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  1. This is all true enough, but couldn't you argue that in Vargo's case, the bite that Brienne took out of his ear was the beginning of the end for him? Brienne can easily be the representation of two of the Seven Faces, the Maiden and the Warrior.
  2. I don't know. He has been losing sons and grandsons lately.
  3. I think the context of this is important in that all of this went down after Duskendale. Aerys turned to the person might still have trusted, and that was Steffon. They were first cousins and friends and there were rumors that Aerys was planning on sacking Tywin and naming Steffon his Hand after he returned from Volantis. I think Elia was a means to an end. I don't think the Princess of Dorne had any love lost for Tywin, so her wanting to stick it to Tywin over insulting her would have fit Aerys's own agenda. I find it surprising that Rhaegar was allowed to stay unmarried for so long, tbh. It always made me wonder if there hadn't been something else in the works for him.
  4. I think Cersei will crown Myrcella in an effort to stay in power. I wonder how Tommen dies.
  5. Wex had at least one family member at Moat Cailin. He might have sought to find them. It would have taken him months to get there, but he is a pretty resourceful kid. Smarter than Theon certainly.
  6. I'm iffy on this one. Jon Arryn and the Vale contingent is accounted for by Ned, but Meera doesn't mention them at all in the story she tells Bran. Mace Tyrell is named in her story, but he is not in Ned's.
  7. South and I think he's spying for Doran. With Aron Santagar killed during the Bread Riots, Doran may have needed someone else. Furthermore if he is Dornish (and I am certain he is), we have another member of House Wells traveling with Quentyn to Meereen. William Wells was killed along with Maester Kedry and Cletus Yronwood. It ups the ante.
  8. Jon did not send Mance to Winterfell. Jon thought Mance was going to intercept "Arya" well away from Winterfell. And whose food is Mance and his spearwives eating? Wyman Manderly's?
  9. Maester Luwin was hurt in the yard, not in the godswood. He was trying to get to the Theon when he was speared between the shoulders and run down by a horseman. The odds are good that he just stayed in the yard, played dead while Ramsay was and his men were rounding up the women and children and putting Winterfell to the torch. If the men swept the godswood twice looking for survivors, Maester Luwin was simply not there, but dragged himself there after everyone was gone. As far as Wex goes, we don't know how far he traveled behind Osha. We know she said she would follow the kingsroad. He could have overheard her mentioning Skagos. Wex could have decided to go to one of the three places where he knew the ironborn were and been taken by the Manderlys in the process of doing that. We are told that Wyman Manderly sent knights by barge as reinforcements to Rodrik Cassel, but as far as I remember, those men were not outside the gates of Winterfell (neither were the Umbers for that matter) when Ramsay showed up with his Dreadfort men. Wex could have been taken and delivered to White Harbor by Wyman's own men. The thing in all of this is that Wyman Manderly doesn't need to tell Davos squat about anything he doesn't want him to know. Wyman lies and schemes with the best of them and he gave Davos just enough information to send him on his way.
  10. He would be no one's cousin, no one's enemy, no one's sworn sword . . . in sum, no one. (Jaime VI, ASOS 44)
  11. Rhaegar is certainly shrouded in mystery as are his relationships with Elia and Lyanna (I found a reference to them both in the same passage, which was kind of awesome). I'm a fan of timelines, character's whereabouts, the degrees of separation and the dissemination of information in universe, so it's just fun. Putting the Hightowers into a timeline in relation to the Starks is a really interesting exercise. The Olenna part of your speculation is interesting. I think she may have been behind Margaery's portrait that Renly showed Ned back in AGoT.
  12. I don't think Lemore is Ashara, but I remember this thought I kept having every time Lemore popped up. Le Morte d'Arthur.
  13. I think it would have saddened him to see the weight of the world be transferred onto the shoulders of a child that had yet to be born. That's what his life was, he had already walked miles in those shoes. I don't think he wanted to be the hero to save the world. Barristan put it best "It was something he had to do, a task the world had set him." It was his duty and he was going to see it through.
  14. I mentioned it once in another thread but it got shut down very quickly because I had no evidence for it or something like that. I think Rhaegar being placed in Lannisport at the same time Cersei consulted Maggy the Frog is important. We are told that people in Lannisport used to go see her, so the odds that he heard of her are good, I think. In any case, while I agree that Rhaegar may have sought the GoHH, I have doubts that it was at Summerhall. But regardless of that, if he did see both, then the odds are good that he would have come away with the same kind of information but phrased differently. Both women are accurate in what they say. That may have been enough for him to believe that Aegon was the PtwP once he saw the comet. I think there's irony that he changed his life around to be fulfill what he thought was his prophecy, receive his knighthood only to be told that this wasn't about him after all.
  15. I am of the same opinion that Rhaegar put the kybosh on the idea of marriage to Cersei as much as Aerys did and for the reasons you mention. I do tend to go further on this, however. Cersei's chapter seems to provide a timeline of sorts. Cersei places Rhaegar at Lannisport at the tourney at the same time she goes to get her fortune told by Maggy the Frog. She has her fortune told after she finds out that her father intends to marry her off to Rhaegar and before she finds out that Aerys has rejected the offer. I think Rhaegar paid the woman a visit too. Him becoming convinced that Aegon was the PtwP raises all kinds of red flags for me, personally. And when we look at Cersei's fortune, she asks her questions, but Maggy the Frog goes even further in her prophecy, with the final parts being about the golden shrouds and the valonqar. So I really have to wonder if there wasn't a greater purpose in that chapter. Cersei certainly mentions that Rhaegar's sad eyes and that she thought he had been wounded, and it may not be a whole lot, because we are told that Rhaegar was a melancholy guy. But maybe he found out that it's his son instead who will have this monumental task of saving the world on his shoulders.