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  1. At least Obi-Wan let Vader keep his dick though.
  2. The one chapter could be early on in the book ESPECIALLY if he is going to die in it, GRRM went back and wrote the red wedding after writing the rest of ASOS. Obviously that isn't the case here since he says he has a lot more to do than the Theon chapter. He could also just be revising an earlier Theon chapter to accommodate for some mundane-but-still-important story continuity that has nothing to do with Theon getting axed or burned under the weirwood.
  3. We have a HUGE precedent for the FM doing more than fulfilling a mere contract. Jaquen Hagaar killed Pate, someone who there is a 90% chance of not having a contract on their head, who would pay to have a faceless man murder a loser like Pate? Secondly, once Jaquen took Pates face and his stolen Archmaesters key, he lingered for quite a while at the Citadel up until Sam showed up. Is Jaquen trying to exploit something at the Citadel to get access to Lord Leyton Hightower? Is he trying to get his hands on the blood-soaked time known as "fire and blood" that Tyrion reflected on being locked away in the Citadel so Jaquen can bring down dragons? (That one is more unlikely because when Jaquen first set out to Westeros, it had to have been while Ned was still Hand and the dragons didnt even exist yet so unless Jaquen received ordera after coming to Westeros, he is not after dragon killing info.) Was Jaquen waiting for Sam for some reason? Sone people even think that Jaquen is after Bloodraven and needed the glass candle to find him which is why hes lingering around Marwyn. Sorry to get carried away but the FM are either up to something bigger than a contract in this case, or at the very least, are obviously ok with murdering innocents (Pate) to clear a path to their target, which means that they could be manipulating Arya in training her for another purpose as a pawn in a scheme that is worth spending months training Arya the way Jaquen is spending months doing 'god knows what' at the Citadel. Magic and prophecy are coming back all around everybody and the Faceless men are playing a big game of some kind. I for one and very intrigued on how Braavos feels about the situation with Daenerys because on one hand, Braavos hates dragons, Tycho Nestoris (I know I probably spelled that wrong) wouldnt even jape about them, he had a very solemn attitude that is probably reflected in the other elite members of Braavos, if not the entire Braavosi population. But on the other hand, this palpable hatred for the dragons and dragonlords of Valyria that apparently hasn't diminished over the centuries stems from the dragonlords using their dragons to oppress and enslave so the fact that Dany has been using her dragons to FREE slaves, not make more. The Braavosi HAVE to respect that, between their fleet and the backing of the IB, Braavos could have hired the necessary men to deal with slavers bay themselves long before Daenerys came around so Dany has done more for slaves in a year than Braavos has done in centuries. Now one thing that is important to note that Braavos itself is not caught up in the war or the politics of Westeros, just the IB. But what if the FM do something that gets Braavos tied in? What if Arya does? And if the IB is aware of (which I bet they are) Aegon invasion and the fact that Dany will be coming west too? Will Tycho meet with Dany and disrespect dragons to her face? Or will he swallow his prejudice to do business? So many questions, all of,which lead to more like a hydra of uncertainty and speculation. Its fun to wonder though!
  4. i think that the IB would tell them that if they hope to win the war than they better take out a bigger loan than Stannis did. They may tweak the interest rates in the spirit of good business, maybe. The IB makes money by lending it, after all.
  5. You make a very good point, although you think its equally as likely that Kevan (like Tywin) just doesn't want the crown to be dependant on the Lannisters, so Kevan only paid some of it off now with the hope that the crown could raise the rest of the funds if given more time? The crown naturally collects more incomes than the Westerlands (not counting gold mines) so as long as the crowns incomes are handled responsibly (as I'm sure Kevan and Tywin were arranging to have done) there should be no need for Casterly Rock to pay out everything. I think its equally possible and likely that Casterly Rock is broke and Tywins unrivaled management was the only thing keeping the illusion of their wealth in tact. It would make one hell of a shock for Cersei in TWOW to find out that she doesnt have the family resources she thinks she has.
  6. No offense, but could you tell me where in the books that it says that the Casterly Rock gold mines have run dry? I know Tywin says that in the show and all, but I'm most of the way through a series re-read right now and I dont remember reading that or anything that suggests it to be true. I know Tywin is refusing to forgive or pay the crowns debts, but I don't think Tywin would do that out of principle.
  7. It isn't unlikely that this could take 8 books. He was planning on writing 7 back when he was forced to split AFFC & ADWD into two books, and he basically said in an interview way back that TWOW is almost twice the size of ADWD & AFFC. Of course, he hadn't started editing at the time (probably not anyway) and he may remove some chapters for the next book. I really believe he has been writing the final POV's, which he is probably writing slower than the others, and editing, whicy could take an enormous amount of time especially since he often rewrites entire chapters. I also agree that he knows the kind of snowstorm he will get if F&B I is released too long before TWOW is ready.
  8. I bet his POV would be as bat shit crazy as Cersei's POV chapters. I would definitely enjoy reading one.
  9. These clansmen jobs are only half done because fArya isn't safe So long as her captors live and occupy her home. If they want to truly liberate fArya, they must kill her husband.
  10. GRRM confirmed that Jeyne Westerling/Stark is in the prologue (he did NOT specify whether or not she is the POV so she isn't sentenced to death yet. Personally I don't think George spared her from the Red Wedding to just die as soon as she leaves Riverrun but that's just me) so you don't have to worry about Ramsay being in the prologue since he is nowhere near Jeyne Westerling.
