I just thought that Jon might be Azor Ahai reborn because he took a stab into his heart. Isn't that what Daenerys overheard sir Davos say and she asked Jon about it? Maybe Daenerys starts to think that Jon is Azor Ahai. I don't remember what her take (as Targaryen) on Rhaegar being AA is.
  6. Jon Snow is my guess for Azor Ahai.
  7. Everyone says she's promiscuous in the books, which I haven't read, but based on her character on the show, I don't believe she'd go there.
  8. Samwell never said where he was going, did he?
  9. I suggested eclampsia. It's a condition causing seizures during pregnancy.
  10. Does Samwell know yet that his father and brother died?
  11. The point would be that Sansa is the last Stark who has to survive. If the Waif adopted Arya's list then Sansa - as Arya felt about her then - could be on that list.
  12. The baby is not born yet in that case scenario, it won't be death at childbirth, hence not counted as 4th child. I don't know how they do the maths anyway because Cersei herself says she already gave a birth to one child before those three.
  13. Why is everybody now willing to follow Tyrion's plan when only recently it was stated that he has failed in all previous ones?
  14. That would be a titillating scene to see Cersei recognize Jaime's face before Arya kills her but she would notice that he still has his both hands left!