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  1. People just want Sansa to be a queen consort. I don't see how she can be queen if there is a baby targ. It would just be a regency. I find it more powerful that Sansa is a ruler in her own right. She is the lady of Winterfell and bran, Arya and Jon won't take that away from her.
  2. I believe that the child dany is carrying is female too. I actually think the inheritance laws would change to be like the dornish. The eldest child, male or female will inherit. The woman are important too.
  3. I'm going more from the books than the show. The producers stated that they are going with GRRM's ending, and I assume that they know Cersei's ending because she is a major character. In the books, she detested Robert and aborted his children. She hated him since their wedding night when he said Lyanna's name. She did kill his bastards in the books. I am also going from the Maggy the Frog prophecy which stated that she would only have three children and she wouldn't have a child by the king. I believe the producers of the show were softening Cersei so they had Joffrey kill the bastards instead of Cersei. I think they just wanted the viewers to sympathize with Cersei and paint her as less of a villain. In the show it seemed that she mourned her black haired child. If the heir to the throne is sick, I bet the court will watch that baby very carefully. Also, if Cersei is Gendry's mother, she left him to be a poor, unloved blacksmith. That would paint her as more of a villain. I think that is the opposite of the producer's intent. They wanted to paint her as less of a villain, not more. All we know about Gendry's mother is that she sang to him and had yellow hair. i do have a feeling that she might be important in some way since we don't know much about her. I feel that Gendry's mother is important in the endgame for some reason. I just don't believe that Cersei is his mother just because of her hatred of Robert. I can't see how the Queen can get away with a secret pregnancy since having an heir is important and she would be constantly watched. The court would know when the Queen had her periods. Of course I could be wrong and will be shocked if Cersei is Gendry's mother. It would actually be funny considering how much Arya hates Cersei. i think it's wishful thinking that Gendry will be trueborn. I think the books are going for a parallel between Gendry and Orys. Orys is the founder of the Baratheon dynasty and he was a bastard. Gendry is the last Baratheon and he is a bastard. I think the books are going with Gendry being baseborn and not trueborn. Also there was a quote from Jon about how bastards get the arms but not the name, and how women get the name but not the arms. We know that Jon is not a bastard. But that quote applies to Gendry and Arya. Arya does get the arms (Needle) and i feel that Gendry will get the name, even if he is a bastard. Gendry deserves better than having Cersei as his mother.
  4. I doubt that gendry and Arya will sit on the iron throne. I believe Jon and/or Dany would survive and have a child. Most likely they would have flash forwards of the survivors and we will see their future lives and their deaths in the future. My predictions is that Sansa rules the north. Sam rules the reach. Robin Arryn would rule the vale. Arya rules the Riverlands. Gendry rules the Stormlands. Arya and Gendry marry and have children. (The Riverlands and stormlands border each other. Also the storm kings ruled the Riverlands for hundreds of years. It could happen) Yara will rule the iron islands. Don't know about Dorne or the Westerlands (my far out guess is Jaime and Brienne have a kid and that kid would be the heir for the west. That might be and reach).
  5. Those are the main theories going around with Gendry. I don't subscribe to the Azor Ahai theory. I think that would either be Jon or Dany tbh. I also don't subscribe to him being the legitimate son of Robert and Cersei. I think a lot of people want Gendry to be legitimate. If we go by the books, Book Cersei hated Robert so much that she aborted any fetus that might be Robert's. She hated him since her wedding night. The only thing Cersei and Gendry's mother had in common is the color of their hair. I doubt Cersei sang to Gendry. In the books, she wanted him dead. I do think we don't know anything about Gendry's mother since she died when he was young. She might be important, i really don't know unless we get more information. Valyrian Steel, his relationship with Arya and being the last person with Baratheon blood might come into play. i don't rule any of that out. I do agree there are many possiblilities with the character and that he would have a role to play in season 8.
  6. i always assumed that Daeron was the one who broke his engagement with Olenna. Especially since the Tyrells were scheming to have Marg be queen. Olenna is lying. To herself most likely. Her ego was bruised.
