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  1. Tyrell's claim to the throne right now rests on Tommens legitimacy. It is a far easier task for the Tyrell's to enforce Tommens claim than to let him go down and make their own claim that would be contested by at least half the realm. The Tyrells have trouble of their own with the Ironborn invading the Reach and the Vale and For me could give them trouble if they contest the claim because the Vale and For me still have fresh armies that haven't been dwindled down by war. The Lannisters wouldn't stand by them and neither would the Riverlands since most of their lands and people are ravaged and the Frey's forces are in the north and will likely die there. Mace needs Tommen. Mace does NOT need Cersei... but Varys does. Varys was willing to kill Kevan Lannister himself to get Cersei back in charge and will continue to do what is necessary to keep her there until he is ready for Aegon to take it from her. Varys makes mistakes sometimes (Ned) but they are seldom enough that they can't be counted on to happen and he is manipulating everything in the Red Keep. Its even worse that everyone thinks Varys has fled because they they are more lax. Out of sight, out of mind, and he is still lurking and listening to everything. I can't wait for this fucking book. I check George's live journal a few times everyday hoping to see a post saying he is finally done with that beast.
  2. The only two individuals in the whole series from Westeros that Varys dared confide in were Ned and Tyrion, and even then, he didnt tell them very much, plus Varys is heavily suspected by Cersei to have a hand in her fathers death so I doubt he would reveal himself to her. The Tyrell's are no better than the Lannisters in their ambition for the throne which makes them equally poor candidates for Varys to reveal himself to. He will likely keep hiding, if he were to reveal himself to anyone, I think Qyburn would make for an intriguing confrontation. Qyburn is too smart to remain with Cersei but still not half as smart as Varys and easily bought off since all he does in his spare time is experiment on prisoners. Anyone who truly opposes Cersei's rule will get offed like Kevan and Pycelle. Varys wants Cersei in power. I would almost argue that Mace Tyrell is stupid enough that Varys would allow him to usurp Cersei but Mace listens to his mother and Tarly too much to be able to fuck up to bad as to where Cersei will fuck up just fine since she doesn't listen to anybody but herself. Varys is in complete control of the Red Keep.
  3. you think Wex is still loyal to the ironborn? I just assumed he was concerned about saving his own ass by trading valuable information to the northerners in exchange for amnesty. Theon kinda treated Wex like shit anyway. I can see Podrick Payne pulling some golden squire acts like this for Brienne or Tyrion but I didnt think Wex was that loyal. The Ironborn were never particularly loyal to Theon any way because they didnt see him as one of them. I never considered Wex was concerned about Theon, maybe he is.
  4. That's plausible even though Euron has shown zero interest in the north and any remaining forces left there from what we've seen of him. That and you have to think that Manderly hasn't trusted Ramsay from the beginning. His forces were going at it with Ramsay's over Lady Hornwood's land and Wyman was trying to marry her before Ramsay kidnapped her and forced a marriage on her. Manderly must have heard what Ramsay did to her. Taking all that into account along with the fact that Manderly is very sharp and has about as much cunning as he does fat, Manderly must have suspected that Ramsay had a hand in the sacking of Winterfell or that there is more to it than the official story of what the Ironborn did to Winterfell (which is given to the rest of the north by Ramsay which Manderly must also be aware of). So the next logical step for Wyman is to put out an order to his men to search for any Winterfell survivors and bring them straight to him. At this point all Wex has to do is approach Manderly lands and seek an audience with Wyman Manderly. As soon as he gets it across to whoever he presents himself to that he was a Winterfell survivor, they will bring him straight to Manderly for further questioning. With the only official report of Winterfell's fall coming from Ramsay Snow, it wouldn't make any sense to me if the other houses werent attempting to round up any Ironborn survivors they could find along with anyone else claiming to come from WF. Only Ramsay did a damn good job of slaughtering everyone at WF and the Winter town so they have all searched in vain, until Wex strolled up looking for a safe haven. And Wex would be taking a huge risk going back across Hornwood, Bolton, and Stark lands to get back to Torrhens square to the Ironborn with Bolton men out looking for survivors and the Stark boys. Plus this is all under the assumption that Wex is certain there are still Ironborn in Torrhens square. He could have walked into a tavern and picked up the location of the Ironborn by eavesdropping on some gossip but even then he would have to believe the information and act on it, plus, again, Ramsay's forces are scouring the country side for the Stark boys and potential escapees from the sack of WF, I doubt a group of Ironborn would make it across all those lands infested with Bolton men back to White Harbor. It would be infinitely easier to travel south along the coast to White Harbor safely from what ever port he tailed Rickon and Osha too where he learned where they were going. It sounds like a good idea on Wex's part to get back to his people but when you look at the map and consider the events taking place on it during the timeline in which he would do this, it looks like an impossible task. One thing I will say in your favor is that the timeline likely allows for him to make the journey back and forth that you propose because a lot of time passes between the sack of Winterfell were we last see Wex and Davos' s arrival at White Harbor.
