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  1. Where was that part about tears ? If finding an exact quote is too much work - it might be - where do you rememember reading it approximately ?
  2. I am a Jaime / Brienne shipper, but in theory, yes, I think Jaime could be atracted to any decent woman, if he had a chance to spend quality time with her. If he likes shyness and moral principles in women, Jeyne would be a good match for him. He was impressed by her already, although he played it down, like "pretty, but not worth losing a kingdom for" or something. He has a habit of denying he is interested. Jeyne certainly was not interested, she was immersed in her mourning and for her sake I hope her next husband will not be a Lannister. But the question was not if they like each other but if they will wed and fulfill the prophecy that way. I think not, she is a small fish politically and they will have not much time together for non-political love interest to happen.
  3. My impression was, Jeyne and Edmure were escorted to two totally different locations, they only started together, but their ways parted afterwards. Edmure was sent to Casterly Rock, that part is correct. Jeyne, however was sent to live with her father, on condition she stays not married for two years. So no Jeyne at Casterly Rock. I would be very surprised at the rescue attack. I perceived Jaime's arrangement just as caution, not preparation for a real threat. But we shall see. (If we live to see the next book.)
  4. Thanks for your response ! I have no details, it was really just a brief comment somewhere and I was not able to google it again. Only my impresion was, this time the character was the main protagonist, but I could be wrong even about that. Anyway, it sounds like really hard times are awaiting poor Brienne, if GRRM does that repeatedly. If you remember which one was more Brienne-ish than the rest of them, please let me know.
  5. Hi people, I have seen a comment somewhere, that there is a work by GRRM, possibly a short story, which features a an unlucky knight. He or she tries to do the right thing all the time, but consistently fails their missions. He/she finally gets right only the last mission, but the most important one. The commenter hinted, Brienne might end that way, too. Do you have any idea which work of Martin it might be ? A meta question - should I ask in a different subforum ? Which one ? I chose this one, because I mean to use the answer to solve or come at peace with Brienne's cliffhanger in ADWD.
  6. I changed my mind of the leaks for season 8 by desinerd. I have read somewhere, that the show authors themselves have written some fake stuff. This could be it. The atmosphere of those leaks has a similar air of parody as the whole season 7, but if GoT team wrote them themselves, it explains it. So maybe we can expect a real version to be equally demented, but preserve e.g. the valonquar prophecy.
  7. Which season 8 leakes ? Those from desinerd ? They are terrible and do not agree with some things foreshadowed in the books, but they give me the same feeling of absurdity as the whole season 7 did. I actually believe in them for now :-(
  8. Season 7 finale aired yesterday and I am wondering what to expect in the books 6 and 7 regarding Jaime and Brienne relationship specifically. Why was Lady Stoneheart disposable for the show ? What happens with LSH which made Jaime and Brienne disappear for weaks ? I guess they will survive the LSH encounter, but will they get emotionally distanced from each other due to Brienne's betrayal, similarly as the show made them distant by simple separation and opposing loyalties ? Will they live long enough to fight White Walkers together ? I predict they will, because not only the show, but also my interpretation of Jaime's prophetic dream indicates that. (The dream on weirwood stump which inspired Jaime to return for Brienne to Harrenhall. They are attacked by the army of the dead, which Jaime interprets as ghosts from his past, but the description somewhat matches White Walkers.) Will Jaime and Cersei be lovers again ? I both guess and hope not, because the show consistently seems to give them more sex time that the books. In the show, they even did it in the White tower, which the book version of Jaime strictly disapproved of. If Jaime and Brienne fight WW together, will they become closer friends / lovers / married couple ? Feel free to use any material for your predictions - the show, book foreshadowings, the interviews. Even the uncomfirmed leaks for season 8, if the rules allow it (?).
  9. About GRRM defending Jaime and defenestration of Bran: Yes, that attempted murder had some clear purpose. It was wrong, but GRRM had even Ned have a minute of thought if he would do the same or not. What really shocked me was killig Ned's men to "chastice" Ned. I did not see the purpose there, and I actually hated Jaime again after rereading that part. And I say that as Jaime's fan, as you might have noticed from my other posts.
  10. Regarding Jaime not to be required to stay in the game (again not quoting the person who wrote it in this thread, but is somewhere up here). Jaime still has two children, they are his responsibility. Their position is not supper safe. Although I admit, it is not his reasoning in his POV for staying in the game. However, if I were him, I would not become some Westerosi equivalent of the monk (like Lancel), while they are alive. Although, maybe there were better ways to care for them? For instance Tywin's suggestion to leave the KG, get married and raise Tommen at Casterly Rock ? But he seems to be suddenly interested in various oaths he took during his life, even if he cheerfully ignored them before. So he is supposed to stay in KG and celibate for life. Within these constraints, he is trying to take care of Tommen, probably more than before. I am trying to say he has two good reasons not to quit the game. The kids are the good reason for me, the oaths are good reason in universe.
  11. As for Jaime and Cersei not turning out the same in spite of the same upbringing... Or Joffrey being different if not raised as a spoiled child... I tend to believe more in genes than upbringing, if it is real life. But GRRM, the God of ASOIAF universe apparently believes in nurture. Jaime was raised in part by Arthur Dayne, so had other role-models than Tywin.
  12. ...or other way of asking, if you wrote the fanfiction where Jaime redeems himself more convincingly, what would you put in there ?
  13. I am reacting to some points in this discussion, lazy copy exact quotes, sorry. Somebody claims they see no redemption in Jaime. The question is, if your "soul" were inserted into Jaime and you decide to be a good person inside his body and with his background, how would you do it ? Would you order to pull the army away from Riverrun and let Edmure have the castle ? It is theoretically possible, but after doing several crazy things like this, he would be removed from the game. A lot of people hate how stupid Eddard Stark plays out, Jaime would certainly overpass that. I admit, the secret orders to kill Edmure or Jeyne if they try to escape do not seem appealing, but on overall, he is doing quite a decent job I guess. I mean, what action should he realistically take to convince the nay sayers he is redeeming himself ?
  14. I have my doubts about the proposed scenario. 1. Why did J&B disappeared for weeks as the last book told us? They should have had a quick fight with BwB or be hanged and discovered already. The travel to brotherhood headquarters should be short, they were in the area already. Or am I wrong ? I do not want to study maps on my cellphone. 2. GRRM tends to be more cruel to his readers than opera. Plus he promissed in the interview, that the next book will be very dark, devoid of feel good stuff, because the Winter has come. Brienne saying sweet good bye while dying in Jaime's arms seems too gentle for GRRM. On the other hand, it would be supper horrible if Pod dies in spite of Brienne's intervention - BwB has no decency. Previously we have seen BwB taking ransom for Petyr Frey and killing both the hostage and Merret Frey who brought the money, so I wouldn't be surprised. Additionally, I believe Jaime survives, but he might somehow not get any info on what the hell was Brienne trying to do and why, so he leaves feeling bitter about her and it will not be resolved until the next book. Or never. Also, all that mysteriously long time Jaime and Brienne are missing could be conveniently spent at torturing Jaime by BwB, but I really hope it does not come to that, the lost hand was enough torture fir a life time. That would be too much even for GRRM, I hope. Please, tell me I am wrong with my dark scenarios !