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  1. I'm not talking about current, but about previous. Many people blamed Vucic for this and wanted for him to resign. He is now president.
  2. Your mention of Myranda,reminded me that first character to die in books was Royce, so maybe Royce will be last character to die
  3. By pushing Bran, and i'm talking about readers
  4. Hvala.
  5. I would like Ados prologue to be Baelish's last moments before his execution.
  6. Jaime also violated guest right and Tyrion is kinslayer, yet none want them dead.
  7. Translate please.
  8. Neither Brienne or Jaime or Lsh are Valemen.
  9. Twow epilogue, Ados prologue and Ados epilogue.
  10. This happened in my country serbia. Many people blamed goverment. So i want to know were UK goverment blamed for Jon Venables and Robert Thompson's murder of James Bulger?
  11. What if Others are defeated in The North?
  12. What about divine wrath
  13. Massacre of Freys. Arya said that their biggest mistake is not killing all Starks, yet she only killed adult men. What a massive hypocrite.
  14. And rest three?