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  1. Wex. Master Aemon. Qyburn. Val. Tysha. Moonboy (,for all I know). Arthur Dayne. Lady Barbrey Dustin. Lady Mormont (any).
  2. This is incorrect. He was fucking Lysa Arryn. ;-)
  3. Move over Littlefinger! There's a new player in the Game of Thrones... Wex! While I agree with the likely outcome of the erstwhile ruse, it seems like a real stretch for any Iron Islander except possibly, barely, Euron to engage in that level of political maneuvering. Wex has proven resilient and precocious indeed but being very young, lowborn, and uneducated he seems an unlikely agent provocateur. He also came from Winterfell, so he'd need to be acting under orders from Theon, or maybe Dagmar Cleftjaw. The former is a bumbling fool in subterfuge and politics. Dagmar is no idiot but we know him as a warrior and reaver captain first and foremost. Not a great student of the Game to my reading. I suppose maybe Ramsey Snow would be capable of that, but it doesn't seem his style. To me. After carefully reviewing evidence I respectfully submit that sometimes a starving, clever, illiterate orphan is just a starving, clever, illiterate orphan, and not a deep cover sleeper agent. Even in Westeros.
  4. I think that one of the overarching themes of ASoIaF literary analysis is the idea that significant events in the distant past left an indelible stamp on human history, such that diverse and dispersed cultures will carry common threads of the story into their own mythologies. Like the pervasive Great Flood myth in real life. It is very fun for a lot of people to try and identify those threads and look for symbolism and meaning, through clues real or imagined. This is possible because GRRM deliberately avoids concrete historical facts*, providing instead versions of those facts as told by various narrators and their in-universe sources. It's up to the reader to decide which sources to trust and which to ignore. By contrast, an author like Tolkein presents history as a definite thing that you can take to the bank. The stories in the Silmarilion, for example, are internal and meta-canon because there are beings in the story's present timeline that have literally been alive during and since the distant past and can remember the events firsthand. I'm not saying that Azor Ahai and the Last Hero were the same guy, but lots of armchair analysts think they might be, so that's why they "have to be". At least on the forums, lol. *He tends to document recent history very well, and distant history very vaguely.
  5. Were Dany's dragon eggs explicitly Targaryen dragon eggs, or are we assuming that they are because the resulting hatchlings bonded with Daenerys Targaryen? Did Iliryo specifically buy them from someone that got them from a Targaryen cache on Dragonstone? I've not run a search but I don't recall anything in the text supporting that assumption. However, Iliryo had access to the markets of the Free Cities and the economic and political muscle to find what he needed, even priceless antiquities like dragon eggs. Before the Doom there were dragons all over the place in Essos, and even after the Conquest there were wild dragons in the world. Personally I think Dany ended up with generic non-trademarked "dragon eggs", not the officially-licensed brand name Targaryen Dragon Eggs(tm). Did I miss something somewhere about dragon genetics being tied to dragon rider genetics?
  6. Thank you!! People forget this fact. The Valyrian freehold ruled Essos for centuries, thus it would be ridiculous to assert that a significant portion of the population of the Free Cities doesn't carry some of those genes. Especially if you consider that whilst the nobility can be persnickety about marriage, they are much less fussy about casual sex with commoners and slaves.
  7. Ned seems to think that Gerold seems to think so.
  8. This is good!
  9. I *did* say it was an imperfect analogy... But it seems we agree that Mance's side gig wasn't enough justification to increment the scalar value of the numeric component of the name of the war.
  10. Indeed! Then maybe we can start calling Northern bastards by the surname "Snowflake".
  11. THM has been done to death... Septa Lemore has been done to death... Daario Naharis has been done to death... It's about time we had a new character to speculate about. Ladies and gentlemen, courtesy of Walda comes.... TPS!!! Serious though, not the Hound. Ships are expensive, trade goods are expensive, shipping is dangerous, and seafaring in general requires a lot of skill and practice to do well enough to become prosperous from it. With all respect to the OP and the physical description, there is nothing in the Hound's story arc that leads us to believe he would go from hardened killer bodyguard tragic antihero to prosperous shipping magnate and sea captain in a couple of years. It doesn't seem to be in his skill set, nor in his personality. Gravedigging monk, perhaps.
  12. Meh. It was part of the overall struggle, but, more along the fringes. I can think of an analogy from RL history. Here in the US we talk about the War of 1812. We fought against the British in a few places. It was important to our country, but little more than a nuisance to the British Empire, and nothing more than a blip against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Now those wars had massive implications worldwide. I'm as patriotic a US citizen as any Wull or Norrey is a patriotic Northerner, but if I'm honest, the war of 1812 was really a side note, as was the invasion of the King Beyond the Wall. Any Brits in here ever hear about the War of 1812? Any French, Dutch, or Belgians? I know it's not a perfect comparison and the fine points could be debated at length, but I hope the main point came across.
  13. Well, Robert had plenty of children , just none with Cersei.
  14. This is a succinct and accurate summary, but I've often wondered how usurpation differs from conquest. For example, no one calls Aegon I Targaryen "Aegon the Usurper" even though a cavalcade of monarchs fell to him in battle or bent the knee before him. Is it usurpation and not conquest if you are a previous subject of the monarchy you win by battle or coup d'etat? Do you have to be in the line of succession in some capacity, and jump your place in line, or at least have royal blood, to be a usurper? Does usurpation require the existence of living heirs of the previous monarch to be considered usurpation proper? If a monarch dies with no heirs and there is no clearly defined legal system to clearly state who becomes king next, is whoever seizes the throne in a power vacuum a usurper? If there is a strict definition of usurpation somewhere that I've missed then I welcome education. But if Robert I Baratheon doesn't pass that test, I suspect that the definition of "Usurper" has more to do with what house/dynasty the definer likes better, or supported in the struggle for the throne.
  15. I'm pretty sure the bronze armor is ceremonial and the protective runes are just symbolic. For actual battle I'd imagine steel armor is used , maybe with some bronze trim Although if they did really have a suit of magical bronze armor handed down from the age of heroes, passed along sort of like Dawn, that would be amazing. In that case I really hope they would wear it in battle. Man that would be heavy though.