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  1. "Anne McCants, citing Friel, Ian. The Good Ship. John Hopkins University Press, Maryland: 1995. VM17.F75, wrote: A ship in 1378 built for the crown had cost 142 pounds and was done in 40 days. The time it took to make different ships changed very strongly by size. A 120 oar ship was made in 45 weeks, and a 26 oar ship was made in five. Some of this time may have gone into felling and transport of timber." "If ancient sources can be believed, the Romans were able to build galleys, start to finish, in ~30 days. However, they had very skilled engineers that could direct legions of soldiers to gather and transport supplies and complete the construction. It is surmised that middles ages ship wrights could build a small cog in as little as 20 days. Larger ships could be complete in 40 to 60 days. The number of workers will impact the length of time required to build the ship." If certain work can be done by 1 person is span of 30 days, then that same amount of work can be done by 3 people in span of 10 days, and if on this project willl be working 1 million people, then they will finish it in less than 3 seconds. Euron had 15,000-1,500,000 people, and he needed to build 1,000 ships. So each ship was made by 15-1,500 people. How much time it will take 15 people to build one medieval ship? Probably up to 3-6 month. Thought 1,500 people can build it in one hour or even less, just put it together like Lego toy. It all depends on number of people. And Euron had more than enough people to complete this task in short time frame.
  2. Her father was King's Hand for over 30 years, he was the one who really ruled in 7K, because Aerys was getting sicker and sicker with each passing year. Then Cersei was King's wife for 15-17 years. Then she was Regend of her son King Joffrey. Lannister family ruled in Westeros for nearly 50 years, that's NOT since like yesterday. Direct route thru Westeros from Wendwater river is more plausible than teleportation. And if he used this route, then even if he departed one week later than Unsullied, he could've arrived to Casterly Rock two days before them. If 8,000 years prior beginning of events in ASOIAF people of Westeros were able to build The Wall 300 miles long, 700 feet high, and wide enough for a dozen mounted knights to ride abreast, then it's possible that Euron dug a naval channel 200 miles long, 100 feet wide, and 50 feet deep, from Wendwater to Blue Byrn. He also build two water dams to keep this channel empty, to prevent anyone else from using it. And he build outposts with gurds that will kill people wandering too far into Kingswood. He was absent for 3 years, enough time for his people to dug a channel. And as long as this channel is kept in secret from other Westerosi, it could be used as a huge tactical advantage for Euron. Euron wasn't shown in Casterly Rock, so maybe he wasn't even there. Maybe his ship was, or maybe it was other flagship similar to Silence. By land in her carriage, as usual? When she was at Dragonstone, Randyll Tarly at the same day was at KL. He was planning to depart to Horn Hill next day. He rode on horseback, she sailed from Dragonstone to mainland, and then rode in her carriage. Thus he arrived home sooner that she is, because she also spent some time on getting to land, also carriage is slower than horserider. So he had at least 2-3 days to prepare his troops, before her return to Highgarden. There's no honeyplotting at all. And nearly everything that D&D showed on screen was plausible (aside from supernatural elements like Dragons, direwolfes, and wights). This part about 1,000 ships build in six month IS plausible. Euron had enough time, enough people, and enough resources needed to build his fleet. I gave you definite numbers from historical sources (aside from Bible). There was a fleet over 1,000 ships big in 480 BC, in real world. This Liberty ship (134.57 × 17.3 × 8.5 m) is similar in size to Noah's Ark (137 × 22.9 × 13.7 m). It took 42 days to build ship like this. In 1943 when those ships were build by Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyard, there were employed 46,700 people. Euron's ships are 4 times smaller, so it will take 10.5 days to build one, based on size. But this is also a ship of WWII, so it's much more complex than Euron's wooden ships. Also he had much more than 46,700 people working on his fleet. So one ship per 7 days build for Euron's fleet is reasonable time frame. If 46,700 people can build Liberty ship in 42 days, then Euron's 1,5 millions people can build 1,000 wooden ships in 180 days. Cape of Eagles has big forest 500 miles long and 130 miles wide, that's 41,600,000 acres. The average density of trees in a forest is 53 trees per acre. Then in that forest there are 2,204,800,000 trees. In 18th century about 2000 trees were needed to build one warship. Thus to build their 1,000 ships they will need only 2 millions out of those 2 billions trees in Cape of Eagles. It's located 290 nautical miles from Harlaw Iron Island. It will take only 2 days to sail there (with speed 5 knots). They made their new shipyrd there, and began making ships one week after Euron's coronation. So trees they had enough. What else?
