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  1. Why do your topics have so few people commenting on it? I always had this doubt.
  2. She did not reveal herself to Roose because she did not trust him enough to say it, and also because she felt uncomfortable with him. But it's a good question. But I even have doubts about what would have happened if she told him so.
  3. There is an incredible theory that says that Stannis and his men will disguise themselves as Freys men to rob the Castle, what do they think of it?
  4. Yes, despite acting as a living person, he is still a living dead
  5. Just like Beric and Catelyn he was revived once, so does that make him a Wight like the two?
  6. It depends, a lot of men would not make a difference in the White Walkers' attack
  7. Tywin would find a way to kill Robert for sending Jaime to the wall, and probably would never have offered Cersei in marriage with him
  8. Lancel was only a child at that time
  9. Cersei never thinks about the consequences
  10. Yes, he was not a bad swordsman but he was not good as his brother Tygett
  11. We all know that Tywin is a commander and not a swordsman, but having participated in a youth war must have been good
  12. because perhaps he thought that a battle would be more honorable form than witchcraft
  13. I think it's either Stannis or Tywin.
  14. Sim, e é bem provável que Ramsay seja morto na batalha. E Mors Umber provavelmente será morto pelos Freys como foi dito em um trecho vazado do sexto livro