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  1. Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon Young Griff is Blackfyre Ashara + a man here who is not Ned Stark Bloodraven is Three Eyed Crow Rhaegar being alive as someone else, he was cremated ok get over it. Brandon fathering a child, no he didn't if he had a bastard he would have one from. Barbrey Ryswell/Dustin not Ashara/Catelyn Daenerys is someone else's daughter and not Rhaella and Aerys' theories. Please now Viserys will throw baby sister to the trash if he knew Daenerys wasn't his sister, he was nine. Rhaegar wanted a Visenya doesn't make sense to me, more like he wanted a Maegor for his Aenys. His son was the perfect prince yes but born to a sickly woman who knew if baby Aegon wouldn't end up weak as well that's why he needed another son to complete his weak side in the future. (But that's me) Lyanna is Knight of the Laughing Tree, the knight was referred as male always and so there is no mystery about his gender Jojenpaste
  2. Yeah I understand you, I disagree with everything about the popular theories anyways. Let's wait until TWOW to find out more about Aegon Young Griff Targaryen who is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna ♥
  3. He legit dyed his hair blue in honor of his mother? And Jon Con is out there wearing a red wolf skin? Plus he is an imposter of Elia's baby not Rhaegar's and he won't be in the show because D&D combined him with Jon already, so it is Jon who is an Aegon imposter now. We know from D&D R+L's son is Aegon - who is YG in the books. Tony Regbo as Young Griff Since Leyla Feray iş Only twenty two - I want to suggest Azra Akın as older Ashara Dayne - Azra is thirty six years old.
  4. Well he is R+L's Aegon not R+E's so it makes sense he is younger - and imo casting him younger will allude to fact there is something fishy about his story to search for.
  5. Young Griff is same age as Jon in the books - actually a few months younger, but the actor is what in his late twenties, early thirties? I used to prefer age appropriate casts but I plan to make an exception for Young Griff. My new Allyria would be Aleksandra Bortich from Viking.
  6. I like to imagine Leyla Feray (Ayşe Haseki Sultan from Magnificent Century Kösem) as Ashara Dayne because she is just so gentle and beautiful like how I imagine Ashara to be and her character commited suicide in the show so tragic back story connection ✓ she was also pregnant at some point ✓ Anastasia Tsilimpiou as Allyria would be so cute really. Maybe Veronika Bonell to be more age accurate. Alexander Dreymon as Brandon Stark? Deepika Padukone is the Elia Martell we deserve. Arianne Martell is hard, for me, but Kristi Sanon? Aditi Rao Hydari? Jon Connington : Kevin McKidd Jamie Campbell Bower as Young Griff? Too old?
  7. Durran > Duran in Turkish means standing, from durmak, to stay or to stop. There is also the name Turan, land of the Tur in Persian and refers to Central Asia - I think there is a connection to Turkic peoples that live there. Don > don has several different meanings in Turkish, don means underwear, donanmak means dress up or be equipped. Don also means hail, as in precipitation type, and donanma means fleet. So Durrandon could mean standing hail and refer to the long night and the hearsh winter? Artur is a Turkish male name and means attractive - not used by Turkish people though. Dayne > Dane aka Great Dane - I am talking about the dog. Sirius is known as the dog star, the brightest star and related to Ancient Egyptian history and mythology. House Dayne seem to be inspired by Ancient Egypt?
  8. It seems like we believe in different parentage theories for Jon, that's okay. I do not think any character strictly symbolizes Ice and Fire, it is deeper than that in my eyes. For Azor Ahai, Brandon is the most suitable as the original one but we will see if Jon is really Azor Ahai come again.
