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  1. Mind = Blown Very interesting perspective... This theory might have legs.
  2. They were caught, by Bran. But I'm sure you mean what if they were caught by someone else, an adult perhaps. My guess is that Jamie would have probably killed whomever it was that found them on the spot, then Cersei would have done some damage control. If it was in the broken tower for example they'd probably leave the body and sneak back to the main keep like nothing had happened.
  3. We shall never see his like again... and now his watch is ended.
  4. I agree with everything you just said, and echo the quoted bit most especially. Masterful analysis, my friend. One of my top 3 or 4 favorite scenes.
  5. Because with Aerys dead the crown passed to Raeghar, and with Raeghar dead, the crown passed to his heir, so they were in fact protecting their young king. They were not about to let armed rebels pass within to kill him, or spirit him away.
  6. Sounds good to me.
  7. Sorry , you are entirely correct in analyzing The Ned vs. Leto I Atreides. I phrased my observation poorly. I wa referring to Catelyn arresting Tyrion, and Jessica bearing a son instead of a daughter. Also Cat trusted Littlefinger, and Jessica trusted Dr. Yueh, and in both cases, even though their intuition was bugging them, they rationalized that the bond of childhood friendship (LF) and the Imperial conditioning (DY) were assurances of trust. To be fair to Cat though in comparison she had nowhere near the training and faculties that Jessica had, and I believe that even though she knew something was very much off, she put all of her fears and doubts into Lannisterphobia quite justifiably. OMG... now Piter Devries is reminding me of Qyburn. Dude, Arya :Alia? Mind blown for like the fifth time today.
  8. But then the Andals came, and then the Rhoynar, and Westerosi mate with Essosi from time to time- even the nobility. Which is interesting because the Free Cities were slave trading centers , or sanctuaries for slaves, courtesy of the Valyrian freehold , which spanned a continent. Pretty much anyone from the Free Cities ought to be like a genetic piƱata for the Westeros gene pool. Westerosi - Essosi travel and intermingling should account for a great deal of variability in that MRCE calculation, mayhaps?
  9. Mind=Blown. Also, Kwisatz Haderach/Lisan al Gib = Prince that was Promised? Fremen could be similar to the Free Folk, especially with Chani being like Ygritte. Unsullied like Sardaukar. Leto II reminds me of Bloodraven. For some reason, Duncan Idaho (my personal favorite character) makes me think of Jonah Mormont but I can't process why ATM. This is fun. I'm a straight noob in the arena of ASoIaF discourse, but I am on a little more familiar ground in this thread. Im ready for my (first full ) reread of ASoIaF, I think this whole conversation has fired off some dusty neurons and I'll have good familiar mental pegs to hang my future Ice and Fire observations on.
  10. And they both made a decision that ultimately hastened the downfall of their house.
  11. Oh gods no, Dune 1984 David Lynch movie is even less faithful to the Dune books than HBOs GoT is to ASoIaF. The SyFy miniseries from the early 2000's is better as a depiction of the actual Dune story, but pales in comparison as a visual spectacle. The Lynch version is very weird, beautifully filmed, and well cast and directed. Similar to Twin Peaks, which he did around that same time. The only worse book to movie adaptation I can think of right offhand would be Starship Troopers. But, I digress. Thanks for letting us know about Sir Oxford, I'll look him up.
  12. I whole heartedly endorse your comments. I reread the Dune series every couple of years, have ever since high school, so that's about ten readings. IDK know of any direct nods to Dune, but so many parallels. Maesters are like the Bene Geserit, in terms of political influence and symbiotic relationship with the nobility. They're also like Suk doctors. I believe they are also running a breeding program and that they use the Faith of the Seven to turn people away from magic. Faceless men? I got your Bene Tlielax face dancers right here. Greenseers? May I present the BG reverend Mothers? The Others? I got your Honored Matres and Futars and so on and so forth. I could go on and on, but I won't, yet. I've been working up an essay. So many loose parallels, nothing too close , but close enough to give me gleeful joy in reading ASoIaF. Fremen, Swordmasters of Ginaz, Harkonnens (Boltons), Corrinos(Lannister) vs Atreides (Starks). I'm down with a nasty cold right now so I can't really think wells enough to spell it all out but this made me feel better. Folks, if you haven't read Dune, and you love ASoIaF, I promise you ,you will enjoy reading it. Imho the first two books are phenominal, the next two are very good, and they are the ones that explore the politics, religion, human conflict, etc , a little dryer, but still great. The last two pick it up again and the last book especially... Man. I can't even.
  13. Plus Leyton Hightower, imho.
  14. Well... Hmm. All of that is prerty good. Plus the weirwood arrows at Torrhen's Square... Morna's mask.. Still not convinced it'd be a full bandwidth pipe to the weirnet, but even the echoes of it would have power. Alright, I'm sold. This weirwood throne counts as a Weirwood Throne. If I wasn't on my phone I'd throw out an idea i have about what reigning from a weirwood throne could actually mean. This meta is addicting.
  15. Maybe a way legitimize themselves to an extent before their conquered subjects? Yes we have strange gods and funny names and we kicked your ass, but really we're legitimately and divinely entitled to rule by the old gods, *and* the new. *knocks on throne* See? Weirwood, just like your old kings. We're practically one and the same!