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  1. Yeah, that's a good point.
  2. I hope I managed to create a poll...included a link in the first post.
  3. Thanks! Objective assessments was kind of what I was after. I didn't mean to put you on the spot. Like I said, I too think Lancel is prettier, but I appreciate it being more difficult to say if one doesn't find either of them particularly appealing ( I do find both appealing).
  4. Thanks for the answers so far, guys! I actually figured many would answer Jaime, hence I consciously choose "prettier" (as in of the two) rather than "prettiest". Moreover, in my opinion TV-Jaime is more handsome than pretty. beauty6: I kind of agree with your point about the eyebrows, even though I hadn't really thought about it before. Who then - in your opinion - is prettier out of Lancel and Cersei (season 1)?
  5. Upon rewatching season 1 (I know!) yesterday,our group of friends got into a discussion about who out of Cersei and Lancel is the prettier Lannister (in season 1 that is, when they both were at their most beautiful). Ultimately, we unanimously concluded that it's Lancel and commended Cersei on being confident enough to sleep with a guy prettier than herself.... Interested to know what you guys think? Please try to limit your choice to either Lancel or Cersei.