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  1. I think Jorah has the greater skill but Jon's speed and endurance would give him the win. I also believe Jon is better at adapting to different fight settings.
  2. There's no denying their skill but facing an opponent in a real life or death fight is different as we saw when they encountered the SOTH. Say what you want about the Lannisters but their army has war experience. Knowing Cersei I'm sure she had them informed that Daenerys would either crucify the prisoners or feed them to her dragons.
  3. Also, the Lannisters are seasoned warriors while the Unsullied have only acted as a police force.
  4. I don't see Tyrion's logic here. Besides what would have been roughly a 10,000 to 8,000 man advantage, being prepared, well trained, better armor, and more weapons, the Lannisters would be fighting in their house on their turf. In an enclosed field of battle with swords against spears, surrounded with no place to retreat or flee, and no hope of surrender. How could he believe the Unsullied have more incentive?
  5. Yeah, I saw online that Elyanna Baratheon married Mathis Lannister about a century before Robert's birth so she does have Baratheon blood.
  6. Continued Sansa will meet, fall in love, and marry Gendry Melisandre and Kinvara will bring their army (Fiery Hand) to Westeros We will see another Shadow creature Bran will unsuccessfully attempt to warg into Viserion Theon will return to Winterfell and discover the North remembers Tyrion will betray Jon Arya will kill Tyrion take his face and kill Cersei Cersei will be brought back to life (becauseshe’s needed if there’s a sequel) by the Lord of Light Arya will kill Melisandre The Iron Bank will remind Davos he vouched for Stannis’s loan and demand repayment The final battle will be between Jon’s army and Daenerys’s army
  7. Just occurred to me that assuming Bran can't/won't have children, this is the end of the Stark line.
  8. For some reason the thing that stands out to me is Grey Worm's perfect haircut.
  9. Cersei burned the High Sparrow, his militia, the Seven, the Great Sept, and big chunk of followers (I bet Kings Landing holds the record for people burned alive), the Lord of Light should make her a Red Priestess. Kinvara supported Daenerys in Essos while Melisandre chose Stannis in Westeros so it’s unclear what their official policy is regarding the Iron Throne. Although I don’t think they would aid Cersei against Daenerys, their promised one, I do think they would help against the Night King, perhaps inscribing wight proof Wards on the perimeter walls and using whatever supernatural abilities they possess. Obviously this is all speculation on my part but my reasoning is that we will probably see Melisandre again and I don’t believe she’ll return to the north where there’s a death sentence waiting for her so what better place to go to than King’s Landing. Maybe an opportunity to build a church on the ashes of the Great Sept. Oh yeah, and ice cream. Unlimited ice cream.
  10. The Red Priests/Priestesses will become allies with anyone they believe will help their cause. I think Cersei will promise to build them a church in Kings Landing.
  11. I can believe a kid in a wheelchair seeing everything, I can believe a flying dragon spitting fire, I can believe riders standing on charging horses, I can believe a girl with less than two years training holding her own against a life long knight three times her size, but I refuse to believe that ballista had swivel technology.
  12. Continued Daenerys will have triplets through cesarean Sansa will become Warden of the North Arya will become Lady of Winterfell Jon will give at least 10 speeches and issue 3 challenges for one on one combat We will not get ice spiders Bronn will not get a castle Euron will discover that even though wights can’t swim they can walk across a frozen river Tormund will die but with his last breath maintain he f**ked a bear Either Grey Worm or Missandei (or both) will die Theon’s Iron fleet will combine with Salladhor Saan’s fleet Cersei will enlist the Warlocks of Qarth Cersei will enlist the Red Priests/Priestesses of R'hllor Thanks to catapults, ballistas, wildfire, mystic runes, and the Golden Company, King’s Landing will present a formidable challenge to the Night King
  13. Every time I watch that scene I keep thinking the wight is trying to bite Cersei and infect her. Then I remember it doesn't work like that. So really, a weaponless wight is not that much of a threat.
  14. No way would Cersei flat out kill the NK, she'd torture him first. Long may she reign.
  15. Tyrion’s advice will cause Daenerys to lose half her armies We will learn that Valyrian steel will not kill the Night King Ghost will make a cameo appearance saving Jon Even in death Viserion will not harm his mother Kings Landing will come under siege by the wights and Cersei will reconsider Jon’s offer We will get a Cleganebowl but it will be interrupted by the White Walkers and turn into a Zombiebowl. Sir Gregor will perish saving his little brother We will not get a elephant(Gold Command) vs. mammoth(wight) bowl Beric will die saving Tormund Tormund will die saving Brienne Brienne will die saving Jaime Jaime will die saving Bran Bran will continue to not give a damn A Scorpion will bring down Viserion Samwell Tarly and Qyborn will usher in an age of science
  16. I'm disturbed by Cersei's ruling, or more accurately, lack of ruling. Since the first episode she wanted to be in charge and at the end of season 6 she finally gets her wish. All through season 7 she was the Queen yet with the exception of doing war preparations we don't get to see her actually rule. We had glimpses of other characters ruling and their policies and beliefs; Robert, Ned, Daenerys, Joffrey, Tywin, even to some extent Robb, Tryion, Sansa, Kal Drogo, Tommen. We've seen what sets them apart. So what distinguishes Cersei from the other rulers who sat on the Iron throne? We're supposed to believe that she's hated by her subjects and other houses and she's a bad Queen and her kingdom on the verge of collapse but why? Did she raise taxes? Arrest anyone speaking ill of the Crown? Make incest legal? Re-establish trial by combat? I don't recall her enacting anything. And the people seem kind of happy. Also, where's her council? Aside from Qyburn who else is advising her. I thought the council meetings were some of the best parts of the episodes.
  17. The only vaguely, slightly, possibly plausible reason I can think of is that if he didn't show up someone may wonder 'whatever happened to that guy Euron and his 1,000 ships? Should we maybe check on it?' Also, I suspect after he married Cersei and she gave him a son she'd probably meet with an accident.
  18. I'm guessing that the original plan was for Euron to continue picking a fight with Theon, Cersei telling him to leave (she already warned him), and Euron storming off saying he's returning to the Iron Islands. Seeing the Wight allowed him to improvise.
  19. Wish they would have explained how roughly 100,000 Dothraki, 8,000 Unsullied, 30,000 Northerners and Wildlings are going to be armed with dragonglass weapons.
  20. I thought this was so cute.