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  1. The Black Gate is first and foremost the access point for disabled Brans. GRRM must have thought how he gets Bran across the Wall without publicly informing the Non-Night's Watch that the Prince of Winterfell is still alive and well. And where is the Non-Night's watch not looking ? The Nightfort.
  2. distance winterfell - wall x 4 ~ north - south distance argentinia. I actually invested time to research your claims you throw around here. Should be your job, not mine.
  3. Gared does not know the location of Winterfell. All he does in run straight south from the Gorge and bang ... Winterfell. It's a stupid map coincidence. But it works. And he is a ranger. The least we can expect from him is to navigate south with the help of the sun. four times.
  4. Or he was hunted by our six ghosts and the Other across the Gorge to Winterfell where they quickly skinchange Tolkien style into direwolves. We do not know, but the villages were empty.
  5. No it doesn't. It was not my intention to suggest the holdfast is Deepwood Motte. It was more a comment on the easier route south from the Gorge if one would want to avoid the mountains. And in general there is the question what we are talking about. Nice rounded hills or some rocky mountains.
  6. It is. However I assume it is easier to travel along the coast and not through the mountains. But that is just me. Like with the George maybe we have cliffs over hundred of leagues. Just so that ship travel is not possible.
  7. It has the same effect as D&D has on two weapon combat. Now everyone thinks two longswords are aweeeesome. To GRRMs credit Wyverns are in his books for a reason, why he called them dragon I don't know, but he can call them however he wants in his books. And now every idiot runs around and thinks a Wyvern is a Dragon. Just normal popularity bullshit. Like with two weapon combat. No. He is just a thing with wings. A pet Ancalagon the Black. Or a pet Balerion the Black. Certainly not the first big black dragon. Well if you call a Wyvern a Dragon, I call a Hydra a Dragon. So I would go with the hydra Hercules killed or the dragon St. George killed. Not even Smaug is there as an iconic contender.
  8. We only know from Bran that "the man has been taken outside a small holdfast in the hills". Which are straight north of Winterfell as well as Winterfell is straight south from the mouth of the Gorge. At least according to my map in the first book. Going through the Nightfort is actually a longer way. The only thing that actually goes for the Nightfort are the mountains in between the Gorge and Winterfell. I would have assumed he ended in Deepwood Motte.
  9. That is a good find. And it kind of supports the idea of Dany dying in the fire as part of the ritual.
  10. How accurate are the maps used in the wiki ? I'm looking at the map used in "beyond_the_wall" and it has a significant difference to the book versions when it comes to the location of the Shivering Sea relative to the Wall and Castle Black. In the book the Shivering Sea is straight north of Castle Black, here straight north is land only.
  11. Just to make a stupid comment on this issue (because I am known by now for stupid comments) the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone The prophecy says that someone will be born under certain circumstances to do a thing. So either Dany is born on Dragonstone under salt and smoke but without the bleeding star(s). Or she is reborn when she wakes her dragons and when the star(s) bleed. So far so good. however AA is not reborn at the same time as he/she wakes dragons out of stone. AA has the task to wake dragons out of stone or AA is reborn in order for the stone dragon awakening to work.It is part of the ritual. In either case it was either Dany's kingsblood or Dany yet has to wake dragons out of stone. (Because she was not born under a bleeding star on Dragonstone).
  12. What I find weird researching into it, are the different maps circulating how far west the Shivering Sea reaches. In the original map it is north of Castle Black. In the asoiaf wiki version it isn't.
  13. All time calculations I have seen so far assume 21 days. I will look into it. 6 weeks would make it about 15 miles a day with horses.
  14. I'm not sure if the Shadow Tower would be the closest gate/tunnel. The Wall is hundred leagues long and it is more or less 50 leagues from Castle Black to the Shadow Tower. We know that Winterfell to the Wall has over 200 leagues and Jon + Tyrion need over 18 days. We can conclude that our 3 men in black may have made 100 leagues in the 9 days. Which will result in a little over 30 of our miles. Which is probably too much for horses in wood. We don't know how far it is to the Shivering Sea directly north of Castle Black. If the map indicates anything, then that the MiBs could have reached the sea. So going west is a choice the Wildlings also had to make. I claim that 1) The Gorge is too far in the west, although a way to "cross" the Wall. 2) However the Gorge is far easier too find than our Black Gate. Just follow the Milkwater. The Black Gate needs knowledge. 3) Our story has mystery elements. Be it the proximity of the Wildlings to the sea or the Direwolves. There are unlikely options like warging Gared or a ship the Wildlings were looking for. They have done their "job", delivered whatever they raided south of the Wall and Mr. Customer is getting rid of them.
