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  1. I never learned this history class, but in 1915, President Woodrow Wilson ordered the Marines to plunder Haiti under the guise of restoring order to their political unrest. In reality, the Marines were murdering innocent people, kicking around decapitated heads and just terrorizing people in general while also trying to discourage a German invasion of American assets present in Haiti at the time. I believe after occupying the country for almost 2 decades the US and Haiti came to an agreement, a treaty which allowed the US complete and total control over Haiti's economy and defense. A pro-american puppet was elected in office as well. And they never fully recovered from what America did. So it's slightly ironic that the current president refers to these countries as shitholes when we're actually responsible for the condition they're in in the first place
  2. YES came here to say this!
  3. Sandor Clegane, Gendry, maybe Jorah
  4. Grand Maester Pycelle is in Episode V of Star Wars
  5. It wasn't my intention to make blanket statements or accuse you of anything saying things you didnt, my apologies! I just responded to what I saw said in this thread as a whole and wanted to touch up on a few things you had put previously as well. I'm not trying to change your mind either, there are some characters you just don't like and that the way it is. There are characters I know I personally relate to but still don't enjoy
  6. I can see it bothering them, I'm pretty sure incest was a Targaryen tradition Dany was hoping to abandon after growing up believing she was doomed to marry Viserys. When Jon learns of his parentage from Sam or Bran he'd be sickened to find out he boned his father's sister. But I can also see them being like "we're both sexy and didn't know, now we're in love..oh wells" Jon deserves better goddammit. I don't know who exactly... but gods, please, NO MORE INCEST!!! I can forgive it all I guess if Dany breaks the wheel or whatever but doubt we'll see that happen
  7. he can't even let his brother play with his old toys smh Thank you! Baelish has always been someone who bothers me to no end ugh. Like I totally see how getting punked by the Starks would cause him to hate their house. Brandon had no business dueling with Petyr. Okay... maybe its more than being punked because Baelish was lucky to have even survived that fight. But to let a painful childhood embarrassment destroy you so deeply that you wanna watch the whole world burn? That's beyond cruel
  8. aye, you can! I love your avatar, its like a little fallopian fuck you hahaha
  9. Agreed, there will most definitely be some exaggerated conflict between the Northern lords Jon + Daenerys that we all know is just D&D fabricating some strain and false outrage as filler for the show. Not that I don't understand how the presence of a Targayren would be problematic to the North considering history and all that, I just hope the show doesn't spend too much time on the drama of it all. Considering she still has dragons left and the dead are on their way... and its important to remember that the dead will be gathering meat for their army in the North first. Priorities, priorities.. Anyway show Dany sucks in my opinion. I love her character but she's just becoming increasingly more hypocritical as time goes on and it's clear Tyrion and Varys have noticed which makes me wonder why they bother still supporting her. I mean, Cersei is an asshole but she doesn't really pretend like she's not. Daenerys keeps acting like she's about to restore peace to the realm, as if the Targaryens are known for being peaceful. I require redemption from her, and shes not gonna get it from bedding her nephew (another thing I'm butthurt about) so she's gonna have to some cool badass sacrifice and save the North for me to think she's cool again lol
  10. i literally think about this like all of the time hahahahaha
  11. Would Littlefinger count? He may not be a brute who physically tortures innocent people, but his callousness is pretty remarkable. And his sociopathic indifference has cost the lives of countless people, even torn families apart. Worst of all, he's completely aware of how his ambitions have caused so many to suffer but it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. He'll bleed the entire realm just to get what he desires. Littlefinger doesn't really get his hands dirty, but he knows he's the cause of a war that butchered, raped and burned the whole damn country. All because he can't let go of Catelyn Tully's rejection, or the humiliation he received at the hands of Brandon Stark. He murdered a woman who loved him and killed her husband for him in order to gain control of her hold. And he's pretty much grooming Sansa Stark to be his lovely little trophy, another middle finger to not only the Starks but to Cat. He's such a shameless twat lol maybe not a complete monster but I definitely think so
  12. Arya is so misunderstood, not only in the books but in the fandom. I don't feel as though Arya is absolutely consumed by revenge. Yes, revenge is important to her narrative but I wouldn't say its the main theme of her story arc. Hatred does drive her, but it isn't what she's all about. In the show it can appear this way, but D&D both don't seem concerned about character motivations and stuff like that. She isn't defined by revenge, she's defined by survival. Arya isn't the Bride from Kill Bill, she doesn't gallivant around Westeros offing people and crossing em off her list as she goes. It's more of a thing helping her cope with the trauma of being separated from her family while they get murdered one-by-one. From witnessing the smallfolk be terrorized, raped, mutilated. It's a coping mechanism for when she's feeling small and powerless. In fact, most of the people on her list don't even die by her hand. Arya really only kills out of self-defense anyway. I think she kills The Tickler and Raff the Sweetling, both because of coincidence.. she doesn't go seeking them out. Plus, Arya is clearly frightened of the Tickler: "The Tickler was sliding around the wall to get behind him. She grabbed the second wine cup and flung it at him, but he was quicker than the squire had been and ducked his head in time. The look he gave her then was cold with promise. Is there gold hidden in the village? She could hear him ask. The stupid squire was clutching the edge of a table and pulling himself to his knees. Arya could taste the beginnings of panic in the back of her throat. