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  1. I mean, I wasnt trying to say that pragmatism is a bad quality overall, especially in a real world, where we mostly care about our safety y and safety of our families, I am quite pragmatic myself. I guess what I was trying to say is yes acting out of blind love, emotions, nacked courage or other selfless off plan urges is senseless, but sometimes it saves the world. And not to forget, khe-khe we are talking about the fantasy world with witches and dragons that is meant to have heroes. Yes I agree, Sansa's dress is magnificent, she always has most awesome dresses. To recall her Ramsey wedding dress, it was also stunning. I also love Dany's Westerosy outfits.
  2. Yes, I've grown to dislike Sansa since the beginning, its just something in her that repels me, despite her gorgeous looks and circumstances she's been through, I didn't learn to appreciate her. But, we all have our likes and dislikes, that is beside the point. Also, I agree that Jon was reluctant to listen to Sansa, but there was a moment when he offered her to expand on her critique, to suggest an alternate approach, to finally give him an adequate straight answer, but she didn't. Her arguments at the moment of her criticizing Jon would be weak in the real world as well since she has nothing to offer in return. Yes, we as an audience might know things, but we have to understand that the characters don't always know what other's think or know, they can only either assume, or be told. Yes, Jon is idealistic, but that is precisely why he differs from everyone else, he is pure and lacks manipulative abilities, but he will genuinely jump at an opportunity to save you without calculating the odds of being able to save you, that is the quality of a classic hero. Look how many pragmatic characters we had on the show, pragmatic is a good quality in our world, but even in our semi safe world, an inflated pragmatism implies a lack of courage. Would you listen to an advisor who gives you no plausible alternative courses of action? Right, melancholy, that's why she lost herself and left. I dont believe that that was a sad nostalgia on her face, but that is just my opinion.
  3. OMG, that is so true, I didnt even know that littlef*ckr's ancestors were from Braavos.
  4. Oh yeah, that was good too, he doesnt even realize how right he is, and on what level!
  5. One of my absolute favorites too! #lovetormund Also, "nothing fucks you better than time"... by Davos #lovesirDavos
  6. I can understand that, however, to exclude a character from the favorites for an immoral phrase, in GoT, should we be watching that show at all then?... Besides, if that was the only thing that bothered you about Bron, unless you generally dislike him, which is totally cool, then perhaps try to consider this: Besides the fact that he is basically a freelance mercenary, Bron is cynical and doesn't give a f*ck about what others think, so just think, what kind of answer to the question he was asked, would be ok? Would it still be Bronn if he'd say something like, "that I wouldn't do" or "you crazy"... Just because he said something cynical and generally bad, doesn't mean that he will in fact act upon it, if it came to it. Bron has his own sense of right and wrong, but he is not gonna share it with others. And, extream cynicisms like Bron's or Tyrion's is generally a defense mechanism that is meant to come out to others as though nothing can hurt them, so they "wear it like armor".
  7. I love how season 7 gains intensity with every episode. There are also so many facial expressions that are left open for a wide verity of interpretations.Arya and Sansa's reunion was just slightly more emotional than the reunion with Bran, I feel like the reunions that the kids will have with Jon, would be the only satisfying ones, if recall Jon's reaction to Sansa, Jon’s heart will probably stop when he finally sees Arya, as was wisely noted by Sansa herself. I absolutely loved how Arya was not pleased with Jon’s leaving Sansa in charge, it was very much telling of what Arya still thinks of Sansa. I think she does remember Sansa standing there with the Lannisters by Joffry’s side, with their father publicly disgracing himself for Sansa. Knowing how Arya valued the nobility of her father and was/ is much like him, with a way deeper connection. My point is, even though Sansa would not be on Arya’s list, she is not on the list of her favorite people, I wouldn't count on Arya trusting Sansa. I think Arya always thought of Sansa as of dumb princess with no whites or honor in her. But may be I am too harsh on Sansa, I keep disliking her, even now, she just pieces me off with her feelings of entitlement. People around her win wars, become assassins, make right decisions that get them killed, and make them kings in the north etc. but none of those whom I have mentioned done it for the sake of being in charge, they have bigger pictures in their heads, to save the people, or to avenge their families. Sansa is more like Vyseries, vocally demanding the attitudes, the positions, and