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  1. I thought about this concept since all the fans are complaining about show having too much incest and Jon and Dany are doomed because when they know and if still are together its Jaime and Cersei 2.0. And I think while yes the Lannister Incest in the show and Craster bedding his daughters is truely disgusting but I also think Martin is a very brilliant man and I dont think with The Targ and Targ unions is about just because they are Targs. In my overall feeling i think The Original Targaryens are kinda like special beings something simular too Elves almost. And I think at some point the first male and female targ were maybe once Dragons and as you know Dragons or any animal race. With Dragons or so on its about sent and I think Targs excluding The Mad king who was just crazy and was a monster. What I mean is i think The targ attraction for other targs is about the dragon finding that mate all over again. Now with Rhaegar it is clear Lyanna for some reason has this simular Targ mate bond and he cannot resist her. Now we have Jon and Dany Two Targaryens and it happens while Jon did Love Ygritte first but and dany Drogo. Which would say there being non blood related makes them more ideal. I think Targaryen unions is more about that perfect Mate Magicly and On some level Two Targs are drawn together and no matter what Jon and dany were gonna be together because i think with targs its more of a special destiny deal who they bond with. With Jaime and Cersei its just pure incest because while they think Targs being together is about Blood and they Lannisters turned what may be more magical and beautiful into something sick and something else. Now its clear not all targs were good Nobel people and its clear that once the Dragons died like dany said there Bloodline was broken from that special Targ bond from The valerian targs and Aegon. Maybe it has taken First Men Blood In Lyanna to recreate that Magic Bond Link the Targs Special Bond had back to how it originall was. I know this concept sounds like i am trying to have an excuse too like Jon and Dany and not Make it like Cersei and Jaime which that relationship sickened me. I am not doing it that btw. i Just have a feeling Jon and Danys bond is more then about being Blood Related.
  2. Why is it Brans Place to tell JOn anything. This was Ned secret to tell Jon alive or in a letter after death like in a will. Bran has no business to tell or play god. I would rather They tell Dany first figuring Jon would listen more too the person he has feelings for but my hope is Dany cant tell jon out of fear of loosing him and doesnt and learns she is pregnant and when Bran is gonna tell Jon the war starts and Bran gets killed. Sam will maybe tell Jon but on maybe near Danys death bed if she has a baby. I seriously think her fate is Lyannas. And I want it to end where Jon loves her and isnt messed up and they loose time as parents because of the ick factor becaus bran is robot and doesnt care what he says does.
  3. I know its a gross plot idea but they are targ and if Dany become pregnant that will change whatever jon hestitation could be around Dany after he learns the truth. Jon wont abandon a child or a women not after the whole Ygritte break up and her death.
  4. Tyrion has great respect for Jon and he sees the love happening before Jon and Dany admit it. Tyrions look concern is just game of thrones misdirection like they made it like Sansa and Jon would be enemies but it was just sibling bickering and Sansa still is loyal. Even though she thinks jon needs too be smarter and more ruthless. Tyrion is not they enemy but friend of the parents too whomever child is born
  5. My feeling is with the wall down there wont be time for the norther lords too be against jon and dany and i think Jona nd Dany are private people at this stage anyways and wont bring up being a couple only maybe Sansa will since it or tell.
  6. Cersei is lying anyways and isnt going to help them and so Tyrion the master politics person was played and his dumb plan meant zero and what will happen is Jon the hero that is will have to protect people and fight the army of the dead for Dany and Tyrion to have whatever future as rulers. So the Honest Jon Snow will spill his blood and be known as a hero while cersei will be known as the cowardly cancer that did nothing. So I say Jon an Honest Man will win out even if dies.
  7. My overall opinion is that the whole dumb plan was tyrions and blaming jon when cersei has no wish to help anyways is more show runners making starks look weak because they are noble deal. Also I think Jon doesnt care about the games of westeros cause he thinks the night king and the army of the dead will win and lies wont change anything.
  8. Ned had to stay loyal Baratheon even if Jon would be the real aire or Dany. If Ned would have seemed any pro Targ it would have put jon in danger so Neds true feelings was a lie as well about Politics but in the North He was King basicly and so Ned stayed north too avoid being near Lannister and Roberts kingdom.
  9. Well maybe i was wrong Ned was mad at Robert for the women and children slaughter allowed to be done by tywins men .
  10. I kinda have been in this Shippers Table since seen episode 6 and 7. I know everyone loved Brienne and Tormond or Brienna and Jaime and while Jaime and Brienne could have sex. I just have a feeling as and end game theory is that Jaime will die in brienne's arms maybe and Tormond likely will die no later then episode 3 of season 8. I think in the series finale we will hear tyrion or whomever is talking mention what happened to all the people who survived the night king and queen cersei possible betrayle. I think the person will mention Brienne as a Wife to a real Dog of A Lord Husband cause think Hound will be named Lord of House Clegane and They would or will name there two children a boy and a girl, Jaime and Arya.
  11. Didn't Robert Baratheon tell Brandon Stark Rhaegar had taken Lyanna and not that Lyanna left with Rhaegar willingly. Robert basicly got Neds brother and Fire Roasted. I kinda get Ned maybe had some level of dislike for Robert but he was king so am certain Ned had to pretend to be the same loyal friend. Ned pretty much snapped over the Council wanting too have Dany and her baby murdered and Ned true bottled up feelings came out.
  12. People are picking on Jon Because he admitted he bent the Knee in public. Jon never liked Tyrions plan too start with and last time Ned was near a bunch of lannisters he lost his head anyways. So I think Jon didnt care about making Cersei happy because to the North she is a criminal queen at best. I Liked Jons Lies Speech. Also Jon was the only one not groveling at cersei feet and we now know cersei wants to kill them anyways not matter what.
  13. I think Dany will have a fast labor and have Lyannas fate and Jon wont have time or have to do any marriage.But I also think will defeat the nights king but be killed off from cersei plot like ned. Its gonna be a sad ending cause there child likely will never know there parents cause Martin and D and D hate a good ending.
  14. I think people are being a little hard on Jon for the whole leaving the night watch thing after the stabbing and ygrittes death would be too much for any man. Some people just hating on jon i think. I do think Jon is doomed because he will not rest until he dies and I think he will rule because people ask him and not because wants to lead. What depends on Jon is which has the best plot armor Dany or jon with the creators of the show.
  15. Dany doesnt know Tyrion exists in that way. Sure I know Jon will feel strange about there being related but i have the feeling that Dany will get pregnant which will be confirmed while in winterfell and when the battle for winterfell happens and Jon will figure out how he feels if dany almost gets hurt or dies. For once i wanna see Dany in trouble and Jon saves the day.