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  1. Nah, I'm referring to how the morning after, Marg's gloating to Cersei is portrayed as humourous and sympathetic, and Cersei is still treated as the shit one somehow. Tommen himself... yeah, pretty accurate reaction for a victim of the emotional (rather than physical) side of sexual manipulation. But the whole thing is played out as 'Marg = Good guy, Cersei = Bad Guy' when... eh, it's all the same shit, they're both horrible people and surprisingly, I'm seeing Cersei as slightly more sympathetic in that situation. And dude, don't get snarky with me. I liked your username (it's a rightly deserved pisstake of the Sam sex scene, I presume. God GRRM is a bad sex scene writer :P) but you're toeing the line between being playful and being an arsehole. Look, I get it, you're angry that everyone's criticising a show you love, but... you're getting consumed by it a little. You're fighting everyone, always in your mind (dank philosophy from Littlefinger: Applied!)
  2. Yeah, see, if they depicted it as a necessary evil, that'd be all well and good, but it's pretty obvious it's played for humour, aka 'lucky kid amirite'. Which is a shame, but eh, out of the things I pointed out, Marg's sexual manipulation of Tommen being unfortunately poorly toned is like, the least of the issues. At least it's not an objective plothole, just proof that D&D are morons.
  3. I think most sane people know the 'Season 8 leaks' are fake. Not because of the poor quality, oh no. The fact they remembered the Tullys existed. Like that would ever happen
  4. Out of interest, are you a Trump supporter, because you're describing Trump with VERY flattering terms. I mean, if there's one thing Trump's first year in power has shown, it's that he's NOT a natural leader. Off the top of my head, I can draw similarities: Euron: Makes no attempt to say anything meaningful, ineffectually brags about cock size (there's no problems with my hands, and there's no problems elsewhere, I assure you), makes grandiose claims (gonna build the biggest naval fleet/wall ever, and it will be beautiful), says one thing, then means another (marry Daenerys, oh wait, I mean Cersei now), thinks woman candidates inherently are a joke (bleeding from her wherever, anyone? Not that I liked Hillary, but come on, man), ultimately wins the approval of the people by being an idiotic bully in trying times because people want change. Daenerys: Makes grandiose claims, proposes slogans rather than actual policies (MAGA/Break the wheel), brags about prior achievements incessantly, even if they're irrelevant, likes to believe conspiracy theorists (cave drawings = real, present danger, gais!), makes no attempt to say anything meaningful, ultimately wins the approval of the people by being an idiotic bully because people will take anything that represents change, says one thing, then means another... Yeah, both of them are weirdly Trump-like. Neither have grabbed something by the pussy yet, but I can wait. I know that Euron is at least an intentional Trump parody. PS: If you are a Trump supporter, it explains why you think Margaery and Tommen isn't a case of sexual abuse of a child; you wouldn't mind it if child sex laws were overturned so you can be like his buddy Roy Moore, amirite?
  5. Understatement of the fucking century given their remarks on Inside the Episode.
  6. While you and I have had our disagreements, touche. D&D begged their budget department for the wight polar bear, and at first I thought it was stupid, and in no way worth it. Then you made that pun, and it was worth it.
  7. Huh, now that you mention it, Dany and Euron are both unnervingly like Trump. I was thinking Euron was the only Donald expy, but nope, there's another, and unlike Euron, this one's unintentional.
  8. Wouldn't that be the day? Alas, if you so much as playfully criticise Game of Thrones on these forums, it's to be expected. It's okay, after all, variety of opinion is the spice of life. Joyless debate is somewhat cathartic to me XD
  9. It's an accidental story being told, to be sure. And I can go one further by saying he conned the Iron Bank with his folksy wisdom for shits and gigs
  10. They wanna champion feminism in the same way angry liberal college students do: To virtue-signal to become popular, and only do it by making women strong by either making them stereotypically manly or using sex as a weapon rather than because, you know, they might want to. Because actually not being sexist is hard.
  11. If they end up keeping Arya's ending the same as whatever GRRM had in mind, and that whatever is her ironically embracing motherhood, hoo boy. The transition between psycho-face Arya and family-oriented Arya within six hour-long episodes is gonna transition like a car crash.
  12. If you expect Arya to positively embrace her femininity in Game of Thrones, I honestly don't know what show you've been watching, but it's not GoT. Arya treated Sansa's feminine tasks with disdain, and seems to think killing people is the best form of social mobility she has, and according to D&D, Needle isn't a representation of home, like the Books, but revenge. Just get into the moronic headspaces of D&D for a moment. Do you: 1: Intelligently explore Arya's relationship with femininity and women's role in society, as well as opening up her desires for romantic companionship and maybe some stability after the chaos she's been through, or: 2: Make her use that valyrian steel dagger of hers to kill a White Walker and be the most awesome, vengeance-killing BADASS GRILL to placate the legions of fans who watch Game of Thrones in a bar, oohing and ahing over every solitary showing of a tit, dragon, or mutilated body part? Think about what D&D would do, not what an intelligent writer who wants to explore intelligent ideas would do. There, you'll find your answer.
  13. Ah, true, I forgot to preserve all the links.
  14. The Off-Screen Zone and Inside the Episode are the only ways to 'make sense' of the show, and if your work is so poor at speaking for itself that you need the creators going 'uh, Needle, uh, means revenge, so uh... this is significant and stuff...' in order to even slightly understand it, then sorry, you're a shit writer for TV.
  15. While Book!Cersei manipulates Tommen through emotional abuse, Cersei's abuse in the show is closer to 'I'm your mum, help me out'... honestly, compared to sexual manipulation of a child, not that bad. Early Season 6 King's Landing was weird because really, I was hating the Tyrells way more than Cersei. Cersei just felt like a scared, trapped animal than the 'worst person [Olenna] knows'. Obviously her blowing the Faith the fuck up kinda undermines that, so in the end she came around, but for the longest while I was like 'where's evil Cersei gone?'