  7. I thought that edmure might have some loyalty to catelyn's kids, but he might not believe Jaime. Or might not want to help the north. If he is able to help the north and chooses not to I believe he and his kid will die. If he helps I think he would survive. I also think that because the vale is helping the north that robin would survive and continue to rule the vale.
  8. Good analysis. I haven't thought about the similarities between Cersei and Robert before. Both are shit rulers, just in different ways.
  9. If the soldiers are more loyal to Jaime than Cersei, they might follow Jaime. I would think that they would be more loyal to him, but who knows with the show. I have no idea what the lords of the Riverlands or what Edmure Tully would do. Would they help the North. There are Tullys in the North (Sansa, Arya and Bran. They have Tully blood because of Catelyn). The Vale is helping them. I wonder what loyalty the Riverlands lords have with the Tullys. I can't imagine any of the lords like the Freys or the Lannisters. Maybe the Lannister soldiers in the riverlands will go north, but not the ones in the westerlands. I imagine, Jaime would just go straight north and only travel through the riverlands. There is going to be a lot of drama once he visits Winterfell. I think the Riverlands lords might also go north because they have some loyalty to the Tullys and would help Hoster's grandchildren.
  10. Dany's story was interesting in the first book. Second book, it was ok especially with the house of the undying. After that I felt was pretty boring IMHO.
  11. I don't know of it will, but I like this idea.
  12. It could happen. If a girl is rich enough, she can marry anybody. In the Gilded Age many rich American girls were able to marry into English nobility because the men had the titles and the girls had the money. Now, would the scheme to marry Sansa to Harry succeed, i hope not. For some reason i want Robert to survive. i want Sansa to defeat Littlefinger and for Robert to not be under his influence any longer. Hopefully with time and loyal Vale lords to help him, Robert can actually be a good ruler.
  13. I think that Arya would be some sort of leader. I thought initially that she would rule the North. The North is Arya's legacy. Women are important too and at the moment I think that Arya would rule the Riverlands. That is also part of her legacy through her mother. She has Tully blood. It seems farfetched but it could happen. It depends on what happens to Edmure and his son (I have no clue if they live or die). After them, Sansa, Bran, Sweetrobin and Arya are the heirs. I think that Sansa will rule the North, Sweetrobin is already the ruler of the Vale. That leaves Bran and Arya to rule. Arya is the Stark who spent the most time in the Riverlands. She's seen the misery that happened to the common folk. She would want to fix that. In the books even though Arya is not in the Riverlands, there is still a story there. Brienne, Lady Stoneheart, the Brotherhood, Gendry, Hot Pie, and Nymeria are still there. All of them are connected with her and I feel that she still has some story to tell in that region. I know that Arya is unlikely to rule there, but it can happen. I know that Arya will fight the White Walkers. I feel that the story with the White Walkers and the Night King is more Jon's and Bran's story. i feel that Bran is central to the role of defeating the Night King, more so than Jon.
  14. Killing Rickard and threatening to kill Robert is why they had Robert's Rebellion in the first place. If Aerys didn't do any of those actions, I doubt that Robert's Rebellion would have succeeded.
  15. I think that Arya might rule the Riverlands. The Riverlands have been written a lot in the books. The only other regions that have been written more are the North, Essos and Kings Landing. Arya and Catelyn's POV was mostly in the Riverlands for two books and Brienne, Lady Stoneheart, the Brotherhood and Nymeria are still there. We spent all this time seeing how the common folk are living in the Riverlands and how they have been mistreated. The Riverlands and the North are part of Arya's legacy through Cat and Ned. The only other people to be considered for ruling the Riverlands are the Freys, Edmund Tully and his son (who we don't know if they would live or die) or Sweetrobin (who we don't know would live or die). A Stark can inherit the Riverlands and Arya is the Stark who spent the most time there. I could be wrong about this theory and I have no clue if it would happen. Just think that it might be likely especially since the show is going with Sansa ruling the North and Dany or Jon being on the Iron Throne. I know the show hasn't spent as much time in the Riverlands as in the books. I'm going on what I think GRMM might do. He wrote a lot about the Riverlands.
