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  1. Commander of the city guard: Aerys II Targaryen Carer of kittens: Joffrey Master-at-arms: Sansa Wedding Planner: Walder Frey
  2. One of Varys’s little birds (though they belong to Qyburn now)
  3. Reading, drawing, and writing. Mad science experiments.
  4. Young character with forced romance When a character is young, you can expect a first-love story. Sometimes this works well, but other times, it feels forced and distracts from the main plot, as if the author only decided to add it late in the writing process.
  5. Shitmouth
  6. Because Tywin is not a Targaryen. Cousin incest is okay in Westeros. Sibling incest is not, unless you were the Targaryens because Targaryens are the exception. As in she would have had to marry Joffrey? Well, at that point, Joffrey was already betrothed to Margaery, so even if Cersei married Tyrion, Sansa would not have had to marry Joffrey.
  7. Viserion looks very similar to Vissarion, the Russified version of Bessarion (possibly meaning wooded valley in ancient Greek). Joseph Stalin’s father was Vissarion, and also a violent, drunk cobbler. I doubt that Viserion was inspired by him. ‘Wooded valley’ would be ironic, considering that dragons breathe fire and wood is highly flammable.
  8. Well, I didn’t remember. You didn’t remember. Judging by the internet, most of the audience don’t remember if the show mentioned it. (But I’ve rarely met GOT fans in real life, so I don’t have a live sample size.) I think the most likely explanation is because the writers forgot.
  9. When I took notes on Dysentery, I wrote down ‘bloody flux’ or ‘pale mare’.
  10. Ok, I see what you mean.
  11. I know some people watch the show, and when they try to read the books, they get confused. It was kind of the opposite for me. I read the books first, and there were many times when I thought that if I hadn’t, I would be SO confused. So for me, reading the books definitely helped me enjoy the show more easily.
  12. I think it was.
  13. -delete
  14. What would Westeros be like if it were modelled on WW2 Soviet Union as opposed to Renaissance Italy?
  15. Overall, Bran. Dunno why. Maybe because he was the first proper chapter? That seems like a very shallow reason. Perhaps it’s the magical element after all.