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  1. Could be that I'm wrong. That's if three heads of the dragon is not actually a prophecy. If that is just Rhaegar's misconception, then there will be no other dragonriders besides Dany. Or could be that the dragon is Dany, and three heads are Drogon, Rhaegel and Viseryon. Then there's also no need for additional two dragonriders. But if three heads of the dragon, are three people with Targaryen blood, and I mean people with lots of Targaryen blood, not just a few drops like Ben Plumm, then those two are Jon and either Rhaego, or maybe Tyrion (though I don't believe in a theory, according to which Tyrion is son of Mad King, and not Tywin Lannister). I don't misunderstand where Dany's path is going. She needs to accept who she really is, and go back home - to 7K, and stop trying to be perfect little Queen for slavers, and mother for ex-slaves. Though is it really necessary for Rhaego to stay dead, for Dany to accomplish her goal, and become a "real Targaryen"? Can's she become, what she needs to be, if her son is alive? Is he some sort of an obstacle on her path? I, on the contrary, think that he could be a great asset - thru him Dany may establish full control over all Dothraki, and with their help seize entire Essos. If Dany will have on her side the Stallion of Dothraki's prophecies, then she can conquer entire world, not only hold control over two out of five continents on Planetos.
  2. Green dragons with four paws and two wings are European dragons, while the sort of dragons that GRRM used in his books - wyverns - two back paws and front paws merged with wings - are mythical creatures that originated in UK, and from UK's fiction passed to USA and Canada. American fiction about dragons/wyverns is mostly gothic fiction, thus red and black coloring is typical for them, like for Dracula. Or if those dragons are based on dinosaurs, then they are green, brown, yellow, or red. Also I think that there are other dragons from fiction, that are more famous than ASOIAF's dragons. For example Shenron dragon from Dragon Ball manga. There are more people in the world, that have read Dragon Ball manga, than those that have read ASOIAF's books, or watched GOT TV-series. There was published 240 million copies of DB-manga worldwide. By August of 2016, there was sold over 70 million copies of ASOIAF books. And the GOT-show was watched by 30 million people, by August of 2017. So ASOIAF and GOT even combined together are still less popular than Dragon Ball. Ask anyone who have read manga, and nearly everyone have read or at least heard about Dragon Ball. But not all people, that read modern books or watch TV, know about ASOIAF/GOT. For example Friends TV-series was watched by over 50 million viewers, and sales of Harry Potter's 7 books were over 500 million copies, even Fifty Shades sold over 150 million copies, and Twilight over 120 million copies. So it's way too early, probably at least a decade too early, to call Drogon iconic. Most famous dragons would be: 1. Dragon from Chinese zodiac. 2. Hydra killed by Hercules. 3. The dragon with whom fought archangel Michael. 4. Ouroboros - Egyptian mythology. 5. Jörmungandr - North mythology. 6. Shenron from Dragon Ball. 7. Smaug from LOTR. 8. Falkor from The Never Ending Story. 9. Maleficent. 10. GRRM's dragons (if he will ever end ASOIAF).
  3. (For some reason, I didn't get notification about this post, so I saw it only now. Sorry for late reply ) That's an interesting idea. It could be that they were forced. Either by Melisandre, or by Queen Selyse. In the beginning of his speech, Jon saw that Melisandre was also there. But after he announced that he will leave Castle Black, and will go to Winterfell, he noticed that Melisandre left. And Bowen Marsh, with all stewards, left shortly after that. So could be that, when they were on their way out, Melisandre used her magic, to get control over them. Then she sent them to attack Jon. Though not to kill him, only wound him, to make him stay at The Wall. Then she planned to save his life, and thus he not only remained where she needed him, but he also became indebted to her. This sort of scenario makes sense, if Melisandre thought, that she needs Jon to stay where he is. She asked R'hllor what to do, asked to show her Stannis, but flames only showed her Jon. So she thought that he is necessary, and thus she can't let him go. So she decided to use whatever means possible to prevent him from leaving, even harming him. Or another scenario, is that Queen Selyse has heard from her people, from those two knights, that were present there during Jon's speech, what he's planning to do. And thus she ordered Bowen Marsh and his people, to get rid of Jon. Could be that she said to them, that what Jon is going to do is a treason, and thus she's expecting from Bowen, to deal with this problem on their own. Brothers themselves had to resolve Night's Watch's internal problem, or else she will deal with them, execute them all for Jon's treason. So Bowen had to chose, either to kill Jon, or else they all will be executed by Queen's knights. Those two knights also left after Jon's announcement, same as Melisandre. So could be, that after Bowen left, he was intercepted by either of them, and ordered to attack or kill Jon. That's exactly what was happening: "Men poured from the surrounding keeps and towers. Northmen, free folk, queen’s men … “Form a line,” Jon Snow commanded them. “Keep them back. Everyone, but especially the queen’s men.” " I don't think that Jon needs extensive knowledge about warging. Most likely this one time, when he will remain in Ghosts body, while his own body will be either dead, or not dead but recovering from painful wounds, is the only time, when Jon will need to warg into Ghost. What's the point of Jon frequently warging into Ghost? How can he use Ghost, if he will be in him? For spying after wights? That's not very convincing, because wights will come to The Wall soon enough, so there's no need to look for them. In that vision, Dany didn't heard, what the stars were saying. So don't mix together what was happening then, in AGOT, with what Dany experienced in her last chapter from ADWD. She can't be child of Lyanna. Dany is blonde and has blue eyes. Silver-gold hair is just a shade of blond hair, and violet eyes is a shade of blue color. Nearly all of Lyanna's ancestors were northerners, and based on description of people from those families, from which were Lyanna's grandparents, great grandparents, and so on, for 300 years up to King Torrhen, among Lyanna's ancestors were only people with brown or red hair, and brown or grey eyes. Thus it's impossible for Lyanna's child to have Targaryen coloring. Situation with Elia's blond and blue-eyed son Aegon, is different. Amongst Elia's ancestors, not that long ago, were two Valyrians - Daenerys Targaryen, wife of Maron Martell, and Drazenko Rogare, husband of Aliandra Martell. So Rhaegar's child from Elia had blond hair and blue eyes, but Rhaegar's child with Lyanna can't have those features.