  3. Read about ravens in ASOIAF wikia, part "About", second and third paragraph: Also this threat is informative: Especially useful is post 8 by Ferocious Veldt Roarer. Ravens can't just bring messages wherever, each raven can fly only towards specified destination. There are rare ravens that can fly towards two or even three castles, but usually to send raven to certain castle, you need to have raven from that castle. Also ravens are taken care of by maesters. Dragonstone has no maester, and thus they have no ravens. Probably Olenna and Sands brought with them several ravens to be able to communicate with Dany after their departure, and provide her with means of communication with other castles. But I doubt that they have many ravens at Dragonstone. I assume that they usually send messenger to White Harbour, and there use their ravens to deliver messages. Also I think that only big houses like in King's Landing, Citadel and Castle Black have enough ravens to cover all 7K. Ravens are not a commodity. S7E1: "MAN #3: My wife's just had our first baby. ARYA: Boy or girl? MAN #3: Oh, who knows? You think soldiers get ravens with news from home?" I assume that after Stannis sent all of his ravens all over Seven Kingdoms declaring himself new King, those that were not in agreement with him, has broken necks of his ravens. You know what they also haven't shown to us? - How Night's King was gathering his army, especially giants. But people don't complain about this. Even though great black assembly wasn't shown or even hinted to viewers beforehand, it can't be crossed out as impossible. It was a surprise. It was intended to be one. And D&D succeeded in this. Though not all viewers appreciated it. Some people just don't like surprises We don't know for sure whether Euron himself was at Casterly Rock, thus that ship may not be Silence. Maybe his people left at Iron Islands have build another flagship similar to Silence, to lead Western Coast Iron Fleet, while Euron's flagship Silence is leading Eastern Coast Iron Fleet. Or Euron can teleport According to GOT wikia in books "For as yet unclear reasons, Euron is also capturing priests from all of the world's religions and holding them prisoner aboard the Silence, torturing them. From a preview chapter from the sixth novel, Euron apparently attempts to use them all as human sacrifices in a mass ritual which will usher him as a dark messiah of sorts for whatever dark powers he may or may not be in league with." Or maybe Euron is the greatest captain on the 14 seas. Maybe he has reasons to make this claim, maybe he is the best. Maybe he's the only person that wondered how far into the East coast river Wendwater goes, and when he sailed there, he discovered that over time that passed since old maps were made, river Wendwater has connected to river Blue Byrn, and this connection is safely hiden by Kingswood. Thus Euron can sail thru Westeros (from Blackwater Bay thru river Wendwater, Blue Byrn, and Mander to The Sunset Sea) instead of sailing around it. The way thru is 1,300 nautical miles shorter that the way around. With speed of 5 knots he can save up to 9 days.
  4. He's not dead. He was still moving/breathing after his fight with Theon. He's just unconsciousness. Maybe has a concussion, several broken teeth, black eye and broken nose, but otherwise he wasn't seriously injured, at least not to extent that it may be a threat to his life. But I also thought that he may be the Snitch. It will be played out as a great dramatic reveal, when Theon will arrive to save Yara, he will be captured by Euron's people, and among them will be the same guy that Theon has beat previously. And he will mock Theon for his stupidity, and pay him back for his beating. What further evidence do you need? - Each time when Yara's fleet was involved, Dany's plan failed. Thus the traitor is in Yara's fleet.
