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  1. So I guess today's episode has answered a lot of these questions. I do like the theory about him being too neurotic to talk. I'm now a firm believer that he has a ridiculous voice.
  2. Like I said it's probably denial and bargaining in grief I wondered if it would make a difference to the NK's ability to control him if he can't speak. Of course he might be able to speak and now I'm imagining he has a really girly voice.
  3. Thanks, I hadn't even considered the TER but I am now thinking this over too. I was also expecting to see Hodor in the army but I wonder if they're saving it for another time.
  4. Do you think there is any possibility that the GC has taken a new member on in the form of Daario Naharis, as he did not seem happy to be left behind in Meereen and DT was warned she would be betrayed three times. three fires must you light, one for life and one for death and one to love, three mounts must you ride, one to bed and one to dread and one to love, three treasons will you know once for blood and once for gold and once for love. I know before she left she did say to Tyrion that she wasn't sad about leaving him just impatient to get on with it. But he could betray her because he loved her without her loving him? Would love to hear thoughts.
  5. I remain slightly unconvinced that Viserion has been fully converted by the NK. I am willing to accept that maybe I am still in the bargaining stage of grief after such a sad death. There have been lots of people throughout the series that have tried to take the dragons for themselves and failed. It leads me to wonder if the NK would meet the same fate. Their connection to DT is always billed as special. When she was returned to them in the house of the undying they burned the warlock and when the slaver tried to buy them, they burned him too. I get that being dead may change this but I question why it was included if there is no relevance. If a dragon is not a slave does that also mean it isn't a WW. I have also been questioning why DT chose to give her dragons commands in Valaryian. Just doesn't entirely make sense when it was not her native tongue, even if the Targs and dragons originally came from there it doesn't mean that they would only understand the Valaryian language so again is there more to it than that? The main thing that is confusing me is that Dragons are considered magical as are children of the forest. At the TER cave we saw COF being attacked by the undead and yet in the beyond the wall episode there were no undead COF chasing the living. Why is that? Is it just an oversight or can they not be turned? If that is the case is it their magic that gives them immunity and if so would that give dragons immunity as well? I feel that they must have some immunity to be able to save Benjen / Coldhands without being turned. Anyone have any thoughts?