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  1. *sniff* You can say that again. I even quite liked him in the show, too. Once.
  2. True. We really don't know much about what happened that day at all. We only have Ned's fever dream of what happened and the only character who can tell an alternative version at this point is Howland. *Cue all the jokes on just how he managed to save Arthur's life.* I do think that the Kingsguard likely were the ones to initiate the fight, though. For some reason, they just wouldn't budge. Maybe they'd heard what happened to Aegon and Rhaenys and were worried the same fate could await their newborn prince? It might come down to those conflicting rules that the knights' and Kingsguard oaths they have to follow, or maybe it is due to Arthur's personal relationship with Rhaegar. A promise he made?
  3. Well, duh! They're being produced in the factory that made all those Littlefinger jetpacks that now everyone uses!
  4. My guess was that the Kingsguard were given orders to protect Lyanna and Jon from anyone who might turn up, at all costs, so, the Magnificent Seven had to fight to get by. Plus, at this point, Ned and company probably still thought they were retrieving Lyanna from captivity. I agree, it feels a little silly that no one thought to say, "Hey, can we sit down and discuss it?"
  5. Sure, but I question whether the script made it clear in the first place, or if it was there to begin with and this literally was a sudden emphasis added in S7.
  6. I watch the show with a few friends, some are show-watchers while others have read the books, every single one of us were confused by how Bran was acting pretty much from the off. So, yeah. In the end, we joked that that Tower of Joy weirwood tree was bad-tree and that screwed up his brain.
  7. I don't know but we can sure as hell be sure they'll all have dragonglass weapons by the time the Night King comes a-knock, knocking on Winterfell's door, which is amazing considering the Vale armourer wasn't smart enough to put leather on the armour before Sansa of all people suggested it.
  8. Oh, they definitely failed. You are pretty much the first person I have found to even suggest it was consistent. But what else is new? Sometimes it feels there are more failures than successes in the writing these days.
  9. He'd also only just come around to lucidity after his Weirwood binge, and he and Meera were very nearly killed by a load of wights. Even so, I still stand by that his reaction didn't strike me as all that out of the ordinary.
  10. I really didn't see anything all that changed about him outside of that opening scene when he wakes up after they escape the cave, which makes sense. I'd feel out of it too if I'd had literal hallucinations for hours on end. But I definitely didn't think his reaction to Benjen was non-reactive, just shocked, (and kinda like poor Jon before he plopped him on that horse and died for no reason.) Then, his last few scenes in the season 6 finale, again, he was far too emotive when talking to Meera for it to square with S7 for me.
  11. Yes, I agree. He was weird when he woke up after that massive download before Uncle Coldhands thundered in with his incense burner. Buuuuuuut, then Bran had a sleep, woke up later in that very same episode and was pretty much Bran again. He expressed concern that he wouldn't be able to control the 3ER powers, has a genuine gasp in his voice when saw Benjen and was still on good terms with Meera. I even thought it was interesting at the time, this idea that part of Bran's next arch would be to actually learn to control his powers and make them his: rule them rather than have them rule him... Now, had they done it that way in S7 as they sort of did in S6 - having him flipped back and forth throughout the season between normal and warped, creepy-3ER, like a personality struggle, or shown Bran trying to reassert himself with all this new stuff in his head, then maybe it'd have made more sense and it wouldn't bug me. But they didn't do it that way -- he went from fine at the end of S6 to fullblown creepy, monotone and characterless at all times. Now, had he been playing up the creepy for a purpose, again, maybe it wouldn't be been so bad but... nope. He's just like that all the time now. Thus, I find the random switch incredibly distracting.
  12. Like, no. I really can't even imagine it and I like to think I have a good imagination. ...Wow, you're right. Pretty much all of our female characters have been victims of sexual abuse, attempted rape or completed rape. Plus, if we add sexual harassment then the list piles up. I would say they should start a support group but the realisation of all of this has made me feel quite cold inside. The reason why this bugs me so much is that Bran implies that he can "remember" so much. If it was just a case of him needing to go looking for the information, like going through a filing cabinet, then why is he the way he is now i.e. so stilted and devoid of personality. It can't just be 3ER memories because "Bloodraven" seemed perfectly fine. It doesn't make the best sense to me. Then again, nothing about his sudden switch from being just-a-bit-wobbly-but-still-fine at the end of S6 and a literal robot in S7. I guess that weirdwood in the cursed forest must be some bad tree.
  13. Possibly, though when it comes to Lady Dustin "the lady doth protest too much, methinks".
  14. It makes me wonder, therefore, if word of Jon's assassination by a cackle of panicked men of the Night's Watch will reach them before his inevitable resurrection. If in TWoW it is revealed that the Mutiny at Castle Black was somehow orchestrated by Qyburn - we only know two of the conspirators by name, after all, both of them in tears - I would not be surprised. With that in mind, it makes me wonder all the more if it was, indeed, Mance who wrote it.
