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  1. I imagine him sitting on couch in front of TV and the moment he sees Ned getting killed he just turn's off/ changes channel.
  2. Tywin is a great man.
  3. Aerys caused the war not Rhaegar.
  4. No, I dont see Knights of the Vale going North.
  5. Claim to 7 kingdoms lost gg.
  6. that made 0 sense friend
  7. 14 or no boner.
  8. They is referring to his wives.
  9. What makes you think LF worked for Varys?
  10. Mandon is clearly LF's man. Mandon was named to Kingsguard by Jon Arryn with Robert's approval but it is also said non of them actually liked him much. So best guess is Lysa asked Jon to name Mandon after LF ordered her.
  11. They were just to old for him to perform.
  12. Why would he want to poison Joffrey? No reason. Why would he want to poison Tyrion? Tyrion suspects LF was stealing money from the crown, he is married to Sansa which LF needs for his plans to be single, Tyrion knows that LF lied about the dagger causing Lannister-Stark beef, LF already tried to kill Tyrion (Mandor Moore was LF's man).
  13. We have Cersei POV she would remember killing her own son unless she is completely insane/has split personalities she doesnt knows of. Much better explanation is LF tried to kill Tyrion by poisoning his pie.
  14. High Septon would never approve of gay marriage.
  15. Having reason to go mad like hard childhood doesn't makes you any less mad or a psychopath.