  5. He lost his network, but he isn't even aware of it. Once he was bragging to Tyrion, in S6E3: "Men can be fickle but birds I always trust." At that point of time, his birds were already Cersei's birds. He's a fool. His "birds" are just kids. The way he bought them with candies and kindness, the same was successfully done by Quiburn. Furthermore he turned out to be even better master than Varys ever was. He ordered the Mountain to kill those who abused those kids, and he also provided them with medical treatment.
  6. Their Big Plan was discussed in E2. If it were successful, then by the end of it Dany was supposed to be crowned in KL. Script: " OLEANNA: Then how do you mean to take the Iron Throne? By asking nicely? DAENERYS: We will lay siege to the capital surrounding the city on all sides. Cersei will have the Iron Throne but no food for her army or the people. TYRION: But we won't use Dothraki and Unsullied. TYRION begins walking around the carved table of Westeros. TYRION: Cersei will try to rally the lords of Westeros by appealing to their loyalty, their love for their country. If we besiege the city with foreigners, we prove her point. Our army should be Westerosi. ELLIA: And I suppose we're providing the Westerosi? TYRION: You are. TYRION reaches down and picks up a figurine that resembles a Kraken in a longship. TYRION: Lady Greyjoy will escort you home to Sunspear and her Iron Fleet will ferry the Dornish army back up to King's Landing. TYRION walks to the south of the map and picks up a figurine that resembles a sun. He takes both figurines and places them at King's Landing. TYRION: The Dornish will lay siege to the capital alongside the Tyrell army. Two great kingdoms united against Cersei. OLENNA: So, your master plan is to use our armies? Forgive me for asking, but why did you bother to bring your own? TYRION reaches down and picks up the figurine resembling an Unsullied helmet. He begins walking back around the map of Westeros. TYRION: The unsullied will have another objective. For decades House Lannister has been the true power in Westeros. And the seat of that power is Casterly Rock. Grey Worm and the Unsullied will sail for the Rock and take it." They planned to siege KL for as long as it will take KL's people from within city walls to rebel against Cersei, open city gates and give the crown to Dany. But after Cersei robbed entire Reach, she has enough food to last for years, and Dany's people lost their means of transportation and their supplyers. They themself have no food now. So siege is pointless and impossible. Unfortunately Dany didn't had Plan B, and later she was distracted by Jon's arrival, and his northern problems.
  7. And my money is on a Snitch amongst Yara's men. He was always there. Furthermore he was loyal to Yara, to certain extent. Until better option appeared. Before Euron's return ironborn didn't have any real choise, they could follow Old Pa Greyjoy, or female Grayjoy Yara, or castrated Greyjoy Theon. So they followed Yara. But when Euron returned, one quickthinker amongst Yara's people decided to use this opportunity as a way up in ranks. When he saw that Yara and Theon are escaping during Euron's coronation, he followed after them, or rather went WITH them. And after that he contacted Euron, and since then he was reporting to him about all events and plans in Yara's camp. Those ironborn that were left on Dragonstone weren't missing Yara, furthermore they didn't cared about her promise to Daenerys not to assault coastal people. So they aren't a trustworthy people. Also Snitch wasn't amongst those people that sailed to Casterly Rock, or to Dorne, thus the Snitch is currently on the same boat with Theon that sails FOR YARA!!!
