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  1. Fried chicken and smashed red potatoes.
  2. (I've seen this HBO mini-series mentioned in other threads but I don't believe it has a topic of its own, so here we are.) Gunpowder (ft. Kit Harrington) premiered in the US just a few days ago and I'm planning on starting it today. Who else has watched it or is planning on watching it?
  3. It is a little vague, but the interviewee did say that his information came from GRRM himself.
  4. Could be a UTI or kidney problems. Only a vet can properly diagnose.
  5. "Am I the only one around here who?" AITOOAHW who thinks that show!Ramsay was too ridiculous and over-the-top to even take seriously?
  6. Why was Robb's accent so different from his family's? Why was Jaquen in the dungeons in King's Landing?
  7. Count Balerion isn't even a member of this forum.
  8. Ser Pounce (going by the avatar)
  9. Remain a smuggler for sure. That sounds like a lot more fun than being a knight anyway. WYR own a dragon or be a dragon?
  10. Cranberry
  11. Cheap pizzaaaaa.
  13. The title can refer to both of them even without them having a romantic relationship. Maybe GRRM always intended J/D to hook up, maybe he didn't. They can still be two sides to the same story regardless.