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  1. Two families, technically.
  2. This is something I've been thinking about for some time, and there doesn't really seem to be a general consensus on the matter. How good a swordsman is Jon supposed to be in season 7? His skill has improved over the course of the series, Jon of season 7 is a much better fighter than he was when he got his ass kicked by Karl Tanner in season 4. He definitely has swordsmanship in his blood, both of his parents where good fighters in their own right. He's fought and survived several battles (Hardhome, BotBastards, the Wight-raid), partly due to plot-armour but also due to his own skill. He evidently has no problems defeating wights, regular soldiers, and even a White Walker poses little actual threat to him in a 1v1. (With that said, we don't really know how good of a fighter a White Walker actually is, they seem to rely more on the fact that they're immune to mundane weaponry than actual martial prowess.) Ramsay comments about Jons swordsmanship in S6E9: "I keep hearing stories about you bastard, the way the people in the north talk about you you're the greatest swordsman that ever walked. Maybe you are that good.", and Ramsay wasn't exactly a slouch in combat himself. So how good is Jon compared to other renown westerosi swordsmen of history? How good is he if we only compare him to people who are currently alive?
  3. It just felt that way, what with the "I tempted you"-speech from Lancel. And Robert was dead as well when she slept with Lancel back in S2.
  4. He owns a castle. Unlike Walder Frey, he has no standing army loyal to him. LF had no real power over the Riverlands, that power belong to the Lannisters and the Freys.
  5. If you're gonna bring up social stigma, then it's worth considering that cousins and aunts/nephews aren't considered incest in Westeros (nor many modern countries today), only sexual relations between siblings and parents/children is. Which makes the High Sparrows arrest of Cersei in S5 all the more strange. She was accused of sleeping with Lancel, her cousin, but surely if the faith considered cousins to be incest and hence "immoral/illegal", then it wouldn't be so accepted and widespread throughout Westeros as it already is?
  6. "I had a pact with Tywin Lannister, and Tywin Lannister is dead. The remaining Lannisters are a thousand miles away, dealing with that fact. They've never once, in the history of the Seven Kingdoms, sent their army this far North. If you think they will for us, you're a fool. We've become a Great House, by entering into alliance with other Houses and parlaying those alliances into greater power. The best way to forge a lasting alliance, isn't by peeling a man's skin off. The best way is marriage. Now that you're a Bolton by Royal decree, it's high time you married a suitable bride. And as it happens, I've found the perfect girl to solidify our hold on the North." - Roose Bolton, S5E3. Roose wasn't afraid of Tommen (or Cersei) so he didn't care what the Lannisters would think. If Tywin was still alive in S5, then it would've been a different story altogether.
  7. Wut?
  8. Perhaps she's refering to Young Griff who's clearly not the real Aegon? (If he was he wouldn't had been cut from the TV-show)
  9. It seems by 7x07 that Jamie is on his own, but historically most (or at least, many) armies loyalties lie with their commanders and not the king/president, etc. He might rally his army somewhere but I doubt it. There's really no reason for the Lannister-army to be loyal to Cersei over Jamie at this stage as you say, especially given that this is a male-dominant society, but I bet come S8 the Lannister-army will be fully dedicated to Cersie becase Lena Headey™
  10. Or the wrong kind of music. Nothing makes a horror/intense scene scarier/more intense than some happy music. Just imagine the Field of Fire in S7E4 or the Wightraid in S7E6 with the Benny Hill Theme in the background instead.
  11. You're making stuff up... There is nothing in the show that hints or confirms that dead bodies north of the wall automatically turn into wights. There is nothing in the show that hints or confirms that people who get killed by wights automatically turn into wights. There is nothing in the show that hints or confirms that there's some sort of "vinter-virus" that's infecting dead tissue. No NK no WW's. No WW's no Wights.
  12. It's probably quite limited. He had to physically touch Viserion before he could turn him, and we've only ever seen him (or other WW's) raise bodies who where in close proximity. I'd be surprised if he could raise corpses who are further than a few hundred meters away. That's because there are WW's at the wall on occasion. We saw a WW and wights close to the wall already in S1E1 and we know WW's were close to Crasters Keep in order to take his newborn sons. Where there are WW's, it's safe to assume that there are also wights. Wights aren't vampires or classic zombies who infect/turn those they kill/bite. Nothing in the show leads us to believe that people who are killed by wights automatically turn into wights themselves. This is simple classic necromancy; wights kill people, and then the NK/WW's raise said dead people. The NK clearly raised the dead himself after the battle at Hardhome. If the corpses (who where all killed by either wights or WW's) would turn into wights automatically, then there would be no need for him to actually raise them himself.
  13. He'd be about 6-7 years old in S8. But he's not alive though. I never understood or believed in that theory. When and how would MMD have time to spirit Rhaego away and how would she do it without anyone in the remaining khalasaar (or Jorah) noticing? And why would MMD return to Daenerys if she successfully hid Rhaego somewhere, why not just hide with him?
