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  1. This may not enter into what you are looking for @Lyanna<3Rhaegar, but Daenerys read backward is Syrenaed, so serenade. I remember reading this somewhere and I wish I could give someone credit for it. It's definitely interesting. I do love the Rhaegar stuff, though.
  2. This. I also don't think he went to Winterfell expecting to survive whatever is going to go down.
  3. You forget the crimes that Roose Bolton has committed against the north. He actively plotted and participated in the Red Wedding and he sent northmen on a suicide mission to Duskendale. The fall and sack of Winterfell. They are actively plotting to remove Roose from Winterfell and from the wardenship of the north. The northmen at the Wall, who have been interacting with Jon, their sons are marching in Stannis's army to rescue Arya and take Winterfell back from Roose. Norrey and Flint aren't still at the Wall when Jon is stabbed just because, reasons.
  4. And yet, they don't. The only person who ever had something negative to say about the guy is Robert.
  5. Eh, I don't know about this. I think Ned figured he had plenty of time to get his ducks in a row. One of things that came up with Ned is that he still saw Jon as a child even though he was fourteen. When Catelyn wants Jon sent away, his reply is that Jon is just a boy. When he hears that Robb called the banners and is marching, his reply is that Robb is just a boy. When Sansa's betrothal comes up, he thinks that she is only eleven. Catelyn was twelve when she was betrothed to Brandon who was fourteen. Robb who was the heir to Winterfell was not promised to anyone. Ironically enough, had he been promised to someone, we might have avoided the whole Frey and Westerling debacles. Ned was fostered out at the age of eight, but choose to keep the children at Winterfell. It doesn't seem like Ned was in any kind of a hurry to separate from any of the children, Jon included.
  6. I don't think it's implausible that this is what GRRM was going for before he ironed out the details of his world. I'm currently rereading AGOT and there's something that's sticking out like a sore thumb and that's Robert wanting to name Jaime the Warden of the East, passing Sweetrobin over because he is a sickly child. Never mind that the Vale might rebel over this. While I can swallow that a Kingsguard may be named to that post, Ned goes on to talk about how Jaime is Tywin's heir and will inherit Casterly Rock and the title of Warden of the West when Tywin passes which we know is not true. As a Kingsguard, Jaime cannot marry, cannot father children or inherit land. So Cersei being set aside and the logistics behind it may not have been as complex in the first book as they would be like 5 books later, although I do still find it interesting that Lyanna's name is brought up in conjecture with a marriage being set aside. Renly had no idea that Cersei has Jaime's children. I think he finds from Stannis's letter while he is at Horn Hill or something.
  7. That'd be me, unless someone else posted about it.
  8. I wish I could like your post. No matter how many people say that Rhaegar was expecting a Visenya to complete the set, I just don't buy it.
  9. No where am I saying that Jon would attempt to prove his parentage or try to crown himself. Jon has bigger problems to worry about. All I'm saying is that there are people who would readily believe that Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son based on what they already know. And Jon Connington was close enough to the situation to be able to figure the rest of the story on his own.
  10. Connington has no thoughts on Lyanna. But I'm assuming the dam will break at some point with him. Howland Reed might know exactly what went down at the ToJ, but Jon Conn knows a shitload more. He would have been there from the very, very start.
  11. Why would he? The question is why wouldn't he believe that there might be another child out there? Jon Conn may have been with Rhaegar when he and Lyanna met. You don't think he would have questioned why Rhaegar left 3 Kingsguard in Dorne instead of having them with him on the Trident? Jon Conn knew these people very well. He would know what happened between Rhaegar and Elia. He would know if Rhaegar married Lyanna. The math would not be difficult for him. I would not be remotely surprised if he already suspects there may have been another child. I'm also pretty sure I never said that Rhaegar annulled his marriage since I don't believe it happened. And if Rhaegar wanted to end his marriage to Elia, then I think her top priority would be to protect her children's interest.
  12. I think Jon Connington would believe it. And that's one person who might have been present during the "abduction", might have known where everyone was holed up, might have put two and two together if he knows that Kingsguard were left behind at the ToJ, which he seems to know about. But he never hears about a baby. You don't think Barristan Selmy wondered why his sworn brothers were left behind in Dorne? What about the Dornish? Three Kingsguard dead far away from where all the war was happening. Wouldn't Doran Martell wonder why Arthur Dayne died in Dorne instead of dying on the Trident? That might have raised some eyebrows. But that's just my line of thinking.
  13. Jon is not some unknown bastard in the north. As far as everyone knows, he is Ned Stark's son. He isn't some unknown quantity. People know his name in King's Landing and in the Vale and the Riverlands because he was the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and Ned's son. And if someone comes out and says oh well, he's actually the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, he still would not be an unknown quantity or some unknown bastard.
  14. That's the worst thing Ned could have done. Jon is a newborn, he would have just outed that secret. The war just ended and even if he succeeds when he presses Jon's claim, Jon would need a regent for 16 years before he can actually start ruling in his own right. That means Ned might have had to stay in KL with his nephew which I'm sure was the last thing he wanted. There are still Targaryen loyalists, but I can't imagine anyone is in good shape to fight again. The Tyrells have just bent the knee, Tywin Lannister just had two small children killed, Dorne would probably still rally behind Viserys instead of Jon. As always, the riverlands pay the heavy toll whenever there's a war because the region gets savaged. That leaves just the north and even that is uncertain.
  15. Barristan Selmy might be able to give us some insight into that conversation as well as Jaime. At the very least, it sounds like Jaime may have been present when Rhaegar had his talk with Aerys, if we go by what he says in ASOS. Cersei was at Casterly Rock, so she might be able to give us some insight into her father's thinking. She knew that he was planning on marrying Jaime to Lysa Tully, so I imagine she might know more about what went down during the war and where Tywin's head was at. It seems to me like Tywin wanted to enter the war on his own terms and answer the summons in his own time. When he says that Jon Connington was too bold, to eager for glory, I'm thinking Tywin wanted the glory as well, that when all was said and done, that he was the one who came and rescued the Targaryens in their hour of need. That gives him even more power over them.