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  1. However, she is depicted as stubborn and determined. She has made her decision and I believe she will stick to it, even though it will feel like hell inside her. She decided Pod is a priority and she will not endanger him. If you were her, would you trust Jaime to put himself in danger to save Pod ? She is a bad liar, but her storry is inspired by the Sandor and Arya, which will help keep the lie on track. Just to be clear, I believe they will survivve, she might even help Jaime after Pod is released and safe, she might kill LSH eventually. I can also imagine a different way she might crack - if the deal is she should bring Jaime dead, she might be unable to kill him for physical reasons. She is not well and her injuries not fully healed. Jaime is fit and has had a regular training with Illyn Payne. She might be forced to tell the truth if she attempts an attack.
  2. I don't think so. Did I miss something, or are you mixing in the elements from the show ? In the book, they cut off his hand entirely without any provocation from his side. Back to my original point, I meant to say, I do not see LSH as an impulse for Jaime to be more redemptive. If he develops further into the better person, it could be in spite of LSH, not thanks to her. It does not make sense to me that Brienne would lie at first and later she says, "Sorry, I have no idea where Sansa is, I just wanted to speak with you away from your camp. I need to save the former squire of your brother Tyrion, would you go and help me ? It will be the two of us outnumbered by BWB, and their leader zombie lady Stark wants you dead".
  3. Why do some of you think, that Jaime will get even better and deepeer in the redemption after meeting LSH ? I certainly hope he will not get darker again, but, from the perspective of behaviorism,he is not rewarded but punished for all his careful delving into the honorable behaviour. Cat is not impressed that he sent Brienne to help Sansa. Brienne pushes his honorable button (help me save Sansa from the Hound) to betray him.
  4. Lol, no ! But OK, Freys were lower on the social ladder than Lannisters. If I were, e.g. Olenna Tyrell, I would dare suggest he could marry somebody from broader Tyrell family. (I would not waste Margery on him, she could do better.)
  5. Sounds correct ! Still, why do other characters never suggest he should re-marry ? For instance one from the endless supply of Frey women :-)
  6. My immmediate thought was they were poisoned. The association was the alleged poisoning of Napoleon by wallpaper in his room, which contained arsenic as an ingredient usual at the time. Than I realised tapestries are different than wallpaper. And why would they poison a public place like a throne room ? So, my immediate guess probably does not make sense, but, who knows ?
  7. Jaime would still be the older son, if he decided to get rid of KG. However, the argument about not being able to raise the young child is valid, Bolton was very irresponsible / resigned even about the survival of a new heir.
  8. In my eyes, it is a minus, not a plus. He presures Jaime and disowns him rather than break his mourning for Joanna ... If that was his motive, I mean.
  9. I wonder why Tywin never married again. He was so frustrated that Jaime is not available as the heir, he doubted whether Tyrion is his... Why not make a new heir ? And also, why did he plot absurd political matches for his kids and not for himself ? We can infer from the Shae example that he was still able to bed a woman and had desires. Bolton and Frey did not have a problem marying at tge old age, why nobody ever makes such suggestion about Tywin ?
  10. There are several indications that Cat was not into Littlefinger. For instance, she did not enjoy french kisses with him. She would marry him only if her father ordered that. Simple not standing in the way would not be enough.
  11. @Newstar, just to make it clear, I am the shipper of the two. Although motivated by their parallel versions. But you are right, the "no no no" feelings have definitely been there during the "fuck loyalties" scene. Also during the Riverrun discussion. The waving on the boat was OK. The sex might still be OK, if the authors limit their conversation to minimum, for which the chances are reasonable.
  12. I see no sexual tension on the show either. I just want them to get tohether, because it improves the chances for their book counterparts to do the same. The book Brienne is described as looking much worse than the show version, but her behaviour and the thoughts we see are much more feminine. By the way, she would never say "fuck". If I may mention uncomfirmed spoilers about season 8 ...
  13. Yeah, maybe season 1 was not her best after all. She was the youngest in season 1, but later they fixed the wirst makeup and wig sins.
  14. You know, I am a plus minus straight woman who is into older or mature looking guys, so neither of them appeals to me that much. But, objectively, probably Lancel would get higher OK cupid ratings.
  15. Sometimes I suspect, the eyebrows are the problem. If they made them similar colour as the hair for both Cersei and Daenarys, both women would look better. I am probably a minority here, who found Cersei with short hair more attractive, because it masks for this misplaced color.