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  1. I agree that's what I say in my post We as readers know that Jon is doing what's right, 'To defeat your enemy you have to know your enemy' Jons enemy just happens to be dead. That doesn't change the fact that there are characters in the book that won't understand that and see Jon as going slightly mad. Remember his conversation with Septon Cellador
  2. I personally don't believe that Jon will go mad or become unJon but I do think that characters in the books will see Jon as going mad. In ADWD he has already started talking about studying and communicating with the dead which we know is because he wants to discover how to defeat the 'Others' however characters within the books are not likely to understand that and think he is going mad/switching sides/whatever else. Also studying the dead just sounds creepy.
  3. I can't remember the quote of the top of my head but it's when Jon has just joined the Wildlings. Jojen wakes up and turns to Bran saying 'I had a dream about your brother Jon, he's on the wrong side of the Wall' I just thought it was interesting because if Jojen's sole purpose is to get Bran to the eyed crow why is he dreaming about Jon?
  4. It's interesting that when Jojen is satisfied that he has the 'Winged Wolf' he immediately has a greendream about Jon. It's like Bloodraven was telling Jojen "Great you got me one kid but you've forgetten the other one.
  5. That's right, that's the part that I was thinking of. thank you
  6. A lot of characters have flying dreams it just figuring out if they are magical dreams or wishful dreams. Bran and Daenerys both had a magical flying dream Tyrion would dream of flying a dragon Sansa day dreams (wishes) to grow wings and fly away from the Vale I think Arya may have had a flying dream as well but I can't remember the passage. I'll have to check up on this one. I think Jon might begin to have a magical flying dream in WoW because I think it fits in with the injury/sickness = magic theme. Maybe Bloodraven reach out to Euron as well but realized he was crazy and backed off?
  7. It is a bit weird. Sometimes the chapters will make it seem like Wildling rape culture is strong but in other chapters it just sounds like a big no-no. I think stealing and raping might be like a Westeros wedding where once you're married you get carried off and bedded by several different people before your new spouse.
  8. The decision not to bring women from Moles town to Castle Black had less to do with distain and more to do with protecting them. untrained women are more likely to be attacked at the Nights Watch then untrained men are. Remember in ADWD when Jon was taking Wildling hostages and two young girls try disguising themselves as boys to come along, Jon tells Tormond about another girl that tried disguising herself as a boy to take the black saying her song was Pretty but what happened to her wasn't. I think when it come to comparing Jon and Stannis is Jon at least attempts to make a good first impression whereas Stannis tends to be the type to not have time for stupid people, and he then sees everyone as stupid until he deems you otherwise.
  9. Aemon did try to leave.The moment he decided that Daenerys was the princess that was promised he tried to leave but he was too frail. Also I know this point has been argued already but Melisandra sent them NOT Jon, Jon sent Mance to the Lake. Jon is told by BOTH Melisandra and the Pink Letter that Ramsey DID NOT have Arya.
  10. Promise me Ned, that you'll do the chicken dance at every party
  11. So I'm guessing you just write bump in this thread (shrugs) BUMP
  12. Promise me Ned that you won't feed him Spam and Liverwurst.
  13. Promise me Ned That you'll take this book back to the Library ...... it's over due.
  14. You're not dense it all comes down to how you personally interpret the text. for example when somebody has a vision about a Targaryen they see a dragon or if they have a vision of a Stark the see a Wolf. When Bran dreams of Bloodraven he doesn't see the 3 Eyed Crow, so I interpret that as Bloodraven not being who Bran thinks he is and Bran currently thinks he is the 3 Eyed Crow.
  15. We already know of one “Pate” who meets Sam in ‘A Feast for Crows’ However Arya meets at least eleven at the Faceless Man Meeting The Kindly Man = Jaqen H'ghar The Waif = The Waif The Priests = ? The one whose face bore the marks of the plague = ? The Lordling = ? The Fat Fellow = ? Currently rereading the previous books to see if I can figure out who they are and if there are other Faceless Men hidden in the chapters.