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  1. Damint knew Tyrion left the wall with a suspicion to magic to it. So much so he gave some men to Allister(a man he felt no love for).Last post however doesn't leave that impression does it. I concede Jeor very well stated suspected their was some supernatural possibley going to amount an attack on the NW and relaying that information upon Tyrion. Jeor believed there was something coming-he didn't know what, the others were tossed around but even he is hesitant to give a give them as a definitive answer..I have to wonder if he was putting more mystical certiantity in what he's saying to Tyrion as a way to get more supplies he needs either way. I mean if he did totally believe the talk of wights wouldn't it be irresponsible to not alert the brotherhood about these things? Then again he's only the rumours and dreams.
  2. Meh, wood witches haven't been shown to be wrong about their propecies yet have they? And mother mole's visions likely have to have some accuracy for people to be a notable figure among the free folk.
  3. Plausible. Tyrion could(if taken in by Daenarys and treated as a confidant), that yes the Night's watch had sought aid against the enemy these wildlings are speaking of. I suspect, Daenarys when taking her journey back to westeroes will ask if any one of the freed slaves if they would follow her; to which the wildlings would jump at and beg Daenarys to head to the north of westeroes and save their families. Tyrion got no real info from Jeor, or Benjen. I'm given the impression he had very little respect for either man and neither really thought there was some supernatural force that was amounting an attack on the NW.
  4. Still what other power would and would be able to carry off thousands of wildlings across the ocean?
  5. Anyone else getting feeling the fleet that is supposed to come pick her and her followers and carry them to safety is the one Dany would use to carry her army to Westeroes?
  6. Depends on if Lord Rickard Stark wishes to recognize this pregnancy as being result of fornication between the heir and heiress no? He can just say no and save his first son's hand for a more worthy pick. Men sire bastards. Loads of lords sire bastards. It's too be expected. Brandon will not be shamed for going into some carnal pleasures with a woman nor face much pressure to marry her. At most Rickard would be expected give at least some aid in the care of the child. If anyone is too be shamed it will Barbary and her house.
  7. As flawed as the 7 kingdoms is I can't help but think the weak finding justice there has been shown easier there than the lands beyond the wall. Hell Tarley love him or hate him we see through Briene's eyes him dispensing out justice to those employed under tenure at the Riverlands. He cut thieves, and rapists settled wrongs ect.
  8. Easy mank I'm pretty he was talking to me.
  9. Who said anything about him fighting physically? He's walked in Hodor as well. He isn't a Targyen. An Doubtless non-Valaryians have tried bending the dragons away from them especially people with Bran's gift. Even pacifying them I feel is unlikely. And he'd fall off. Again, I just find it odd if the three eyed crow would tell Bran he cannot never walk yet say he could fly through possessing a flightful creature.
  10. It's also important to recognize whose she's speaking to; Sansa who recently had her marriage arrangement with King Joffery broken-Ladies are taught since they could absorb information on what they should hope for; marrying a powerful man to increase their family's standing and Bear him worthy heirs to do her house proud. Marrying a king is what the typical noble unwed girl should dream of. Perhaps she wanted to make Sansa feel a little less bad-or increase her standing in the girl's eyes.
  11. Theon and Jeynee Poole as well as the spearwives "flew" in Jeyne's words away from the Boltons.
  12. Bran isn't a hero. Nor do I think that's where his story is really headed. If warging into a creature that can fly is what the crow was referring to, why say Bran will never walk again? Clearly he would "walk" when warging into Summer as he would be flying if he warged into a dragon or bird no?
  13. No. That distinction I feel goes to Pod.
  14. Circumstantial evidence would be the most Arryn could reasonably hope. Hmm, if Jon said "the people will loath you in the end" to Robert for when he demanded his big celebration do you think that might be effective? Robert does love to be loved.
  15. So I'll take that as a no. Omg...never implied Jon was wrong for brokering this marriage. I'm pointing out he doesn't applause for doing the obvious. Literally any person with a fragment of common sense who doesn't want the king to fail likely would/could have brokered the marriage alliance between house Lanister and Baratheon with absolute ease-seriously, most of the work would just come from delivering a letter with the proposal.. Jon doing this shouldn't be cited as reason he's not a shit hand. It literally just shows he didn't fuck up every simple task he'd have to do.