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  1. This is not a troll thread people. I know some people like theorize that Dany is going mad (because of the misconception Targaryians are prone to madness),but I feel people don't really consider whether or not his death and his possible warging into ghost will effect him mentally
  2. Which gives (in my mind at least), the FM are the closet to the mark, since all these diffrent people with contrasting beliefs can still do a lot of the same things. I always took "the great other" as simply being the leader of the "others" but it appears(as others have pointed out), just about any spiritual force or idea of a spiritual force is seen as his servent(ex.the drowned God). A demon. This may sound absurd but I don't know what if the great other is seen by the red priests as. the many faced God? All the gods besides the red God are simply attempts by it to steer people away from the true path? I sincerely hope, that it doesn't turn out to be some utterly pure evil force that's going to be revealed to driving the conflict and the others are merely fleeing that force. Kinda lame in my opinion.
  3. Like one of the oldest men in Westeroes.
  4. Maybe not? Like, I'm sure if you asked him if Rheagar would be willing to usurp and/or kill his own father I'm sure he'd say hell no...but Rheagar's small convo with Jamie before heading out to war indicated he planned on doing just that no?
  5. Which is like 60 something in Westeroes society.
  6. Sweet Robin I have to say is bitter dissapoint for anyone to be a father to. If Petry were to care such a thing as legacy, Sweetrobin wouldn't be something he'd leave behind; if he only cares of increasing his own power he'd surely sacrifice his son.
  7. Is this really up for question at this point? I mean a tall strong blond man like Jon Arryn would not sire a short brown haired really skinny child s with a red haired woman like Lysha. But you know who would? A short skinny brown haired man. Like Petry who had a prime opportunity to cuckhold Jon Arryn while he(petyr), was in town while big Arryn was away.
  8. Tyrion asks if Illaryio if Bravos had such a custom as guest right as they have in Westeroes and yeah it appears to be a thing recognized throughout the realm.
  9. Theon was a prisoner...and he came back to winterfell under the cover of night and seized it by force he was not invited. Would you say Sansa's mistreatment while at the red keep counts as a violation against it?
  10. Perhaps in the sight of gods(if they exist), and some men(Stannis and his supporters, and Dany). He was annointed and crowned. The RK is his legally recognized place of residence and he invited the Tyrells there for a wedding.
  11. Any man could be broken. Big men, small men, strong men,weak men, brave men and cowards and yes " tough" can all be broken. Stannis would scream as any other once the flaying begins. He will cry, he will scream for mercy. It's not a matter of "if" he'd break but when
  12. Lacey Dacy is right; and no Robb didn't. He found the whole concept of resting his security on that ridiculous.
  13. Oh the mountain and his horde? When they came to that in, ate, and then proceeded to gangrape the innkeeper's daughter and kill his son. That's a violation.
  14. Ah! I made that very mistake! Mance and his women did not break guest right for Manderly provided all the food and drink to which was eaten at WF. Not the Boltons. So they're protected.
  15. I kinda wonder about that...I mean he is still a fugitive guest or no, I don't think Ned will see himself as being in any violation if he had Mance arrested.