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Fears cuts deeper…" ACoK She's panicked enough that she feels the need to recite the teachings of Syrio, something she does when she's afraid and needs strength. Arya isn't a serial killer who gets off on killing, she's just a little girl who's endured a bunch of shit and was forced to adapt in order to simply not die. Her prayer list of names is less of a mission and more of something to comfort her when she feels the most out of control. The list is about justice and overcoming fear. Not everyone who's wronged her is even on the list. Most of the people on the list are people who hurt her family or friends in some way while she was incapable of doing anything about it. Reciting the names gives her a small sense of control when she feels weak and hopeless. She's full of hatred, but she's not a sicko like The Hound who thinks killing is the sweetest thing there is. "Arya watched and listened and polished her hates the way Gendry had once polished his horned helm. Dunsen wore those bull’s horns now, and she hated him for it. She hated Polliver for Needle, and she hated old Chiswyck who thought he was funny. And Raff the Sweetling, who’d driven his spear through Lommy’s throat, she hated even more. She hated Ser Amory Lorch for Yoren, and she hated Ser Meryn Trant for Syrio, the Hound for killing the butcher’s boy Mycah, and Ser Ilyn and Prince Joffrey and the queen for the sake of her father and Fat Tom and Desmond and the rest, and even for Lady, Sansa’s wolf. The Tickler was almost too scary to hate. At times she could almost forget he was still with them; when he was not asking questions, he was just another soldier, quieter than most, with a face like a thousand other men. Every night Arya would say their names. “Ser Gregor,” she’d whisper to her stone pillow. “Dunsen, Polliver, Chiswyck, Raff the Sweetling. The Tickler and the Hound. Ser Amory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei.” Back in Winterfell, Arya had prayed with her mother in the sept and with her father in the godswood, but there were no gods on the road to Harrenhal, and her names were the only prayer she cared to remember..." ACoK Arya doesn't join the Faceless Men because she's some bloodthirsty assassin. She was dead on her feet, tired of being captured by her enemies. Tired of running, of losing everyone she holds dear (Syrio, Yoren, Lommy), of feeling abandoned by her pack (Hot Pie, Gendry). Her main theme is home, of family and survival. She even tries to book passage to the Wall to reunite with Jon! She can't afford to sail to Eastwatch and has nowhere else she can go. The Faceless Men are an opportunity to escape a war-torn Westeros. When the Kindly Man asks her about the death prayer, this is what she says: “They’re people I hate. I want them to die.” “We hear many such prayers in this House.” AFFC Notice how he doesn't call her a liar? Because he would know if she was. “Is that why you have come to us?” the kindly man went on. “To learn our arts, so you may kill these men you hate?” Arya did not know how to answer that. “Maybe.” “Then you have come to the wrong place. It is not for you to say who shall live and who shall die. That gift belongs to Him of Many Faces. We are but his servants, sworn to do his will.” “Oh.” Arya glanced at the statues that stood along the walls, candles glimmering round their feet. “Which god is he?” “Why, all of them,” said the priest in black and white."AFFC She didn't even know how to answer. If vengeance is truly her endgame, wouldn't she seem a little more despondent at the idea of not being able to carry out her personal vows...? Arya isn't a sociopath or a sadist or a boring character for being fixated on her trauma. She's not stuck in the past, she desperately is trying to escape it. She's just a lone wolf who wants to find her pack. Y'all better recognize
  13. then maybe renly takes margaery as a lover instead of loras lol idk but if renly was born a girl i wonder what that'd mean for brienne
  14. also arya stark witnessing the mountain's men murder a toddler in front of its mother before raff ends her life too... the freys sewing grey wind's head onto robb stark's body was dirt as well
  15. welp theres really no shortage of heinous acts committed in this series. not in any particular order, just the ones that come to mind... euron greyjoy frequently rapes two of his brothers in childhood gregor clegane burning his brother's face, what he did to elia and aegon, the gangrape he started with the innkeep's young daughter in front of her father and even demanding change for his silver afterwards cause she wasn't worth that much e v e r y t h i n g ramsay snow has ever done. and also the fact that he was literally conceived in evil, his mother was raped by roose as her love swung dead from the branches above. the whole slave trade in essos and the half-assed way daenerys handles it all the process of training boys to be Unsullied qyburn examining women for sexual infections before sending them off to be raped by vargo hoat (and everything else qyburn has done in the name of curiousity) craster raping and impregnating his daughters while sacrificing his sons tyrion forced by tywin to witness and participate in the gangrape of tysha the mad king's murders of brandon and rickard stark sansa forced to look upon the severed heads of eddard and septa mordane so damn BLEAK lololol