  9. Tbh I kinda like the idea of Aegon being Lyanna's, no hate towards Elia because I love her character more than Lyanna lol, because that would create an Age of Bastards. Aegon - a royal bastard on iron throne. Jon - a highborn bastard as Lord of Winterfell. Edric Storm - another highborn bastard as Lord of Storm's end after the deaths of Stannis and Shireen? I do not know what is the likeliness of it but I really like the idea. What would you guys think about Jon being named Brandon? I mean he is Azor Ahai, who is Brandon of the Bloody Blade and there was also Brandon Snow who thought they should fought against Aegon and his dragons and had weirwood arrows. Do we know book Jon would magically bond with Dragons and gave North to Targaryens on golden plate when his own brother died for it's independence? Although Jon being named after Jon Stark, the King who built Wolf's Den is a pleasing idea.
  10. @LynnS I do not think I am able to spoil anything since I do not see anything but hate towards Aegon Young Griff after he was introduced in ADWD... The only possiblity of him being a Blackfyre for majority of the fandom - I don't remember being him appreciated and it is surprising? Him being mummer's dragon because he acts like being Elia's son when he is Lyanna's son will be shocking revelation...
  11. But there is already an Aegon in the story who is also same age as Jon and dies his hair blue to honor his dead mother? He also happens to look like Rhaegar just like Jon looking like his father, Ned. And becomes a decisive leader and a perfect prince from a sheltered boy with a dotting father figure? He kills the boy and let the man be born just like Aemon said to his brother Aegon. He also wears a straw hat like him? Has a Hegde knight called Duck, while Egg had Dunk. Egg's mother was a Dayne and there is a possiblity of Lemore being Ashara. Why would Jon had to be Aegon when Aegon himself fits to be Rhaegar and Lyanna's son? When GRRM draws parallels between Egg and Aegon this much? And the show itself combined the two characters at the last season. We could start exploring other possibilities for R+L instead of believing R+L=J like it is the ultimate truth.
  12. It is not cannon, it might be possible but just because that's the most popular theory doesn't mean it is true. I do not believe in R+L=J and do not want it to be cannon, especially if Jon is going to be renamed Aegon. The show combined Young Griff with Jon and said R+L= Aegon. Since we know show Jon was previously combined by Stannis and Mance too we can say this is D&D's way to not to spoil the books. R+L is Aegon as in Young Griff not because Jon has another name and identity of Jon's mother is still a mystery for George to reveal.
  13. What if Ned made Lyanna's son with his own? Because Jon did the very same with Gilly and Dalla's son. Rhaegar and Lyanna having a very Targaryen looking son, "Aegon" is hard to protect and hide but he could make Ashara take Rhaegar's son and leave Jon with him. We know Jon is the son that resembles Ned the most, physically and mentally and having a parallel like that will make sense. It would also explain why Ned never talks about Ashara or tells Jon about his mother, because Ashara is supposed to be dead that's the rumor, but she is living in exile trying to protect PTWP and he can't put his nephew's life in danger.
  14. I might love you for this thread :'( I am a supporter of R+L = A or Young Griff and N+A = J Ashara being Jon's mother would explain why Ned never told Jon about his mother. You know Ned could say "Jon, your mother died in childbirth." And no one would suspect of Lyanna being Jon's mother because shit load of women seem to die of childbirth in ASOIAF and no one knew Lyanna had a baby. So Catelyn stops asking about Jon's mother, Jon stop asking about his mother, everything is nice. But if the mother is Ashara, Ned can't say she died because we know GRRM said Ashara's body wasn't found and she didn't actually commited suicide as fans seem to believe, she said there are horses and boats in Dorne too, so Ashara taking Lyanna's very Targaryen child to Essos, with ex Winterfell Measter Wallace Flowers to Jon Connington would explain the mystery of her death, and why Rhaegar's second son is also named Aegon and not another name. Since we know they passed Young Griff as Elia's to Jon Connington - that was the only was he would help them. If anyone has suspicions of this theories Order of The Greenhand has eleven videos that explain these theories.
  15. Since I consider North independent I would bow down to Bran Stark of Winterfell if I live in North, or any Stark sibling. When it comes to South, it is Stannis Baratheon for now, I am curious about his fate and if he will focus on invading Targaryens like Young Griff/Daenerys or the war against Children in the future books.