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  1. One thought I have is what disrupted medieval and renaissance Europe? The Black Death (nb, GRRM does borrow a lot from history). It might be that the White Walkers will do enormous death and destruction in Westeros. Our intrepid heroes, Dany and Jon, (and the dragons) will sacrifice themselves in the struggle, and "win" in the end. Ostensibly, Dany, Tyrion, and Varys look to a better social structure. The Black Death, somewhat, improved the lot of peasants. Perhaps that is part of the endgame... Oh, and the Other's don't win, obviously :). [this post is sponsored by State Machine Enterprises as part of their general desire to support the arts and history]
  2. I pointed out the "last paragraph" as it seems to be an equivalence between Arya's overt training and your "presumed training" of Varys. I see the grammatical error in my post, so however is a mistake and not "operative", as it were...
  3. Your last paragraph, as I have posted (deleting a couple of references to other posts), however, makes a jump into unsupported water. One conjecture is that Vary's implies he's done anything and everything in his young life, so he may have picked up a lot of skills on his own (vaguely supported by the books), vs the other conjecture of Vary's being a trainee with the Faceless Man, with lots of ephemera to support that (but not supported by the books). And, further, spy-craft is spy-craft - the coincidence of one character trained by X (Faceless Man in this case) using it is not proof that another character using it must, therefor, have been trained by the the same X.
  4. Good point, though I was quibbling about specific training by the Faceless Man.
  5. My quibble is that I don't recall any notion that Varys has Faceless Man (apparently an unrecognized Jack Vance reference...) training. And, so far as I can recall, Varys is not known for direct action (prior to him putting a crossbow quarrel into Kennith, of course, and of the immediately prior death of Pycelle...)
  6. All in all, pretty nice. Though, my bolded bits give a Jon Snow = George Smiley, which is not expected in the text, given his character. But still, Jon does a baby swap showing a notion of Jon being a real (real politik) leader and such. Edit: though I think the direct act, by Jon, in the books is quite a bit different than the unlikely reveal of Varys as he kills Kennith Lannister, since it 1) seems out of context, and 2) as others have mentioned that perhaps Vary's (ex)spiders are listening and Vary's is playing to their audience - Queron and Circei...
  7. To be more serious than my last post. I think the Tyrells are the only folk in play. The Starks are done, The Lannisters are the enemy, the Tullys (are there anymore Tullys at this point?), the Martells are self absorbed (and have spent their wad on Quentin). The Iron Born don't count, since, well, they are iron born. So, Cercei, with her adviser, Queron (Machiavelli, though a rather pathetic version compared to OTL) I would like to see Cersei managing a defense of Kingslanding without Tyrion...
  8. Well... Since you mention it, Bran wargs Tommen, and they find common cause in their hate of their parents, and Bran shows Tommen "the way". Tommen uses his, new found, abilities to warg Margaret of Burgundy (GRRM) to replace Rhaegar (doesn't matter which one, but it is best with the last, who, in turn had a surprising birth (the union of Margaret of Anjou and my father)). Tommen and Bran then plot out the insidious and incestuous marriage of Tyrion (Edward IV) and Sansa (Richard III), and Cercei's, mature, love for Ser Jorah, with the odd threesome with Barriston Selmy, and the occasional foursome with Dany, when she is feeling especially frisky. Meanwhile Perkin Warbeck Bronn, jollys Lollys (Tywin), and we all feel good about that. Sadly Arya, first of her name, executes them all, with a particularly creepy death to the Blackfish(Henry V) and Shea (Jean D'arc). I don't have the words for what follows... ... Oops, I neglected to add a or a to my prior post...
  9. Hmm... There was a wonderful wargame in the 1970's - Kingmaker - about the Wars of the Roses. A principle lessen of the game is of real politik in how you played the game, and the value of having a Royal person in your "possession", because the game dynamics were of folk like Warwick, the King Maker, being much more important than the lineage of a king or a pretender.. Wait a second, aren't Bran and Rickon the Princes in the Tower? And Tommen is... the PTWP (Henry VII)... Apparently intending to over-throw the evil regime (of Joffery). Confused...
  10. Ahh, stupid, stupid, stupid me... retrospectively obvious. I've only read Mercy's chapter. Maybe I'll take a stroll through the other chapters available...
  11. A tree is a lot better than a stone! A tree grows, it propagates itself. It... is the forest. I foresee the future. All is foretold, and these last days on earthWesteros will be of great misery to the common folk, as well as the noble folk who are dupes of the prophecies of the great prophesier's, who propagate their palpable, parsimonious and perfidious, ptheories... Seven Kingdoms of lore. Five Kings at war. Three rings to rule us all... (oops, wrong soothsaying, and a slight mistatement... desperate for a rhyme... the Red Door (etc. and lets not get into kumquats...) One Stark to rule... who could ask for anything more? [apologies to falcotron who is an innocent dupe in my my revelation, and... who is the Stark? [start evil laughter] I will reveal that... [the fire, the pain, the pain, the pain...] Edit: an error about the LoTR rings...
  12. Skipping back to the historical analog of fAegon, Perkin Warbeck, who was really pathetic in his armed attempts at claiming "his crown". In the books, fAegon has the Golden Company and the Griff, which is a lot more than Perkin had. Then there are a lot of Yorkist's ready to rebel against Henry VII. Depending on where GRRM is in his interpretation of this (if he is doing it at all), the Tyrells do seem ready to "adapt" to the situation, but as you say, dependent on Margaery's situation at the moment. But... forgive the newbie, what is JonCon, and why does that effect Tarly? [the real reason I posted...] Cheers
  13. Of course, I am on record that nobody (the Lords) will care one way or another, other than if they stuck their neck out to support a rebellion (or counter they opposed the rebellion) - but we haven't seen any of that at the end of the ADwD. Aegon has just started... (btw, in real history Aegon's counterpart (Perkin Warbeck) had a really, particularly bad, really, really bad result...)
  14. I've been wondering. Lets posit that GRRM is no longer an active actor in the world of his creation. I don't think it unreasonable to think that if he had some life crisis that he might end up warging into one of his characters in TSOIAF. I'll go for Arry, since that is a character, so far as we can tell, can avenge, and do anything. Tyrion is a good choice, since he is GRRM's favorite character - but still Tyrion is a counter-puncher, not someone who makes it go. I can think of a few other characters, of importance, but... What do you think? Cheers
  15. It's obfuscation. The George Guard are pledged to protect George (GRRM) above all and employ any number of agit-prop techniques (like the insidious R+L=J theory to rile up and obscure the public ("the public, the public, how many fools does it take to make a public?") so that George (The Night King) will be secure in his position as "Emperor of the Universe". Seriously, I'm a very recent newcomer, myself. There are inside jokes, etc. among the fandom, apparently developed over many years (I wonder why?). My only thought from first reading through n'th reading was why was a letter delivered by person, not by raven? Especially considering the timing required, if I understand a previous post. Edit: I see that this is an old thread, resurrected, so StephenTheAndal is not likely to respond...