  4. They have even better method of communication, than modern e-mail, cell phones or sattelite phones. They have glass candles. Using them, it's possible to communicate with anyone, all over the world. They always have signal, anywhere, and weather don't affect their signal, and they are never out of range. And shadowbinders can control people, like Melisandre controlled Mance thru their magic rubies. And if your subordinates don't listen to you, be efficient like Stannis, just send a shadow to kill them. Magic is a supreme technology. Whoever can use it, can rule the world.
  5. We'll see about that. It's possible that Mirri lied about Rhaego. Could be that everything she said was a lie. The baby was born normal, and alive. He was born on eve of 298/299. And now it's a middle or the end of 300. So Rhaego is close to 2 years old. Another 6 months for Dothraki to go from Vaes Dothrak to Meereen. 6 more months to establish their control over Essos. Another 6 months to prepare fleet, and all necessary things, for a cross continental journey of 100.000 warriors, and their horses (3 per person). By that time Rhaego will be 3 years old, closer to 4. Children of that age already can be horseriders. And to become a dragonrider, is easier than to become a horserider. Because horses are just animals, while dragons and their riders has spiritual connection. Dragon is more than just an animal, for dragonrider he/she is a soulmate. So Rhaego's age is not an obstacle for him to become a dragonrider. Also if you'll return to my original post, then maybe this time you'll see, that I wrote what Dany can do, in case IF Rhaego is alive.
  6. Even Targaryens with their five huge dragons were unable to simultaneously control Westeros and Essos. Eventually they had to completely withdraw from Essos, and focus their attention only on Westeros. So with dragons alone, Dany won't be able to be Queen of both Essos and 7K. Though I see an option in which Dany can have both. That's if Rhaego is alive. I think that Rhaego was born alive, and then kidnapped by Dothraki, by Drogo's Ko. And thus this kidnapping is first out of three predicted treasons - the one for blood. In Vaes Dothrak Dany will find out what really happened with her son. And then she will burn those, that kidnapped her baby. This will be the second fire from the prophecy - the one for death. After that, all other Dothraki will follow Dany, as their new leader. She defeated all of their khals, thus by Dothraki law, she is their new ruler. In Drogo's khalasar, there was 40 thousands Dothraki. So probably in total, there are a few millions of them, and among those, there are at least a few hundred thousands warriors. If they will serve to Dany, then by using them, she will be able to control entire Essos. Dothraki is a mighty force. The only reason why they are not rulers of Essos, is that they were divided, and they were not motivated. They didn't had a common goal. But Dany can unite them, and she can motivate them, to do what she wants. Rhaego is the Stallion that will mount the world. Dothraki believe in that prophecy. But they don't follow those that are weak. And Rhaego is still too young to be strong. Though if Dany will give to him one of her dragons, and he will become dragonrider, then he will be more dangerous than thousand Dothraki. Thus the problem is solved - Rhaego is the Stallion, and he is strong, because he is dragonrider. Dany can bring all Dothraki and Rhaego to Meereen. Then thru those Dothraki she will establish control over Essos. After that she can leave Slaver's Bay under Rhaego's control, and go to Westeros. Dany will leave one of her dragons with Rhaego, as his personal bodyguard, that will also symbolise his power. And she can leave a few of her people with Rhaego, to be his regents and advisors. Someone like Quaithe is perfect for that role. She's wise, she can predict future, and she can get in contact with Dany any moment, using her magic, even if Dany will be away in Westeros. Some Dothraki will stay in Essos, and some will come with Dany to 7K. Thus Dany will have Dothraki army, Unsullied army, a few of sellswords companies, that will serve to her, and two dragons, one for her, and one for Jon. Thus, if Dany will be smart, then she can have everything. And the main difference between Dany and her ancestors, the difference that will help her to accomplish something, in what even first Aegon failed - to control both continents, is that Dany has a leverage against Dothraki - her son is the Stallion. If he will become dragonrider, then it wouldn't even matter, that he's still a child, Dothraki will follow him anyway.
  7. Maybe in Belfast, Northern Ireland, observing shooting of last episode, or celebrating with the show-crew the end of filming?
  8. 1. Read my previous post, I wrote there simple model with pairs of chromosomes. Rhaella is also one of Rhaego's three. Dany got Jaehaerys' Xj genes from Rhaella, not from Aerys. If she got Aerys'/Jaehaerys' Yj gene, then she would have been Rhaegar 2. That's because Dany coiled Drogo's braid around green egg, near his head. Dothraki braids are a symbol of their fighting prowess. Khal with uncut hair is undefeated khal. And the prophecy said that Dany's son will be the Stallion that will mount the world, khal of khals, that will unite all Dothraki into one khalasar, and all people of the world will be his herd. In my opinion that equals to being undefeated. So the fact that Dany coiled Drogo's braid around that egg, is an indication that dragonrider of this dragon, will be like Drogo was - an undefeated khal. And also their names - egg above Drogo's head was green and bronze, dragon with that coloring was named by Dany - Rhaegel. And she named her son Rhaego. Both were named after Dany's brother Rhaegar. And also when Dany took one of dragon eggs into her bed, when she was laying there, the baby inside her moved. And Dany thought that they responded to each other, like blood to blood, brother to brother. That was Rhaegel's egg. And the coloring could also be a hint - Rhaegel's colors are green and bronze, like Dothraki Sea and Dothraki. Dothraki not only have bronze arakhs, they also have bronze skin. In Dany's dream Rhaego's skin was described as copper, copper is a base metal for forging bronze. So my conclusion is based on four points - 1. similar names, 2. similar coloring, 3. placement of that egg on funeral pyre, and 4. the baby moving in response to proximity of that egg. 3. I don't claim that I KNOW, I'm saying that that COULD BE. That's different things. My opinion and theory about Rhaego is based on what was written in the book. Maybe I did misinterpreted what was there. But maybe I didn't. We will know for sure, only from next book. Because I think that if Rhaego is alive, then he is in Vaes Dothrak, and Dany will reunite with him there. What's the point of arguing? So far, based on what was in the books, I think that Rhaego is alive. And my opinion about that won't change, until his death will be confirmed. I will agree that Rhaego is dead, if Dany won't meet with him in Vaes Dothrak. Though he could be in Asshai, and thus could be reunited with his mother after she will get out of Vaes Dothrak. But based on what else I read in the book, and based on which I have a theory, that Rhaego will become second dragonrider, prior Jon, then Rhaego needs to be reunited with Dany soon, and not by the end of books. So I will agree that Rhaego is dead, if he won't be in Vaes Dothrak, and if people there won't be talking about him being still alive, and being somewhere else, like in Asshai, or away with Khal Pono. Some people are convinced, that Mance Rayder is Rhaegar Targaryen, or Arthur Dayne, and that Daenerys is daughter of Ashara Dayne and Brandon Stark. So my theory, about Rhaego being still alive, is not the worst there is. P.S. Sorry for editing my post many times English is my fourth language, so I'm writting with mistakes, and then correct them after re-reading what I wrote.
