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  1. I won't hold my breath. With the Brackens support of the Daemon Blackfyre and the Bittersteel v. Bloodraven(Bracken vs Blackwood), I don't see something so benign as far as casting a good side vs bad side. Although while I think Otho is going to be a knight of indomitable strength to present Dunk with a formidable obstacle, he wasn't petty like the other knights Dunk appealed to at Ashford and at least acknowledged him and that his cause might be just. That at least allows that the Brackens might not be cast as the bad guys.
  2. It really depends on the legitimacy of Baratheon rule. If the common folk, lords and the septons of the realm accept it then without proof of parentage Joffrey is the rightful king. With proof or an admission from Cersei or Jamie, then Stannis would be the rightful king. If the Baratheon are still believed to be Ursurpers by the majority, then the rest is moot and Danerys is the righful monarch.
  3. When I compared him to Gregor, I meant more in the physical sense. A human juggernaut with overwhelming strength but in his only interaction with Dunk, he at least acknowledged him and that his cause might be just. He just refused to participate as he didn't know him. I think he will be a little more human, more like a Harwin Strong than a Gregor Clegane.
  4. I agree, it seems Dunk aquits himself much better in a straight up melee. Although I think Baristan defeated him in a joust which so far Dunk seems to only have relied on his strength and not developed refined techniques as some of the other tourney knights.
  5. Tom didn't end up being a terriblly hard strugle for Dunk. Lucas Longinch gave him much more of a fight. The few times Otho Bracken is mentioned in the first three stories, it is with a sense of awe or admiration by the mentioner. When he is mentioned it at Whitewalls it was after the other hedge knights mentioned Duncan's size and someone comapred him to Buford Bulwer, the Old Ox. Another knight was quick to mention he heard the Brute of Bracken was coming but then that was dismissed as the tourney would not be prestigious enough to draw Otho Bracken. I get the feeling as big as Dunk is, Otho is going to be a formidable giant like Gregor. They have already foreshadowed his strength with the killing of Quentyn Blackwood and his nickname for the physical strength of that act as the Brute of Bracken.
  6. I think it is possible the parley the Catelyn had with Stannis and Renly may have had an opportunity for Renly to declare for Stannis. Unlikey, but still very possible if Stannis was willing to give Renly a position of high honor and Renly could have swalloed his arrogance. If everything else plays out the same, I think the Tyrell's may not have cut the deal with Littlefinger in support of King Joeffrey.
  7. Is he being set up to be some Gregor Clegane type foil(i.e. unstoppable brute) for Dunk to contend with in future Dunk and Egg stories? It seems that whenever he is mentioned which were few, there was a sense of awe at his abilities like the tourney of Whitewalls was deemed to insignigicant for one of his stature
  8. Aegon V, but I like some others have mentioned am willing to wait for more installments of Dunk and Egg. I think Aegon the Conqueror and what happened after the conquest would be the most interesting.
  9. Who is the toughest strongest warrior in Westeros history? Not necessarily the best or most skilled. Gregor Clegane, Robert Baratheon, Yohn Royce, Greatjon and Smalljon Umber, Brienne of Tarth, Sandor Clegane, Vicatarion Greyjoy, Gerold Hightower, Lyle Crakehall, Jeor and Jorah Mormont, Strong Belwas, Shaga, Aero Hotah, and Khal Drogo are all choices from recent times. In the past you have Torgold Tollett, Otho Bracken, Harwin Strong, Wat the Hewer, Blood, Maelys the Monstrous, Lyonel Barathron, Duncan the Tall, Maegor Targaryen, and Orys Baratheon. Any others who should be on the list? Who's the toughest?
  10. I love the Bracken and Blackwood fued as well. I hope we hear more about Otho Bracken in future Dunk and Egg stories. Anyone with the nickname Brute of Bracken and strong enough with a blunted blade to caves someone's helmet and skull in has to be awesome. When someone mentioned he might be at the Whitefalls Tourney, there was a sense of awe and disbeief he would show at such small tourney.
  11. I am wondering if the Brute of Bracken had Strong blood in him? From the Dunk and Egg stories he appears to be a hulking, superstrong knight from the Riverlands. When the armourer that was outfitting Dunk made the comment of how big Duncan was, he said he had outfitted bigger. Since Duncan was around seven feet tall and well built, I am wondering who would have been bigger in that era? Otho Bracken?
  12. In the Sons of the Dragons he single handedly took down six knights including the commander of Maegor's forces, Lord Meadows. It's fairly impressive.
  13. 1. Daemon Blackfyre 2. Robert Baratheon 3. Arthur Dayne 5. Orys Baratheon 6. Barristan Selmy 7. Gwayne Corbray 8. Aeomon the Dragon Knight 9. Criston Cole 10. Wat the Hewer
  14. Wat the Hewer probably should be in top 10.
  15. Definitely and that could play some role after the conflict depending on the success or failure of the Aegon and the Golden Company.