  15. The shortest way for Gared is straight south. After riding north and northwest, riding south would bring him to the Gorge. He can then either use the Bridge of Skulls or go through the Gorge. The Others take them all, thought Jon, as he watched them scramble up the steep slope of the ridge and vanish beneath the trees. It would not be the first time wildlings had scaled the Wall, not even the hundred and first. The patrols stumbled on climbers two or three times a year, and rangers sometimes came on the broken corpses of those who had fallen. Along the east coast the raiders most often built boats to slip across the Bay of Seals. In the west they would descend into the black depths of the Gorge to make their way around the Shadow Tower. But in between the only way to defeat the Wall was to go over it, and many a raider had. Fewer come back, though, he thought with a certain grim pride. Climbers must of necessity leave their mounts behind, and many younger, greener raiders began by taking the first horses they found. Then a hue and cry would go up, ravens would fly, and as often as not the Night's Watch would hunt them down and hang them before they could get back with their plunder and stolen women. Jarl would not make that mistake, Jon knew, but he wondered about Styr. The Magnar is a ruler, not a raider. He may not know how the game is played. We as readers know that the area is empty at that time. "I do," said Lord Commander Mormont. "The cold winds are rising, Snow. Beyond the Wall, the shadows lengthen. Cotter Pyke writes of vast herds of elk, streaming south and east toward the sea, and mammoths as well. He says one of his men discovered huge, misshapen footprints not three leagues from Eastwatch. Rangers from the Shadow Tower have found whole villages abandoned, and at night Ser Denys says they see fires in the mountains, huge blazes that burn from dusk till dawn. Quorin Halfhand took a captive in the depths of the Gorge, and the man swears that Mance Rayder is massing all his people in some new, secret stronghold he's found, to what end the gods only know. Do you think your uncle Benjen was the only ranger we've lost this past year?" aGoT - Jon IX
  16. May I suggest the ignore button if my posts bother you ?
  17. So everyone can be a dragon in old valyrian tongue ?
  18. There are theories out there linking the brotherhood with a Blackfyre rebellion.
  19. A really simple answer is Rhaego. The dragon/prince. Promised as stallion. First prince, then bronze/golden dragon, then wight if we believe the show. edit: And I would be ok with Rhaego. No coronation or other title ping pong.
  20. I actually think Bran fits the prince idea closer than Dany. For one simple reason and I may sound like a broken record now: it is the prince that was promised, not the king that was promised. Of course Dany is also a princess and every dragon is a prince and every Targ is a dragon and maybe a Velaryon is a dragon and thus a prince too. But our little prince of Winterfell is so far the only one "princed" in the story. Arguably this is thinking outside the story and focusing more on an abstract idea or forshadowing and ignoring our oldtown ghost. Dany is already queen. and in my mind she would then be the king that was promised. (another issue I wrap my mind around atm is house Gardener and how their royal bloodline may actually be the core of our story around house Florent and their prominence in the story: Sam, Edric Storm, Shereen and the targ and baratheon imposers matter not ) .
  21. GRRM is very much focused on english inheritage law and if it is good for anything, then that not acknowledged bastards do not count. As far as we know he has only ever acknowledged one bastard and the entire realm knows who that is. Even Stannis thinks Edric is the proof. There is really not much about Mya Littlefinger can use. Plus she is female.
  22. Are there any indications of Robert's taperstry being Valyrian I don't think this is the case. There is the Patchface "under the sea" idea which may be connected to the drowned god or the lord of fire. And given whom he gives the tapesrty ( Waymar Royce's father ) i think Littlefinger is "in touch" with the drowned mysteries. If Varys stands for the fire, Littlefinger is a cold player.
  23. I still wonder why Gared stayed back with the horses.
  24. Will saw six in the prologue. Have there been more ? We can read it as 6 hitting over and over. Or twelve hitting one time. The watchers moved forward together, as if some signal had been given. Swords rose and fell, all in a deathly silence. It was cold butchery. The pale blades sliced through ringmail as if it were silk. Will closed his eyes. Far beneath him, he heard their voices and laughter sharp as icicles. Royce's body lay facedown in the snow, one arm outflung. The thick sable cloak had been slashed in a dozen places. Lying dead like that, you saw how young he was. A boy.
  25. So, was the a Game of Thrones prologue literal or symbolical ? Because if it was literal we have to assume the Other from the prologue and his 12 shadows are out there and taking part in the story.