  9. What questions? In my opinion, I did answered to your question, about why I think, that Viseryon could be a female. And Rhaegel too. Drogon was ALWAYS bigger than the other two. Even when they were in an egg stage. Drogon's egg was bigger and havier than the other two. Furthermore his behaviour was also different. You yourself mentioned it, that he was more agressive and active that the other two, or something like that. Which is right. Male animals are nearly always (if they are healthy, and were born without serious deviations) bigger and more agressive, and eat more, than females. Now about caves. It isn't necessary for dragons to live in a cave. Dany's dragons lived in the open, prior she locked them under pyramid. But after they were locked there, Viseryon wasn't content in living there in the open. He made himself a niche in the ceiling. Which could be an indication that he is actually a she, and she wants to live in a more secure environment, than the open pit. Dragons are reptilians, so they are based on other similar species. GRRM in that scene even described Viseryon with word serpent. Among all snakes, only King Cobra lay eggs in nests. But only female Cobras make nests. Males do not play any role in building or guarding the nest. Source -> "For reptiles that have limbs, a nest is generally built, even if it's just a hole in the ground that the female has scratched out." So based on Viseryon's behaviour, could be that she's a girl. And Rhaegel also could be a girl, but she isn't nesting yet, because she's less developed than Viseryon (Visenya). She doesn't have yet an urge to make a nest, let's say that she hasn't flowered yet, unlike her older sister Visenya. Pale egg did hatched first out of three, so Viseryon/Visenya is the oldest out of Dany's dragons. And I wrote about caves on Dragonstone, where Targaryen dragons layed eggs, because those caves, combined with Viseryon digging a mini-cave, could be a proof, that female dragons make themselves caves/nests, by digging and burning stone. Thus Viseryon is a she. Could be. I have read that theory in a book. Is this a question too? As I already wrote before, all three of them (Jon, Dany, Rhaego) could be child of three, from Jaehaerys' line. The woodswitch gave the prophecy to Jaehaerys, so he is first out of those three "parents". So it's about Jaehaerys' blood, his genes, his chromosomes, his descendants. Males has XY chromosomes. Females has XX. Children receive one of their chromosomes from their father, and the other from their mother. Jaehaerys - XjYj Shaera - Xs1Xs2 Lyanna - Xl1Xl2 Drogo - XdYd Jaehaerys + Shaera = XjYj + Xs1Xs2 = XjXs1 or XjXs2 or YjXs1 or YjXs2 Rhaella could be XjXs1 or XjXs2 (XX - female DNA), and Aerys could be YjXs1 or YjXs2 (XY - male). Rhaella + Aerys = (XjXs1 + YjXs1) or (XjXs1 + YjXs2) or (XjXs2 + YjXs1) or (XjXs2 + YjXs2) = XjYj or XjXs1 or Xs1Yj or Xs1Xs1, XjYj or XjXs2 or Xs1Yj or Xs1Xs2, XjYj or XjXs1 or Xs2Yj or Xs2Xs1, XjYj or XjXs2 or Xs2Yj or Xs2Xs2. Rhaegar's possible models - XjYj, Xs1Yj, YjXs2. Dany's possible models, that have in them Jaehaerys' chromosome - XjXs1, XjXs2. Rhaegar + Lyanna = (XjYj + Xl1Xl2) or (Xs1Yj + Xl1Xl2) or (YjXs2 + Xl1Xl2) = Jon XY - YjXl1 or YjXl2. Dany + Drogo = (XjXs1 + XdYd) or (XjXs2 + XdYd) = Rhaego XY - XjYd Jon (Xl1Yj or Xl2Yj), Dany (XjXs1 or XjXs2), Rhaego (XjYd) - all three are carriers of Jaehaerys' j-genes, Jon inherited his Y-chromosome, and Dany with Rhaego his X-chromosome, and Dany got that Xj chromosome from her mother Rhaella, that got it from her father Jaehaerys. So as I already wrote before, one of Dany's three is a female, but from that female Dany inherited Xj chromosome that Rhaella got from Jaehaerys. So all three - Jon, Dany and Rhaego, are carriers of Jaehaerys' genes. Rhaego got his Xj chromose from Dany, who got it from Rhaela, who got it from Jaehaerys. Jon got his Yj chromosome from his father Rhaegar, who got it from Aerys, who got it from Jaehaerys. Dany got her Xj chromosome from her mother Rhaella, who got it from Jaehaerys, and she got her other X from Aerys. Even though from him Dany inherited Xs1 or Xs2 of Shaera, that are not Jaehaerys' genes. But Dany's second chromosome from a pair of genes, is still from Jaehaerys' line, from his daughter, that is also a part of a prophecy. <- this last part is a bit confusing, the point is that both Aerys and Rhaella from whom Dany got her genes, both are Jaehaerys' children, and thus both are part of a prophecy. But Dany passed to her own child only one of those chromosomes, only Xj from Rhaella, and Rhaego is a carrier of XjYd, so he doesn't have Aerys' Xs chromosomes. While Jon's and Rhaego's other chromosomes in a pair, are not from Jaehaerys' line - they have Lyanna's and Drogo's genes, as their second chromosome. Jon and Rhaego don't have genes of both Aerys and Rhaella, unlike Dany, they carry genes only from one of them, in Jon's case that's Aerys' Yj, and in Rhaego's case that's Rhaella's Xj. Nevertheless all three fit into the prophecy, as Jaehaerys' descendants, and carriers of his Xj or Yj chromosomes. Could be, but why would it? You (and others) think that Rhaego died as result of blood magic ritual. So if he was supposedly killed by blood magic, then how is fire could be related to his death? Mirri didn't performed fire magic on Drogo.