  8. 6 months is roughly 180 days, or 25 weeks. To build 1,000 ships in that time span they had to finish 40 ships each week. Iron Islands have 15,000 fighters, and total population is 1,5 millions. Other sources say that Iron Islands population may be 100,000-700,000 people. Let's take midle number - 350,000. Out of those people at least 100,000 worked at creating new Iron Fleet. 50,000 were preparing wood, making spare parts and nails, ropes and weaving sails. And other 50,000 were building ships. 50,000 people have built 1,000 ships in 25 weeks. Which means that in 25 weeks each group of 50 people needed to build only ONE SHIP. 180 days to build one ship made by 50 shipbuilders + another 50 people of various assistants and suppliers. Each crew of 100 people in span of 180 days have build their own ship. Thus out of 350,000 of Iron Island population every 3rd participated in creation of Iron Fleet, and every 7th was a shipbuilder. Or let's take even smaller numbers, for example those 15,000 fighters from first Iron Fleet prior Euron's return. Out of them every third worked as shipbuilder, so in this case we have 5,000 people that have to build 1,000 ships in 25 weeks. Let's take same number - 50 shipbuilders + another 50 people of various assistants and suppliers to build one ship. Thus they have 50 separate crews - 5,000 : (50+50). Each crew will have to build 1,000 ships : 50 crews = 20 ships in span of 180 days. 9 days to build one ship made by 100 people. In 9 days 50 crews of 100 people will build 50 ships. And in 180 days they can build their quota of 1,000 ships. Have you ever watched show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? They build new house from scratch in span of 7 days. And a house has a much more complex structure than a ship. Plumbing, connection to sewerage, connection to gas pipelines, electrical wiring, phone line, Internet and other cables, central heating system, air conditioning network, air vents, electrical outlets, light fixtures, sinks, toilets, showers, baths, garage, kitchen, various bedrooms each with individual design that will suit certain family member, different wallpapers or paint for each room, tiles, wooden floors, decorative molding for ceiling, windows with blinds or curtains, furniture and other elements of interior design. Also they work with different materials like glass, concrete, wood, plywood, plastic, ceramic, and veriety of complex synthetic and chemical substances that need special treatment. While ships are made with only four natural and simple materials - wood, iron nails, ropes, and sails. According to Bible the Ark was build by crew of 4 people (Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth) in span of 120 years, mentioned in Genesis 6:3. It's dimentions were 450 × 75 × 45 ft or 137 × 22.9 × 13.7 m, which is bigger than basic ship of Iron Fleet. It's stated in page of Iron Fleet that their ships are smaller than the war dromonds of mainland, and according to Wikipedia dromons 'The overall length of these ships was probably about 32 meters'. So they are 4 times smaller than Ark. Thus it will take only one person to build Iron Fleet's basic ship in span of 120 years, or 43,800 days. But 350,000 of ironborn can build nearly 8 ships per day, or 1,438 ships in span of 180 days. According to some sources there are 1,5 million of ironborn, so they can build 6,164 ships in span of six months. Persian Fleet in 480 BC numbered 1207 ships. So 1,000 ships in Euron's Iron Fleet build in span of six months or even faster, is totally realistic and reasonable number and time frame. Ships use 'roads' in seas. They don't just randomly sail wherever. Also Yara's fleet sailed from Dragonstone to Dorne, they didn't waivered into the middle of Narrow Sea, they were sailing close to eastern coast of Westeros. Euron knew their destination, so he used the same sea road as them. Though he went there before them and left small boats to patrol the road, and they informed him when Yara's fleet was approaching. He himself wasn't there. He sent there part of his fleet. Also NOT from those ships that he took to King's Landing. He sent a raven to Iron Islands, and they sent ships to Casterly Rock from Iron Islands. They hid close to shore behind sea cliffs, and after they saw that Unsullied left their ships and went on shore, they sailed towards those ships and burned them. He isn't loyal, he just pretends that he supports her, to make her relax in his presence, to stop seeing him as a possible threat. And then he will backstab her. Of course he will do that only after Cersei will grant him some official position in 7K's government. Why not? They need him, so until he will become unneeded to them they can't punish him, or get rid of him. And he will off them before he will become useless to them.
