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  1. 4. His kingship was confirmed by the minority of Northern nobility. 5. He lost the North and got a lot of Northern nobility killed/imprisoned. Why would they listen to his shitty will, he was a shit king.
  2. When you need 165. threads and you still don't convince people into believing the most obvious theory there is, because it is like a ASoIaF tutorial, beginners guide.
  3. Only that it took them hundreds of years to take it and control it completely. There has also been a discussion that North couldn't be ruled by a same family for 8000 years or couldn't be ruled for longer periods of time as a whole because of lack of logistics.
  4. Wait what, there is no discussion 7 kingdoms has feudal monarchy.
  5. I guess he forgot to educate his children. Louis XIV's grandson was also disaster (Louis could educate him since he lived for so long).
  6. Good job on that one. Ned or Cat were not stupid they just weren't as good as the other players.
  7. So to summarize this: You cannot take castles and hold them for long because you will have trouble supplying your army on such great distances (supplies can easily be raided) and once you take a castle supplies inside can be destroyed be defenders. You cannot do full naval blockade because North is so wast and even if you do you won't starve North because most of the food is safely in castles and new is being produced inland. Only way to take North is with slow conquest lasting generations taking one castle at the time and stabilizing rule over it.
  8. Blockade as you cannot trade via The Neck or by sea with anyone, and Night's watch is not helping you. But it is not real blockade because you only need to block White Harbor (take it) and few other coastal cities. These are the terms @Roose Boltons Pet Leech gave I believe: He just doesn't calls it blockade. And you are saying what I am, North cannot be starved unless you take castles, but that is hard to do because of huge distances. North doesn't needs fish but even with blockade they can still do fishing like you said.
  9. They had navy but some guy burned it.
  10. How do you prevent them from harvesting fields? You can do raids but Northern people will always know the land better and will guerrilla your raids. Most of the food is still from land not fishing. Yes some people would starve and die but you wouldn't be able to break them with that. North would prioritize that soldiers get food and let older people die. If you are talking about multi-generation blockade Northeren population would decline a bit let says 10% but that still wouldn't break them. Winters are alone are worse than blockade alone. Yes you can destroy North if they are unprepared for long winter but that is unlikely. Also harsh winter is also harsh for the invader.
  11. Why starve KL when you have 100k soldiers? If Stannis could almost take it in one assault when KL had more time to prepare than if Renly came (Stannis went to Storm's end first). What would happen is: Stannis would either fight the battle and get rekt or flee and be rekt as well(has no money for mercs loses most of the support). Renly would march to KL take it bring supplies to city and people would love him. What happens then it is hard to tell. He probably forces Cersei to confess incest and this removes her children from succession. Tywin bents the knee because Renly has 100k soldiers, Tyrion, Cersei and her children. Offers Robb to bent the knee in return for Ned's honor being restored (that Ned wanted Renly to be king), Ice, Sansa. Robb probably declines, Tywin is order to put down Northeren rebellion while Sansa is shipped to Highgarden to marry Willas. Redwine fleet is activated to attack Stannis and latter Iron Islands. Tywin defeats Robb. Renly the kind man he is lets Robb keep the North and Edmure Riverlands. Everybody eventually bent the knee to Renly. Tywin gets Tyrion back while Cersei and her children stay as "honorable guests" (hostages). Than Renly keeps being gay and dies childless which initiates another civil war. Middle ages in a nutshell. This is ignoring that would not be that good of a story and would probably be changed, this is just from the realism point of view. edit: Problem with these alternative stories is that you have to make it the most logical possible to best answer the question of the thread. You can of course do what George does make a story that is interesting full of surprises while still being logical and is not going against human characteristics and society of middle ages (very similar to 7 kingdoms one).
  12. North is huge though you would never starve them. And in medieval setting cost blockade would not last long because soldiers would be bored and your vassals would not enjoy you having their solders doing nothing which could result in rebellion.
  13. Says nothing about staying in character, says what would you do in Balon's place. And title says what if Balon was smart. Declaring independence was not smart.
  14. Long distances, getting supplies for your army ... I would rank kingdoms (in terms of how hard it is to invade and hold): North (huge, coldest, Moat Cailin) Vale (mountains, almost as cold as North considering altitude, Bloody Gates) Dorne(desserts, really hot) Westerlands (hilly, a lot of forest, alright climate) Stormlands (hilly, alright climate but a bit stormy) Reach (it is 2nd biggest so still not that easy, perfect climate, a lot of food) Iron Islands (high shores, few supplies, stormy climate, but really small - Greyjoy rebellion showed you can take them pretty fast) Riverlands (rivers can be a problem or an advantage(supplies via ships), alright climate) Crownlands (easy, perfect climate, not that big, flatlands) Westerlands have better climate and easier terrain (mountains are not as high) than Vale so I don't know why would you think Westerlands are harder than Vale. Dorne is tricky since with naval invasion it wouldn't be that hard to take eastern Dorne which is the core of Dorne, but taking it whole is pretty hard yes. Best invasion targets are definitely Reach, Crownlands, Riverlands while something like North and Iron Islands are retarded.
  15. Did I say he would declare independence?