  10. No, it didn't. "And he smiled for her and began to lift his hand toward hers, but when he opened his mouth the fire poured out. She saw his heart burning through his chest, and in an instant he was gone, consumed like a moth by a candle, turned to ash." Fire pouring out of his mouth, could be not indication of something deadly, on the contrary, it could be indication, that he is a red priest, and that fire from his mouth is kiss of life. Burning heart is Asshai's symbol of Azor Ahai or R'hllor, or something like that. Currently is used by Melisandre and Stannis, fake Azor Ahai. The part - he was gone - doesn't mean that he died. He was taken by fire. Which could be metaphorical, not literal. Red priests serve to R'hllor for life, thus their lives were taken from them and their families, and they devoted those lives to serving to R'hllor. Next part - consumed like a moth by a candle, turned to ash - He was consumed/taken by fire, doesn't equal to him dying. Moth is consumed by a candle. Moth by candle is turned to ash. That doesn't mean that Rhaego was consumed by a cadle and turned to ash. It's just that his disappearance, him being taken by fire (not dying, just devoting his life to R'hllor), was compared to how moth is getting consumed by a candle and turns to ash. That text can be interpreted differently. So it doesn't prove that Rhaego is dead. All the rest is Dany's own misconceptions, and beliefs that her son is dead, based on what Mirri and others said to her. Those people lied to Dany. What actually happened with her baby isn't known. Only implyed, in those two visions - from Dany's fever dream, and from the vision in THOU. And in both visions Rhaego was an adult. If he grew up, then he DIDN'T died, when he was a baby, he LIVED to adulthood.
  11. I meant, that he could have all sorts of people serving to him - street urchins as his Little Birds; Balon Swann, Gerold Dayne, Bronn, Kettleblacks and Littlefinger as his agents. Though originally LF's status was very low, so he also was somewhere on lower levels of Varys' Network, somewhere between little birds, and spies with higher standing (those that were promised something, in return for their services to Blackfyres, when Blackfyre will become King of 7K). Also it was mentioned somewhere, probably in Tyrion's chapter, that Varys has little birds even in Citadel. I think that his spy there could be Carellen Smallwood, whose mother is a Swann. And Swanns are working for Blackfyres. Maybe. Whether my conspiracy theory is right or wrong, we will find out, when Balon Swann will encounter Gerold Dayne, whom he supposedly went to kill. If he will attack Gerold, then I was wrong, and the two of them are not working together. But if instead, he will attack that Sand girl, that went with him, then I was right. It's just that those two attacks on Lannisters (Mandon Moore X Tyrion, and Gerold Dayne X Myrcella) are too alike, to be unconnected. I think that both of those attacks were staged by Varys, to clash Lannisters against each other, to make Tyrion think, that Cersei tried to kill him, and to make Cersei think, that attack on Myrcella was Tyrion's plot. Though probably LF separated from Varys' Spy Network, some time prior Jon Arryn's death, or maybe just a few years prior beginning of AGOT, but already after he became master of coin. He wouldn't have reached so far, without Varys' assistance, even though he had Lysa's support. And why he didn't killed LF, is because of this: "Littlefinger smiled. “Leave Lord Varys to me, sweet lady. If you will permit me a small obscenity—and where better for it than here—I hold the man’s balls in the palm of my hand.” He cupped his fingers, smiling. “Or would, if he were a man, or had any balls. You see, if the pie is opened, the birds begin to sing, and Varys would not like that. Were I you, I would worry more about the Lannisters and less about the eunuch.”" If LF will die, then what he knew about Varys, and his plots with Blackfyres, will become known. LF is using insurance against Varys. So Varys can't kill him, that will endanger himself and his people.
  12. Most likely Varys is a Blackfyre, and he came to 7K, to prepare from within of it, the Sixth Rebellion of Blackfyres. First he planned to cause chaos in 7K, by clashing together King Aerys and his loyalists, against prince Rhaegar and his supporters. And then to use Golden Company, to defeat whoever will be left alive, after civil war between Targaryens. So to achieve that goal, Varys created Birds Network in Westeros, and also he recruited agents all over 7K, including people from noble families. I think that that's when Petyr became one of Varys' little birds. Though later, when Varys' original plan was ruined/postponed because of Robert's Rebellion, LF decided to stop working for Varys, and went independent. What he did during the War of Five Kings, and what he's doing now - to create chaos and then divide and conquer, is a strategy that he learned from Varys. And Petyr is using mockingbirds as his personal sigil, because they symbolise his victory over Varys - he's mocking Varys with those birds, that he outsmarted him, infiltrated his close circle, became his confidant, learned from him, found out his secrets, and then betrayed him, and left Little Ligue, to become major player in the Game of Thrones, and to pursue his own goals. Thus LF knows a lot of things about Varys' plans, including upcoming arrival of fAegon and Golden Company, but Varys knows nearly nothing about LF's plans. Though I think that maybe Kettleblacks are actually working for Varys, even though LF think that they are loyal to him. Could be that years ago, when LF was still working for Varys, Varys has sent Kettleblacks to stay close to LF, and spy after him, just in case.
