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  1. Colorful imagery.
  2. Robb not accepting Stannis as King, when his father literally died for Stannis' cause, is part of the irony of that story arc.
  3. You should research some basic rules of formatting.
  4. Throwing in Bonifer's lackluster family history somewhat ruins the line leading up to Dany and Jon Snow., which clearly has been kept very tightly Targaryen/First Men. The whole point of the generations of incest is that Dany is still pretty much half Targaryen and half First Men despite seeming so purely Targ. If Rhaegar is not also half Targ and half FM, then Jon has a random bit of Hasty blood and is in fact unaware of a living grandfather who is working with the Lannisters. It really doesn't fit the narrative.
  5. Depends on if they can get the Wildlings to pay for it.
  6. Stannis loses, Dany saves the day, Euron brings forth a kraken and BTFO Redwyne, Aegon will get his first major win.
  7. I would expect it is supposed to be "The King's" blood. The real question is not who is considered a king, but who is THE king? Garth Greenhand? An ancient long dead Valyrian? The current Targaryen/Baratheon king?
  8. Nope. Rickon has been eaten by cannibals in order for him to ascend to their throne as a god-king. Davos will follow the trail of Rickon being their king leading their army, only to learn at the end of his journey through Skagos that Rickon is dead.
  9. IIRC characters mention a "hell" every so often. Dunno if their belief means that there's any real hell or not though.
  10. Old Nan is only a mystery to us the readers. I would assume that Ned, Cat and the kids all know her story and consider it pretty unremarkable. We only care because she is tied to other characters we care about.
  11. When reviewing who poisoned who and with what, it's important to keep Occam's Razor in mind. Poison is itself a tool of convenience- you use it because it's easy and has little evidence. So do we use mental gymnastics to turn one twist (Joff was poisoned by LF) into another wholly more complicated twist? No. On topic for the OP, I would expect Sansa would have treated Tommen well and he would do the same to her. Judging by Robert Arryn, Sansa seems to be decent with children. And we learn from later chapters that Tommen is fairly kind-hearted.
  12. Kinslaying is a vile sin, so terrible that one of the previous Hands was sent to the wall for having his cousin killed. Nobody wants you to kill your kin. However your scenario would likely merely result in a demotion or perhaps a seizure of lands or lent possessions. Things that a head of a family has every right to do to their kin.
  13. "blood of the dragon"
  14. Victarion chapters are my favorite chapters. There, I said it.
  15. To me the more confusing thing is why "The North" doesn't have an actual name. Even "Westerlands" has a sort-of name to it instead of just The West.