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  1. The only thing that sounds bad about the new god of war is the length. I’m not sure I want 30+ hours of god of war. The old ones were 10 to 12 which I think is about right for this kind of game. I’ll probably buy when it’s 30 bucks. Anyway, I just got an iPad. Playing hearthstone on the couch with it is pretty fun. I’ll probably pick up darkest dungeon too since it’s only 5 bucks and I’ve always meant to try it out. The FTL version looks great, but I’ve already sunk over 20 hours in that game. I also have that port of chrono trigger installed; a game I never got round to finishing. I think I played it like halfway through with Zsnes about 15 years ago.
  2. I just lost it at work today when the Hannity news hit. Was just giddy for the rest of the day.
  3. Ha, ok, not much to go on, except that it will have something to do with east Asia and not be sci fi. Anyway, Sega announced tonight that they're putting out Shenmue 1 and 2 on modern platforms. I liked Shenmue back in the day. I played some of Shenmue 2 and always sort of meant to go back and finish it. I don't know though. I just think those games would feel colossally dated now. Apparently they're going to refresh the graphics a little bit and add "modern" controls, but I think the pacing will be all off and the gameplay just not engaging enough.
  4. lol, naw, I'm definitely down for some bull python action
  5. What does the tease look like? I've been thinking that some kind of Sci Fi souls game would be cool.
  6. Apparently there is going to be an announcement in a few minutes. Can't decide if I want to watch it. The thought is revolting.
  7. I’d love to see something on the FF7 remake. When was that announcement, two years ago? I think I heard that the project is having troubles.
  8. Anyone playing this? It sure sounds great. After a few years, I think I’m ready for a new god of war game. I’ll probably pick this up when it gets down to thirty bucks or so. The combat sounds much better than the old ones, which I thought could feel a little bit weightless. I haven’t played all the old god of war games, just the psp ones and 3.
  9. I hope everyone saw this bit from Erick Erickson: It's sort of the same shit we've dealt with since Trump got the nomination: Republicans trashing him in private to reporters but singing his praises on TV. I think what makes me love this so much is how the guy evidently talks like he's on Veep or The Thick of It. It's also the first time I've heard a Republican talking impeachment, in private or in public. That gives me some hope. ETA: I'm also wondering if he's left enough detail for someone to sleuth out who he is. The write up just has that he's an R in a safe seat on the judiciary committee who goes on TV (fox, I'm sure) regularly. That's probably not enough to go on, but there may be other hints or facts I don't know.
  10. Oh definitely! I'm actually playing this game right now. Some things about the first reboot were better, but I love the environments in this one. I cringe ever time Lara has to jump in water (though I like the animation of her wringing her hair out after for some reason). I also noticed that there is a costume where she wears a henley sweater and no jacket; what kind of monster would make her wear that?! The later stages of Journey have some really effective use of snow, especially in conjunction with the multiplayer.
  11. Apparently DC United are worth $500 million. Seems ridiculous! Hopefully this new owner sacks everyone in the front office.
  12. Apparently the House might hold Rosenstein in contempt over his lack of responses to Devin Nunez's committee. If that happens, I bet it's the fig leaf Trump seizes to sack Rosenstein.
  13. So, I generally never liked open world RPGs. However, I got a massive kick out of Witcher 3, and even did a decent amount of the side content (for me anyway). Then, last year I loved Zelda BotW. That got me thinking: maybe I'm an open world RPG person now. So, I got the new version of Skyrim on Switch... and I dunno, I just think it's boring AF. Perhaps it just shows its age a bit since it's old now. It's just the one-two whammy of my lack of interest in the story and combat. It's too bad since I like the visuals and I can tell there is a ton of world building in there. Anyway... I'm mostly playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4. I'm also playing GT Riptide Renegade on Switch. Riptide was on sale recently, and by golly it's the best 5 bucks I've ever spent. It's the first time I've played a game like this since Wave Race 64.
  14. Jesus effing Christ