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  1. OK... For the sake of argument. The books are completely against you, but perhaps you are arguing what other actors in the books might think? Even though, your first bolded bit seems to imply that you haven't finished the books... In an extremely short period of time, the Boltons have usurped Theon Greyjoy who has usurped the Starks (who held Winterfell for several thousand years). ... Phiffle! I can't go on, my head's going to explode! The rest of the realm would except Arya being real, and would even know who the feck Mance is? Meanwhile there is overpopulation and mass starvation in the long-ago depopulated Gift because of the the attempt to settle the Wilderlings???
  2. Nothing to see here, move along please - a bit of troll killing, if you must know sir. Sad that you have been exposed to this lowly moment.
  3. Actually, I like this post. It's the only post of yours that doesn't have all kinds of crazy different fonts and styles and such. It's the only post that I could actually read and make sense of (so to speak, sort of, kind of, maybe)... But, the bolded bits are? Arguments where you are agreeing that these things are significant bits that might effect someone throughout their life but doesn't matter anyway (SanSan I suppose...) Or are some kind of negation of something or other and are compelling against whatever (anti SanSan I suppose)... So, while I appreciate a rather clean visual style in the post, I have a little problem with the content. Please forgive the sarcasm, or whatever... BTW, If you want to talk about shipping, I'll ship Blue-Eyed Wolf and The Weirwoods Eyes very happily. edit: oopsie, I missed where the next paragraph after the bolded bits is contradictory to those bits...
  4. Good thread.
  5. Betrayal... Always a good theme, and particularly relevant. I look forward to your next post...
  6. There are unfortunate parallels with John Norman's Gor novels... I really, seriously, don't think that is the case, but, in the spirit of OP, perhaps grrm was influenced somehow... Edit: nb, no endorsement from me on the series content. A little innocent at first, and then generally vile..
  7. INTERMISSION A kiss is just a kiss and more speculatively Kiss on My List (forgiving Sansa's list vs Arya's list...) END OF INTERMISSION
  8. Well, we can all agree that Jon is a frigging idiot (OK, not Jon lovers). This situation with Stannis, snow-bound. Wildlings beyond the wall. Shenanigans in Winterfell. And then there is the Pink Letter, and Jon's response, and apparent death... What's going on? It seems to be a pivotal plot moment. No unity from the fandom, that is for sure.
  9. I think the bold bits will do nicely to my question up-thread. It is all grey and fuzzy and readers will come to their conclusions depending on this, that, and everything - but no proper resolution can occur (as your posted details indicate) as there is no significant definition that allows the LC, Jon, to "free-lance" other than... There is the protecting the "Realms of Man" bit which could be interpreted as needed by any LC. This notion is part of the vow. The only defined death sentence is for desertion. I find it reasonable that a LC could take extraordinary acts to protect the realms of man, and not face a death sentence. But, this is akin to Ceaser crossing the Rubicon... Like the US impeachment powers in the congress where "high crimes and misdemeanors" are whatever the congress wants (he/she cheats at cards, has extra-marital relations, murders someone in cold-blood, or generally behaves boorishly). The legally defined power structure in the NW has not, historically, been a problem. But is now... @Edgar Allen Poemont
  10. Excellent! I used the word "legalistically" (if such exists...). Your post implies circumstances that might require the judgement of the LC to bend "traditional" interpretation of the LC's duties. But still, it might be useful to compare any variance from supposed "normal" legal/societal order compared to, basically, everything going on in Westeros (the rape of the land, incest, regicide, fratricide, insecticide) vs NW activity. Oops, sorry insecticide is probably not supported in the text unless grrm's food porn might have mentioned in passing
  11. Is the tissue paper pink? [don't look!] BTW, I have two "lovable" cats. One has a severe paper fetish where bringing in groceries in a paper bag, and then leaving the bag on the floor is the greatest act of love (except for his "special snacks"). An ASOAIF tie in? Perhaps...
  12. grrm = patchface
  13. Arya = Odysseus of some ancient fame. Her story arch is of the Odyssey. This, set during the 100 Years War of real history, as adapted by grrm. Boring, perhaps, but telling a lot about the effects of the wars in Westeros. [nb, I think it's great!] BTW, *horrors*, if one were to take the analogy too far... Penelope (Sansa) is awaiting Odysseus (Arya), as she weaves (knits, prevaricates, or whatever to extricate herself from her dilemma). You can only take the use of "needles" so far in analogy...
  14. Until we have George's next book, we have a situation akin to Schrödinger's cat.
  15. Great post! My quote of your post went a bit long because I felt it summarised things quite nicely. There is one bit though, that I as a lazy git won't do the research on - to what degree does the book text support the notion of the Lord Commander of the Watch being the "equivalent" of a sovereign compared to the notion that the Watch will not interfere in the affairs of the Seven Kingdoms? This is, I think, a key bit on whether Jon's actions can, legalistically, be considered valid. You have asserted that is true. And the Pink Letter is a complication. I think kissedbyfire brings up motivation, as compared to duty, in Jon's decision making. This problem is everywhere in this thread. There is probably no judgement to be made right now, since, well, Jon is dead and the book ended...