  9. Or maybe Euron has a spy amongst Yara's people. The most obvious option is often the right answer. 1. His spy informed him where are they intending to go, even before departure of Sands and Yara from Dragonstone. Thus, immidiately after receiving news about their whereabouts, and where and when are they going to sail, he went to that place and intercepted them. He didn't teleported there, he went there ahead of them, and set a trap on their way. 2. He has split his fleet and part of it sent to Casterly Rock. Also beforehand. Dany, Tyrion, Yara, Sands and Olenna discussed their plans in E2, then this plans were reported to Euron. So he sent part of his fleet to deal with Unsullied, and knowing where Yara and Theon will be, he chose to go after them and personally intercept Sands on their way to Dorne. Because he also planned to bring Sand Mom as a present to Cersei. 3. Euron burned Dany's fleet, so Unsullied were unable to go back the way they came. So instead they had to go on foot, and march thru entire Reach. And there's no food left, because Lannisters and Tarly's took everything with them. Thus after Dany cleared exit for them, and transported food and other supplies to them by land, they were able to march towards King's Landing.
  10. 1 Who and 2 when seized septa Unella?
  11. There is a reason. Cersei is their Queen. So any communication with Daenerys is a treason. By sending any envoys to Dany they are acknowledging her as a Queen. So they can't do this, unless they are ready to rebell against Cersei.
  12. Seems that you don't understand logistics and inner works of making a tv-show. So D&D should relocate hundreds of filming crew people, and tons of equipment, to Seville in Spain, and cast new actors, just to film several minutes of what is happening in Dorne after Sands' death, only because otherwise viewers won't understand what is happening, because everything should be shown on screen, and everything should be explained? Further events happening in Dorne are absolutely irrelevant to what is happening in S7. So there's no point in wasting limited screen time and money, on filming what is not necessary. This throwaway line of yours will cost hundreds of thousands $, unless those few scenes will be filmed on D&D's cell phone, where several local random Spaniards will pose as Dornishmen. How about that? During Second Persian invasion, Battle of Salamis, that happened in 480 BC, the Persian fleet numbered 1,207 triremes - the standard oared warship of the time. But even though Greeks had less than 400 ships, while their enemies had over 1,000, Greeks still won. Events described in ASOIAF are happening in Medieval times. So if in real world ancient fleet created nearly 2,500 years ago numbered more than 1,000 ships, then it is possible that Euron and his people build 1,000 ships for their Medieval Iron fleet. Number of ships are plausible. And time frame for their creation are not specified in GOT. From the moment Euron was crowned, until his arrival to KL, probably months passed. Also even though he's claiming that he has 1,000 ships, it's still possible that he's either exaggerating, or his fleet is still currently in the process of making. Maybe now he has several hundreds, and his people left on Iron Islands are still working on making more ships to fulfill their 1,000 ships quota.
  13. That's a very good question. What do you think, when? I think, yes, that's exactly when. From the moment when Tommen betrayed her, by forbidding further practise of trial by combat, she started preparation for overthrowing him. She had Quiburn, and his web of spies, and the Mountain, and probably many others ready to serve to her. Even while she was secluded in Red Keep, the Mountain was freely walking all over King's Landing, killing those who gossiped about Cersei. So even during her house arrest she had longer hands than you think. Do you really think that her plan was limited only to burning Great Sept? And then WHAT??? If you think that my assumptions are wrong, then how do you think Cersei was going to deal with aftermath of her crimes, all of her crimes? How she was going to avoid Tommen's punnishment for killing Margaery? Or you think that she was 100% sure that after Margaery's death Tommen will commit suicide, she counted on this, and thus she wasn't afraid of any repercussions from him? Tommen's suicide, or even his death, wasn't part of Cersei's plan. I think that Cersei created Queen's Blackguards before her trial, to deal with King Tommen, and others, after first part of her plan (burning Sept) will be executed. Those that were loyal to King Tomment were killed by the Mountain and Blackguards, even before the Sept exploded. Then Cersei ordered the Mountain to keep Tommen in his room until trial will be ended. Where do you think was his personal guards, those that were supposed