  16. I have no clue what cannibal is, so I can't make an informed choice about that. Arya being some sort of leader in Westeros, north or south, I think would happen.
  17. Agree on Dorne. I think there is more there. I like secret targ theories too. And I don't believe any of them either. Also not a big fan of tyrion. I believe he would not have a good end. He is a kinslayer. I also believe that Stannis is doomed. He either knew or overlooked or was purposely ignorant of what Melisandre and her shadow baby did to renly. He was willing to sacrifice his innocent nephew too. Agree on most of this. Except I don't think Arya would be lady of winterfell. I think she would be lady of the castle, get married and have many kids. I just don't see her ruling winterfell. The stark line would only continue through the female line. I don't think either bran or rickon would have kids.
  18. The more I think about it, the more i wish that it would happen. I only thought about it after hearing about what happened to Argella. I have great respect for her and find her to be a strong woman making the best of the situation. I don't think they will use the Durrandon name or even the legacy of the storm kings in the show. If GRMM decides that the Lord of Storm's End will use the Durrandon name I would be pleasantly surprised. If the show decides to use that name I would be shocked.
  19. Considering that Orys grew up in Essos most likely or maybe Dragonstone, i wouldn't think that he would have the Waters name. That seemed to only apply to the Crownlands, I believe. People i think assumed he was a bastard because Orys was close to Aegon. I believe that they had a very close friendship. Don't have a clue where the Baratheon name came from. Maybe it came from his mother. Maybe it was just a made up name. But, he does have a name. Don't know where it came from.
  20. They really wanted that polar bear. They prioritized that instead of giving us Ghost. I bet more people would rather have Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran interacting with Ghost especially since he is the only direwolf at Winterfell. At least we saw Nymeria. That is at least something. Personally, I would love a direwolf reunion between Ghost and Nymeria. When was the last time they saw each other.
  21. As far as I know, Orys was a friend of Aegon and was rumored to be his half brother. He became the Lord of Storm's End by marrying the last Durrandon -- Argella. Orys killed Argellas father in battle. She vowed to fight him and was betrayed. She was stripped naked and put in chains. She then was expected to marry him. Orys took the sigil and words of his wife's family but kept his name. It was through her that he was able to secure the Stormlands for his friend Aegon. Orys was loyal to Aegon and helped him as much as he could. I think the Baratheon looks came from Argella and her ancestors, the storm kings. I found this info in the wiki.
  22. Wun wun wasn't armed because reasons.
  23. I think so too. I wish it would happen on the show, but I don't know if it would. I just found out how the Baratheon dynasty started and I think it was a horrible beginning. The Baratheon name doesn't hold the same meaning to Gendry as the Stark name does for the Starks. The Baratheons were a dysfunctional family who tore itself apart. For the starks it means their pack. It means their loving family and their home. Even if they don't always get along, they still love and care about each other. Plus it would be a smart move for Dany and Jon. Instead of emphasizing Gendry's Targaryen heritage, they are emphasizing the Storm Kings inheritance. That way his descendants wouldn't want to seek the throne. There are a lot if good things about the Storm Kings. They are an old house who ruled for a long time. They at one point ruled the Riverlands. They are descended from the First Men. They built Storm's End. I think there was even some sort of friendship between Bran the builder and Durran. Plus we don't have Stannis killing Renly and Shireen or Robert starting his rule with the deaths of children. It's a clean slate. I'm still angry on how Shireen died. It's horrible.
  24. For some strange reason if Gendry gets legitimized and becomes the Lord of Storm's End, I would want him to take the Durrandon name and not the Baratheon name. Its the original name of the storm kings before Aegons conquest and probably won't have the negative connotations for Dany. It would also emphasize his ancient lineage.
  25. I think they are making a parallel with Aegon the conquerer. At the end of the show, the people who are allied with Jon and dany will be the people ruling. The North would most likely go to Sansa. The Reach most likely will go to Sam or his sister. The iron islands will go to either Yara or Theon. The Vale to Robin. The Riverlands to Edmure. The Westerlands to Tyrion. The Stormlands to a legitimized gendry. Don't know about Dorne. Of course that is asumming they all survive.