  5. I'm not a big "Bolt-on" fan myself. In not suggesting this will unravel the whole argument but if he is leeching himself so the blood wont congeal this means that he is dead. The problem with this is that his body wont keep producing fresh blood after he is dead so he would have stopped leeching himself centuries ago when he leeched every pint from his body. Plus this would leave the guy marble white and nobody would miss that. Even the palest nerd to ever live in a basement isnt so pale as a blood-drained corpse.
  6. My issue isnt your logic. Its the practicality of tracking Osha from Winterfell to a port on the narrow sea, taking that info, going all the way back to Torrhens square, for whatever reason the IB decide to give this info to Umber and Manderly instead of taking it back to the Iron Islands and send Sex back out on foot to Last Hearth or White Harbor. It seems like we have to jump through a lot of hoops for Wex to pull all that off as opposed to him going straight to Last Hearth or White Harbor and unless he is rocking a sigil, it shouldn't even be obvious that he is Ironborn unless he chooses to make it obvious that he is Ironborn.
  7. True story. Ive played with the idea that Roose has promised Lady Dustin that Ramsay will die after he produces a heir with fArya. It is in everyones best interest if Ramsay goes away and Roose has to know that the North will never bow to his children with Fat Walda because the North won't support any Frey after the Red Wedding but Roose is very concerned withRamsay marrying and reproducing ASAP, before Ramsay can ruin any of his alliances.
  8. On Wex, the only way he could have known where Rickon was for certain is if Wex saw which ship they got on and went out of his way to learn the destination of that ship. How else would Wex know where they are going? Osha doesn't come across as a fool, she wouldn't be just blabbing this information and Wex never would be gotten close enough to eavesdrop because Shaggydog would have picked up his scent because staying downwind won't help if you get that close. Roose killing Ramsay seems like the logical step for him because it ensures the safety of any Frey heirs he produces and it would secure the uneasiness that has been growing in his allies concerning Ramsay and his crispness. The only issue is that mind paying is frowned upon him so it is a lose-lose situation for Roose where Ramsay is concerned. Roose very well may set a trap for Ramsay or fake an accident for him. Maybe Roose was waiting for Ramsay to knock up fArya so he could get the heir he needed and be free to dispose of Ramsay before he ruins everything Roose has built for their house. That honestly sounds like the Roose Bolton thing to do. So without fArya secure in the castle waiting to get pregnant, Roose has no need of Ramsay there so he sends Ramsay away to get her back. Concerning Howland, the fact of the matter is that we have no idea what his intentions are or how much he knows or doesn't know. He may have intercepted Neds bones and Robs will, he could be working with the BWB or trading info with them, Jojen could have shared a great number of green dreams with Howland and we know Howland believes them because that is why he sent both his children to Bran in the first place. So we don't know what he knows or intends and it is important to note that the range of possibility concerning his knowledge is bigger than most people because he could be less informed than anyone else since he lacks ravens but coukd know more than anyone depending on what kind of green dreams Jojen shared with him, likely it is a combination of both, he may be lacking common knowledge about current events in Westeros while at the same time knowing things that everyone (including us readers) dont know yet. Whatever his reasons are, I trust them.
