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  1. I agree unless it really was a kidnapping. She ran off with a married man with two children. And I know that Robert wouldn't make the best husband but I doubt lyanna would have been any better. what rhaegar and lyanna did was selfish and they only thought about themselves.
  2. Agreed. Elia and her children (i can't think of them as Rhaegar's because he left them to kidnap or run off with Lyanna) didn't deserve their fate. I agree that Arya is not a selfish girl and she would not run off with a married man with two children. Arya wouldn't hurt an innocent woman or her children. Maybe Arya and Lyanna aren't that similar after all even though they have similar interests and look alike if Lyanna went with Rhaegar willingly.
  3. I don't know why we pit two women characters against each other. I like them both even though personally I'm not into the dragons. I do agree that Arya and Dany have more in common than people give them credit for.
  4. I think you summed up a lot of people's feelings about Dany, whether they like her or hate her. And no, people aren't insecure about themselves if they don't like Dany. I think comments like that are aimed at women thinking that they are jealous of Dany. And I think Dany also has male critics who aren't jealous of her and there are women who like Dany which has nothing to do with her beauty and power. And I like her because she wants to get rid of slavery and sees it as wrong. And I think its funny that the Valyrian Empire benefited from slavery and a Dany who is of Valyrian descent wants to abolish it.
  5. i think he's fake because Tywin is pretty thorough in destroying houses (Reynes, Tarbecks, Red Wedding) and he wanted Cersei to be queen. He would make sure that there would not be a threat to his future grandkids throne. Plus the story that Elia's son was killed in front of her before she was raped and killed seems solid.
  6. I think I've been reading too many Jon/Arya theories and that Jon and Sansa don't like each other theories. And I do think that down the road that Jon and Dany might have a romantic relationship since they both have parallel journeys. I have reread these passages and they are actually innocent. I do think Jon and Arya have the closest relationship between the Starks but that might be that they have more in common with each other than with their other siblings. And I also think that Jon and Sansa do love each other but they have the least in common with each other and both have different interests. I do think that Jon wanted to help Ned, Robb and Sansa but he didn't have the resources or the ability to help them. With Arya traveling to the Wall he thinks that he can help her and he is in position to do so. And I do think that he trusts Tyrion more than Cat and Robb does and probably thinks that Tyrion won't hurt Sansa. I do think that the first Stark reunion will be between Jon and Sansa since they are not as close to each other as they are with their other siblings. In the books I don't think I heard any negative thoughts about Sansa from Jon or from Jon about Sansa. I do think a Jon and Sansa reunion will be an interesting read.
  7. The Reach -- Most likely Sam. Dorne -- Don't know. The Daynes' maybe. Or maybe Dany would just take Dorne as a crown possession and directly rule it or give it to someone she trusts that will stay loyal to her. Maybe Missandei.
  8. I actually don't think this is outlandish at all.
  9. I agree. Arya isn't finished in the Riverlands. And Nymeria is there too. Arya has to reunite with her. And it will be nice if we see Hot Pie again. I hope he is doing well.
  10. I agree with you. As a House, the Blackfyres are dead. There might be some descended from the female line.
  11. Interesting theory. I hope we learn more about Asshai in the books. I think that Arya in the end will rule the Riverlands. She has spent so much time there and I don't think her story is finished there (since Nymeria is still there). And GRMM is still writing about the Riverlands even though Arya isn't there anymore. Varys knows something about Gendry because he saved him and he didn't need to. I know that bastards are useful but there is a perfectly good acknowledged bastard in Edric Storm. Varys didn't need to save Gendry. Varys either knows something or he just had a bout of conscience. But the first (and only) bastard that he saved is Gendry.
  12. Interesting candidates. it will be interesting if there is a Blackfyre that is a surprise and not the obvious candidates. Doubt that would happen though. Even though I do agree that the Blackfyre line did continue through the females.
  13. Maybe. Cersei doesn't like House Stark that much. Both Robert and Rhaegar loved Lyanna (or their version of her) and Cersei's ego can't take it. Of course, Cersei is also very petty.
  14. I don't have any clue who any other Blackfyres will be one way or another. I just think that if it is true that either Aegon or Varys are Blackfyres that there must be more out there. Now if we have met them already in the story, I don't know. It would be interesting if there is any Blackfyres that we have already met that has not been speculated on the threads. I will think that will be very cool. I also think that if Varys is a Blackfyre that he would know who the other Blackfyres are.
  15. I don't like Jon and Arya's relationship or at least their relationship from Jon's side. I get it on Arya's side, but on Jon's side it just feels creepy. Jon compares Ygritte's body to Arya's (which is gross considering that she is his sister and a child) and was imagining Arya in a bastard's bed. And he doesn't care for Sansa because he was more worried about Tyrion (who is also creepy) than his sister who was forcibly married by their enemies and who could have been raped and killed once she produces an heir. Which is in stark contrast with Cat and Robb when they heard of Sansa's marriage when they were rightly horrified. Sansa's situation is the same as what he thinks Arya's situation is, he should have been horrified with both marriages. And I know that Tyrion was nice to Jon, but I don't think Jon really knows Tyrion. Tyrion is a kinslayer and I thought that was a big taboo in Westeros. I can understand why Jon and Sansa doesn't have a close relationship since they have different interests and Sansa wanted to please the septa and her mother. But when Sansa thinks of Jon she thinks of him fondly. Jon doesn't seem to care about Sansa at all. And I know that neither of them think about the other but I give Sansa more slack because she is busy trying to survive King's Landing and Littlefinger and all of her thoughts are rightly about her own survival. I d I wonder what will happen when Jon finds out that he risked so much on Jeyne Poole. I don't think it would be a good reaction honestly. I think that Tyrion would betray Jon's trust in him somehow if they meet again. I like Arya's and Sansa's relationship with Bran and Robb. Bran and Robb seem to accept their sisters as they are. And there is none of the creep factor. If Arya ever thought of Jon in a romantic way I would throw the book.