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  1. When I think of a dragon I usually thing of Malicifant from Seeping Beauty. When I'm drawing a dragon I usually give them feathers though because some dinosaurs had feathers.
  2. To the OP I read your post thee times to make sure I understood where you were coming from but I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. If Robb had raped Jayne we would have gotten clues in Catlyn's chapters like Robb touching Jaynes arm and Jayne flinching But it's a great game here let me play C+J=A anyone guess? Ok Catlyn is so frustrated with Ned one day that she decides to bully the one child that looks like Ned. Instead of the normal distaste that she gives him she rapes Jon. And thats why Arya looks so much like Jon. EDIT: OMG I just reread what I wrote I'm so sorry.
  3. I'm not sure why you're bringing up the Starks and their direwolves? I didn't use them as an example. I'm also well aware that the bond between the Starks and their direwolve are different to to Deanerys and her dragons. This is something I've pointed out many time on many different forums. The Starks say that they are one with their direwolves but the treat them like pets so the direwolve know that they are pets. Deanerys treats her dragons as children. When a child thinks that they have been wronged they act out. As I said in my post I want deanerys to keep all three dragons I just think she may need to reforge her relationship with two of them. It just feels like in order to fully create a bond with Drogon she had to sever her bond with the other two. Will be happy to be proven wrong though.
  4. I'm a little worried that Rheagal and Visearon might not be as loyal as you think. I really hope that deanerys keeps control of all three dragons but she did lock these two away. If a mother took her four year old child and locked him/her in the basement and came to visit that child once maybe twice a day to feed that child it wouldn't matter if she's the birth mother that child is going to grow up very angry at her. This child might throw a temper tantrum or run away and marry someone that the mother doesn't like just because that child knows the mother won't like that person. Either way the bond between mother and child has been broken. This is pretty much what deanerys has unintentionally done. She chained up two of her children for something Drogon did, on top of that the bad child escaped punishment and is currently off bonding with mother. Visearon and Rheagal have escaped the cave and could potentially bond with anyone including one of Deanerys enemies. Once a bond has been made then the bond has been made the dragons won't need Deanerys permission to bond with someone.
  5. I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to Jon as a Saint before, especially on this forum. Even on the show where his character has been whitewashed up to the point where he doesn't even have a personality anymore. He's not supposed to be a white knight character but he is supposed to be better then other characters. Jon at least has respect for other people and wants to do the right thing which is more then you could say for character's like Cersei, Euron, Ramsey etc I do think that he is on his way to becoming a good seasoned commander though and the show that must not be named has just translated that into 'White Knight' In the first book Jon had his head shoved so far up his own butt unit Joer Mormont set him straight after he tried to run away to join Robb's army and this is his 'ok I get it now' moment where he starts to look at things differently. This was his first step to becoming that (for lack o a better term) 'white knight' character
  6. I think you’ll find it difficult to fit GRRM characters into one single historical figure because while yes he has taken from the War of the Roses he has also taken from other parts of history as well. The more you dig into it the more you might find that one of GRRM’s characters might fit into four or five different historical figures throughout history. And he hasn’t just been inspired by historical figures either he has also been inspired by fictional stories like the Arthurian Legend. I think GRRM has stated somewhere that Aegon the Conqueror is based off of William the Conqueror. Aegon II = Stephen of Blois – Rhaenyra = Mathilda: In Plantagenet England, the crown of England was promised to Mathilda, the daughter and only heir to the throne but was taken by he cousin Stephen of Blois. Daenerys I’d place as a mix of Alexander the Great and Henry Tudor Cersei - Agrippina the Younger Lyanna Stark – Helen of Troy I think part of Jon Snow’s story was taken from Lancelot’s story ‘Joyous Guard’
  7. No Daenarys hate but I find her chapters slightly boring. I skip over her chapters in ADWD. I read them once I don't have to read them again. I reread her GoT chapters though
  8. 1 - I didn't hate Jon at first but I wasn't all that interested in his chapters at first either. His story arc is kind of a slow burn but he is also the unexpected character. Lik he's a bastard but he's an unexpected hero of the NW, he's an unexpected LC, if RLJ then he's an unexpected Targaryen. Where as Daenarys is the obvious heir to the throne, she's the obvious Targaryen, she has obviously fulfilled the AA prophecy. ADWD - I tend to disagree with others interpretation of Jon's character in ADWD I actually think that he was at his most intelligent and component. The NW has been dwindling for the last hundred yrs and what little men they had starving and he was able to get food and provisions for the men under his command and got gold an hostages from the Wildlings in order to start a peace treaty. 2- I think he's fake but I kinda hope he's real. I would love for Jon and Aegon to meet and realize that they're brother's. I would also love it if they met and both of them slowly realized that they had been lied to their entire lives.
  9. I agree that's what I say in my post We as readers know that Jon is doing what's right, 'To defeat your enemy you have to know your enemy' Jons enemy just happens to be dead. That doesn't change the fact that there are characters in the book that won't understand that and see Jon as going slightly mad. Remember his conversation with Septon Cellador
  10. I personally don't believe that Jon will go mad or become unJon but I do think that characters in the books will see Jon as going mad. In ADWD he has already started talking about studying and communicating with the dead which we know is because he wants to discover how to defeat the 'Others' however characters within the books are not likely to understand that and think he is going mad/switching sides/whatever else. Also studying the dead just sounds creepy.
  11. I can't remember the quote of the top of my head but it's when Jon has just joined the Wildlings. Jojen wakes up and turns to Bran saying 'I had a dream about your brother Jon, he's on the wrong side of the Wall' I just thought it was interesting because if Jojen's sole purpose is to get Bran to the eyed crow why is he dreaming about Jon?
  12. It's interesting that when Jojen is satisfied that he has the 'Winged Wolf' he immediately has a greendream about Jon. It's like Bloodraven was telling Jojen "Great you got me one kid but you've forgetten the other one.
  13. That's right, that's the part that I was thinking of. thank you
  14. A lot of characters have flying dreams it just figuring out if they are magical dreams or wishful dreams. Bran and Daenerys both had a magical flying dream Tyrion would dream of flying a dragon Sansa day dreams (wishes) to grow wings and fly away from the Vale I think Arya may have had a flying dream as well but I can't remember the passage. I'll have to check up on this one. I think Jon might begin to have a magical flying dream in WoW because I think it fits in with the injury/sickness = magic theme. Maybe Bloodraven reach out to Euron as well but realized he was crazy and backed off?
  15. It is a bit weird. Sometimes the chapters will make it seem like Wildling rape culture is strong but in other chapters it just sounds like a big no-no. I think stealing and raping might be like a Westeros wedding where once you're married you get carried off and bedded by several different people before your new spouse.