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  1. I marry my heir Keir to a Manderly's daughter and take his medicine money. I marry Edain to the girl he impregnated. I send my son Ivor to Essos to get the medicine and buy food, with this I avoid connecting myself with Dustins and I don't insult them at the same time. I wait with Ailsa since there is no reason for her to leave my castle until this war is over. Instead of raising banners to my castle I go to my vassal's castles and collect men, I take only one third of my real force (and mostly old men) since Manderly can't know my real numbers after such a hard winter. I lead the army to join with Manderlies but I tell my heir that he should not yield any lands to Manderlies awarded to him by Stark King, unless Manderly would so powerful he could go against the Stark's will.
  2. That they don't exist.
  3. Jon is a bastard and always will be since there is no way people would be convinced he is son of Rhaegar and Lyanna since only Howland Reed knows that (if it is even true). In order of Rhaegar to marry Lyanna he would need get High Septon to officially annul his marriage and marry him officially with Lyanna. If marriage is a secret one it is marriage of love and is not recognized by the society since whole point of marriage is announcing that you are husband and wife to the society. Less people would believe Jon is son of Rhaegar than that Aegon is. Aegon also seems fit to rule and has the best army in Planetos. It is impossible for him to sit on the Iron Throne by his right to it, he can only obtain it with force. I feel like whole Jon parentage is like a tutorial to Asoiaf theories because it is so obvious.
  4. No.
  5. Nobody is excluded you can vote for Hot Pie if you want to. If you are to lazy to write her name than you don't really think she is the best. Read my posts and you will she how what you listed required little intelligence and that most that she has has been given to her because she came from the right vagina.
  6. There is no such dilemma as "would you kill Hitler as a child?". There is no way of predicting future for certain and I don't think anyone could tell Hitler would become what he did, so this is pointless dilemma that doesn't exists. I would appreciate quote of the visions. Since if there was only a maiden with hairnet in the wedding it can only mean something bad is about to happen in a wedding with a maiden with hairnet, though it would make sense that crystals in her hair would be connected to the event. But seriously I wouldn't trust visions to much unless caused by glass candles/greenseers/Bloodraven. Visions are about believing in visions which is being a fanatic and GRRM dislikes fanatics.
  7. This story makes even less sense. She trusts a random man who could be Lannister servant to provide her with poison like an hour before she plans on using it, what guarantee does she have poison will actually be there and that she didn't get scammed or exposed to Tywin by this man. Yes you can say Olenna sends someone instead of her to make the deal or goes herself but doesn't shows the face, basically seller doesn't knows who she is, but he will once the wedding takes place and he will know than and Olenna can't risk that man being servant of Tywin. While there is much better explanation that she gets strangler in Highgarden in her safezone that she created and she knew she was going to kill Joffrey back than. Or even buys strangler in kingslanding but seller doesn't knows the buyer and gives the strangler at once. Textual support: Wine is mostly water, so is sea water. When things dissolve they usually cause no color change because they dissolve into ions which are so small (can you tell difference between salty water or clean just by looking at it?) you can't see them. There is no change of color ever mentioned in description of strangler. There is no reason to believe it should cause color change. It is purple crystal but it is very small. And since it is rare and top tier poison it probably shouldn't show color when dissolved. I also find it really weird you argue that strangler shouldn't follow laws of science (so that being it is polar crystal that dissolves in polar liquids) while, science is important when it comes to strangler's effect on humans (saying Joffrey took 3 times longer to react to poison than Cressen because Cressen is an old man). Realm consisted of Westerlands, Cronwlands, Reach, North held by Roose Bolton, most of Riverlands and Stormlands. Also with Dorne officially supporting Joffrey as a king. Dragonstone, Iron Islands and some minor houses here and there being only factions in open rebellion. Vale being neutral and would eventually recognize Joffrey as the rightful king, but never showing up to the Kingslanding (if presumed it would be ruled by Lysa or Baelish). At the time of purple wedding Tywin was in Kingslanding and finishing the war.
  8. We know not all visions come true and vision didn't imply king would be poisoned. We don't know who else might have touched it, also we don't know poison was actually in the hairnet.
  9. Castellan is designated regent of one castle, can only command the garrison when lord is gone.
  10. Hard to acquire probably means hard to get all the materials and make one. But someone like Olenna could get one in Highgarden or KL.
  11. No we don't know that. Does he though let me check what exactly he says.
  12. North can produce a lot of food so being isolated from rest of the world is not a problem for them, they have a huge territory and they have a lot of raw materials there, so war didn't change as much as it did in the South.
  13. It was probably for the honor and KG didn't see any other purpose but to die. They also might be ordered to die to be berried with a secret they had to keep (like who is Lyanna's child). If they actually wanted to defend her they would stay in tower and no-one could get in. I think they were meant to die that day order by Rhaegar.
  14. Well so far there is only one vote for Dany out of 66, and it is probably yours so it is not just my opinion. There is just no textual support for her being a top tier player.