  9. Roose is fucked and he knows it. His success is circumstantial which is why Theon sees a look of fear on his face. Plus he hasnt heard from his maester that is with the Karstarks and Stannis so he has no idea if its a good idea to send the Freys and Manderly's to fight them but he has no choice but to send them. Plus Roose stated that he thinks Ramsay will murder any children he has with Fat Walda, hr also says in the same conversation with Reek that he doesnt think Ramsay will hold the North after he is gone so it makes me w/o der what Roose was thinking when he decided to start scheming against Robb in the first place if he expected his house to collapse anyway. Maybe he wanted House Bolton to go out with a bang so he decided to bring down house Stark. Who knows. Lady Dustin is more intriguing because her story about the Starks she gives Theon is obviously just an excuse to find the crypts but there also must be some truth to this story if she did indeed hold men back from Robb over a family grudge, that being said, she must hate Ramsay more than she ever hated the Starks so her alliance with Roose is on borrowed time, she doesnt seem to have any interest in having more children (if she even still can) so much as she wants to right all the wrongs done to her, real or imagined. Manderly waited for his son to be returned for him before he started letting his plans take wing. Since he sent Davos to retrieve Rickon and he has ships hidden, his son and heir has to be in on all his plans. I dont know if he trusts any of the other lords besides Umber. Ramsay is meant to be a wild card I think. Everything is coming to a head and he is quick to anger and quicker to respond to a slight. He is some-what cunning but also, impulsive and has no patience for alliances or working to make and maintain alliances. He is very similar to Joffrey in that he thinks everyone should bow to him and that fear and violence will solve everything. I don't remember the status of the Ironborn who held Torrhen's square but Wex couldn't have been sent by them because he was at Winterfell when Ramsay sacked it and he wouldn't have been able to return to the Ironborn AND tail Rickon and Osha all the way to Skaagos or the port they left from to get to Skaagos. Wex must have known that his survival in the North rested on trading info on Rickons location to the Northerners for his own life and thankfully chose Manderly over the Karstarks or the Boltons. He was on an eastern port and the eastern houses are Manderly, Bolton, Karstark, and Umber. He might have considered the Wall as well but probably knew the,Nights Watch wouldn't be able to,give him what he wanted, even with Jon in charge who would have given almost anything for his brothers whereabouts. So he either told Umber or Manderly. I think Wex told Umber and they came to Manderly afterward because I can see Umber needing Manderly's help more than I see Manderly needing Umbers help. Lastly, Howland won't bestir himself unless a POV character tries to pass the Neck or until he is called by who ever rules the North following the battle of Ice. Stannis may summon all the lords and remember that ravens can't find freshwater watch so someone will have to go summon Howland in person. But his first and most important job is to hold the Neck and that's where he will stay. Almost feel sorry for any left over Frey forces that try to retreat through their in the next book. They are always talking dirty about the crannogmen and they willbe at their mercy.
  10. Even if Lady Dustin hates Ned as she says she does, she must hate Ramsay even more so because Domeric likely meant more to her than her past relationships and we know she blames Ramsay for her death. So her alliance to the Bolton's is an almost impossible one already. Even Roose doesn't expect Ramsay to be able to hold the North after he's gone and he doesn't believe his Frey kids will survive Ramsay. Roose is so lax about being convinced his house and name are fucked which would almost make me think that taking the north was one big farce but I can't see the logic in that either.
  11. That's a real good point.
  12. I won't deny in the end that the Iron Throne is Stannis's main objective but he concedes that he must protect his kingdom and he recognizes that the Others are a threat to his kingdom and needs to deal with them. The letter that Stannis gets that convinces him to go north isnt a letter warning him about the Wildlings but a letter warning him against the wights and the Others. Plus Melisandre has influence over Stannis and this threat troubles Mel greatly and in turn she has convinced Stannis that this a threat that he was destined to take care of. As for the clansmen, they will probably linger at Winterfell for a little while after the Boltons are defeated to give their views on who ought to rule the North the same as the official northern houses. These clan leaders are bannerman just as much as the other northern lords. The main reason they sided with Stannis was to avenge the Starks and rescue fArya. Stannis has a mind to give Winterfell to one of his southern bannerman as he said as much to Jon Snow when Jon Snow refused Stannis's offer of Winterfell and a lordship. The clansmen will not stand for having the Starks replaced with a southern lord, and neither will the other northern lords so there will be a council of some sorts to decide who will make for the best to take Winterfell. It will be at this point most likely that the truth of Bran and Rickon's survival will cone out. We know that a clansmen shared a cave with Bran and the Reeds while Bran was traveling north to the Wall so that information is likely with the clans and then there is the fact that the Manderleys know Rickon is alive and have taken measures to recover him. So the clansmen will most likely linger to make sure that Winterfell is delivered back into the hands of the Starks which will be Rickon specifically because we all know that they are not going to recover Bran as long as he is in Bloodravens cave.
  13. I'll have to respectfully disagree.
  14. If I had to come up with a just way for Roose to die, I would have him held prisoner to await Rickons judgement. Once Rickon decided he would die, obviously Rickon would be too young to be able to decapitate Roose so instead he would order Shaggydog to rip him apart.
  15. The clan members may stay with Stannis if they are convinced the Others are a threat and the long night is returning. That's the whole reason Stannis went North and the only reason even Stannis will remain in the North once the Bolton's are dealt with. I think we can rely on Stannis to be more concerned about the Others than the Iron Throne. I think Stannis's sword will be the death of him, it is a false sword that won't stand against the Others if he ever faces one.