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  1. I'm not sure. I initally liked the idea of him as Bilbo, but I was never 100% comfortable with him in the role. Maybe it was just the script, that criminally forgot about Bilbo, but he never quite captured the character in my mind. He was always just a little too 'Tim from the Office' for my liking. Maybe I'd have preferred him to be older and fatter, more stereotypically english. I'm not sure.
  2. Yeah the batgirl stuff flabbergasted me. It seems to be an attempt to address th sexism but instead was inadvertently more sexist. It had no place in this movie which is based on my favourite batman graphic novel
  3. Yeah it’s sucks
  4. Don’t know what this post is really about, but that movie sucks
  5. I guess i consider Hellboy a comic book movie which is why I never thought about it. I don’t know if comic book movies count or I need to start thinking about marvel movies
  6. That does sound a lot more interesting than what we are getting. I doubt they would ever take the risk to make any actually cutting political statements about the armed forces however. To me this feels like a storyline from the 80s refitted to our time. Afghanistan is basically Vietnam.
  7. I didn't feel like that about the first episode at all. The work site plot was pretty tired and hardly something we havent seen before but I think it was reasonably tense and I liked seeing Frank refusing to talk etc. I'm not sure I agree about the lack of focus on Frank either, I'm 3 episodes in and he feels like hes in 75% of the scenes. I mean he's not much of a conversationalist so I don't know how much I'd want.
  8. It feels like there is something at the core of it that is similar to Weinstein, who seemed to like getting naked in front of women. Both men are clearly pretty unattractive naked (and clothed) and maybe there is some sort of kick from the humiliation. Maybe there was some incident in their past that led them to this, were they always terrible with women and then found a way to get what they wanted in some other much worse way.
  9. Yeah he doesn't always tune into what a more mainstream audience will enjoy and so likes 'movies about movies' quite a lot more than other people. I suspected it was Cyborg, having seen him in the trailer he looks like a walking cartoon anyway. I'm guessing the end of credit sequence involves:
  10. The comments by her sister are the most interesting part of that for me. "On 10 November, following the New York Times revelations, Silverman’s sister Laura Silverman – who briefly dated CK – alleged on Twitter that CK masturbated in front of her 20 times around 25 years ago, “on a cross country trip before he was famous ... Not criminal. But compulsive, rude & gross" I'm glad I re-read the next paragraph because it turns out he was doing that in hotel rooms, I was imagining him doing it whilst doing a cross-country hiking trip, which would have been far more difficult. The guy is clearly addicted to it, and has some bizarre obsessions around it that I cannot get my head around.
  11. Never played the game but yes I'm sure they will find another method to make money out of it.
  12. Haha, Thank you for posting the plot.. as I realised I went to the cinema to see Wind River! Shows how much of it I remembered. I thought it was an absolutely bang average movie quite honestly. Nothing particularly interesting or memorable about it (except maybe that scene with Jon Bernthal). I went in with zero idea what the movie even was, and was kind of disappointed that it wasn't really much of anything at all. A message about Native Americans in the US which I feel like I've seen in every movie / tv show that includes native americans, and a not especially interesting murder that resolved itself too easily.
  13. Yeah you'd struggle to find an Israeli who disgreed with her on that subject. Seems very silly to criticise her or even judge her on that. Yeah I very rarely disagree with him, well except on Baby Driver which he loved, but I can usually tell if a movie is awful if he hates it.
  14. Yes, so far a very minor role. But I hate her so much.