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  1. It's pretty messed up yeah. Daenerys killed the family of the guy who saved jorah. Makes sense for why she killed them and I think jorah will probably defend her although I think he and Jon will probably feel bad for Sam too. Sam doesn't seem to have a good relationship with his family, mostly his dad, but I still think it'll effect him and his opinion of daenerys. I wouldn't blame him. Tyrion and varys are right she can't just keep killing anyone who doesn't kneel and still be known as the queen who's going to make the world a better place like others have said though I don't think Sam is one who will lose it and rebel against her and try and get revenge or something
  2. Wasn't lyanna engaged to Robert barratheon? Why is rhaegar the only jerk? They both cheated
  3. Gendry taking out those two guys with a warhammer was nuts. Just like his dadDikkon's gone :/ daenerys did exactly what Jon and tyrion told her not to do. She's exactly like Aegon the Conquerer was. Generous and kind only to people who bend the knee and harsh on anyone elseThat team heading out beyond the wall. What a team! Especially seeing tormund and the hound being together. It's so cool to see all these characters together! Hopefully nobody dies though
  4. Just saw Annabelle Creation. Could've been better but man for the most part it was pretty crazy. If you like scary movies then go see it
  5. It's at least close to being the best for me. I didn't think they could top battle of the bastards but this was crazy af In terms of battles and amazing moments I think it was the best. As an episode overall? It's up there but I'm not sure about it being the best
  6. No. I would've been so pissed if he died. He still has a big enough role in the story and it would be kinda weird for him to die now. He's got some more story left to tell in the series(I think, or at least hope, he's going to kill or go against cersei or something). And it's definitely a tale to tell. If he died it would be something stupid he did. Like Scissorhands said I kinda understand why he tried. I think this scene was a testament to how brave and badass Jaime is
  7. This could just be character development for bronn no? I don't think he necessarily cares for Jaime more than tyrion. I think it's that tyrion's more caring personality has possibly rubbed off on him
  8. I think Jon is right. He shouldn't bend the knee so easily. She keeps asking him to drop his pride but what about her pride? Her ego and her obsession about bending the knee are so ridiculous that even after Jon proved to her the white walkers are real and are coming she still will only help if he kneels. He's trying to make it clear to everyone that their mission to make her the queen isn't important at the moment and it won't matter who's on the throne if they're all dead. He'd be sending a powerful message to everyone about letting go of pride and working together but she's not getting it I think she's going a little crazy with power honestly
  9. Hey new here and far from being an expert on the series I learned a lot about Roberts rebellion recently by reading wiki and watching videos and was wondering why it feels like the series just glances over it so much when it was so huge and relatively recent. The fans end up having to piece together everything. I've never read the books and was wondering is it covered a bit more in detail in the books? I know there a lot of things in the books that aren't in the show so maybe that's one of them?