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  1. I agree with this. This is actually a reason I've been wondering about the notion of kinslaying.
  2. There was an even bigger rat in Robb's host and no one sniffed that one out. Rodrik wanted to take Winterfell back. Any help he received was welcome.
  3. With regard to who knew what about Ned's execution, it's all but confirmed that Janos Slynt and Ilyn Payne knew it was going to happen in Tyrion II, Clash 8. I guess this is part of the gossip at Flea Bottom.
  4. He had two chapters so far. I'm assuming I have a sort of love/hate relationship with the World book. One the one hand, super enjoy reading it, on the other hand, it makes the waters muddier. Because this is exactly what's needed.
  5. @Faera, The info you provided is great, but I'm talking specifically about the text. Meera being able to take care of Summer's hurts makes sense because of where she comes from and because she says that they don't have a maester at Greywater Watch. Lyanna's family does have a maester. @Bael's Bastard, with regard to southron ambitions, you forgot to mention that devil Maester Walys. Hoster Tully was trying to marry Edmure to Arianne, well after the Targaryens were gone. For me, Hoster Tully's motives are very clear. I think he was trying to check Walder Frey whose tentacles extend far and wide with his 9 marriages and his army of children and grandchildren being married off into the westerlands, the reach, the riverlands and the Vale. Anyway, I'll likely be making a separate thread about all of this once I have all the notes pulled together.
  6. Agreed. I think there are more arguments against the plotting from Rickard, Hoster Tully and even Tywin than there are for them plotting against the Targaryens through these marriage alliances. Also, thank you for taking the time to post those quotes. A bit bummed out because I was wondering for some time if R&L hadn't known each other beforehand. I read too much in some parts of the text. But it's nice to know that Howland's unfailing loyalty to Stark has mainly to do with Lyanna and what she did for him. And another thing. Have we ever heard of a highborn lady tending wounds? It has me wondering if it's something that is part of a lady's education or if it's something Lyanna picked up because she was interested in it. Castles do have maesters, so I wonder.
  7. So Robert is the one who approached Rickard with the proposal and not the other way around.
  8. For sure. I also meant Dany VIII, not Dany IX. It's the Mirri parts of the chapter that had me wondering. Mirri is doing this whole bloodmagic ritual while Dany is outside the tent and fighting is happening. Drogo is not yet dead, but according to Jorah, the man will be dead by morning. This is where Mirri comes in. Dany hears her sing, sees her dance with shadows (which sounds a whole lot like Patchface's song in the Prologue of Clash). But the most interesting part for me in this whole chapter is what Dany glimpses when she is being carried toward the tent after she goes in labor. Jon's injuries are severe enough that he collapses from them. And for me, this just connects so well to the ritual, especially this line with what Bran sees (Bran III) while he is in his coma about Jon. Sleeping alone in a cold bed, his skin growing pale and hard as the memory of warmth fled from him. Jon is stabbed, very possibly warged into his wolf, and his body is dying. Mirri tells Dany in the same chapter that there is great healing magic in fire. I'm not saying Mel will be doing exactly the same thing as Mirri, but I'm no longer convinced that Jon has died.
  9. Perhaps they figured it was in their interest to help Stannis, try to reclaim some of what they might have lost during Robert's Rebellion. I have very much enjoyed Aurane but I think he is straight up the son of Lucerys Velaryon.
  10. Of all the chapters that had me wonder if Jon died, it's Dany IX in game that has me wondering the most if Jon died.
  11. I wanna say that I doubt this. Plus LF did manage to get rid of Joff later. So I really don't know. I'm going the other way on this, that what happened on the steps of the Sept of Baelor was supposed to happen exactly the way it happened and that Joffrey, Janos Slynt, Littlefinger and possibly Ilyn Payne were all in on it. Arya sees Littlefinger, and she identifies him as the man who once fought a duel for her mother. For me personally, the way Arya identified him is pretty big. He's not the master of coin, or her mother's foster brother. He is the man who fought a duel for her mother instead. I think it might be very telling that this is coming mere minutes before Ned loses his head. For Cersei, the High Septon, Varys, Ned was never supposed to die. But for Joffrey, Littlefinger, Janos Slynt (who was in LF's pocket), I think it happened exactly planned. The flipped house colors is whoever's way to tell Ned that he is nothing now.
  12. I don't know why Ned would choose to do that, but what if it's Littlefinger's idea? He would so suggest something like this to Joffrey because it would be so "hilarious". He brought Ned low, this only brings him lower before the man is executed. It would be like the frosting on the cake of all his scheming.
  13. I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I think it's easy to get past the notion that the tower might be bigger than an Irish round tower. There's a Wall that's 700 feet tall, ice zombies, skinchangers, a man who is hooked up to trees like it's serum, giants, children of the forest who can live for centuries, a girl who stepped into a funeral pyre and came out unharmed with dragons clinging to her, people who can change faces, a castle that moves. A woman giving birth in a tower doesn't register on the scale of belief "suspending".
  14. I think this quote indicates that Rickon is skinchanging. Shaggy's eyes are described a couple of times as being green like wildfire, like Cersei's eyes. I *think* they are the only two in the books who have been described as having eyes like that. I'm not very good with associating things in the text, mainly because I tend to not pay attention to details, but I'm not sure it bodes well for Rickon. And Bran is certainly very powerful. I thought his connection dream with Jon was one of the coolest thing in the entire series.
  15. Is it possible that Rickon's wolf color has to do with him having more of the wolf blood than his siblings do? It's like there's this sort of spectrum of colors. Ghost is white, Summer is silver grey, both Nymeria and Lady (I think Sansa is all kinds of repressed) are grey, Grey Wind was the color of smoke and Shaggy is black. The difficult thing to tell with Rickon is whether he's acting this way because he feels he's been completely abandoned by his mother and the siblings who left or if it's because he's been spending too much time inside Shaggy and losing himself. It could be both, I guess.