  13. So what that he doesn't look like a Targaryen? He looks more like his Stark mother, that's all. His hair and eye color is the same as Lyanna's, and he has long face typical for Starks. Which doesn't mean, that he didn't inherited any of Rhaegar's features. Many people said that Jon is beautiful (though mostly those people were men, and they used different word, to describe his looks). So could be that Jon inherited beauty of Targaryens, but coloring of Starks.
  14. I also think that Jon's burning or unburning, has nothing to do with whether he's a Targaryen or not. But I think that his burned hand does mean something. Though what exactly, we will find out only later, in next books. Also I think that maybe there is something about Jon and dragon blood. This is from his last chapter - "Jon fell to his knees. He found the dagger’s hilt and wrenched it free. In the cold night air the wound was smoking." Maybe it's nothing, but shouldn't warm or hot things on cold air be steaming, not smoking? Dragon's blood is also smoking.
  15. Quaithe's story. I'm 90 or maybe even 99% sure, that she is Shiera Seastar.
  16. The Great Other is not the God of Death. He not only kills people, he turn them into walking dead. He is evil. The God of Death is the Many-Faced God, and he is not evil. Death is just death, it's part of nature and the circle of life. But wights are trapped in a state between life and death. When people die, they should stay dead, not keep walking around, and killing other people. Wights kill without reason, and they kill everyone. Their interference destroys fates of people, and breaks natural balance. Furthermore if there's reincarnation, in a world of ASOIAF, then the souls of those people, that were turned into wights, are either staying in a world of the living, or they are getting devoured by the Great Other. Thus the Many-Faced God doesn't get what should be rightfully his - their death/souls. So I think that the Faceless Men will eventually fight against the Undead Army. And that's the reason why one of them is in Westeros. Amongst other things, he went to the Citadel, to investigate what maesters know about the Others, wights, and the Second Long Night. They want to fight against the Great Other. Thus I don't see a reason for Faceless Men, not to save those wildlings from that evil deity. Those people will die later, but from natural reasons, and go into the afterlife, where they will meet with the Many-Faced God, how it should be, in a natural course of things.
  17. We Bring the Light. Dawn sword of Daynes is Azor Ahai's Lightbringer There was. Dany prophetic vision in THOU: "Farther on she came upon a feast of corpses. Savagely slaughtered, the feasters lay strewn across overturned chairs and hacked trestle tables, asprawl in pools of congealing blood. Some had lost limbs, even heads. Severed hands clutched bloody cups, wooden spoons, roast fowl, heels of bread. In a throne above them sat a dead man with the head of a wolf. He wore an iron crown and held a leg of lamb in one hand as a king might hold a scepter, and his eyes followed Dany with mute appeal." Actual event: "The servers were bringing out huge silver platters piled high with cuts of juicy pink lamb, the most appetizing dish they’d seen all evening." Shortly after they brought the lamb, the killing started. So this dish was symbolic, also it was the best food of that feast, the rest of food was so so. It was symbolising sacrificial lamb, and the butchery that will happen soon. (Not gryphons, griffins) Yes, they are. "When the image was taken up by Christians it became a surprising symbol of Christ. According to the Academy of Classical Christian Studies, “The griffin became for [Christians] a rich symbol of the two natures of Christ Himself: the eagle, which is lord of the sky, reminds us of the divine nature, while the lion, which is lord of the earth (the ‘king of beasts’), reminds us of the human nature. Together, they remind us that our Lord is the true King of the heavens and the earth.” Saint Isidore even notes how, “Christ is Lion because He reigns and has strength; Eagle, because after the Resurrection He rises into Heaven.” The griffin is also closely connected to the book of Revelation, where it is mentioned: “And round the throne, on each side of the throne, are four living creatures … the first living creature like a lion, the second living creature like an ox, the third living creature with the face of a man, and the fourth living creature like a flying eagle” (Revelation 4:6-7)." "The medieval unicorn is widely accepted as a symbol for Jesus Christ." "We find the symbolism of the unicorn as Christ in many medieval writings, and even in writings from long before the medieval age. As early as the fourth century A.D., saints had been known to refer to Christ as a unicorn." "Like the phoenix (the legendary bird that dies and rises from its ashes every millennium), the unicorn was adopted by Christians as a symbol of Christ. The fact that he had one horn meant that he was one in power (horn = power) with the Father. St. Basil (329-379) wrote, "Christ is the power of God, therefore He is called the Unicorn on the ground that He has one horn, that is, one common power with the Father." In the Middle Ages, the unicorn was used as a symbol of love as well as a Christ image." And burning heart is also symbol of Jesus. GRRM does uses lots of religious symbols. That's because he's from religious family, and he attended Roman Catholic highschool. "In response to a question on his religious views, Martin replied: "I suppose I'm a lapsed Catholic. You would consider me an atheist or agnostic. I find religion and spirituality fascinating. I would like to believe this isn't the end and there's something more, but I can't convince the rational part of me that makes any sense whatsoever." " He considers himself to be atheist or agnostic, but religion is fascinating for him. Which is obvious from his books, for which he created a few of his own religions - Old Gods, R'hllor, The Seven, Drowned God, Many Faced God, etc. No, I'm not. GRRM did wrote about Rhaego - khal of khals, that will unite all Dothraki into one khalasar, and all people of the world will be his herd. Is it a mere coincidence, that similar things were written in the Revelation about Jesus, that is King of kings, and Lord of lords, and that he will unite all people and will be their shepherd? I think that GRRM did used Bible as a source of some symbols in his books.
