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  1. You can't stop fate.
  2. Indeed.
  3. I don't think she would bear him any children.She did tell Ned she had any of Robert's kids aborted.
  4. Wouldn't Robert allowing Jaime to quit have made things go sour with Cersi that much sooner? She wanted him there.
  5. Aegon is an actor playing a role.The people behind him are using him to sow chaos.So,when and if Dany comes she comes back home to nothing but ruin and will be forced to accept any terms that will restore some order.If he's a legit Targ then we got Dance of Dragons 2.
  6. How would Balon respond to all of this? I would think raiding Dorne wouldn't be outta the realm of possibility.
  7. I'm thinking Euron's fleet.He would still be out there.With his brother still the Lord Reaper where would he go? Aegon having the Golden Company and a naval force does change things somewhat.As for Doran I would send The Red Viper and Sand Snakes.
  8. Aegon and his supporters can be put off balance just by pointing out that no one is sure if he's a legit Targ.Dany has the dragon's and if she's lucky the Iron Fleet and Tyrion if they show up.
  9. As hand I would call my banners reconstitute the small council.Get Stannis and Renley on board.Fire the GoldCloaks and have my own.Invite Oberyrn to join the small council among others and I don't think I would want Cersi running around the realm she's not exactly diplomatic.
  10. And you would also have to figure that Dany would be coming.She could turn it upside down.
  11. The war of 5 Kings? Hm,Robb would win through sheer numbers.
  12. I don't think She'll marry him.He may have decided to attack The Reach in order to align himself with The Lannisters but it's not gonna work out.
  13. The various atrocities of Aerys II could no long be hidden at that point.Rheagar could have made a move on the throne but in the end The Prince Of Dragonstone choose to be the good son so,popular support went to Robert.
  14. This makes the most sense to me and this is what I expected Euron to do..
  15. I blame Damphair and The Drowned God.They believed in that crap and the god did drown them in the end.