the titles that she believes she's entitled to. Agh... The dagger, I think is no coincidence, and who knows may be Arya will become Azor Ahai with her Valyrian steel blade, yes I know its a long stretch, but she was also reborn in a way. Bran’s retraction from Arya’s hand was also curious when he placed the dagger in her hands, felt like he put the destiny in her hands, and was struck by it himself. We can expect Bran to be the manipulator of fates now that he literally sees and fights every battle in his head, just like Littlefinger, but for reals… Sansa was so fond of herself being the ruler, let's be honest she’s pretty good at being a bookkeeper and a planner, but when she saw Arya spar with Brianne, oh boy, so many questions it left me with. First, her face has begun to change right when Arya confronted Brianne with being sworn to both Cat's daughters, which is true, and if Arya hasn’t dodged Brianne there at Riverlands in earlier seasons, who knows may be Sansa would be dead by now. I think Sansa had her pride hurt, by not being the only one with the sworn sword at her command. From psychological perspective yes, Arya is her baby sister, and of course, she’d want her to be protected, but the element of being in charge of her protection was meaningful to Sansa, I am sure, because, she always wanted to prove Arya's behavior and anti-ladyness wrong. I think that was a part of the reason why she didn’t share the info about the Knights of the Veil with Jon back in S6, cuz she wanted to be the savior of the day, not to save the day per se, but to be the savior. Although, as we all know Arya needs no protection, and she was shameless in flaunting it to all including the littlefinger, whose smile I want to touch upon after I finish with Sansa’s reaction at Arya’s fighting skills. So, Arya fights the way that makes Brianne proud, and Brianne being proud of one’s fighting, must mean tons. Silly, Arya fights the way that would make proud even Sirio Farrell, even if he is dead, which I am still not buying. In my opinion, Arya is the queen of sword and dagger, really I was impressed, I rewatched that moment like 5 times already. And I was so pleased with Her posture, confidence in her, so pleased. Sansa’s face was too much of a reaction, I think she had to do a much better job, and at least be a bit proud, but clearly she was either scared or jealous, may be envious. My immediate conclusion of her reaction was that she felt like she is the only Stark that has ended up being just the Lady, with no skills or powers, of course, its not true, she’s the lady of Winterfell, but really like that's a thing, if it wasn't for Jon or Littlefinger would she be the lady of Winterfell? Whatever title makes Sansa feel better Arya is the strongest although the youngest, Arya has her own code, she learned how to be strong by always remaining strong, by being faithful to herself, not by being exposed to various skimmers and wanting to be them. Arya never lived by the lady rules, and was always criticized by Sansa for that, and now, Arya comes out as such a confident, strong, and smart women, that despite everything that Sansa has thought she learned from Cersei or Littlefinger, she feels less than Arya, and certainly comes out as less, for me at least. When she left, the smirk on Littlefinger’s face, only told me that he regained hope in Sansa's need of him, and certainly expects her with her insecurities and desire for power, to come to him for support and ego boost, since she really needs someone at her corner exclusively. Honestly, I don’t see any other reason why Lord Belish would have the smile on his face. Some said that he thinks that he could use Arya as a tool, others that he sees Catelyn in her. But guys, Arya will never be anyone’s tool, even the faceless god couldn’t make her his tool, why would one assume little finger could. There is nothing Cat-like in Arya, remember, even in the books, she was all father's daughter, nothing from Tully, Sansa was actually calling her a bastard like Jon Snow since she had nothing from her mother. So, why, why does that little fucker smile? Jon and Danny, too cute too fast…. but, oh my if Dany says -bend the knee one more time, I swear, I stop rooting for her. But, did he secretly bend the knee in the cave, did he promise to bend the knee after the war against the whites is won… or did he… well to be a bit humorous, we all know what effect have caved on Jon Snow…=))) and the way he grabbed her hand, already too familiar isn't he? The battle, surprisingly satisfying, the Dothraki doing their tricks with horses, epic, Jamie’s face, epic, Dragon appearing from the smoke or fog, epic… Dragon injured, almost broke my heart, I love Bron, but he is on my list now. Altogether, I believe the episode was satisfying, especially now that we evened the score and crashed Lannister forces. Does that mean that Lannister's don't have an Army anymore since Jamie mentioned something about taking the entire Lannister Army to HighGarden. Also, still really want to further explore the Arya/Sansa looks and relationships.