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  1. This is true yes. Because no single faction had dragons is the correct answer. Not minding all the rebellions and civil wars they are peaceful.
  2. Yes this ofc he won't tell them you are hostages, but like family members will know I better not rebel against LF he has my son.
  3. You think LF is so stupid he wouldn't realize it wasn't Sansa's fault?
  4. Do they want it?
  5. People just don't realize his story is getting exponentially harder to write. He is doing best he can and it is amazing.
  6. Never mind that the Seven Kingdoms can't realistically be controlled by one king without him being the only owner of Dragons. The whole series are proof of that. Why wasn't Seven Kingdoms formed in period (8000 years) before the Aegon's conquest? Arguing Seven Kingdoms witnessed less violence and war under Targareyen rule then when they were divided is wrong. Most realistic ending to series is collapse of Seven Kingdoms to smaller states unless Dany comes and is the lady with nukes who rules the world.
  7. LF could easily be working for Lannisters to test their loyalty for all Ollena knows. If it was a trap entire Tyrell family and all Reach lords imprisoned they would get control over Tyrell army since they would release their vassals promised Reach to some Tyrell vassal in return for alliance where Lannisters would have upper hand while with Lannister-Tyrell it was pretty equal. Lannisters could get rid of debt to Tyrells as part of their release agreement. If Tyrells want to kill Joffrey they can do it without some shady guy's help. I am not denying that LF profits from this plot but Tyrells don't. Entire Reach can't provide a piece of strangler? Ollena Queen of Thorns known for her ruthlessness can't get a strangler? Really? Even though this plan benefits LF him killing Tyrion would be far more beneficial and done with help of a servant much less risky than weird neckless plan. LF killing Tyrion would make more sense since it would also cause confusion for Sansa to escape and she would be widowed and ready to marry someone else (LF, Harrold ...). LF also attempts to kill Tyrion via kingsguard Mandon Moore and later Penny. Ollena might be to short to put strangler in cup since it was so tall so Garlan might need to get involved. That is maybe. So it is plan that makes 0 sense for Ollena side and some sense for LF but Tyrion target makes much more sense.
  8. With that it makes 4400 gold clocks believable number.
  9. Best thing that can happen imo.
  10. There was 6000 gold cloaks at KL before the battle, I don't really think many of them died since they broke just at the end of the battle and most of the casualties are inflicted after battle.
  11. Money really?
  12. I agree with Ser Mandon Moore, he was installed by Robert on request of Jon Arryn as Kingsguard yet it is said Jon didn't really like him, which means Lysa asked for it which means LF asked her to do it. Pie I wish it were true and it would make for much better story, but I think it was confirmed wine killed Joffrey (it is always described as red but then suddenly it is purple (strangler is purple crystal)). On the other hand LF-Ollena alliance makes zero sense and LF actually had motive to kill Tyrion and I don't LF is the kind of guy that just does random stuff "to confuse his opponents". Also whole transport of poison from LF to drunkard Dontos to a child that lost her father (Sansa) to Ollena to possibly also Garlan Tyrell seems risky and unnecessary while a servant putting strangler on pie and lemon cream over makes much more sense. So kind of a flaw in the story I would say.
  13. Southern ambitions, LF debt scheme, parts of PJ Deeper Dorne series.
  14. I would suggest adding Salty before family name, so if Theon had a salt child he would be called: Salty-Greyjoy that would express his birth status and emotions regarding succession.