  18. Maybe that will be fleet of Iron Bank. They were bringing Jon's gold to Night's Watch. And Brothers will send them to Hardhome. Which they did before, on Jon's order, with all other ships, that got near Eastwatch. Also if Faceless Men found out from Arya, about what those Lyseni slavers plan to do, they may go there, and bring wildlings to Braavos, instead of what slavers planned to do with them. I think that Faceless Men and Iron Bank are the same establishment. Two sides of the same (iron ) coin.
  19. Read my previous post. Dany's brother Viserys, thought that he was the last dragon. Dragon is a male Targaryen. The last male Targaryen is Jon. Last born person with dragon blood, is Dany's son Rhaego, but he is Rhaego son of Drogo, not Rhaego Targaryen. Like children of Catelyn Tully, are not Tullys, they are Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, etc. Dany's children will be dragonseeds, but they won't be on Targaryens' family tree, and they won't have Targaryen last name. Also Viseryon's coloring is pale/cream, bronze and gold - Snow, First Men (Starks), King. Drogo's black and red - smoke and blood. Rhaegel - green and bronze - Dothraki Sea and their bronze arakhs. Viseryon's egg hatched first. Jon was born first. But Jon will become a last, third dragonrider, because that egg became alive the last out of three, and was placed the last on Drogo's funeral pyre. Did you ever thought that it's weird, that third egg she placed between his legs, and not under his right arm? I think that were those three eggs were placed is a hint. Black egg near Drogo's heart, and Dany named that dragon by her husband's name - Drogon. And she bonded with him, and became his dragonrider. He is closest to her heart, in a spiritual sense. Second was placed near Drogo's head, and his braid was coiled around it, which is a hint that Rhaegel's dragonrider will be Drogo's son, and that he will also be a undefeated Dothraki, khal of khals. And placement of third egg, between Drogo's legs, is an indication, that third dragonrider, Viseryon's, will be Dany's lover, her "mount", third mount from the prophecy, the one to love. As you can see the author used the word Lair, not nest. Your calling it a nest and using that alone to decide it is female. ADWD, The Dragontamer: Could be that caves under Dragonstone, were also made by dragons. They burned and dug stones, and made for themselves those caves, where they lived, and layed their eggs. So dragonglass on Dragonstone, could be not volcanic, it could be result of dragonflame. Yes. Really. Google it. Long hair is a sign of health, and fertility. There's also certain hormone, that if a woman has a lack of it, then she has thin hair and is infertile. And I have read somewhere, that supposedly ancient women (cave people), were growing their hair long, to wrap with it their child, to keep it from cold. That's when it supposedly started, that women have long hair, and men has short. His egg was larger than the other two. He's also child of three, only in a different sense. The Undying said to Dany - the child of three. Jeny's woodswitch gave a prophecy to Jaehaerys, that his descendant will be the promised Prince. Thus Rhaego is a child of three - Jaehaerys II, Aerys II, and Dany, descendant of three dragons. Jon's three is Jaehaerys, Aerys and Rhaegel. And Dany's three is Jaehaerys, Aerys and Rhaella (Dany is a female, so one of her three, is also a female). Could be that Second Long Night, and the winter will last for generation. And thus current characters will ever see a spring only in their dreams. And that's why the last book is called A Dream of Spring. Dany in her vision saw this: "A tall lord with copper skin and silver-gold hair stood beneath the banner of a fiery stallion, a burning city behind him." - why grown up Rhaego is burning a city? Maybe because that city is infested by wights? That matches with what GRRM said about ASOIAF's ending - bittersweet. Rhaego is the last dragon, the winter and Long Night is still ongoing, but one day he will annihilate all wights, and then the spring will come, because that's what the prophecy said.
  20. Most likely in Vaes Dothrak, where Dany will be soon reunited with him. She will see him, and immediately recognise him as her son. Because how many Dothraki boys there are, that have silver-gold hair and violet eyes? "Her son was tall and proud, with Drogo’s copper skin and her own silver-gold hair, violet eyes shaped like almonds." Probably in first or second chapter with Dany's POV in TWOW (if there will be Dany's POV in TWOW). Traveling with Dothraki from Red Waste to Vaes Dothrak, and then living with dosh khaleen, in a Dothraki temple near Mother of Mountains. Pono or Jhago. Because Rhaego is their relative, blood of their blood. In their eyes, Dany is an evil witch, that doomed their Khal. First by letting Mirri Maz Duur to tent his wounds, and then by using forbidden for Dothraki blood magic. Of course they had to save the boy, from being corrupted by her. He is the Stallion that will mount the world, and he is their blood. Thus they can't just leave him to be raised by that woman. So they kidnapped the baby, and it was first out of three treasons, the one for blood. For the sake of their blood/relative/Rhaego. They did it for him. Prophecies from the House of Undying are also in sets of three, where one is from past, the other is from close future, and the third are from future in Westeros. "three fires must you light . . . one for life and one for death and one to love . . . Her own heart was beating in unison to the one that floated before her, blue and corrupt . . . three mounts must you ride . . . one to bed and one to dread and one to love . . . The voices were growing louder, she realized, and it seemed her heart was slowing, and even her breath. . . . three treasons will you know . . . once for blood and once for gold and once for love . . . " Now in order of happening: - first mount to ride, the one to bed - Dany's first husband Drogo; The meaning of those mounts, that she will "ride", is not where they will bring her, but rather what she should do with them - to bed first of them, and as result of that "bedding", to give birth to his child; to dread her second husband, because he married her only to betray her, and rule in her place; and to love the last one. - first treason, once for blood - Drogo's Ko kidnapping Rhaego; - first fire, one for life - Dany's dragons hatching at Drogo's funeral pyre; - second mount, to dread - Hizdahr, her second husband, who is either a Harpy himself, or is a Harpy's associate; - second treason, for gold - Hizdahr betraying Dany, to become a sole ruler of Meereen, and to get lots of gold, amongst other things, that he will have, as a King of Meereen; - second fire, for death - probably Dany will burn all Dothraki Khals, and in their place, become ruler of all khalasars. And this will happen when Drogon will burn Khals - "Beneath the Mother of Mountains, a