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  1. A guy who got royally screwed.
  2. I find this highly likely. People loved Rhaegar and hated Aerys. Plus Dany has a rather bad reputation on top of delineating from the Mad King, while Aegon can lean heavily on Rhaegar's romanticized history on top of his own inspiring backstory.
  3. Vic's sense of right and wrong is on full display. A man defends himself to the end, and a person who cannot do this is worthy of contempt. From Vic's POV giving the guy a knife was a generous and helpful thing that he did not have to do at all. I'm sure Vic thought he was being quite kind. After Kerwin shows that he cannot even defend himself, his only use is as a sacrifice to feed the hungry god(s), much like the beauties Victarion later sacrifices on the burning ship.
  4. Victarion chapters are a wonderful journey into a scary, passionate and simple man.
  5. Where exactly? Maidenpool? He'd have to take Harrenhal as his base which is not exactly an easy feat. At that point he would be beset with enemies on all sides almost immediately. I would venture to say the Riverlands is the worst place he could land. His actual landing place of the Stormlands, a largely unmanned and vulnerable region of strategic significance (he can more easily ally Dorne and take the Crownlands or the Reach from their unguarded sides) is by far the best thing for Aegon's ambitions.
  6. Littlefinger wanting the Iron Throne is a pretty show-exclusive concept. He want's power yes, but the throne is entirely too risky of a position. There are many competitors vying for the position who would gladly kill for the crown, the Targaryens, Baratheons, Lannisters, and Blackfyres all could rally enough support over Petyr and just kill him. Plus there are very few High Lords who would sit by and let him call himself their liege considering his origins. He's pretty much hit the ceiling of status that he can realistically attain IMO, and even then it's only temporary.
  7. What about Cersei's unsecured ravens, and her relationship to the Bravosi sept raid? Several Westeros men lost their lives because of her carelessness! SAD!
  8. Roose is a vampire.
  9. R+L=J It's the stupidest theory and I don't understand why so many people are willing to put on tinfoil hats to support it.
  10. He makes the same mistakes Barristan made in Meereen. He trusts the wrong people and is too blindly loyal to an absent ruler. If he had taken charge during Robert's absence (and I mean REALLY taken charge, as in doing what Renly suggested) he would have been fine. Or if he had not been so trusting and kept his own men about him he would have been better prepared for Cersei, as others have said.
  11. All the counterpoints you list are done before the parties involved seize power. My argument is that once you are in charge you can make up whatever law you want and it is "legal" as long as you say so. Allow me to counter-counter-point High Sparrow seizes power from the crown when he abducts Cersei and Marge. The Crown and Lords concerned can do nothing while the High Sparrow holds his own trial at his own pace, holding two Queens hostage. He is indeed granted permission for the Swords and Stars, but now that they are in power can anyone effectively remove their legitimacy? Is this "legal"? Certainly this depends on who you ask. With Cersei I was thinking of her abuse of power in Feast, appointing whoever she wants for positions in her circle. She up-jumps several people and while this isn't strictly "illegal" their powers come from her directly, and her alone. If Cersei were to lose power (in a more permanent fashion) her entourage would dissolve swiftly. Aerys is only killed because he had an extensive history of being loony, not because of the legality of his final actions. Robert's uprising was more personal regarding Lyanna and Jon's defiance was personal as well with not wanting to release his wards. Regarding Aerys specifically, there was a buildup of several decades, with his mental state being the key factor. It had nothing to do with "you can't do that, that's illegal!". It was more of "I personally do not like your decisions, and I have the clout to say no!" which if anything proves my point. Roose wants the legal title, sure, but he breaks guest rite and allows his bastard to illegally claim lands that they had no right to seize. He lies to his liege and performs treason. He marries Ramsay into the Starks to solidify his descendants, but only because Winter is coming and he will need to keep his vassals in check. Thats pragmatic, not law-abiding for its own sake. Also, with Roose you must remember he still claims the Rite of First Night, murdering one of his own subjects and raping his wife when they do not obey him. That's in direct opposition to the King's law and the laws of the North. TL;DR might makes right
  12. I laughed out loud. "Legal"? Are you having a giggle, mate? Whoever is the most powerful militarily decides what's legal based on whim and fancy. See- Cersei, Aerys, High Sparrow, Tywin, Roose, Jon Connington, Dany, the list goes on forever. You think anyone gives a rats arse if something is """"""LEGAL"""""?
  13. My pet theory is that the tree was planted because lemons were the sweetest fruit available at the time.
  14. Ohh gotcha. Well I guess in that regard I'm pretty influenced by the television show in most cases. Most I think of as just the actors in appearance ad voice. The only exceptions are Roose (who I imagine is much more Dracula-like, having a classier whisper voice and his book description) and Daario (who I imagine more closely to the book description looks-wise and I hear him with an eccentric Latin style accent).
  15. Then why are you posting in a speculative thread at all?