  14. I said Bran might warg into Viserion, not Rhaegal.
  15. I think it's a red herring, but the three heads could also be a metaphor for those who will save the realm from eternal winter. The Dragon ("fire made flesh", antithesis to the NK's ice) has 3 heads as in 3 champions who together will bring down the NK; Jon, Daenerys and Bran. Does this mean that they will also all three actually ride dragons? Possibly (Jon might ride Rhaegal and Bran might warg Viserion) but I doubt it. I was never that convinced that Jon will actually ride Rhaegal in the first place and I still ain't. I can understand that people want it to happen (I do too to some extent) but I don't think it will actually happen. Rhaegal doesn't actually need a rider in order to wreak havoc upon the AotD, but Jon's excellent swordsmanship and leadership is more needed on the ground and would go to waste if he rode Rhaegal.
  16. For what it's worth, the GoT-wiki lists Jon as the Prince who was promised and Daenerys as the Princess who was promised. I know this doesn't mean anything since it's regular viewers who edit the wiki so they might be just as wrong (or right) as anyone who speculates on S8, but I think that they're onto something. There has to be a reason why Valyrian noun for "Prince" is gender neutral; probably because the PotW is a red herring or because it's both a Prince and a Princess.
  17. Or it implies that the throne is her for the taking if she would've just reached out and taken it, but instead she leaves it behind, goes north and finds her family again. (It's not like they could have Kit Harrington sit in that tent back in S2, that would've ruined...a lot of things.) Sounds familiar? Probably because that was her arc in season 7. The war against Cersei was pretty much won, Dany could've just taken the IT there and then, but instead she decides to go north to help save the realm, and so happens to find her last remaining family member while doing so. You say that, but do you have any actual hints or proof of this, other than "it's to happy/obvious an ending if she survives"? I can give you plenty of hints that suggests that she will survive (LotR-parallels, War of the Roses-parallels, the supposedly bittersweet but satisfying ending, the fact that she's most likely pregnant which will buy her 9 more months at the very least, how Daenerys is one of the "safe 5" from the original plotline, etc.) - Your turn.
  18. True, but we don't know for sure that valyrian steel (or dragonglass) can harm him either, and if it can't that rules out Jon (and anyone with a valyrian steel weapon) as well. True, but this is a prophecy, and I believe that anyone who interprets it at face value is fooling themselves. Don't take the prophecy to literal, everything in it is most likely a metaphor. Or do you believe that AA will actually kill someone else on the show by drawing forth a burning sword (Dawn?) from their chest? Also, do we know that the original AA killed the NK with Lightbringer? Because if he didn't, then nothing hints that that's the way it will go down in the show either (unless of course, it's all metaphors.) Yes, but this hints to both Jon and Dany, and only in metaphorical ways: Jon was born in the blood of his mother and the sword Dawn was resting on the edge of the bed. Not exactly a "bleeding star" per se, but there was blood and a star involved. Daenerys on the other hand, burned MMD and Drogo (and herself) while the red star was falling (and it looked like an actual bleeding star) in season 1, and was "reborn" alongside her dragons. The prophecy doesn't explicitly say that AA will kill the NK with the sword, just that the sword "marks" the wearer as AA; the one to lead the fight against the darkness (a parallel here would be how Excalibur (an actual sword) marked the one who pulled it out of the fire stone as the one true king), and technically Jon and Dany are both already leading the fight against the darkness. Typing this I started thinking of what Melissandre said to Jon back in S5; "The Lord of Light made us male and female, two parts of a greater whole. In our joining there's power. Power to make life, power to make light, power to cast shadows." This is coming from a fanatical red priestess obsessed with the AA-prophecy. With this quote in mind, I think it's very likely that AA reborn is not one person but two; one male and one female. Obviously I could be wrong.
  19. Source for this statement please.
  20. AA might be a red herring or it might be someone we don't expect it to be, but it might also Jon and Dany together. I doubt it's either Jon or Dany who's AA however, it'll either be both of them or none of them. I disagree on Dany dying however. I genuinely believe she will survive the series, since all the hints that's been dropped suggests that she will survive. People only expect her to die "because this is GoT" or because they dislike the character and want her to die.
  21. GRRM did a great job at: 1) Hiding who the real main protagonists were during the first books. 2) Making people think that characters who weren't actually the main protagonists were the main protagonists, so when they got killed off the readers/audience are left with a "no one is safe"-feeling. (Which still exists this late in the game, which is a testimony to his writing.) With only 1 season left, we can in hindsight clearly see that Ned and Robb, while being big characters, were never the main protagonists of the show.
  22. Some did, which is why I find the "It can't be, it's too obvious"-argument so hilarious and why I wrote my earlier "it only looks obvious because it looks likely to happen now"-post.
  23. And Tormunds daughters. In before "Jon is the YMBQ"...
  24. What makes you think that? He hasn't really lived in exile and he has no army to win the war with. The only remotely Tudor-ish thing about him is that he's not that unlikely to marry into the York/Stark-family. If the show has a Henry Tudor-character at all, I'd say that's far more likely to be Daenerys.
  25. The wildlings do think that Jon is "some kind of god" as Tormund put it, even if the show only does a semi-decent job of showing it. They're in awe when Jon is resurrected and it's one of the reasons they chose to fight for him at the BotB, and still follow Jon (in a way). It's also a parallel to the dothraki who think that Daenerys is a goddess.