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  1. I would go back and read my last few posts, might help answer your questions
  2. I really need to finish this show. I have admit that after that first episode which I thought was brilliant, I felt like the quality was a little patchy and i never bothered after about the 5th episode. If I hear enough good things I'll go back to it.
  3. I recommend reading to gain some insight into the 'populist revolt' which was behind Brexit. Its a very interesting read and one of numerous things I've read which have helped me challenge my own beliefs and re-examine my position.
  4. Agree that the demographic timebomb is something that needs to be addressed, and immigration has to be part of that. There will need to also be a number of probably very unpopular decisions made in the future as well, regarding increasing the pension age, less money spent on the NHS etc.
  5. I think that the population has a good idea of the level of immigration to the country. Do you deny that the levels of immigration to the UK since 2001 were massively above anything Britain had seen for decades? In 2001 the population was 59 million. The population in 2017 was 65 million people. It is estimated that net migration plus births to foreign-born parents has accounted for 85% of population growth between 2000 and 2014. To turn around to the native population of the UK and say 'you don't know what you are talking about, immigration levels are fine' is only adding to the problem, and I'd suggest your attitude is highly illustrative of the the problem. Clearly immigration levels were extraordinarily high, with enormous demographic change in certain areas in a very small amount of time. Add to that a problem where the British government had seemingly no plan on how to integrate those people who arrived, leading to huge clustering and areas of the country made up predominantly of non-native immigrants and I think it is totally understandable that the native population would be worried by this change. ---- I will note that pre-Brexit I probably would have agreed with everything you just said, as it was the standard argument I would use against the Daily Mail reading morons I assumed voted for Brexit. My dad being one of these people. However since that time I've made a serious effort to re-examine my beliefs and try to understand why Brexit happened and whether it was pure ignorance that caused it or was it in fact a very human natural reaction to rapid demographic change. I think now I am much more aware of the liberal bias and closed mindedness when dealing with these issues, a problem I myself was very guilty of in the past.
  6. Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I had seen adverts for this and it came across as 'edgy' and hip in a way that many C4 shows like to do. But i was much better than that, I felt a really connection the main characters even if they were written in a slightly over the top way that many teen shows do. I looked up the main two, as I knew I'd seen them before. The guy was in that episode of Black Mirror last season where he gets blackmailed into robbing a bank, I think he might always be cast as a weirdo. The girl I knew I recognised from something but couldn't place it, but she was in Hannah, which is one of my favourite movies! Her portrayal of a spoilt middle class teenager in that movie is one of my favourite performances ever! In fact that movie is full of awesome performances.
  7. ... I’m not sure I’ve read anyone say they want to stop immigration? Even the most hard line Brexit supporter seems to understand that some level of immigration into the country is necessary and also healthy. However, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be completely uncontrolled, or that the huge numbers that arrived in the last decade were the best way to solve the issue.
  8. Watched I Tonya the Margot Robbie movi about Tonya Harding. It wasn’t something I knew too much about growing up and the controversy passed me by. Having said that it was a very enjoyable film and Robbie puts in anothe great performance. I’d highly recommend it. Only down side being the frankly awful CGI pasting of Robbies face onto a skater’s body during the skate scenes. That was horrendously bad. I also highly recommend The end of the f***ing world, which is a British tv series I raced through in one session yesterday on Netflix. Absolutely loved it, the story of two kids who run off, one who likes to imagine he is a psychopath. Lovely writing and brilliantly performed by both leads. I guess maybe it was on channel 4 as each episode is only 20 mins long
  9. I think Blair is an idealist and has shown himself to be out of touch with the thoughts of the population on a number of occasions. It would be extremely naive of any politician to suppose that you can allow large scale immigration into a country in a very small amount of time and not expect that the native population would feel disgruntled and uneasy about it. It was made worse by instead of listening to people’s fears , anyone complaining was labelled a racist or xenophobic, only adding to the sense of injustice and lack of control. It all could easily have been avoided had there been some sort of control on the influx of people, limits on numbers or at the very least not allowing people in at the earliest opportunity. But that is where we are now, and the labour gov has to take its share of the blame.
  10. It underscores that excessively rapid levels of immigration were a major factor in the vote yes.
  11. Pushing for expansion of the EU to include Eastern European countries, allowing unrestrained immigration of people from those countries before he even had to.
  12. Well I know a lot of people seemed to like the Yoda puppet.. but I didn't. I love the Yoda of Empire, it had a certain charm. The mistake in TLJ was how the show and lit this Yoda, really making it totally obvious it was a puppet, and not in a good way. Hard to describe without watching it again, but yeah I think there was definitely a better way to make that work. It looked silly in comparison to the rest of the movie.
  13. I'm not being pedantic. Its incredibly important that you back up statements like calling someone paedophile, and someone mistakenly assuming a girl is overage is really a very different situation. Well I can tell from his tweets that he's a fan of breasts, and finds certain women attractive. The rest of it. No. Again, going back to my previous point, we can't just say something is 'rape culture' when a man says he finds a woman attractive. Maybe he should have said ' Helen Mirren has great breasts, and I also admire her sterling work as an actress in numerous movies over the years' in order to avoid censure? Anyway, I'll move off this topic now, otherwise I'm just repeating myself. I didn't really want to have to be someone who is defending Toby Young, more that some of the comments thrown at him are really over the top and I'm sure are partly motivated out of pure dislike for the man. Talking about dislike, Blair should keep his mouth zipped on Brexit, seeing as he has to take a portion of the blame for it. His decisions regarding immigration have caused much of the resentment of the British population. Had he not taken the decisions he did then maybe Brexit wouldn't have come close to happening. Honestly though, referendums on issues this big are utterly idiotic. The general public can never really understand how to run a country, they can only express their personal gripes and feelings, which is probably what would happen in a second referendum too. I doubt most people really understand the real differences between Hard and Soft Brexit or what the actual outcomes of any deal will really be.
  14. I really enjoy The Expanse but I agree that Holden is pretty bland and quite hard to really give a damn about. I actually think that most of the characters are poorly fleshed out and that while there are some great actors in the show, they so far, are not amongst the main crew ( Thomas Jane not withstanding)
  15. Mistaking his daughter for his wife presumes he didn't think she was a minor when he wrote it obviously. Plus, a paedophile is someone who finds prepubescent children attractive. So clearly he isn't a paedophile, so I don't know why you are suggesting he is. Well I will have different views on this subject than many people here I imagine. I do think that we need to be careful we don't pigeon hole any expression of sexual attraction as 'contributing to rape culture'. I don't think its helpful to the conversation and just comes off as reactionary and puritanical. Young's comments about saying women have great boobs was juvenile and (presumably like most things he says) made to purposely wind up liberals. And here's the thing, just because you and a bunch of people on this board (which is, as many people have commented, pretty homogenous in its thinking and doesn't do well with diversity of thought on many issues) don't find it funny, that doesn't mean that the comments were not humorous, or even more importantly, were not made to with the intention of humour. Intention and context are hugely important when judging the value of what someone has said, except that instead the Twitter Mob will focus on 'the words' and jump on the outrage bandwagon. We are living in sad times right now where the mob is so eager to jump down everyone's throats and dredge up every word someone has said in order to vilify them for their own political ends. And make no mistake, much of the motivation for this witch hunt is political, Young is a liberal bating, Brexit loving, laddish Tory, with connections to other hated Tories. There is a level of joy in taking people like him down.