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  1. Just thought of something that I've never thought about before. Who should narrate the very last epilogue in the series? Bearing in mind that all prologue/epilogue narrators must die in their chapter (or shortly after), who should do this one? I have absolutely no theories, and the ending of the series is such an unknown that I just want to have a little fun with this one. Any thoughts? Wishful thinking, tragedy, or something else?
  2. You have to admit that it's really suspicious. If Arys dies, then the only person who may know about some Myrcella deception is dead. "Myrcella will be safest if no one knows just where she is." -AFFC
  3. I love Daenerys. I think she has the potential to be a great great leader. But, WAR IS BAD. That's the lesson. I would respect Daenerys a lot more if she would put aside vengeance and seek alliance- essentially, she has the opportunity to be the better person. She has the opportunity to do what Tywin and Robert were unwilling to do- forgive and forget, for the good of future generations. Daenerys has the ability to forgive and show mercy- stop that "wheel" if you will. All of the characters in ASOIAF have an incredibly narrow worldview, and Daenerys has the ability to change that- she could become a savior.
  4. I see Stoneheart's "second life" as a sort of wraith-type creature- she isn't done on this Earth. She has some purpose left to fulfill, and once she has fulfilled that purpose, she can rest peacefully. It likely has something to do with Jon or her own children (discovering they're not dead), and maybe giving her life for them. She is a tortured, suffering soul though, and as Cat told us Catelyn VII ASOS- She has lived long enough. Let her shade die, and know peace.
  5. I think it is likely that RLJ is true, and even though it's not my favorite theory, it's still completely acceptable. The only thing that I desperately want more information about is the context. A "star-crossed lovers" story would make me roll my eyes (as I did at a certain scene in a certain show), whereas if there was something more nefarious going on- sort of a combination of Dany's version and Robert's version- would be really cool. Maybe Lyanna seduced Rhaegar, maybe they were both into prophecy, maybe she really was kidnapped and Rhaegar was a horrible person. Whatever it ends up being, I don't hate RLJ at all- I hate the Romeo and Juliet version of it.
  6. Yep. Stannis would have killed them. House Targaryen and the Lords of Westeros were at war, and that war is now over. The whole story is about how we can't blame one specific person for any specific event. You could make an argument that it was Aegon the Conqueror who caused the rebellion by bringing House Targaryen to Westeros in the first place. You could argue it was Jon Arryn who started it, by rising in rebellion. You could argue it was Maester Walys who started the Rebellion by trying to get Rickard to ally with the Tullys. The whole point of this story is "bad stuff happens and it happened regardless of whose fault it was". Stannis would have killed Viserys and Daenerys no question, and now Daenerys will want her vengeance. I am just curious as to whether or not she will change her position or rethink aggravating the cycle of vengeance when she learns the whole truth about the War.
  7. Got to love divine right of kings- nuclear weapons (giant lizards) make kings, not righteousness or wisdom.
  8. Does anyone else get tired with the quote on quote "fake history" being focused almost exclusively on House Targaryen? I recognize their central importance to the story, but I want to hear more about the Storm Kings or the Rock Kings and the Kings of Winter. Could it be that providing these histories would spoil the current story? I can only read about Maegor the Cruel so many times.
  9. I like Daenerys quite a bit, and I don't mean to be contrarian just for the sake of it, but what else could bringing "fire and blood to the Usurper's Dogs" mean?
  10. I love Cat too! I'm really unsure why, she just sort of appeals to me in a way. She is one of the most "human" characters, and her arc is so fascinating- the desire for vengeance just breeds more vengeance- Stoneheart is the end product of this.
  11. I am a horrible person too- I think about that.
  12. I love the idea that all the prophecies are false. They guide character actions, but don't actually mean anything.
  13. Warning, don't read the comments of that article. There's some blasphemy there about a certain show being better than the books.
  14. I think this would be a cool idea overall. As Egg begins to fall into madness and obsession, Dunk has to sacrifice his honor for the greater good. I think Summerhall is going to fit into the plot somehow.
  15. Whatever this means. Yep, that's probably the best he can expect.