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  1. The other day, I read “stock market” as “Stark market”. Recently, I had to write an essay about a topic that included a man and his wife. We were required to include some kind of allusion to a contemporary work, so I wrote “moon of his life” and “sun and stars” whenever possible. I’ve been obsessed with ASOIAF since I was 12. When we had to do a poetry analysis, I picked Rains of Castamere and The Dornishman’s Wife as poems to present to the class. I also began telling everyone “winter is coming”. When asked why I keep saying that, I showed my friend ACOK. My friend opened it up to a random page and read something like, “A naked man fell from the sky”. For a while, people in my year knew me as the one who read “that inappropriate book”. Recently, some of those same people came up to me and said stuff like, “I have to tell you this: I began reading AGOT, and now I understand why you were obsessed with it back then. I’ve become obsessed too.”
  2. I think it’s quite possible that Tyrion’s differently coloured eyes & hair is because he started out with a fraternal twin. Then, Tyrion and his twin’s cells mixed into one clump. As a result, one eye, along with various hair-producing regions, is made up entirely of his twin’s DNA. In short, he’s a chimera.
  3. While incestuous marriage is a Valyrian tradition, likely it’s more influenced by surroundings, rather than a genetic trait. There’s House Velaryon, which is also from Valyrian birth, and there’s not anything to suggest that the Velaryons are incestuous.
  4. I thought our little revolution overthrew the empire?
  5. Septimus Heap, espcially now that all 7 books have come out. Warner Bros have bought the rights some years ago, but they halted all development until Harry Potter had been completed.
  6. Yes, this should make sense later on.
  7. Something like this? Bran tells people Jaime’s father is Aerys. Ok, Bran knows everything, so that must be true. Guess Jaime can’t be heir to Casterly Rock now, so it has to go to Tyrion. Oh wait, Tyrion is also Aery’s? Let’s give it to Cersei! Cersei find enemies in Casterly Rock, so she blows it up with Wildfyre. White Walkers see the frightful Wildfyre, and they’re like, “Seven hells, let’s go back home beyond the Wall!” And so begins their long march, during which Jonerys kill off a lot of them. And they never have to worry about the White Walkers again ... for a while. Eventually, the Wildfyre becomes a mere legend told to put the White Walker children to bed. So generations later, WW try to invade Westeros once more ... and the whole cycle starts again ...
  8. What are some questions you can think of that have yet to be answered in season 8? They don’t have to be serious questions, and of course, not all questions will answered. Who survived the fall of the Wall? Who died? Tyrion’s honeycomb and brothel story/joke What did Podrick do to those girls? Why are the seasons so unpredictable? Why is Jon’s name Aegon?
  9. I’ve always suspected that the names Joffrey and Sansa were inspired by Jofré Borgia and Sancia of Aragon, who married each other at a young age for political reasons. I think I read somewhere that GRRM’s original plan was to have Sansa marry Joffrey instead of merely be betrothed to him Joffrey and Jofré are variants of Geoffrey, which means God’s peace. Well, Joffrey definitely wasn’t peaceful, so maybe this is GRRM making a joke. And some think Jofré Borgia killed one of his brothers for having an affair with Sancia. Jofré (also spelled Joffre, Gioffre, Goffredo) had an older sister (Lucrezia) and another brother (Cesare) who were rumoured to be incestuous, and were possibly the parents of a Borgia child whose parentage was disputed. I think they somewhat inspired Cersei and Jaime’s relationship. Furthermore, their father was the notorious Pope Alexander VI, who could be the inspiration for Tywin. Alexander VI’s body rotted very badly in a chapel or something upon dying. AFFC makes it very clear that Tywin’s corpse is turning very putrid in the sept.
  10. Only once. If you zoned out, you would have missed it. S3E4 "House Clegane was built upon dead children. I saw them lay Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaenys before the Iron Throne." — Thoros of Myr I forgot (and likely zoned out as well) and had to look it up. Maybe the writers also forgot they mentioned the name in the show.
  11. Perhaps it was a mistake? Or maybe they wanted to use a name that would be somewhat familiar, but none of the main characters have had on the show? They probably figured that show watchers wouldn’t know rhaegar’s other son’s name, if it was mentioned at all in the show. If it was, they probably figured that people have forgotten already.
  12. 7/10 for episode 707. Season 7 as a whole definitely wasn't the best. The dialogue was weaker, and there were more cringe worthy moments than ever. Many things made less sense the more you thought about it. Despite all of that, I still looked forward to the new episode every week when it was still coming out. I repeatedly went onto YouTube to revisit parts that made me laugh. I found myself watching the behind the scenes featurettes to see how they put together my favourite scenes. I think it's a huge relief that season 8 will be the last, but overall, I’d say I enjoyed season 7.
  13. After I finished reading AGoT, I wrote a short story in which I killed off all 7 of the characters I introduced.
  14. I read somewhere that the reason why it will take so long to make 6 episodes is that characters have come together now. Before when characters were still seperate, they would have multiple departments filming at once to save time. But now they can’t really do that anymore since more characters will share the same scenes and locations. Plus, each of the episodes will be longer in season 8.
  15. Ned’s flashbacks of ToJ and going mad while in prison Tyrion wakes up after Blackwater to find out ¾ of his nose is gone, and thinks of Tysha. ‘I wonder how she’d like my face now.’ Arya training to be No One in Braavos