  15. Were they only sending Osney, or were there others involved? I vaguely recall Cersei talking about the plot to assassinate Jon by sending men under the guise of responding to the Night Watch's request for more men in order to sneak them in. It would certainly be interesting if the coup has some possible outside influence. I remember that flittering through my mind on my last re-read, too. I always suspected that whoever wrote the letter wanted to lure both the wildlings and Jon down for alternative reasons. Now, I can definitely see Stannis sending the letter to beef up his army some more or even Wyman Manderly doing it because he wants to gather his pieces together. However, Mance not only would want his wildling army as far south of the Wall as he can get them but he might hope to exchange Jon for his son (though, obviously, it won't be his son) or even to try and extract demands from the Northern Lords.
  16. Threesome? Anyone? Or foursome: Jaime/Brienne/Tormund/Sandor In all seriousness, his mention of Tormund really is making me look forward to some (potential) interactions between the two. It'll probably be fanservicey but who the heck cares? Let the JaimeTormundBowl begin!
  17. Well, they probably decided they needed to dumb things down for the audience... Plus, they overpowered Bran so much that they had to simultaneously make him an idiot, else he'd have worked everything out by now. They essentially turned him into the medieval equivalent of the AI personal assistant you get on phones: you have to type or say the command before he'll find what you're looking for.
  18. Ugh. I know... Bran: I can see everything. *pause* Why you here, Sam? (Well, why don't tell us, smartypants?) Bran: No one knows that Jon is my aunt Lyanna's son but me. (Um, Howland Reed would like a word... and probably those two ladies-in-waiting at the Tower, as well.) Bran: Robert's Rebellion was based on a lie... (The ghosts of your murdered grandfather Rickard Stark and your namesake uncle Brandon want a word, too. And they look pretty angry...) Why the hell did they turn him into this... thing?
  19. Yep, I think we know who D&D's favourite actors characters are.
  20. It's more a bingo card for the show. In the books, his character is tied into a few more plot-lines such as Robb's will, the Green Men and the Isle of the Faces, his powers as a magic-user and, of course, is a first-hand witness to the events of ToJ. Given how bland and boring they made the whole Bran-Sam set up, it seems like they're going to cheese the Jon reveal with him just taking that vision for granted. I mean, if you sit down and think about it, Sam's discovery doesn't prove anything about Jon at all and it's not like Bran can show Jon what happened. But Bran is the resident boring and bland exposition fairy now. Aha! Yes, the show will end with all the survivors going to Sansa's wedding to Random Northern #7. Most aren't, though Obara Sand is another example of a bastard who picked the name of her home over her birthplace. I think she was born in the Reach... at least, in the books. She obviously picked the last name 'Sand' because she became as "Sand Snake". I think it's Bran's line being there at all that grates with me more than the technicalities. It was such a contrived way to get that stupid narration-over-vision-going.
  21. Hopefully. I'd say HR is in top lists for characters I want to see before the end.
  22. It probably didn't. Brandon seems like the sort of bloke always looking for a fight, based on what Lady Dustin said and the whole "wild wolf" thing. Even if he knew the speculated notion that Rhaegar's action was a mark of respect for Lyanna's valour in defending her friend's honour, Brandon would probably have been just as hot-headed.
  23. Ah, so we need to assume Lyanna was the knight, I'm guessing? I personally have my reservations - and I also think it is entirely possible they could have met at any point during that grand tourney. I also I still don't see how any of this equates to Ashara being disgraced at the tourney because Lyanna was named TQoL&B, rather than the more likely interpretation that "disgrace" means her virtue was, shall we say, "compromised" by "Stark". If she had a romantic affiliation with Rhaegar and or Elia, I think it would have come up by now. If anyone's virtue was compromised because of Rhaegar at the tourney, it was Lyanna herself (and even that's a stretch).
  24. Sorry that I'm not impressed. He spent most of his childhood at the Wall so, no, he probably doesn't know what it is like to live through many winters beyond the Wall, unlike Osha. Besides, why pick Osha's word over several other characters who are aware of his general origin story. Even if Mance wasn't born beyond the Wall, but actually on the Wall or Mole's town, it doesn't make him anything other than Mance, The very idea that he's Arthur or Rhaegar is still fanciful fanfiction to me without any real, firm suggestion that Mance came to the Wall as an adult.
  25. We are told Mance's backstory in ACoK, that he had wildling blood before he was taken in by the Night's Watch during a raid as a child. He was in service to Shadow Tower. We also know how he got that black cloak with the red silk in it. There is no reason to presume he would lie whatsoever, especially since he was talking about why he chose the free folk way of life and the freedom it represented. Bottom line: Mance is a well-established and fleshed out character in his own right. He is Mance Rayder. There is no reason to believe he is anyone other than what he is stated to be by others.