line of naked crones crept from a great lake and knelt shivering before her, their grey heads bowed." - she will spare only dosh khaleen, but will execute all Khals. - third mount, to love - Jon Snow, Dany's third and last husband; - third treason, for love - could be that Tyrion will betray Dany, to be accepted by Lannisters. - third fire, for love - either Dany will burn Undead Army, to help Jon, or it could be something else, but also related to Jon. And about how the baby was kidnapped - simple. They just went to Drogo's tent, and while Dany was still unconsciousness, they just took her baby and carried him away. Most likely, the only people that know about it, is Mirri and Jorah. Though maybe Dany's maids also knew about it. But what's the point of saying it to her? They couldn't have stopped those Kos, on their side were tens of thousands of Dothraki. So they let them to take the baby, and said to Dany that the baby was born dead. What else could they have done? If she knew the truth, then she would have wanted to go after them. And then they all would have been killed by those Dothraki, that left Drogo's khalasar. Or they weren't even there, when the baby was born. Because they were afraid to go inside, because of blood magic. So until Mirri called them in, they were staying away from there. And the labor lasted for many hours, because it was Dany's first pregnancy. So Dany's maids were probably sleeping, when her baby was born, and then taken away by Dothraki. And on the next morning Khal Pono left, and after that Khal Jhago, and thousands Dothraki went with them, and with the Stallion, which was taken by one of them. Those people that stayed with Dany, were children, elderly and cripples. In hierarchy of Dothraki, they have a low place. Thus in their camp, they were settled far far far far from their Khal's tent. Thus none of them knew, what was happening near it. Because people around Drogo's tent, were his Ko, and his best warriors, etc. And all of them left with the Stallion, and Pono, and Jhago. And Jhago is the one, whom Dany met in the Dothraki Sea, in her last chapter in ADWD. Here: Jorah and Mirri agreed beforehand, what they will lie to Dany, about what happened with her baby. But he was ashamed, that he could do nothing, to stop those Dothraki, from taking away Dany's baby. So in the end, he was unable to lie, while facing her, so Mirri had to step up: Even that Mirri's story is a lie, is obvious, from what exactly she said about Rhaego. "I drew him forth myself. He was scaled like a lizard, blind, with the stub of a tail and small leather wings like the wings of a bat. When I touched him," - if he disintegrated when she touched him, then when exactly did she had time, to notice all of his features? And in a mere seconds, prior he dissolved, she noticed that his eyes were blind? But according to her story, he was born dead. Aren't babies born with closed eyes, and open them only after they begin breathing? Also how exactly was she holding the baby, that between her pulling the baby out, and the baby's flesh dissolving, she managed to see BOTH - his front (his blind eyes), and his back too (his wings, and even his small tail )? "the flesh sloughed off the bone, and inside he was full of graveworms and the stink of corruption." - Ok, let's believe that the flesh sloughed off, but then, WHERE'S THE BABY'S SKELETON? The bones DIDN'T melted or disappeared. So where are they? "He had been dead for years." - as Dany said, she felt the baby, and it was alive. He WASN'T dead for years. All evidences are there, in the book. Rhaego was born alive, and he was a normal baby. And then Dothraki took him away, for blood, for the sake of Drogo, to protect his baby.
  21. For that vision, to be about Jon Con, the timing is wrong. That vision is from distant past, in time of Robert's Rebellion. In trinity of visions, first is about recent past, second is about future, and third is about events that happened near the end of Robert's Rebellion. 1.1. Viserys screamed as the molten gold ran down his cheeks and filled his mouth. 1.2. A tall lord with copper skin and silver-gold hair stood beneath the banner of a fiery stallion, a burning city behind him. 1.3. Rubies flew like drops of blood from the chest of a dying prince, and he sank to his knees in the water and with his last breath murmured a woman’s name. . . . mother of dragons, daughter of death . . . 2.1. Glowing like sunset, a red sword was raised in the hand of a blue-eyed king who cast no shadow. 2.2. A cloth dragon swayed on poles amidst a cheering crowd. 2.3. From a smoking tower, a great stone beast took wing, breathing shadow fire. . . . mother of dragons, slayer of lies . . . 3.1. Her silver was trotting through the grass, to a darkling stream beneath a sea of stars. 3.2. A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly. 3.3. A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. . . . mother of dragons, bride of fire . . . 1.1. Death of Viserys, 2.1. Stannis - fake Azor Ahai with fake Lightbringer, 3.1. Wedding with Drogo - all three recent past, prior Dany came to the House of the Undying. 1.2. Grown up Rhaego, 2.2. Mummer's dragon - fake Aegon, 3.2. Corpse on a ship. 1.2. - Far far future. 2.2. Dany's future, when she will arrive to Westeros, a few years from now. 3.2. This will happen soon. @Lost Melnibonean has a theory that this vision is about Daario. Now third visions: 1.3. Rhaegar's death, 2.3. Winged stone beast, smoking tower, shadow flame, 3.3. Blue winter rose - little Jon growing up in Winterfell. First is about Rhaegar, third is about Rhaega's son living in Winterfell. So why would second be about Jon Con, fAegon, and Blackfyres? Would be more logical, and in balance with other visions of the past, if this second vision is also connected to what caused Rhaega's death - Jon's birth at the Tower of Joy. Ned broke that tower, and out of its stones made eight tombs, for people that died there. Could be that he burned the tower, prior dismantling it. And Jon could be winged stone beast, breathing shadow flame, because he is a secret Targaryen (shadow flame); winged stone beast - chimera, half-direwolf/Stark and half-dragon/Targaryen; stone beast because he is binded by lie of his origin. Could be that Melisandre will somehow uncover his secret, and thus she will wake up the dragon from the stone, Jon will find out who he really is - the last dragon. Dany will already find out that fAegon is a lie, so there's no need to separately slay lies about Jon Con and Golden Company. All of that is in the mummer's dragon vision. Golden Company and Jon Con, are people beside fAegon, they are part of that cheering crowd around him. Look at the bigger picture (on the whole story of ASOIAF, not only on this set of prophecies), all pieces has to connect with each other. Other options are also possible, but they don't connect with other pieces of the puzzle, as good as my theory. So let's wait for the book, and then we'll see.