to escort him to his mother's trial? And how did the Mountain appeared in his chambers? What orders were given to him by Cersei? If Tommen's death was part of her plan, she would've ordered Mountain to kill Tommen, for example by throwing him out of the window, and staging his death as suicide. But she haven't done so. On the contrary, she haven't thought that Tommen may commit suicide. Otherwise she would've put him under servants' watch 24/7. His death was sudden to her, but she wasn't grieving much. First of all, because of his betrayal. But there's also other reason - he was an extra child. Joffrey was her favourite child, her firstborn, her Prince. Mircella was her little Princess, her sweet innocent angel. And Tomen was just an extra. {For everyone, not only Cersei. No one ever thought much about him. No one ever thought that one day he will become King. Before Joffrey died, he was always abusing Tommen. And no one cared enough about Tommen to stop this, even Cersei, she didn't even knew.} <- I'm basing this on Tommen's conversation with Margaery, when she sneaked at night in his bedroom, shortly prior their engagement was decided. And I'm not pulling this out of thin air - there is basis, shown in GOT, for my logical assumptions. Cersei's original plan was, after killing everyone in the Sept, to officially announce to people of 7K's that King Tommen is in mourning, because of death of his young wife Queen Margaery. He's stricken by grief, and can't rule, thus he appointed his mother Dowager Queen Cersei to act as his Regent in 7K, and sit on Iron Throne in his stead. Meanwhile she was going to keep Tommen isolated in his chambers in Red Keep, forever if needed. For this part of plan to work, she needed to replace Tommen's Kingsguards with her Blackguards beforehand. Replacement was done during trial. While everyone's attention was diverted by events happening in Baelor's Sept, Cersei executed her coup d'etat in Red Keep. Aside from Tommen's suicide, her plan to become ruler of 7K went flawlessly. There's an evidence that proves that my assumptions about timeframe and plan of Cersei's coup d'etat are correct. She was crowned on the day of trial, on the same day Sept exploded. She already had her Blackguards by that point, furthermore they already gathered people to witness her coronation. Though in her original plan they were supposed to witness Cersei's becoming King's Regent. When Tommen forbade trial by combat, Cersei sent message to Jaime. Jaime immidiately went back to KL. Trial was in the morning, and by the time Jaime arrived to KL, it was already early evening. When Jaime and Bronn were approaching KL, ruins of Baelor's Sept were still burning. And Cersei's Blackguards and witnesses were already in Red Keep throne room watching her coronation. This video proves that she was crowned ON THE SAME DAY when the Sept was blown and Tommen was dead. So if she started her preparation only AFTER Tommen's death, then she created Blackguards and gathered witnesses for her coronation in less than ONE DAY. <- impossible. You may argue that even though Sept's ruins are still burning during scene of Jaime's return, it doesn't prove that Jaime arrived to KL on the day of explosion, it's possible that the ruins were still burning for several days after explosion. And thus Cersei was crowned not on the same day when Tommen died. Then how can you explain, that if she wasn't prepared for consequences of her actions beforehand, how was she able to control people for those several days after Tommen's death prior her coronation? How was she able to prevent rebellion, if she hasn't prepared beforehand? Your thoughts?
  14. Until future becomes present, it can be changed. There are unlimited number of possible futures. The prophecy about Prince that was promised, is only one of those possible futures. It may come true. Doesn't mean that it will definitely come true. Because some other version of future can happen instead. Also if Prince will die before that moment, that was described in the prophecy, then that version of future won't happen at all, and thus prophecy won't be fulfilled. Which doesn't mean that the prophecy is false, the problem is that the future is undefined.
  15. If she would've came with dragon and attacked first, only with dragon, then her enemies would've just scattered all over those fields. So, in this case, she will need to chase after each and every soldier and burn them all one by one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one more... breathe, Drogon, breathe, just few more thousands to burn She needed Dothraki there, to engage enemy soldiers in a fight, or chase after them. So Dothraki were mingled among enemy troops, thus she needed to be careful not to burn them too. And she brought one dragon to deliver precise spot fire instead of an all covering carpet attack.