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  1. I used Heke, because Theon never commited an act that is seen as serious crime by law of gods. I know that, but these two are the only named characters called that. Perhaps, i should say intended. Parallel is that both earned some kind of power, of course Rorge's power isn't comparable to Ramsay's.
  2. Reading the books, i noticed that these two have parallels. 1) Both are serial rapists. 2) Both are called "a beast in human skin. 3) Both sacked one place, and another man is blamed for that. 4) Ramsay is responsible for Theon becoming Reek, while Rorge is responsible for Biter becoming a cannibal. 5) Both had a partner(Biter or Heke) who was doing something that is seen in both our world and Westeros as serious crime. 6) Rorge tried to rape Arya. Ramsay raped fake Arya. 7) Both have dog for Animal motif 8) Ramsay was in begining just a bastard and peasant, later he become legitimised and earned two lordships. Rorge was in begining a street criminal from KL, later he become leader of the most feared band of brigands. 9) First Povs(Davos and Brienne) that discover the truth about sacks have some similarities. Both are sent to find a member of House Stark. Both of them are fiercly loyal to their respective kings. Both are looked down by others- Davos because of his lowborn past. Brienne because of her sex and look. So, maybe will Davos kill Ramsay?
  3. Rorge screamed curses, kicking at the wood. "Boy!" called Jaqen H'ghar. "Sweet boy!" The open trap was only a few feet ahead, but the fire was spreading fast, consuming the old wood and dry straw faster than she would have believed. Arya remembered the Hound's horrible burned face. " (Arya IV ACOK)
  4. Not the saddest. Ugly little girl's sad backstory-things like that are more common in our world than what Ramsay, Gregor or Rorge do.
  5. Brotherhood always asks her is someone guilty or not.
  6. Perhaps Brandon spiled seed on her belly.
  7. I don't have anyone particular in mind.
  8. I believe that somewhere i have readen that they used make-up.
  9. I think that, while green grace and Reznak are, perhaps, harpies, that the Harpy is someone else.
  10. Starks and Tullies are currently broke.
  11. Is there any evindence for Euron being Bloodraven's student expect his use of magic and dream about flying?
  12. Lot of readers believe R+L=J, while some believe Ned+Ashara=Jon. However, i have noticed that the book readers more hate A+J=T or A+J=J&C.
  13. Still a better choice for son-in-law then his nephews, Walders.
  14. I think this would happen, had Robb not married Jeyne.
  15. Why Elmar?