  22. Bran? I said that Bran could be third trinity - wolves+birds+trees. And first two trinities is something else (lions+serpents+unicorns, fish+fox+monsters). First trinity could be something biblical. Like lion is a second treason, the one for gold, by Hizdahr, who is a Judah - traitor. "Judah is a lion's whelp; From the prey, my son, you have gone up He couches, he lies down as a lion, And as a lion, who dares rouse him up?" - Genesis 49:9. Serpent could be Dany's experience in solitude in Dothraki Sea. Jesus, prior his execution, went to the desert, and was tested there by Satan/serpent. By the end of her trial, Dany accepted who she is - the blood of the dragon. Unicorns could be Dany, leading slaves out of Slaver's Bay, to save them from Harpy. "Save me from the lion's mouth: for thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns." - Psalm 22:21. Ex-slaves, Dany's children - "Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?" - Job 39:9. She freed them from slavery, and made them her army. "God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows." - Numbers 24:8. Could be that those visions are references to Bible, or to mythology, or that could be banners of 7K. It could be anything. But I think, that it's not nothing. It definitely means something. We just don't know what. GRRM is very crafty, with how he writes.
  23. There were evidences that Rhaego was born alive, and that he will live to adulthood. Young Griff is a Blackfyre pretender. He's a mummer's dragon, and mummer is Varys. fAegon is one of lies that Dany will slay. Not kill, just unmask (or maybe unmask and kill too). The other lie to slay is that Stannis is Azor Ahai, and third is that Jon Snow is a bastard of Ned Stark, while actually he is a Targaryen prince. He's that winged stone beast from the smoking tower, breathing shadow flame. He will be Azor Ahai, reborn amidst salt and smoke, at The Wall, and he's also a dragon, that will be awoken from stone by Melisandre, the last out of three dragon heads. Dany is first dragon, Rhaego is second, and Jon is third. In that order. Same as order in which dragon eggs became alive, and also order in which they were placed on Drogo's funeral pyre. Dany is not the last dragon. She needs two more Targaryens alongside her, to fulfill the prophecy. Also Dany will be reunited with Rhaego, before she will go to Westeros. So first she will find out that her son is alive, she will meet him in Vaes Dothrak. Then they will go to Meereen with all Dothraki. And then they will sail to Westeros. That will be a few years after 300 AC. If it takes one year for a small ship, to sail from Pentos to Asshai, then probably it will take a few years for Dany's armies, to sail from Meereen to Westeros. Then Dany will meet with fAegon, her dragons will feel that he's a fake. She will burn him. And then she will meet Jon. And he will become third dragonrider. fAegon could become a third dragonrider, alongside Jon and Dany, but it doesn't make any sense. Because he's the mummer's dragon, and also Quaithe warned Dany not to trust him. So it's unlikely that she will give one of her dragons to him. Also names of Dany's dragons are a hint to who will be their riders. Rhaegel - Rhaego, Viseryon - Jon (or rather I think that this dragon is a female, so she should be called Visenya. She made for herself a nest inside pyramid). Second egg, green, Rhaegel's, was placed on Drogo's funeral pyre, near his head, and Dany coiled his braid around it. Long hair is a symbol of fertility and children, and long braids of Dothraki is a symbol of their invincibility. So Rhaegel's rider will be Drogo's and Dany's son, and undefeated Khal, khal of khals that will unite all Dothraki in one khalasar, and all people of the world will be his herd (that's what the prophecy said, about the Stallion that will mount the world). And about Viseryon, Dany's brother Viserys thought, that he's the last dragon, last male Targaryen. But that's Jon. Dany is a female, and Rhaego is not a Targaryen, he is Rhaego son of Drogo, not Rhaego Targaryen. Also in the House of the Undying, Rhaegar said, that there should be one more. And later, when Dany was retelling this to Jorah, she said, that there was no Visenya. Rhaegar's children were Rhaenys (Rhaegel probably also is a female dragon. Probably Drogon is bigger, than the other two dragons, because he's the only male amongst them) and Aegon. But that Aegon was not the promised Prince, Rhaegar's next child is the right one. King Aerys had three children - Rhaegar, Viserys, and Dany. And Rhaegar also had three - Rhaenys, Aegon, and Aegon/Jon. In both cased the third child, is one of three dragon heads from the prophecy. Also Viseryon's egg was placed on funeral pyre, between Drogo's legs, which is a hint that this dragon's rider will be Dany's lover. Jon is the third mount that Dany will ride, the one to love. Her third husband after Drogo (the one to bed), and Hizdahr (the one to dread). My theory is based entirely, on what was written in the books. Other people don't get it, but it doesn't mean that I'm wrong. My theory connects all pieces into one completed picture. So it's very unlikely that I'm wrong, because there's evidences all over, in all previous books, that support my theory.
  24. He may not be dead. He was stabbed once in the belly, and once between shoulder blades. If those daggers didn't hit liver or heart, or blood artery, then those wounds are not critical. It's just that everything ended so abruptly, that we didn't even know, how serious were his wounds. Could be that they weren't even deep. Because in that cold whether, Jon was wearing multy layered clothes, wool, boiled leather, cape, maybe even ringmail. All of it lessened strength and depthness of those stabs. So where's cheating in that (Jon being still alive after that attack), if it was readers themselves, that misunderstood what was written in the book?
  25. Or wolves + bright birds + flowering trees = Starks + ravens, with souls of Children inside them + Weirwood Network, also with Childrens' souls inside it = Bran. If those are not banners of 7K's Houses, then maybe those threes should be added together? For example the last three together could be Bran. And that's whom Dany will meet at the end of her path. Thus the other two trinities, could be representing what will be in the beginning of her path, and in the middle of it.