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  1. DOTHRAKI ON AN OPEN FIELD NED! Pardon me. Had a Bobby B moment. That's what I meant, so sorry for how I worded it. My point was that Casterly Rock is basically a castle on top of a mountain/cliff. When they described the battle I recall someone saying that they can bunker down and no amount of dragon spit is gonna melt "The Rock". So how did it fall the first time? Did their leaders just decide to face a dragon...on an open field ned!
  2. I remember when this was the way people thought about comic book shows/movies. Glad we cut that out and got The Dark Knight. And what you call "Bogged down", I call fleshing out a living and believable world where readers can read and be like "Huh, that actually makes sense." If that is too "deep" for you then that is fine. God's know that there are plenty of books and shows to cater to that mindset.
  3. .... Aren't these girls killers? Like, They murder people. Two of them were killed and death is always a possibility when know, engage in killing. So now it is bugging me a great deal that they suddenly break down like that from that poison. It looks as though they had no clue that they had been killing people and were totally unaware of the fact that they too could be killed. She reverted back into being a 5 year old and her mom started acting like if she could hug her then the power of love would cure her or something. It made no sense. She should have been enraged at Cersei and trying to claw her eyes out, and that girl should have bit her ass. My god it's just getting even more dumb the more I think on it.
  4. Critics? How about fans? As in, the people who made ASOIAF a big deal and even put it on their radar in the first place? This is the second time I heard this and it still bothers me just as much. That is so damn insulting man. I don't see how someone could think so low of a group of a people but still want their money. It's like those game execs/devs who call gamers horrible things. Okay? Why are you here then if you think so low of us? They can dislike the fans all they want. That is fine. But when you get in bed with people you do not even respect but still want their money and views, that speaks a lot about what kind of person you are. Whichever of them said the above is a horrible human. I can respect you if you are just bad at a job, but I cannot respect horrid people. Edit When I asked Benioff and Weiss if it was possible to infer any overall intentionality to the upcoming 10 episodes, they sneered. “Themes are for eighth-grade book reports,” Benioff told me This man is an idiot, confirmed
  5. Real talk. Those kids should be ugly crying with snot and sobs while they just dump all the crap they have been through. Sansa: "Oh my god it was horrible! Joff beat me Arya is probably dead they killed daddy and showed me his head I was almost raped then I was raped so much by Ramsay and aunt Lysa tried to kill me and LF was my only friend and I think he wants to rape me or kill me and I'm so scared and I thought I was alone and mom and Robb is dead and I think I'm the reason dad died and OMG it was so horrible and I'm never leaving home ever again!" Jon: I Died. My god I died! Holy Hells man! I don't even know what I'm doing. I dad said he was gonna tell me about my mom then next thing he's dead, and Robb is a king now and...OMG dead people! I died! What is even happening? Where is Arya and Rickon? And in all honesty. None of them should really want to leave the North ever again. They should be trying every single option they have available (including inviting people to WF) before they set foot below the neck. Considering the last time their family did that everyone almost got waxed.
  6. You may be right from a monetary sense, but I hate this. I hate when people are used and discarded like this. And yes, the early adopters were used. If GoT started like it did this season (spectacle over careful plot and intrigue) it would have been canceled season 1. People came to it because us book readers and early fans hyped the living hell out of it and everyone saw from episode 1 that this show was not your typical high fantasy. We craved something different and this show delivered. Now that the masses have jumped on the hype train, they are catered to *at the expense of the original fans*. Now your insights on characters and deep history and motives are rebuffed like you are some kind of pompous nerd. This is no longer our show, despite it owing a great deal of its success to us. That sucks. It sucks even more when you realize that 9/10 shows already cater to the masses who just want to see flashy lights and cool one liners. It makes me wary of future works and I have already written off D&D as two people I will never give money to willingly. They certainly don't care for the integrity of what they are handling and they certainly don't care about their core fanbase. So I don't care for them. Lets see if the ADD crew will be there to support their next show. Cause I sure won't.
  7. Not to mention the city folk are mostly useless for that. They are workers, merchants, whores and paupers. Short of outright rioting (which they should have when their beloved sparrow and queen died and the admitted incestuous cheating regent took over) they have little say. A more realistic approach would be to have the city riot (cause no food and the deaths) Cersei lock herself in the keep, an outside force comes to "save her", but really just executes her to qwell the unrest and install a new ruler. But for some reason no lord in all the 7 kingdoms (not even Euron) considered this. And those people who threw turds at her son and called her a whore are now okay with her?
  8. This is why I can't talk to most fans. They will invent (often good) explanations to things and act like it's so obvious. And when it's proven false, they act like it never happened or your complaints are tired and old. You can't have a discussion with such people. Like take arya v the waif. Remember all the crap they came up with explaining that? Now they are doing it again this season. Like, how can Cersei admit that the rock that kept their family feared and in power is gone and that she is alone with Jaime with no support, then get the entire reach and several lords to betray their leige and take her side? How? It makes no sense. The Tyrells alone should have been able to take KL with the forces under their control, gold and food. Daeny didn't even need Dorne, the Dothraki or anyone. Olena could have ended this between seasons. But of course, there is some super crafty logic that perfectly explains why this "Regent" without an heir is still in power.
  9. This. My opinion is he is slightly above average. But only because he was actually trained at a castle. He has never outright bested anyone in show or in books and often has help.
  10. I dont think so. I am Naturally curious about such things. Like my dragon example. Dragons fly in fantasy, but in real life such a creature could not fly. So how? Solution. The gasses that fuel their fire is also lighter than air. That plus hollow bones makes it reasonable to think it could fly. Restrictions and explanations make fantasy feel more real and at the end of the day the suspension of disbelief is the goal. Sure. You can just say "lol fantasy bro" and have a rotted wing dragon with a hole in its chest fly faster and use hotter flames than a living healthy beast. Or, you can make that dead dragon fly a bit slower, but have unlimited endurance and stamina, as well as be damn near unkillable, and breath some kind of necrotic acid due to the nature of its undead state, and have it be very plausible and believable. I think the latter is better and shows more creativity as well as helps me actually think that just maybe such a thing could be possible. Otherwise, what's the point of even having a living dragon if undead ones are superior in every way? Aside from Daeny caring for her "children" there is none. Dead = better because reasons.
  11. Forget what I wrote. TLDR. It sucks to want more than the bare minimum when that is exactly what is making people money.
  12. This makes me so sad. It's like all the click bait and scams.Why do people keep doing it? Cause it works. Why do complete games keep getting chopped up and resold in small bits? Cause people still buy it. Why do shows devolve into tired tropes, cliches and cliff hangers? Cause people still watch it. It makes me genuinely sad. Since the "masses" are generally uninspired and want no more than to shut off their brain, that's what they get. Cause that's what sells. And I (and many if you) are left wondering what is out there for us to watch and enjoy. I see now why folks read books. Sure, something brain dead and derivative will attract the masses every so often, bit for the most part we can find the few gems out there and pray to all the gods that the author doesn't die before finishing his work. Its the last place you can actually find something that makes you think, and even then the gems plate still out numbered by the drivel. Jesus christ I am making myself depressed.
  13. Bran was spying on them I bet
  14. This makes their level of unpreparedness kinda sad. Joff was right. They should have been doing something about her. The realm basically tore itself apart and bent itself over for another Targs arrival.
  15. A couple reasons I beleive. 1. Tyrion secretly helping his family. 2. Losing your "home base" is seen as a serious loss. But what I want to know is how caster ly rock fell to Aegon when they could have turtled like Dorne?