  11. Tyrell's claim to the throne right now rests on Tommens legitimacy. It is a far easier task for the Tyrell's to enforce Tommens claim than to let him go down and make their own claim that would be contested by at least half the realm. The Tyrells have trouble of their own with the Ironborn invading the Reach and the Vale and For me could give them trouble if they contest the claim because the Vale and For me still have fresh armies that haven't been dwindled down by war. The Lannisters wouldn't stand by them and neither would the Riverlands since most of their lands and people are ravaged and the Frey's forces are in the north and will likely die there. Mace needs Tommen. Mace does NOT need Cersei... but Varys does. Varys was willing to kill Kevan Lannister himself to get Cersei back in charge and will continue to do what is necessary to keep her there until he is ready for Aegon to take it from her. Varys makes mistakes sometimes (Ned) but they are seldom enough that they can't be counted on to happen and he is manipulating everything in the Red Keep. Its even worse that everyone thinks Varys has fled because they they are more lax. Out of sight, out of mind, and he is still lurking and listening to everything. I can't wait for this fucking book. I check George's live journal a few times everyday hoping to see a post saying he is finally done with that beast.
  12. The only two individuals in the whole series from Westeros that Varys dared confide in were Ned and Tyrion, and even then, he didnt tell them very much, plus Varys is heavily suspected by Cersei to have a hand in her fathers death so I doubt he would reveal himself to her. The Tyrell's are no better than the Lannisters in their ambition for the throne which makes them equally poor candidates for Varys to reveal himself to. He will likely keep hiding, if he were to reveal himself to anyone, I think Qyburn would make for an intriguing confrontation. Qyburn is too smart to remain with Cersei but still not half as smart as Varys and easily bought off since all he does in his spare time is experiment on prisoners. Anyone who truly opposes Cersei's rule will get offed like Kevan and Pycelle. Varys wants Cersei in power. I would almost argue that Mace Tyrell is stupid enough that Varys would allow him to usurp Cersei but Mace listens to his mother and Tarly too much to be able to fuck up to bad as to where Cersei will fuck up just fine since she doesn't listen to anybody but herself. Varys is in complete control of the Red Keep.
  13. you think Wex is still loyal to the ironborn? I just assumed he was concerned about saving his own ass by trading valuable information to the northerners in exchange for amnesty. Theon kinda treated Wex like shit anyway. I can see Podrick Payne pulling some golden squire acts like this for Brienne or Tyrion but I didnt think Wex was that loyal. The Ironborn were never particularly loyal to Theon any way because they didnt see him as one of them. I never considered Wex was concerned about Theon, maybe he is.
  14. That's plausible even though Euron has shown zero interest in the north and any remaining forces left there from what we've seen of him. That and you have to think that Manderly hasn't trusted Ramsay from the beginning. His forces were going at it with Ramsay's over Lady Hornwood's land and Wyman was trying to marry her before Ramsay kidnapped her and forced a marriage on her. Manderly must have heard what Ramsay did to her. Taking all that into account along with the fact that Manderly is very sharp and has about as much cunning as he does fat, Manderly must have suspected that Ramsay had a hand in the sacking of Winterfell or that there is more to it than the official story of what the Ironborn did to Winterfell (which is given to the rest of the north by Ramsay which Manderly must also be aware of). So the next logical step for Wyman is to put out an order to his men to search for any Winterfell survivors and bring them straight to him. At this point all Wex has to do is approach Manderly lands and seek an audience with Wyman Manderly. As soon as he gets it across to whoever he presents himself to that he was a Winterfell survivor, they will bring him straight to Manderly for further questioning. With the only official report of Winterfell's fall coming from Ramsay Snow, it wouldn't make any sense to me if the other houses werent attempting to round up any Ironborn survivors they could find along with anyone else claiming to come from WF. Only Ramsay did a damn good job of slaughtering everyone at WF and the Winter town so they have all searched in vain, until Wex strolled up looking for a safe haven. And Wex would be taking a huge risk going back across Hornwood, Bolton, and Stark lands to get back to Torrhens square to the Ironborn with Bolton men out looking for survivors and the Stark boys. Plus this is all under the assumption that Wex is certain there are still Ironborn in Torrhens square. He could have walked into a tavern and picked up the location of the Ironborn by eavesdropping on some gossip but even then he would have to believe the information and act on it, plus, again, Ramsay's forces are scouring the country side for the Stark boys and potential escapees from the sack of WF, I doubt a group of Ironborn would make it across all those lands infested with Bolton men back to White Harbor. It would be infinitely easier to travel south along the coast to White Harbor safely from what ever port he tailed Rickon and Osha too where he learned where they were going. It sounds like a good idea on Wex's part to get back to his people but when you look at the map and consider the events taking place on it during the timeline in which he would do this, it looks like an impossible task. One thing I will say in your favor is that the timeline likely allows for him to make the journey back and forth that you propose because a lot of time passes between the sack of Winterfell were we last see Wex and Davos' s arrival at White Harbor.
  15. I'm not a big "Bolt-on" fan myself. In not suggesting this will unravel the whole argument but if he is leeching himself so the blood wont congeal this means that he is dead. The problem with this is that his body wont keep producing fresh blood after he is dead so he would have stopped leeching himself centuries ago when he leeched every pint from his body. Plus this would leave the guy marble white and nobody would miss that. Even the palest nerd to ever live in a basement isnt so pale as a blood-drained corpse.