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  1. Yes, it's inconsistent with the time period. And yet she did not drink wine when Tyrion offered her some. Regardless of what her intention was, it seemed like the scene was trying to communicate that Cersei not drinking is in some way related to a pregnancy.
  2. Jon Snow: When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything, and there are no more answers. Only better and better lies, and lies won't help us in this fight. These words make Jon sound like he BSed it on the spot.
  3. The only book that did it for me was My Sister's Keeper.
  4. Master of Weather: any member of house Stark They will far too often predict winter is coming
  5. 7x03 and 7x04
  6. Well, one does get curious as to why the wine was in her office if she's not drinking due to pregnancy. It could be Jaime's or Qyburn's, but neither seem like they normally drink. Maybe she's seeing someone. Or maybe she expected Tyrion to come (due to little birds or just being steps ahead) and knew how much he likes wine. But I know it is unlikely for the wine to be poisoned, so it's probably just S7 writing. Still would be cool, though.
  7. Ned Stark: king's headsman Every time, he would argue, "The man who passes the sentance must swing the sword."
  8. How Oberyn told Tyrion the story of when they first met. The "I will be your champion" version is much more powerful than "You've grown more amusing since last we met."
  9. If Tyrion dies in S8, they'll probably have a red priest(ess) revive him. In the unlikely event that he's poisoned, they'll find a cure for him.
  10. Not expecting this to happen, but I think it will be pretty cool if this is the twist: Turns out, Cersei put in a slow-acting poison in the wine Tyrion drank during their meeting in 7x07. The cryptic look on Tyrion's face was because he was starting to feel the effects of the poison and wanted to tell Dany, but was caught off guard by boatsex. However, we won't be able to tell that he's been poisoned until 8x01. Then a few or all of season 8 episodes will follow Tyrion's deterioration.
  11. Regardless of who the father is, I don't believe Tyrion's dwarfism has anything to do with incest-related deformities. I believe that it was just a random mutation. [skip to for short version] Detailed version: Incest-related deformities are the result of recessive familial traits popping up. Some types of dwarfism is dominant, and others are recessive. The most common type of dwarfism is achondroplasia, which is dominant. I believe it's highly likely that's the type GRRM had in mind when he created Tyrion. It accounts for 70-80% of dwarfism, so chances are high to begin with that's what Tyrion has. Furthermore, here are some descriptions of Tyrion's appearance: Wiki of Ice and Fire AGOT ASOS ADWD Symptoms of achondroplasia: a short stature that’s significantly below average for age and sex short arms and legs, especially the upper arms and thighs, in comparison to body height short fingers in which the ring and middle fingers may also point away from each other a disproportionately large head compared to the body an abnormally large, prominent forehead an underdeveloped area of the face between the forehead and upper jaw (squashed-in face) Overall, I think Tyrion would fit the description of achondroplasia pretty well. Since achondroplasia is dominant, that would mean it is either the result of random mutation (as the majority of cases are), or inherited from a parent who has it him/herself. Even when a parent has achondroplasia, they won't neccessarily have a dwarf child, since they will only have 50% chance of passing on the gene. Neither Aerys, Tywin, nor Joanna is a dwarf. It likely is the result of random mutation, and not incest-related even if Aerys was the father. Short version: Incest-related deformities are recessive. Chances are high that Tyrion has a dominant type of dwarfism, which is the result of random mutation (as the majority of cases are) or inherited from a dwarf parent. Since Tywin, Aerys, and Joanna were all not dwarfs, it is random mutation. Plus, J+T were more closely related than A+J. Then again, maybe Planetos genetics are different.
  12. I pointed that out before too, but it's much more fun just to ignore that.
  13. So Varys is incontinent. Makes me wonder about the Unsullied too.
  14. This is my (slightly embarrassing) confession: During my first read-through of ASOIAF, there were some major details I didn't pay attention to or read wrong, and I didn't realise my mistake until later. All during the AGOT, I somehow didn't realise Dany was on another continent. I kept on searching for the Dothraki Sea on the Westeros maps and wondered why I couldn't find it. Until I read a wiki page about Tyrion, I thought he had black hair instead of silver blonde. Afterward, I understood why people were making Tyrion Targaryen theories. When Tyrion visited the Wall, Aemon calls him a giant. I didn't get the memo that Aemon was blind, but I remembered reading about Tyrion being a dwarf. I decided that Tyrion was actually a big man, and all that stuff about being a dwarf was either symbolism or my brain making things up. I realised my mistake I think during the next Tyrion chapter, and things made a lot more sense. All during AGOT and part of ACOK, I thought Theon was a 60 year old man instead of a youth of 19/20. I thought "ward" meant "servant". When Theon reunites with Asha, this happens I thought that meant Asha was pregnant with a child for real, and the man who threw her the axe was the husband. I was still waiting for her to give birth in ADWD before I realised she didn't literally mean she was wed and with child in ACOK.
  15. People look at my face and think ... 'How cute!' What they don't know is that I'm an assassin who can take this face off at any moment.