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  1. In real life, Roman and European royalty wore purple because it was so rare and expensive. Only royalty was allowed to wear purple. The Phoenician empire got rich because they made purple dye. That might not be relevant to this series considering Targareyan colors are red and black. Most likely the associations of purple and lilacs was to show Varys as being effeminate because he is a eunach. There has been associations with the color purple to some people that homosexuals like purple. There was even a televangelist (I think it was jerry falwell) who hated the show teletubbies because one of them was purple (tinki winki was gay). I don't subscribe to that theory but it was floated around in the 1990s.
  2. I got the feeling that Brandon just wanted to get into Barbrey Dustin's pants. No more, no less. He just told her that he didn't want to marry Cat so that he can sleep with her. I'm pretty sure, Brandon was ok with marrying Cat. Cat is from a prominent house that could benefit Brandon greatly. Also, Cat is beautiful. There were little or no disadvantages for Brandon marrying Cat.
  3. I want Cat to finally find some peace. I don't think that would happen until she finds out that Sansa and Arya are safe. I think she will see Arya again and then finally die.
  4. I think at some point she would be disillusioned by Rhaegar. I think Cersei liked the idea of him and the way he looked. I don't think she knew anything about his melancholoy personality. I don't think Rhaegar could ever love Cersei. She might have been beautiful, but she is not thoughtful or kind. Elia was a better match and I believe she would have made a better queen. I don't think Cersei would have tolerated Rhaegar's obsession with prophecy. Rhaegar and Robert did have one thing in common in that they were both in love with Lyanna and both chose her over Cersei. He's more of a scholar than a warrior. I have a feeling Cersei would see that as weak. Cersei likes power. She is attracted to that. Rhaegar for all his faults would not abuse his power. I still believe that Rhaegar would have run off with Lyanna. He still would have chosen her as his Queen of Love and Beauty. He still would have disrespected his wife, whoever that might be. I think if Cersei knew who the real Rhaegar was, she would have come to hate him too. The hate would have been different than her hate for Robert. Cersei was in love of the fantasy of Rhaegar. I think Rhaegar might not even like or respect Cersei. Cersei is vengeful and cruel and at some point Rhaegar would see that. Aerys is his father and he would learn to recognize the signs. I do believe she would still have her affair with Jamie. It would have been later. Rhaegar really isn't a crush your enemies kind of person. Rhaegar isn't power hungry and I don't think he would want to hurt anyone. Rhaegar seems to be a person who you have to push to action.
  5. I think she is. She is important to Arya, Sansa, and Bran. Jon has complicated feelings for her (she was cold to him and he wanted her to love him, and she is the mother of his siblings who he loves. They both love the same people).
  6. I don't know really what would happen. I guess that Arya's skills will involve helping her family. I don't think it would be with the Night King necessarily. It could be. I feel that battling the Night King is part of Bran and Jon's arc because those two are the only characters whose whole story so far is in the North and learning their skills to fight him. I'm not saying that Arya won't be a part of it (I think she will play a small role), but I think her skills will be more about helping Sansa than Jon and Bran. I think out of all her family, Arya's relationship with Sansa is the most complicated (Arya's relationship with her mother is complicated too. I believe that Arya will eventually meet Lady Stoneheart and come to terms about her relationship with her mother). She has a good relationships with her brothers and gets along with all of them pretty well. Mending the relationship between the sisters will be a big deal and can help with the war against the Night King. I think Arya and Sansa are linked throughout this series. I think that Sansa's skills will also help with the war against the Night King. I think having an assassin will be useful to Sansa and Sansa's political skills can be useful to Arya. Arya can still be the person to kill the Night King, but for some strange reason i feel that it is more with Jon's or Bran's story.
  7. I love this idea too. Also, I don't hate Cat. I can see where she is coming from. I hate the way she treats Jon, but I can see her point of view. She sees him as a threat to her children. She has no control over it. She should blame Ned, and not Jon. She didn't handle it well. She is all about her family, even if she makes bad decisions that might hurt her family in the long run. I don't like Lyanna. If she did run off with Rhaegar, she did it for selfish reasons. I know she is Ned's sister but she didn't think about the consequences of her actions or what it will do to her family. She didn't think what her actions would do to Elia and her children (who are innocent). I don't like discussions that compare either Sansa or Arya to Lyanna, because I believe that Sansa and Arya are better than Lyanna. I don't think either would run off like Lyanna did. They both just want to be safe and go home. They both have to hide their identities because it was not safe to reveal who they are. Lyanna has a loving family and a safe home and went into hiding. I think that in different ways, Arya and Sansa are like their mother. It would make sense that they would take after their parents instead of an aunt who died before they were born.
  8. I don't think they ever wanted to help Viserys. They were using him for their own ends. They knew that Westeros would be suspicious about the Dothraki. Money, power, influence. They wanted to also eliminate support for Dany and Viserys so that it would be easier for Aegon to garner support.
  9. I actually believe he's fake. I don't think Tywin will be sloppy. He wanted Cersei to be queen, he would make sure any threats will be eliminated. If Elia and her daughter are dead, they would make sure the son is dead too. He would be perceived as more of a threat than his mother and sister.
  10. Really. I don't know any ambitious 21st century person who killed innocent children like Barra and tried to kill Gendry. I thought only bad people killed babies. I don't excuse any of Roberts behavior and he was a horrible husband but his real kids were innocent.
  11. Rhaegar did willingly leave his two children to run off with Lyanna. He had no reason to leave them. They are definitely innocent and paid the consequences. A noble person would think about his children. He didn't.
  12. I don't know if this means anything, but both Sandor and gendry are tall, strong guys that people don't mess with. Lommy didn't want to mess with the bull and everyone doesn't want to be on Sandor's bad side (unless you're the Mountain)
  13. LOL
  14. Nothing with Hot Pie's interaction with Arya indicated that she cared about her looks. Or that she would take that as a compliment. This was a girl with a short hair who wore boys clothes. In there whole conversation, nobody mentioned Gendry. Not even Hot Pie. You would think he would be curious since the three of them traveled together and he parted from both Arya and Gendry at the same time. He knows how close the two of them were. I know she was closed off, but he still didn't ask. Gendry is his friend too. I would like to see Hot Pie, Arya and Gendry together one time before the show ends. I love their friendship. I would especially like it if Hot Pie would meet everybody.
  15. I would be interested in Jaime's meetings with the Starks. At some point everybody will find out that he was the one who pushed Bran. I can imagine Arya being especially angry about it and wanting to kill Jaime. Jaime also made that promise to Catelyn about not hurting her daughters. It would be interesting how that shakes out. I want to see how Jaime's reaction about Jon being Rhaegar's son. I want to see him interact with Dany more too. Jon is Rhaegar's son and Dany is Rhaegar's baby sister. Also I kind of want to see Jaime's reaction to Gendry. Considering that Robert was a big bully to him and that Jaime hated Robert. But, Gendry even though he looks like Robert is the opposite of a bully and is a really nice guy. I feel that Jaime is going to have a really big arc in season 8. I can't wait to see it.