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  1. Because deposing a madman who sees enemies in his shadows, tortures to death two men in a mockery of what counted as 'justice' at the time, and demanded the heads of two boys who had relatively little to do with it, and did a good job alienating every major ally he had. He was a bad leader that in many ways deserved to be deposed, violently or not. I still think it has an anti-war air, but out of the many wars (like the war of the five kings, which started because Joffrey was like 'lol jk gonna kill Ned', Robert's Rebellion was in many cases a cause worth fighting for (which is what the pro-war camp would argue for).
  2. As a whole, looking over all of aSoIaF, 'war is pointless' is a massive fucking theme, I just think Robert's Rebellion is not the shining example of this D&D seem to think it is, what with their 'BRAN IS SIGNIFICANTLY NARRATING BOATSEX GAIS THIS IS SO IMPORTANT' schtick.
  3. This is to an extent true. GRRM's 'gardener' style of writing is great, but it's not good at gravitating towards a pre-set ending, not in the slightest. So GRRM handing them an ending and being like 'good luck lol' is a dick move, but when fans of the books can come up with better shit than D&D half the time, you've got to ask if maybe D&D and HBO are a little overrated as well.
  4. Youtube Poop's weigh-in on the matter: (time: 4:48)
  5. Oh, I agree, that would be a good theme, but it's kinda undermined by the information at hand versus the limited information they present as the ultimate truth and SHOCKING TWIST.
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure way more than just Bobby B would be pissed at the implications that everything they fought and died for was for nought.
  7. Tyrion survived one, and almost did again, thanks to there being champions in trials by combat. But yeah, on a more relevant note, yeah, there's a thousand bloody reasons for Robert's Rebellion, and most of them involve the Mad King, not Lyanna and Rhaegar.
  8. If I thought D&D were capable of grasping this simple concept, I'd agree with you, but Bran is now Expositiontron 9000. His visions and his conclusions from here on out are gonna be 100% correct all the time and be used in courts of law to convict former supergeniuses/jetpack riders that are suddenly too dumb to demand a trial by combat.
  9. To answer seriously, I'd actually say the show 'went wrong' by simply trading away its integrity. HBO (who is now a person for the purposes of this) looked at D&D one day and said, 'Hey, that Terry guy, really short, he makes lots of funny one-liners, right? MARKETING GUYS, GET ME FIFTEEN MUGS WITH TERRY'S CATCHPHRASES ON THEM!' And D&D said 'Uh, actually his name is Tyrion, and uh...' 'Oh, speaking of which, that villain, the Joker, right? Shit, no, it's a medievally name, coming to me, Gordon Ramsey?' 'Ramsay Bolton?' 'Yeah, people think he's badass so can you just, you know, make him the main villain who does everything right now?' 'Yeah, I mean Ramsay's kind of a badass, he... uh... fights...' (actual quote from D&D for authenticity) 'So we got it, right? Make sure Terry keeps getting out the one-liners for the mugs and the Joker stays immune for a couple more seasons. Oh, and Sissy, that character played by Lena Headey?' 'Yeah?' 'People want more of her.' 'Oh, uh, sure, but the books make it look like she's gonna bite the dust soon.' HBO then gives D&D a condescending raise of the eyebrow. 'If I read books, I wouldn't be head of a multi-million dollar entertainment company. This is America, people, not... tea-and-biscuit land, Americans don't want to read, they want action! Tits, dragons, dwarf one-liners, cock jokes! That's what sells, D&D, and you ain't getting paid unless you do as I say, so whaddya gonna do?' 'Do as you say?' 'Great! I'll have 50,000 'I drink and I know things' mugs made by the start of March.'
  10. It's more when one culture is shown to value one thing, then immediately discard it later (like Sam's sister being forced to marry an older man and complaining about it one scene, only for her mother to boldly tell off the man who threatened to kill his son for not adhering to gender roles scot-free, or the Dothraki valuing Vaes Dothrak as a holy place and mistrusting maegi, before falling down and bowing a maegi, treacherous ex-khaleesi who burnt down their holy place). Here's an example of their articles, you'll see what I mean about them being... gung-ho with their feminism at times. However, their point on the 'magical disappearing partriarchy' is a larger point on why the setting as a whole is bloody inconsistent, which doesn't bode well overall.
  11. Hm, good point. Still, takes a special, particularly stupid kind of dick to name your second son the exact same thing as your first.
  12. Yeah, and he did in Season 1, despite him also humouring her swordplay (in the books he mentally notes it as 'just a phase', more or less, but cares about his daughter's happiness). The Fandomentals seem quite fond of the earlier seasons and the books, mainly because they're consistent with what prejudices exist and how true they are. Along with the magical disappearing patriarchy, they also take issue with how they treat the Dornish; namely, the books have it so the Dornish have this stereotype, and while Oberyn sticks to some, he notably deviates. The show did Oberyn justice in some sense, but really made him a Dornish stereotype. In the later books, however, the Dornish are shown to... have their own wills and whims, like anyone anywhere in the world, and aren't this 'fuck and fight, fight and fuck' culture people stereotype them as. In the show? 'LOL ALL DORNISH WOMEN ARE HORNY WANNABE MEN WITH NICE TITS JUST LIKE THE STEREOTYPES THIS IS EMPOWERMENT AMIRITE?' As I said, Fandomentals is sometimes too gung-ho in the 'calling everything sexist' camp, but underneath that are some pretty darn cogent criticisms.
  13. If my irreverent, snarky comments on the matter didn't make it obvious, I'm in the same boat. I'm no longer excited to see how GoT turns out, just morbidly curious.
  14. Worst thing is, if you check sites like the Fandomentals, even they, relatively die-hard feminists, can see how shallow their attempts at doing this are, and actually hate GoT more because of it. As they put it, Weisseroff has a 'magical disappearing patriarchy', which exists when they want a SHOCKING™ rape scene or five, but doesn't when they want Lyanna Mormont to be sassy or Arya to be BADASS™. The Fandomentals, to their credit, distinguish depiction and endorsement and say something along the lines of 'If you're gonna depict patriarchy, do all sides; like Arya saying she doesn't want to be wife to a lord and Ned going 'that's nice, but you're going to' in a caring fatherly tone as well as all the edgy rape shit'.
  15. The true theme of Game of Thrones.