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  1. Stannis isn't an animal lover after Proudwing. I doubt he'd have the temperament to train or bond with a dragon if he somehow got one in the current story. He'd be chow right along with Quentyn. Speaking of, Quent just goes to show why the dragons need some special treatment to bond with. Blood might be good, whips and domination may be useful, but neither is good enough alone or even combined. It'll make the horn or whatever it is that works on the dragons seem that much more special.
  2. I would assume the "surrender your weapons" is more metaphorical than actually needing to FedEx an axe from wherever you are living all the way to King's Landing. How would Maegor even know if you just moved away and stopped being outwardly devout?
  3. Agreed. Some people just get killed randomly and without consequence, never to be missed. I think the same is true of Tyrek. RIP
  4. Marg would probably feel pretty dumb as she dies considering she likely knew about the poison.
  5. All this Petyr confidence is surprising. He's very manipulative to be sure. However he controls pieces only a few levels deep, having people manipulate other people for a short time only to dispose of them quickly. He's pretty well despised by many of his pieces and certainly would not be defended by anyone out of true loyalty. Given better options all of his people in the Vale and Crownlands would abandon him without any hangups. Varys is the one who's bee around for decades, playing the slow game with pieces that have pieces that have pieces, all working for him (some without knowing it). Varys has a Dragon, elephants, and armies. He's shown flexibility in his plans and can adapt to any change. Viserys is dead? Adapt. Drogo is dead? Adapt. Dany has dragons?? ADAPT. And the critical part- Varys has people who are actually on his side out of true loyalty and alliance. Illyrio, the Golden Company and all of Aegon's backers follow along on Varys' side because they want to.
  6. I bet Sandor just wanted a crack at his brother.
  7. Drogo and Dany are the "bad guys" in that plot without a doubt. Nothing that happened was Mirri's fault and she gets burned to death anyway.
  8. If Aegon VI dies and Jon's name is revealed to be Aegon he would be Aegon VII. That doesn't necessarily mean Aegon VI is not important.
  9. I could see a scenario where Dorne patches up Arianne's plot to crown Myrcella by pairing her with Aegon. Even with Tommen alive it would be a good option, as it would be decent insurance to get Westerland forces on their side after King's Landing is taken.
  10. You guys are pretty harsh on some of these POV's. Vic isn't dumb, he's just willful and stubborn. There's a difference. You don't get to be the captain of the Iron Fleet by being dumb. Dumb-ness is more aligned with woeful ignorance and a lack of critical thinking. My list for top dumbest POV is as follows. 1. Arianne 2. Barristan 3. Pate 4. Quentyn 5. Sansa All of these characters are either gullible or show very shallow thinking. Sansa is pretty young so she gets a bit of a break, everyone else is quite inept. Arianne is borderline retarded and can't put 2 and 2 together to save her life. Guaranteed she buys into Aegon as a Targ and dooms her family. Barry seems to be intentionally simple minded. Pate is a bit cleverer but still trusts a stranger and gives away important info. Quent is really just a product of his upbringing and finds himself in a bad situation he isn't smart enough to manage well.
  11. The same way the nukes took Japan by surprise I'd expect.
  12. Part of the reason Robert was so vengeful against the Targs was that he believed Rhaegar had literally raped Lyanna to death. That's a pretty brutal way to go. I can't comb through the books atm but since Robert was the King I expect his Kingdom would follow his lead and believe the same thing. I doubt that Viserys or Dany care enough about Lyanna to even think about her. EDIT- also, since Ned was the one who witnessed her death I can only assume he is the one who started the raped-to-death rumor.
  13. Mel says that her magic is stronger at the Wall. And Targaryens seem to be a fairly magical bunch. I'm sure Aemon is correct that the Wall was helping him stick around.
  14. I don't think "She-wolf" is specific to Lyanna. Isn't Dunk going to meet some she-wolves in the next D&E novel?
  15. I think it's just what it looks like. Nipples aren't useless, but metal ones on a breastplate are definitely useless. Not everything is "Arbor Gold" level symbolism.