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  1. Oh, thanks for the explanation. It does a lot of sense now. I just remembered that in the last scene in the last episode from the third season, Missandei speaks 'Targaryen' to the Yunkai'i slaves just like it is pronounced by Westerosi people. Nice to hear about this change on Season 4. It show how much everything in the show is detailed. Your job is awesome btw. You rock, bro.
  2. When Daenerys speaks High Valyrian to Kraznys back on Season 3, why does the name Targaryen is spelled different? She says: "Nyke Daenerys Jelmāzmo hen Targārio Lentrot, hen Valyrio Uēpo ānogār iksan. Valyrio muño ēngos ñuhys issa." I mean, it's a proper noun and already a Valyrian name, so why is it translated?