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  1. Here ya' go... My take... What can come out of one end of a critter, can come out the other... You got it!... Dragons have afterburner!! Mach 2 dragons... who knew?!
  2. My guess as to the fate of Edmure Tully? He'll be an end credit clip in the grand finale! After the last credits the scene will show Edmure being let out of a dungeon cell...
  3. My guess as to the father of Cersei's "baby"!?... Qyburn... Why? We haven't seen any really cool "Dr.Frankenstein" stuff out of him for awhile, and it's not about 'what have you done for me', but more about 'what have you done for me lately' (Cersei is high maintenance after all)!. Re-animating the Mountain was cool, but that's been awhile ago, and the knock off Da Vinci crossbow was a bust (for more reasons than I'll go into here ). So... What has Qyburn done for Cersei? I'm of the opinion that he's put some sort of blood magic voodoo baby in her a la Melisandre!
  4. Oops! My bad! :)... Yes it was Dany... Hmm... Could be she has some experience in judging the difference from the fly overs she's done on troop formations :)... Photo recon dragons...Who knew!?
  5. The fate of Edmure could be an amusing end credit clip for the grand finale showing him being let out of a dungeon cell
  6. In the Dragon Pit summit it was mentioned that there were at least 100k